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Into the Hornets Nest / The Ultimate Great Moth

When Yugi and friends arrive at Duelist Kingdom. Pegasus greets all of the Duelists and says there are new rules in the Duel Monsters card game. He explains what part the star chips have in the Duelist Kingdom. If you lose all of your star chips you will be sent off the island. If you win 10 star chips you will go to Pegasusís castle. Pegasus also says that the games will officially start in a few hours.

When the games begin Yugi and friends spot Weevil. He starts to run through the forest. Yugi and Friends chase after him. They end up in a giant dueling arena. Weevil challenges Yugi to duel. Yugi accepts and says to make it a winner take all battle. Weevil protests saying why should he risk losing 2 star chips while he can only win one. Yugi states he has one thing Weevil wants, his deck. Weevil states that he will win and eliminate Yugi from the card game.

Yugi and Weevil Duel, Yugi states at the beginning of the duel that he had known there was something Weevil knew and when they went through the forest it all came together. So he figured out how field power bonuses worked.

Weevil sends out a cocoon of evolution. Yugi destroys it but then the Great Moth emerges from it. Even through it hasnít fully evolved. Yugi fused Gaia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon and created Gaia the Dragon Knight. Unfortunately poison that goes into the air with each flap of the Great Mothís Wings weakened Gaia the Dragon Knight.

When Weevil explains this Yugi plays Magical Mist. Which dampens the field and makes Great Moth have trouble even staying in the air. It also took away the deadly poison. Then Yugi attacks Weevil and wins the match.

The End


    The story begins when Yugi and company reach Duelist Kingdom with an introduction from Pegasus talking about the new, exciting rules that Weevil told Yugi about on the boat trip to the island. Yugi soon sees Weevil running off into the forest and gives chase only to find Weevil waiting for them to challenge Yugi to a duel. Yugi does his usual little transformation and accept the duel. Yugi says that he will wipe out Weevil from the tournament. Weevil asks why he should bet 2 starchips when Yugi only had one. Then Yugi says that he was betting his starchip and his grandpa's dueling deck.
        Weevil began the battle with a Killer Needle while Yugi begins with his Mammoth Graveyard which had the same attack power of 1200 in order to get a stalemate. However in the attack, the Mammoth Graveyard gets destroyed by the Killer Needle. Weevil then reveals that the area they were battling in is the same as the surrounding environment of a forest and a wasteland, and since bugs thrive in the forest, they all get a field power bonus to make all his insect creatures stronger. However, as soon as he mentions it, Yugi laughs and Weevil's Killer Needle is now also destroyed. Weevil discovers that the Mammoth Graveyard became just as powerful as his Killer Needle, making it a stalemate. Yugi then comes to the conclusion that his Mammoth Graveyard got a field power bonus from the wasteland half of the arena.                                                                                                                                                                                   
   Yugi then tells his theory on why the Duelist Kingdom was being held on a remote island and explains that the island has each and every type of area imaginable so that each and every type of Duel Monster would get a field power bonus if played in that area. Weevil then says that just figuring out one rule won't be enough and that he knows all the new rules of the tournament. The battle resumes with Weevil playing a Hercules Beetle and Yugi using his Feral Imp. The Feral Imp, in combination with the Horn of the Unicorn card, destroys the Hercules Beetle. Then Weevil counters with his Basic Insect card with the Insect Armor with Laser Cannon equipment and wipes out the Feral Imp. Weevil then plays 3 more monsters, and attacks with all of them. Yugi uses the Dark Magician in defense mode and with the Mirror Force card, reflects all of the attacks back at Weevil's insects and destroys them all.
     Weevil simply laughs and then reveals his Larvae Moth creature, which Yugi doesn't fear at first before Weevil uses the Cocoon of Evolution, explaining that in 5 turns his Larvae Moth would evolve into the Great Moth and that his Cocoon got a field power bonus to make its defense higher. Yugi immediately decides that he must destroy the cocoon before it hatches open. He plays Gaia The Fierce Knight and attempts an attack, but fails and loses some life points. Weevil simply waiting each turn. Yugi plays the Beaver Warrior as a defensive card in case he can't stop it. He then plays the Curse of Dragon card with a magic card and has it attack. Yugi then reveals to Weevil that he used his Burning Land magic card with his Curse of Dragon to destroy the forest area to get rid of his field power bonus and lowering the Cocoons defense points. Yugi attacks with Gaia once again and breaks the cocoon, but the Larvae Moth evolved enough to survive, as Joey points out and the moth emerges. As Weevil orders his moth to fly, Yugi uses his Polymerization card to fuse Gaia the Fierce Knight and his Curse of Dragon to make Gaia The Dragon Champion in order to match the Great Moth's attack points.
     However, Weevil then points out that it couldn't win and Yugi discovers Gaia The Dragon Champions attack points going down, but doesn't know why. Weevil reveals that poison from his moth's wings were causing the attack points to go down. Yugi then uses Magical Mist to wash the poison away and stop the attack points from dropping. Weevil attacks and destroys Gaia, leaving Yugi with very few life points. However, Yugi starts a little speech about how Weevil duels dishonestly and how Weevil expected the same of his opponents and that by dueling with honor made all the difference and then plays his Summoned Skull and claims that the Great Moth won't be able to withstand his next attack. Weevil doesn't believe this until Yugi reveals that his Magical Mist had the entire field wet and damp and Weevil discovers his wet moth. Yugi reveals that his Summoned Skull attacks with electricity which raised his attack points. Yugi attacks with the Summoned Skull wiping out the Great Moth and Weevil's life points.
    Weevil wasn't too happy now that he lost all his star chips to Yugi. Joey then calls Weevil and disgrace and takes his dueling Gauntlet.

- Gil Randall


In the beginning of this episode it shows pegasus welcoming all the duelist to the isle. After the fireworks go up they start looking for duelist and they find Weevil ( a little guy who looks weird and sounds funny) He makes them follow him through a forest full of moths and they come to a clearage, they get their first suprise when a great hologram machine rises up. Yugi bets one starchip and his deck vs weevils two starchips. It does alot of field power bonus stuff leading up to petit moth combined with cacoon of evolution. Yugi can't defeat  it but combines the curse of dragon card with some fire card which ends up burning away weevils power bonus, then, using polemerization he combines curse of dragon with gaia to make gaia the fierce knight-2600/2300, he attacks the cacoon and destroys it, but too late, the cacoon was 3/4 finsihed and the great moth comes out-2600/2500. He poisens Gaia to destyroy him and yugi uses some card to wash away the poisen, then places summoned skull out to electracute the thing and he wins, joey takes his dueling glove and the episode ends - JSlapshot


The setting starts out on a gorgeous spring day where yugi and the gang are 
sailing on a titanic ship on route to the duleist kingdom where yugi must 
duel to win back his grandfather's soul. The ship soon docks and they depart 
onto the island. whilst walking to the main meeting area in the middle of 
the island, tea spots bakura from schol, but when she turns her head, he 
dissapears. the gang shrugs it off, and walk to the meeting area. when they 
arive, they are greated by maxamillion pegasus, the leader of this fiasco, 
high in his mansion, surveying all of the competitors in the tournament. he 
briefs the competitors that there will be tough new rules in which nobody 
has ever encountered before, but doesnt lead into much detail, "'whats the 
fun in that?". after a small fireworks show, pegasus sets the tournament 
into play, and all of the duelists depart on their different paths. yugi's 
gang decided to head near the forest, trying to find weevil, and give him 
heck for what he did to yugi's special exodia cards which are now resting in 
the ocean. they spot the little bugger far off on top of a hill leading into 
the deep forest. yugi chalenges weevil to a duel, but weevil goes on the 
run. what could he be up to? they run after him, through the forest into and 
open patch of grass, where they finally meet weevil face to face. yugi uses 
his millenium item to transform into the master duelist yami yugi. he again 
challenges weevil, who seems a bit cocky and mentions something about 
weeving yugi into his web. as soon as he proclaims this, a very large hole 
opens up right behind weevil, and a rather large dueling arena shoots forth 
from the ground. weevil steps up to one of the special platforms high on the 
arena made for the duelists, and yugi steps up to the other.

Weevil VS. Yami Yuugi

Weevil places his killer needle(a bee), and yugi a mammoth graveyard(a dead 
mammoth). weevil seems VERY cocky at this point. yugi thinks that the 
creatures match eachother point for point, which will put them into a 
stalemate, but he soon finds different. when they attack, weevils killer 
needle murders yugi's mammoth. yugi is astonished. weevil explains how he 
got a field power bonus, and motions yugi to look at the arena. weevil says 
that the arena is a holographic replica of their surrounding evironment, one 
part forest, one part wasteland. weevil mentions the new rules pegasus had 
talked about ealier. yugi sees this, and puts together that each monster has 
a field it does best on, kind of like a home field advanatage, and what 
makes this island so special, is that it contains every type or terrain 
imaginable. yugi then laughs. weevil cries out in agony as his killer needle 
is then destroyed. yugi says that it happened because his mammoth graveyard 
gained a field advantage from the wasteland area of the map. weevil is 
peeved, but still fights on, confident in his abilities, and the duel 
continues. weevil lays down a hercules beetle, and yugi places a pharoa imp. 
weevil commands his beetle to attack, and yugi does so too. it destroys 
weevils beetle. weevil places a big praying mantis on the arena and powers 
it up with a laser cannon. this blasts yugi's imp, and decreases yugis life 
points. weevil places several bugs on the arena flor, and vows to wipe out 
yugi. yugi takes out his dark magician and counter attacks all of weevils 
bugs. weevil, who should be crying by now, just stands there and laughs. 
yugi wonders how weevil could be so calm. then weevil puts down a little ol' 
larva moth. yugi ponders, why would he put such a weak card down? weevil 
powers his larva moth up with the cacoon of evolution. he exclaims that over 
the next five turns, his larva moth will transform and become more powerful 
than any of yugi's cards. yugi is frightened, but vows to destroy it. weevil 
laughs and says that it wont work, because his cacoon also gets a field 
power bonus, and its defense is raised even higher. yugi play gaia the 
fierce night and charges at the cacoon. his atack fails. he needs to find a 
way to crack that cacoon. yugi tries to place a defense, but weevil exclaims 
its useless. yugi plants his curse of dragon card onto the field and 
attacks. it still doesnt kill the cacoon. weevil laughs and asks what hes 
trying. yugi says that he wasnt aiming for weeevils cacoon. yugi had 
combined his curse of dragon with a blazing land magic card, which destroyed 
the land around the cacoon, so it no longer gained its field power bonus! 
weevil is very peeved. yugi uses a fusion card, and puts gaia and curse of 
dragon together, ultimately raising their hit points and power. yugi attacks 
and breaks open the cacoon! weevil chuckles again, and watches as a great 
moth comes forth from the cracked cacoon. the great moth springs forth and 
flaps its mighty wings. all of a sudden, pollen is strewn throughout the 
arena and yugi's creature is losing hit points. weevil bellows in his wierd 
little voice, that his great moth is flapping poisonous pollen around with 
its wings. yugi's monster is just about to die when yugi uses his magical 
mist card, and washed the field with a spray of water. his creature is no 
longer dying, and yugi has gained a hidden advantage. weevil uses his great 
moth to destroy yugi's fused creature. yugi laughs. he places a summoned 
skull on the arena. yugi proclaims himself the victor, but weevil doesnt 
believe it. yugi says that by using magical mist, it has drenched weevil's 
moth in water, and by using summon skulls electric attack, it will make 
weevils great moth a supersized lightning rod. yugi attacks with summon 
skull, and fries weevils bug, and his life points. yugi and gang surround 
weevil and take his two wagered star chips, while joey removes weevils 
dueling gauntlet. They leave the sorry little weevil sniveling as they head 
on to the edge of the island.

- Bassam Saeed 


The Episode starts with Pegasus informing the competitiors that there are
new rules on Duelist Kingdom - "But what's the fun of telling them to now?"
After that, Yugi starts hunting for Weevil Underwood, remembering how
Weevil threw Exodia overboard. He shouts a challenge to Weevil, but Weevil
turns and runs into the forest. Yugi follows him to a dueling arena in the
middle of the forest. Weevil accepts the challenge. Weevil them plays
Killer Needle in attack position. Yugi plays Mammoth Graveyard in attack.
Weevil attacks... and isn't destroyed! Weevil explains that his Killer
needle got a field power bonus from the forest part of the field... then
Killer needle is destroyed. Yugi says his Mammoth Graveyard must have
gotten a field power bonus from the wasteland. Then Weevil plays Larve
Moth. Yugi is confused about why Weevil played such a weak monster. Then
weevil plays Cocoon of Evolution, Which in 5 turns will create the Ultimate
Great Moth.

Yugi plays curse of dragon and gaia the fierce knight. He has
Curse of Dragon burn the forest around cocoon of evolution, cancelling the
field power bonus. Then he uses Polymerization to fuse Curse of dragon and
Gaia into Gaia the Dragon Champion. Then he attacks cocoon of evolution.
It hatches, bringing out a less developed Moth. Yugi prepares to attack.
Then he notices that Gaia's attack is droping. Weevil explains that with
each flap of its wings the Moth lets off poison. Yugi plays magical mist to
stop the poison, but gaia is already too weak and Weevil destroys it. Then
yugi plays Summoned Skull. He says that the Summoned Skull attacks with
lightning. Then Weevil notices his moth is soaked- "A giant lightning rod,"
as Yugi puts it. The field is also soaked, powering Summoned Skull up to
3000. The Summoned Skull attacks and Weevil loses. Weevil can't belive he
lost. Yugi says that the best duelists play with honor. Weevil doesn't
understand. Joey tells yugi to save his breath and officially relieves
Weevil of his dueling gauntlet.



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