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The Gauntlet is Thrown  

Joey and Tea are having a duel. Tea wins. Joey doubts if he will ever win. Then Yugi tells him that his deck needs to be made out of a combination of Monster and Magic cards. Joey asks Yugi to teach him…

At Yugi’s grandfather’s store Yugi’s Grandfather teaches Joey. Later on, Yugi and his friends are watching a Duel Monsters tournament on the TV. It a duel between Weevil and Rex Raptor, Weevil wins.

During the show, Yugi’s Grandfather gives Yugi a package that came in the mail. It has a videotape in it. When Yugi plays it, Pegasus introduces himself, and then uses the Millennium Eye to freeze everyone except Yugi and brings him to the shadow realm.

They play a game of Duel Monsters, which will last for fifteen minutes. At the end of the game, the person with more remaining, Life Points will win.

During the Duel, Yugi realizes that Pegasus can read his mind. Near the end of the duel Yugi is about to win but Pegasus plays a that made Yugi's Life Points to less than his, and Pegasus wins.

Yugi is about to refuse Pegasus’s offer to compete in the Duelist Kingdom. Then Pegasus steals his Grandfather’s soul to force Yugi to compete in the Duelist Kingdom.

The End

At the beginning, we find Joey dueling in school against Tristin. He thinks he has her beat when.. "Awww mann, how does she do that?" He lost again. Later outside after school he asks Yugi to look at his deck. "Like it? I packed every high powered creature card I could find in it" "Joey, it's no wonder you never win I can't find a single Magic card in here." "see, that's what you have to tach me" Joey begged and Yugi thought his grandfather might be able to help. At his grandfathers shop all
it too was a little persuasion and tatics to get Yugi's grandfather to help. 

One day while Yugi and Tristin were visiting Joey comes over to take a brake and watch the final of a Duel Monsters tournament that he thought he should be playing in. It was Rex Raptor who used dionsaur creatures against Weevil Underwood using bugs. "Itty-Bitty Bugs against huge dinosaurs, Weevil hasn't got a chance" Joey quoted "I'm not so sure, Weevil's pretty good" Yugi replied setting himself down on the couch. Yugi's grandfather walks in and hands Yugi a package while calling for Joey to get back to work. Meanwhile Rex Raptor just played the strongest card in his deck, the terrible Two-Headed King Rex it looks like the battle is all over,and Weevil counters with.... A Basic Insect? "King Rex, Attack!" "Trap card Vortex, activate!" "Oh no!" "Oh yes!" "and I upgrade my Insect with Armor with Firepower! Not such a wipy bug after all, ay Raptor" cried Weevil with an Evil laugh. "Insect, attack!" "and a stunning upset by Weevil Underwood, our new champion. 

And here to give him the winners trophy is a surprise guest, the owner of Industrial Illusions and the Creator of Duel monsters, Mr. Maxxamilllion Pegasusssss!!." "As winner and regional champ I invite you to compete in a Bold New tournament at Duelist kingdom" (In a car on the way out of the stadium) "Mr. Maximillion Pegasus Sir. with this announcement we'll have hunderds of duelists flocking to Duelist Kingdom" "yessss" he drawled in a voice that would make the hairs on  the back of you neck stand up "hopefully it will bring the ones with the millenium objects that I seek" (back at Yugi's grandfathers shop) "Did you see that! Rex Raptor squashed by a bug." "Yugi, we forgot all about your package in the exciement over the tournament open it up!" came from Yugi's grandfather. quickly echoed by the rest of them "Whoaaa, It's from Industrial Illusions, aren't they the people who created Duel Monsters?" asked Joey "Yes, but what would they want to send greeting to my Yugi?" my Yugi His grandpa asked. "Perhaps they heard that Yugi beat the world champion." stated Tristen "Well It wasn'tanything official but he did drop out of the tournament because of me" Inside was a glove two star shaped thingies and a video. "What is this stuff?" "Pop in the video, it probly explains" (on the video) "Greetings little Yugi my name is Maximillion Pegasus, I heard all about your impressive defeat of Setto Kiba and I just had to investigate your impressive dueling skills myself, I challenge you to a duel right now" "what, he can't expect you to duel a video tape Yugi" suddenly every thing grows dim and Yugi is sucked into the TV. "Time to duel!" We wil play with a strict time limit of 15 minutes, whoever has the most life points at the end of that time limit wins. "You've never dueled some one like me before Yugi, I know every move you'll make before you make it, that gives me a distinct advantage wouldn't you say? to prove it i'll play this Dragon Capture Jar to suck the soul right out of you dragon, never to be played against me, then I'll play this Dragon Charmer to raise your dragon except he's under my control,"what, that's not possible!" "we're in the shadow relm now Yugi, nothings impossible and all you know has changed. Now, I attack! "(thought)I must counter (end thought) SilverFang. (Yugi loses 500 life points) Say Yugi, do you belive there's a heart in these cards?" "You ought to know you invented this game." "what if I told you I didn't, In ancient Egypt there existed the shadow games played in the shadow relm, just like we're doing now, except they battled with real monsters and the danger was real.

Eventually they lost control of the monsters and in the end one brave Pharoh locked away the powers in 7 mystic Millenim Objects you have on right there." "You mean my Millennium Puzzle?" Yes, and the powers could change you life if you only knew how to unlock them, now back to the duel" (thought)"What do I have that can take on that dragon, hmm maybe this Zombie card, but wait! he definitly knows what I'm about to do, but how? I've got it! It's that eye, with it he can see every card in my hand, but wait! he can't see the cards in my deck that even I haven't seen, what if I play a card straight from my deck without even looking at it (end thought) I play this!" (he plays a card from the top of the deck face down. "I activate this trap card that makes even zombies lie down and play dead" Pegasas sneered. "Not this time Pegasus, I've figured out your little game, you can't see cards that I pull straight from the deck, my real card is the Dark Magician! Dark Magic Attack!" (pegasus loses 1000 life points) "By playing that one card you have ensured my victory! (as he draws) Ohh! a very rare card, the Faceless Mage, I wonder what would happen if I used Polymerization with another equaly rare card, the Eye of Illusion" "My Dark Magician still has more attack points, Dark Magician, attack!, What? my atack had no effect? I'll play the Elf Swordsman!
Elf Swordsman Attack!" "Faceless Mage, Dark Magic Attack!" (Elf Swordsman is destroyed and Yugi loses 1000 Life Points) "But the Faceless Mage doesn't have a Dark Magic Attack!" then he glances over at his own Dark Magician and sees it's being controlled by the Eye of Illusion (thought) if his Eye of illusion is controlling my Dark Magician thn what's guarding his faceless mage?(end thought) "Yugi, Give up? 10 seconds left it appears I win" "not quite yet, you left your Faceless Mage wide open to a physical assault, Summoned Skull Attack!" 3..2..1..0 Summoned Skull stopped just inches away from the Faceless Mage "How close was that, If you had been able to complete that attack I would have lost, Next time we duel it will be for much greater stakes" "we won't duel again" "I've found that given the proper motivation anyone can be made to play my game. You will now see the full power of my Millenium Eye" Suddenly a light flashes out of Pegasus's Millennium Eye "Grandpa!; Grandpa!; what have you done with my Grandpa?" Yugi cries. "You will duel me next time for your grandfathers soul."          



Episode 2

Another game is being played at school again. This time, it's between Jounouchi and Anzu. Anzu wins handidly.

jounouchi wonders who he can never win, when Yugi tells him that his deck needs to be composed of a combination of Monster and Magic cards. Jounouchi then begs Yugi to teach him.

At Sugoroku's store, Sugoroku offers to start teaching Jounouchi.

Some time later in the month, Yugi and company are watching the Japanese Duel Monsters tournament on television, which is between Insector Haga and Dinosaur Ryuzaki. Haga wins.

At this time, Sugoroku gives Yugi a package that came. It has a video tape in it. Once played, Pegasus J. Crawford introduces himself, and uses the power of his Millennium Eye to freeze everyone but Yugi, so that they may play a game. The game will last for fifteen minutes. At the end of that time, the person with the higher Life Points will win.

As the duel progresses, Yugi comes to the conclusion that Pegasus can read his mind. Yugi thinks he has the battle won, but a trick card from Pegasus take Yugi's Life Points to lower than his, and Pegasus wins.

Yugi is going to refuse Pegasus' offer to be in the Duelist Kingdom tournament, when Pegasus steals Sugoroku's soul to force Yugi to come to the Duelist Kingdom - LMK


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