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Duel Disk Launcher


It was released sometime around October 27, 2003.

You are able to play the Yu-Gi-Oh card game on it! It also has 5 slots for monsters, 5 slots for magic/traps, a slot for your deck, a slot for your graveyard, and a life point counter!

Pros: You can play the Yu-Gi-Oh card game this, It makes you feel like a Battle City duelist, you no longer have to use so much paper for duels! And no matter how much you shake the cards you place in the monster zone or magic/trap zone it will be very hard for them to fall out. And it comes with batteries!

Cons: It's to small to keep your cards in cases so you must take them all out of cases, or make another deck (Like me), The Lp counter only goes up to 9990, so major life point increasing decks will not be very useful, some of the magic/trap card zones shred up you cards, The Graveyard can only keep about 20 cards, You can't play with it standing up or your arm goes stiff, the last digit in the Lp is for the lights so it will create a problem with cards like Castle of Dark Illusions.

Buy or not?: I bought this item for my birthday and I think it was pretty awsome! it makes a great Holiday gift! but in somes

opinion it might be dumb, but so far almost all my freinds think it's awsome! I vote this as a good buy.

Retail Price: $34.99 - $39.99


Questions? Comments? E-mail me



Awesome! Thanks again for the opportunity! Here is my review on the Duel Disk Toy. I put HTML breaks in it ahead of time. I also send this as a word attachment. Not sure what will work better for ya. THANKS! ---Michael. Pojo Board ID: ThePenguinArmy

Many Duelists have already discovered the new electronic Duel Disk toy for "Yu-Gi-Oh!" produced by Mattel. I was particularly thrilled when I stumbled upon it in my local toy store. This review will examine the pros and cons of this product in detail, so you know exactly what you are buying. A retail of 35 dollars isn't exactly a bargain for this!

1. Duel Disk actually snaps from Standby Mode into Duel Mode, just like in the cartoon!

2. Identical to the cartoon, there are five Monster Zones, and five Magic/Trap zones on the disk. The Magic/Trap cards slide into slot holders along the front perimeter, under each Monster Zone. Also, the disk has holder niches in each Monster Zone so the duelist can place Monster cards in both attack and defense position. All cards are held in place very well!

3. A small compartment slides out from underneath the disk. This compartment is a single card holder designated for the Field Card Zone!

4. The Duel Disk also has the proper storage areas for your Deck and Graveyard. A spring-loaded lever keeps your Deck tightly in place and a flap at the end of the Deck holder flips upward to prevent your cards from falling out. The Graveyard has a plastic tongue on the inside to allow cards to enter smoothly. Graveyard also flips open completely for retrieving cards. So far, my deck has NOT fallen out, and the Graveyard works like a charm!

5. There is a Life Point Counter on the disk. It lights up so you can view the digits. There are four digit wheels, operated by spring-loading switches to cycle through for the appropriate numbers during a duel. The highest value the disk can display is 9999 Life Points.

6. A combination of an elastic wrist band, two velcro straps, and a plastic wrist/palm bracer is used to attach the disk onto your left arm. The box says "Kid Sized," but I'm an adult and it fits fine on me!


1. The duel disk does "snap" into Duel Mode, and quite roughly. I wonder how many times it can do this before breaking...

2. VERY IMPORTANT! This disk is designed to hold the cards, NOT cards IN sleeves! That said, be prepared for your cards to take a little wear and tear. I find my cards wearing down a bit in the Magic/Trap slots along the sides. Also, it can be tricky to draw the last few cards from your deck. I find cramming an empty sleeve or something else underneath your deck helps, so you can tug on that, and not dig into your cards!

3. Most duelists play decks as close to forty cards as possible. The Duel Disk is designed with this notion in mind. Larger decks will be difficult to use with this product, as there is only so much room in the Deck and Graveyard Zones.

4. Be aware of the velcro straps! If you put too much stress on the strap, it will pop out from the underside of the disk! I had to return my first disk because of this defect!

5. Test the digit switches before buying the disk! I found on a few that the spring for the "ones" digit spot is a bit off, resulting in a delayed reaction. Not really a problem. Only if you are impatient, I guess...

6. The demo batteries on the disk only last for so long. This product requires 3 AG13(LR44) button cell batteries. Be prepared to shell out a few bucks for these.

7. The Life Point counter only goes as high as 9999. If your LP goes higher, better have a good memory, a calculator, or a pen and some paper nearby!

7. If you utilize Fusion cards, there is no storage spot for them! Have a pocket handy!

8. The disk is designed to be manipulated properly on your LEFT ARM ONLY! This could be tricky to get used to for some duelists.

That concludes this review. My closing opinion is that this is a toy, not property of KaibaCorp., so as long as you treat it kindly, it is an AWESOME investment for any duelist! Beat it around like a baseball bat, and you have no one to blame but yourself! IT'S ONLY PLASTIC! I hope my review has been informative enough for everyone out there to make a decision on this purchase. Remember, it looks WAY cool!!!

Pojo Board ID: ThePenguinArmy


They stink. i bought one for my little sis and the holder can not hold cards with sleeves as well as it only holds about 40 cards without sleeves.
The m/t zone is just under the monster zone so if u lift up the disk your opponent can see your cards. Waste of money.

A hardcore yugioh fan


I just wanted to say that I indeed purchased the Duel Disk from Mattel. It seems like a pretty good product. However, it does seem to have a few flaws.

First, you cannot use any type of card sleeves in it. The card areas are specifically cut to the exact measurements of the cards.

Second, the graveyard area of the disk is just too small. Place only 15 cards in it and it is almost full, not to mention the fact that when you place your first few cards in the graveyard, they bend really bad.

Third, the disk is so big. It is a lot bigger than what you would expect something for a child to use.
The good points of this item is the fact that you can duel with it and has a life-point counter...well, sort of. You just click the buttons to decrease the counter digits by 1 each time. However, you cannot decrease the ones column (that column's button is to turn on the illuminated readout) and the points cannot go over 9990. It still isn't a bad item and it can come in handy if you and a friend want to duel but have no table space to duel, but I do think the price of $35+tax is a little much for a piece of plastic. I had money to burn and wanted to see this thing for myself.
I just thought I would let you all know what I thought of the product.

"One man can make a difference." - Wilton Knight (Knight Rider, 1982)

Jason A. Marella


I recently purchased the Mattel Yu-gi-Oh! Duel Disk Launcher and have a detailed review for it.

When I first received it in the mail, I though it looked pretty much like the Duel Disk from the show.
After I took it out of the box (it is pretty well kept in there with twist ties and other things), it felt like cheap plastic that was slightly durable then I read the instructions on putting it together. There is very little assembly involved, just a small wrist band that you have to slide your arm through and tighten with velcro.
Now that it was assembled I attempted to put my deck in but the deck holder only fits cards without sleeves. Needless to say I was a little dissapointed.
So I took my practice deck and tried playing with it.
Since the duel disk launcher fits on your left wrist just like in the show you have to hold your hand in your left hand and continue to draw with your right.
The slot that holds your deck has a little gate that can be put up or down to keep your deck from falling out. The when I placed monster cards in the monster card slots, there are little slots that can keep the cards held in whether in attack or defense position.
The magic and trap slots are actually on the outside portion of the duel disk instead of being on the inside like in the show. The field card slot pulls out from the side just like in the show and can also be put back in. The graveyard slot is relatively small and there is a red thing that can lift up when you need to take cards out of the graveyard.
Now for the best part. Just like in the show the duel disk does in fact launch! The dueling field will first fly forward, connect then slide back, just like in the show. When you are done dueling you just seperate it at the point where it comes together to just walk around with it on. To launch it there is a little switch you have to push to get it to launch.
The life point counter has 4 number spaces that go from 0 to 9 except for the last space which stays at zero. This is really the only thing that needs lights to see and it already comes with batteries.
All in all it is worth the $35 I paid for it on Amazon.

Portable dueling Area
Re-enact duels from the show
Fun collectible Item
Doesnt fit cards with sleeves
cheap plastic

Any questions you can reach me at or AIM- MageSPaladin or you can find me on any ezboard as thepharoh



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