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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: jvansant
Sent: Sunday, August 27, 2006 2:30 PM
To: yugiohcrew@pojo.com
Subject: Thunderpants SJC Hamilton Report "So Close AGAIN!" - jvansant

Deck: Stein/Burn that i made with my own origionality even though the deck type isnt so origional

Name: Thunerpants

tourney: SJC

location: Hamilton, Ontario (wouldve been beter in toronto)

participation: I THINK it was upper 400s... ALMOST enough for 10 rounds, but not qutie...


For thoughs of you who told me you would like my reports to be more in depth... this for you. Sorry i cant speel, but i try to keep it legible.

So I havnt been dead lately... ever since columbus bad things have happend... i went to sjc chicago, wich ended up feeling like just a really big tourney... ya i didnt do so hot... However, i did get t8 in the team tournament there with Nick Georgizas and Derek (cool guy i met). However we wanted Pittao on our team but Hayton had to go and scrub it all up! (sry big guy...) I used a bazoo return type deck in the side with 3 DD Warriors and everything... it was good, but got lucksacked really bad.

Then there was indy... oh god... indy... I was running the normal type deck with the swaps and all, and pretty much it was me beating all of the people with good decks... my losses came from a guy running sacred crane, ohkas, airknights, reasoning, and monster gate.... another came from a guy who sided in ONE wave motion that sat on the field during game 2 and beat me after roughly a billion turns... the EXACT same thing happend game 3 = /

So i struggled to get down to Hamilton telling myself i couldnt leave the SJC season on a lossing note... I leave at around 5 AM and arrive around 8:45.

I meet up with my team (Team S) and we go to Julia for our Team Profile that we were supposed to have. She said that she didnt want to do one because everyone felt they deserved one... ya... Anywhoo, Nick arrives, and he is playing my win or bust master of oz type stein otk... (ironicly if you want to see it i told julia and jason about the deck and they gave him a profile, its on metagame). I enter the Scrub Brush Challenge, and playtest with my deck for the first time ever... I had never used it before, i came up with it last night.

I decided that since this was my last SJC for the season, i would write the name/s of people who are my friends in the game on the score sheet before each round... so ya... here is a list of people i met before the tourney who i thought were really cool (not the people i wrote on the score sheet):

Team Thunderballs (obv... if my team disbans, i think i know where im going X_X)

The Guys from New York (grrrr.. i forgot your names but i met these guys at Indy, and they were pretty cool)

All the Guys from Windsor (ya i know them...)

and many others

So the tourney starts late and im like, swell... i eat some very good, very over priced fries... i loose a lot of practice matches and im starting to second guess myself, but i dont and i get ready for player meeting... WOW the tourney hasnt even started and it already smells like butt. Oh by the way, they were probably expecting about 300 people tops at this... they got almost 500... ya, there was a definate crowding/space/chair deficency. well, onto round one, here we go!

The deck:

Monsters: 21

Cyber Dragon x3

Spirit Reaper x2

Cyber-Stein x2

Mystic Tomato x2

Mobius the Frost Monarch


Dekoichi the Batlechanted Locomotive

Magician of Faith

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Chaos Sorcerror

Treeborn Frog

Asura Preist

Cannon Soldier

Stealth Bird

DD Warrior Lady

Magic: 18

Nobleman of Crossout x2

Creature Swap x2

Premature Burial

Mystical Space Typhoon

Enemy Controller



Graceful Charity

Smashing Ground

Snatch Steal

Swords of Revealing Light

Last Will


Heavy Storm

Giant Truande

Limiter Removal


Magic Cylinder

Sakuretsu Armor

Torrential Tribute


Mirror Force

Total: 44 cards (ya its a ton... im not running Tsukuyomi and notice the only 1 sorcerror, 1 magician of faith, and 1 dekoichi and lack of call... it IS origional = 0)

Sideboard: 15

Gravity Bind x2

Wave-Motion Cannon x2

Stealth Bird x2

Giant Truande x2

Megamorph x2

Banisher of the Radiance


Level Limit-Area B

Cannon Soldier



basicly everything i need... Cyber Twin, Cyber End, the works


Believe it or not, to OTK someone isnt nessesarily what im aiming for. My goal is to confuse by constant changing of deck types and to force them into maining Kuribohs and Wabokus as i swap to my burn, and to go full out stein when they take them out... Oh, and i played really slowly to make few misplays. And i didnt do quite as much tabel talk like i normaly do.

Round 1: Thunderpatns Vs. Brandon Colburn (i wrote down Father Poland and Ted)

So basicly, i thought i knew the name and i was like, ohhhh must be a friend of mine... booo... but when i got to the table i was shocked! I was reviewing matches of Kyle Duncan and Andrew Hayton to better understand the Canadian meta. So i see him and realize "this is the guy who lost to Kyle Duncan first round of the top 8 at SJC Philly!!!". Interstingly enough that was the last match i checked...

Game 1:

I basicly push all in turn 2-3 with stein. I take him to 1200, but he gets the final blow in.

Game 2:

I side in burn! He didnt see it comming and he got held down with llab for almost the whole game while i got triple stealth birds.

Game 3:

I side again, this time to chaos! He wasnt sure what to expect and was hoping that id go burning/steining again... Tough beats, but a quick 3rd one. The 2nd was around 20 minutes long though. GG

Thunderpatns 1-0

My buddy Nick was watching the match, and he won his first. So Yetter came over, and being a fan of his, Nick quicly introduced him self. (later this tourney Nick and Yetter become friends x_X)

so i talk to my team and we are doing well...

Round 2: Thunderpants vs Mathew Slawvey (wrote down Nick and Dean)

Game 1:

Im sitting next to Nick and i notice he is playing somoene from Comic Odyssy... I stein him turn 1. I didnt get a shot to see his deck so i was a little scared.

Game 2:

I side in burn, and ironicly, he had out sangan and mystic swordsman lv 2!! What? I couldnt keep field presance after that. He put out a mobius though that was sucked up by my steind thousand eyes. But he snatched and tsukued my own restrict resulting in a tsukulock and beats with his sangan ftw...

Game 3:

I knock him to 5k and he had out a mobius and sangan. I end up with 3 goats. My pull is... stein! WOAH i could win this!. but anyway i slice it, it was tough. I couldnt OTK here. So i snatch mobius, summon cannon soldier. Mobius and cannon attack for 28, then launches ftw. Nick is done early as usual with his deck and he won! However the other guy was mad cause he was nice when Nick misplayed... i witnessed it... ouch?

Thunderpants 2-0

Sooo my team has been doing well, and we are ready for round 3!

Round 3: Thunderpatns Vs Marlon Lakhan (Jamie, #1 player from PA)

Game 1:

I gave him beats with a breaker. He brought out like zaborg. my next move was snatch zaborg, summon stein... ouch

Game 2:

Guess what... Nick runs up to me finishing his match again in like 4 minutes... He won! So now its my turn... I sided in burn, and i see his hand with confi (this will be the only damage i take the entire game from my own confi). I take out breaker but noticed he was low on summonable monsters and had a zaborg and sorcerror. i summon bowganian and swing. Then play level limit and set limiter. He summons apprentice magician and creature swaps, i play limiter to kill my bowganian in the end. He didnt see the power play that wouldve inevitably won him the match! He didnt swing with bowganian into his apprentice! from there on out, i burned him up.

Thunderpants 3-0

Im one of the few undefeated ones left on our team but almost everyone is still in the tourney for the win! I talk to Julia and Jason about Nicks deck and they say if he wins his next, he gets the interview. Im like, woot!

Round 4: Thunderpants vs Tristan Gonzales (Shu and Derek)

Game 1:

I have everything for stein... But i take a hit from sorcerror cuz i let it happen that knocks me below 5k cause i thought i would just use a cyber dragon or something. My next pull is Stein. That is how i loose.

Game 2: Nick won... he got his deck profile. They didnt mention that i made the deck. I cry a little. So any way... This match draws a big crowd. i open hard and im winning in the beggining. But i sit on a Sorcerror with no lights in the grave. All i was pulling was garbage. I held in there for like 20 minutes. The crowd was mostly gathered in my favor and were ouching at my pulls. I loose, but Tristan is cool.

Thunderpants 3-1

So im still in and i walk out side to recoup...

Round 5: Thunderpants vs Carlo Palazzo (wrote down team S)

Game 1:

Ok so this kid sits down and tells me its his first SJC i tell him to stop reading Rob Morgans tourney reports and that ive herad of his name before. I beat him very badly game 1 and he insists im a bad player and i got lucky -_-. I steined him cuz he was dumb enough to torrential tribute my stein and NOT ask for priority. Judge comes over, rules for me. Kid insists that i rulesharked him -_-. He tells me he was once on rampage and i tune him out for awhile.

Game 2:

He is being a major pain, but this is the big controversy. He has Jinzo on the field. He noblemans my fd sangan, i chain enemy controller saking sangan to take jinzo, he flips book of moon and we have a huge chain situation. He is saying that sangan is removed, im saying he is in the grave. The judges rule in my favor, he appeals, he looses the appeal. Wow, he was pissed. He consiststantly taunts me and i just crush him in a 2-0 match. So i laugh at him and everything as he continues to smack talk. Hmm, wat is this kid thinking. He then treatens to punch me in the face. My Dad is right there cuz he brought me always delicious Taco Bell, and this kid is going nuts. Trying to fight me, i tell him i wont be DQed. I was considering it though. Lets see... this kid was prolly like 13 and was quite fat and about 5'5. Hmmm, im about 6ft tall, 150 lbs of muscel and speed though i look small. Plus im a wrestler and im trained in jujitsu and akido... note to others, dont mess with thunderpants...

Thunderpants 4-1

The TO talks to the kid... hmmm... good idea cuz i was about to lay him out... i held back though... thnx god since i was still in the tourney. me and maybe 1-2 of our other team members were still in it... they were counting on me

Round 6: Thunderpants Vs Vincent Tundo (Marcellis, Travis, Brandon... friends of mine from Pontiac)

Game 1:

For thoughs of you who dont know him, he invented the Life Equalizer OTK. Plus he had a featured match right after this. Im giving him MASSIVE beats and im up in life big time. He tops into, realisticly the only card that couldve saved him... Mobius... i was like... well... enough of this lucksacking for one day, and i side to stein.

Game 2:

Turn 1, I grace and drop stein and something. I had premature in hand. I play smart for 1 turn. Then when it was all or nothing, i brought back stein with the quote "im on the bubble here... if i go out im going out with style... I push my chips all in", and got a Cyber End Dragon. It swung at his face down magician and swung with a large platoon of monsters, he was sevearly crippled with only a few life left. He scoops realizing there is nothing he can do, and complements me for the incredibly gutsy play.

Game 3:

We get into it and i have my burn in full effect. I have a large platoon of monsters that are decent sized. A fd Stealth, Breaker, others, and a face down bind. He goes like this. Heavy, cyber dragon, trib for zaborg, last will, nobleman... abadiabdiabdiabadi thats all folks! ouch... what a play... didnt feel bad though, he is a great player.

Thunderpants: 4-2

I decide to stay in it and my team is sad that i fell to x-2... Nick lost his last 2 rounds putting him at 4-2... He left and i stayed on.

Round 7: Thunderpants vs Gregory Pantazis (nick curtis, jordan savage, and zach bishop)


I beat him pretty fast... confi then stein


no steining here... a lot of stealth though. The birds chiped away the life for the win.

Thunderpants: 5-2

So i find out its me and like 2 others who are x-2 on my team and trying to go x-2... i also find out im stillin in it!!! wat!? i was one of hte highset ranked x-2s = 0... if Tristan and Tundo t8... i have a shot! if everything plays out that is... i need certain people to win and certain people to loose to also make sure that there is a x-2 who makes it IN to the t8.

Round 8: Thunderpants vs Mark Woodin (Pittao, since he just got knocked out of the tournament)


This was good... I stein, but i couldnt polish him off even in the slightest... So i get King Dragun!!! i knock him to 6300. He goes, and brings out mobius! i flip up controller to put mobius in defence. My go, i snatch and play my recently pulled megamorph on mobius.. both swing for game


THIS was a good one. I side in my burn, he plays into a deck devistation sideboard!!!! I live but im stealth flipping... he goes and pulls out a Dark Magician of Chaos. Gets heavy, heavys my HUGE spell trap field, including a level limit. i told him if he plays deck dev, ill scoop to him, he didnt.. Next turn i flip stealth again and set another one. He goes and kills my bird. He is at 1800. He has a face down monster and DMoC. I hold last will, limiter, swap, and trash... My go i draw... its cyber stein! ouch im at 3400. Then "Buu had a GREAT idea..." (quote from dbz). I flip my bird, he takes 1000. Now at 800, my next turn i loose cause i know he is holding a zaborg and his face down is magician... how can i win in ONE turn... i could swap and summon stein then limiter and attack... Hed be at 100, and id be dead. SOOOO, i summon stein, and swap him the stein. I attack stein with stealth bird (he gave me his fd). I play last will. I get.. CANNON SOLDIER!!! It blows up magician of faith face down, then himself for game!!! HUGE upset with burn beating the Virus!!!

Thunderpants: 6-2

So im out since Tundo and Tristin lost... Here comes round 9!!!

Round 9: Thunderpants vs Nik Ristoski (Paul, Rami, Ali)

Game 1: Table 11 woot!! im back up!

This was a friend of mine and Pittao almost peed his pants when he saw us playing eachother. We were both his buddys and he had to snap a picture. I played jokingly the whole time and nik responded with "i can see why pittao likes you". Lol, ne way... I was up to no good and i stein him game 1 after a confiscation.

Game 2:

I take some beats from a sangan... then i put him at 67. Then i won... I think i steind him... oh well good game...

Thunderpants: 7-2 that was my final play...

I was the only one for my team to go x-2... I got 15th and got a picture of Pittao scrubbing me... Then me and Team S gathered for our team picture... I forgot to return to julia for my "show us your mat!" but you can see it in most of my pictures anyway... its one of the most famous and noticable mats obviously = 0. Ok well i get a bunch of packs cuz i t16ed... BOO that Dwight didnt win... that sucked... i leave happy and on a good note!


15th being very respectible

pulling chimeratech out of my winnings

Playing some incredibly good players

having my photo on metagame in a few locations

Nick doing well

Team S


The kid in round 5

Overcrowding and smell

I couldnt get any canadains to say Eh?

Getting lucksacked by a very good player (tundo) he doesnt NEED luck!! give that luck to me!

Me not getting a deck profile cuz i didnt bother to ask thinking i was too unorigional but i bet i wasnt...

Me not t8ing...

If you need to email me its fattoe@hotmail.com ill try to respond to as many as possible... i like to talk and make new friends... i made a TON today and i make friends with everyone i beat or loose too unless your the kid in round 5... you can go fall down your moms stairs

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