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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Benjohnhill
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 5:15 PM
To: yugiohcrew@pojo.com
Subject: Ojama Side Deck Swap_Tim Hill_Robins Nest_Rockford IL - Benjohnhill

Ojama Side Deck Swap_ Tim Hill_ Robins Nest_ Rockford IL
Tim Hill
Robins Nest, Rockford IL
August 17 2006 1:00 –3:00
15-20 Participants
$1, 1st gets 1 Power of the Duelist Pack. 2nd on down gets a random crummy rare from the box.

It took me two days to finish up this deck. It 2-0 a lot of it’s test subjects.

3x Stone Statue of the Aztec
2x Medusa Worm
2x Swarm of Locusts
2x Giant Rat
2x Magician of Faith
2x Dekoichi
1x Exiled Force
1x Tskuyomi
1x Sangan
1x Breaker
3x Spirit Reaper

2x Smashing Ground
1x Nobleman of Crossout
3x Messenger of Peace
1x Level Limit Area B
1x SoRL
1x Graceful Charity

1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgement
3x Staunch Defender
3x Ojama Trio
2x Desert Sunlight


Side (Very Important)
3x Stealth Bird
3x Wave Motion Cannon
2x Toon Cannon Soldier
1x Heavy Storm
3x Spatial Collapse
2x Gravity Bind

The Deck Thrives on the Element of Surprise. I thought about running DD Guide but I seem to be Destined to never Draw them. The Toons proved useful anyway.

We (and by “we” I mean my two brothers and my friend Jacob) got there five minutes late because (a) We ate lunch late and (b) got stuck behind a bus on the way (so…very…slow…). But, we still got in. And inside we saw some old friends we haven’t seen in uh, maybe two years.

We came in and most everyone was dueling. Once again, I was the odd man out (Another Destiny I fulfill in every bleeding time I come). So I had to wait for….

Round 1 Game 1
Tim vs. Josh
Josh is one of those guys who has all the cards and is almost always there. Today was the first day that the Sept. List was posted, so Josh was playing that list (except,to be fair, he wasn’t playing Ring) That is what is so great about these tourny’s. It’s so laid back that you can switch around your decks (between players) and play any format. Of course you have to state which one (April 06)..After I drooled over the list that Josh brought, we started.

Round 1

This wasn’t so good. He was playing Toolbox Ninja and was playing Decree. He activated Decree about the third turn. My combo is reliant on my traps. I just kinda stalled for a Swarm of Locusts, but Josh was running Tomato’s which waltz right under Messenger. I lose.

Round two

I switched for my Lock Burn Strategy. After we cut each others decks I opt to go first. I got Lucksack hand of Spatial Collapse, Ojama Trio, Wave Motion, Gravity Bind, and Toon Cannon. I started my turn wide Eyed. Set 1 monster and a two s/t.He draws and then activates Graceful. He discards a DD Scout Plane and something else, I then Chain Ojama Trio and say “No Cyber Dragon for You!”. He replies, “I had two in my hand!”
He then sets one each, I chain Spatial. After he looks at the card and says “so”. I then tell him that Spatial includes tokens. I can’t remember what he says here (cause I was laughing to hard.) but it was something like “That’s Sic!” or “Begone Messenger of Darkness!” but it was pretty funny. He ends. I draw another Spatial. Hoping that he doesn’t destroy my first with a face down MST, I set my second and end. He draws and flips his face down Exiled. I’m still trying to figure out why he set it in the first place but it worked for him (in that only circumstance). I don’t remember much but I do remember playing a well timed Solemn Judgement as a response to a Decree. I lose to the other though.

I’m pretty put-out by the fact that I lost to Decree both rounds. I guess the deck is asking for I though.


My next Rounds I can’t remember their names. Sorry.

Game 2
Tim vs. Combo Deck guy.

He was running some weird combination of Pikiru, Ebon, Ojama Trio, Spirit Barrier, and Unhappy Girl.
Because of Spirit Barrier, My Az”tech” was hindered. Eventually, Swarm of Locusts destroyed the trap. He then had Pikiru attack the Swarm. But I chained Staunch Defender and Ojama Trio. I targetted my face up Stone Statue of the Aztecs. All his Tokens were forced to attack it. A battle Damage of 12000 from his own attack!
The second Round could be summed up in three words. Wave… Motion…Cannon.


At this point, the Tourny was two hours already over. So, to speed things up, I kept my lock burn together. Here’s what it looked like

3x Stealth Bird
2x Toon Cannon Soldier
2x Dekoichi
2x Magician of Faith
1x Sangan
1x Tskuyomi
1x Exiled Force
1x Breaker
3x Reaper

3x Wave Motion Cannon
3x Messenger of Peace
1x Level Limit Area B
2x Smashing Ground
1x NoC
1x Heavy
1x SoRL
1x Graceful

3x Ojama Trio
3x Spatial Collapse
2x Gravity Bind
1x Torrent
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgement

Game 3
Tim vs. Traditionalist

This guy was playing Trad. Format. I didn’t care much since there wasn’t much time left.

Both Rounds1 and 2
Got him in the lock both times with a Wave to back it up
So remember Kids, Even if you are playing Traditional, Build a Side Deck.

Game 4
Tim vs. New Guy
He said that he played before, but he quit and was trying to play again. Anyways, he was playing the Wind Deck without sleeves.

Round 1
Ugly. It went pretty fast

Round 2
Almost as bad. He put off the inevetible with Swiftbirdman Joe returning Wave Motion to my hand. Near the End, He sacrificed Joe for Icarus Attack, I had two Stealth Birds Face Down and Level Limit. He had 2000 left. He destroyed a Stealth and Level Limit. I continued my turn by flipping Stealth Bird, Summoning Toon Cannon Soldier, Popping them both for game.

After that round, we all lined up to receive a prize. I got a (Oh joyful,joyful,joyful) a Fake Trap! (MRD), Yeah!
After that, I bought three Power of the Duelist Packs. And got a D-Chain (crap), A D-Hero Dasher (could see play in a Monster Gate Deck), And an Ultimate Rare Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin. Can’t wait till that gets popular. So I can trade it into the shop for something playable. Like Fake Trap! (Heavy Sarcasm)

-Suprising my opponents with something original and playable
-Konami/UDE, For the best banlist since Goat Era.
-Meeting up with old friends
-The great pull of an Ultimate Super
-Going, I haven’t been there for three months
-Jacob, For getting 3-2 with a Pirhanna Army Deck (So Awesome)
-The Awesomness of an Ultimate Rare Dolphin (I’ve said that there aren’t enough Dolphins in Yugioh[Heavy Sarcasm])
-Me getting 3-1 (I guess)

-The Excellent pull of a Fake Trap and D-Chain
-Losing to Decrees
-The fact that the presence of Decree is Void from the list
-Nearly burning my tongue on a Hot Pocket while I was Writing this

And now to wrap this Report up with a Yugioh Riddle.
If you have Necrovalley and Gravekeepers Servant on the field, would you have a 500 atk Continues Magic Card? Play the Jepordy Music
Doo-Doo Doo-Doo Doo-Doo-Dooo. Doo-Doo Doodoo DOO. Doodoodoodoodoo.

Nope. You would have a 500 atk Continues Spell Card.


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