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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

The Impact of Cyber, Boris Versluis, Holland, Delft, 11/14/06

16 contestants

the sneak previews of Cyberdark Impact brings quite an “impact” on the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, if you look at the checklist. New senet rules, a complete new look on the world of Cyber Dragon, wow! In that aspect, a sneak preview is not really a great thing. You get 45 cards, with a maximal of 5 foil cards, and you have to use 2/3 of them in your deck. 4/5 of the cards are rubbish, and this makes you think the booster release is rubbish. Wow, so that’s the great “impact”? that’s what i’ve been waiting for? Crap.
However, if you look further, this is one of the better booster releases. I’ll tell you why later.

On to the sneak preview itself. It was in Holland (that’s where I live, joy!) so no promotionals! Anyway, we got 5 boosters, as usual. And I gotta say, I had the best cards. Well, at least the most expensive ones. I got 1 ultimate rare, called Storm Shooter (which was rubbish, by the way), and 2 super rares, cyberdark keel (rubbish) and Cyber Shadow Gardna (perfect!). cyber shadow gardna was treated as a monster after activation, and when attacked it gets the same ATK and DEF as its attacker. It returns set to your spell/trap card zone at the end of the turn, regardless if it’s destroyed or not (if you wanna know, the only person pulling a cyberdark dragon out was my friend Fionn).
There were 2 Level up monsters, Dark Lucius and Allure queen. Nobody got the last parts of these monsters. I got Dark lucius 4 and 6, and Allure queen 3. further more, this booster pack has focused more on chain links, and when certain traps are used as chain link 3 (for example) it gets a nice side effect.there were also 6 types of “barrier statues”, one for each attribute. These are monsters of 1000/1000, and when you have it on the field, no monsters can be special summoned except for the corresponding attribute.

Anyway, here’s the deck I built:
3x abaki (1700/1100, when it is destroyed both players take 500 damage)

1x Straight flush (when all spell and trap card zones of the opponent are full, destroy them)

2x Level down!? (opposite to level up, except for the drawing cards part, that one is skipped)

2x Accumulated fortune (can only activate as chain link 4 or higher. You can draw 2 cards)

2x Chain detonation (inflict 500 damage to the opponent. With higher chain links, different effects take place)

1x Vanity’s call (activate a chain link 4 or higher. Pay half your life points, destroy all cards in chain link)

1x Queen’s bodyguard (1700/1100, effect not important)

2x Dark lucius lv 4 (when it destroys a monster, effect is negated. When this happened trade it for DL 6)

1x Corruption Cell A (place 1 a-counter on a face up monster)

3x Cyber ogre ( 1 tribute, 1900/1200, effect not important)

1x Alien infiltrator (800/500when it is in a column with no cards, it can attack your life points directly (senet rules))

1x Linear Acclerator Cannon (tribute a monster and inflict half it’s attack to opponent’s life points)

1x Mystical wind typhoon (only activate as chain link 3 or higher, destroy 1 spell/trap on the field)

1x Senet switch (continuous spell card, you can change the zone a monster card is in once per turn)

1x Alien mars (1000/1000)

1x Allure qeen LV3 (500/500 effect not important)

1x Man Beast of Ares (500/500 when a chain of 2 or more links resolves, this card gains 500 ATK permanently)

1x Barrier statue of the Abyss (1000/1000, no monsters can be special summoned, except dark monster)

1x Snipe hunter (1500/600, discard a card and you can roll a dice, if it’s not 1 or 6, destroy a monster)

1x Vanity’s ruler (2 tributes, 2500/1600, cannot be special summoned)

1x Dark lucius LV6 (1700/1600, 6 stars, can be summoned by dark lucius LV4, same effect as LV4)

1x Stray Asmodian (1300/1700, when destroyed, both players take 800 damage)

1x Cyber Shadow Gardna (treated as a monster after activation, and when attacked it gets the same ATK and DEF as its attacker. It returns set to your spell/trap card zone at the end of the turn, regardless if it’s destroyed or not)

some cards are in here just to fill the 30 limit.
There were 5 rounds, and you had to win 2 duels (of course).

The first round I had to duel one of the 2 persons I travelled with to get to this place. It turned out later he didn’t win any match. I beat him 2-0. I used my cyber shadow gardna multiple times, and as I was the only one owning one, everyone wanted to have one too.
The second duel was against a young girl, who sat next to me when we got our boosters. She only pulled rares out. The first duel was easy in my benefit. But the next 2 duels really sucked. If you count them, you can see I have 5 tribute monsters. I drew ALL 5 of them in my opening hand of the 2d duel. My next draws only contained useless trap cards and sometimes a monster card. I got pwned from the beginning. The last duel, was about the same as the second, only with more useless traps, and less tribute monsters. I lost 2-1.

The next duel was against the other person I travlled with, Fionn. He had quite a balanced deck, and it took a long time before the first round finished in my benefit. I had 1200 LP left. In the second duel, I got some help from above. Fionn summoned his Snipe hunter from the start. I summoned my barrier statue in face down, fearing he would destroy it and attack me directly. Even worse, he summoned an Alien Mars on his next turn, which would give me a total of 2500 damage in his second turn! He got his dice for Snipe hunter, discarded and rolled it, and.... a 6! Joy! Frustated, he attacked with his Alien mars. Ha! Draw! My statue stayed on the field! He then killed my statue with Snipe Hunter (yes, his effect can only be used once). And ended his turn. I chained my two chain detonations after each other in my next turn, giving him a total of 1000 damage, and one detonation got shuffled back in my deck (an effect it gets as a chain link 2). Next, I summoned my Stray Asmodian in face down. His turn, he activated snipe hunter’s effect.... a 6 again! he got really mad and attacked my face down with alien mars (the fool), lost 300 points and then destroyed him with snipe hunter. My turn, and I drew into Snipe Hunter myself! I summoned him, activated his effect, and.... a 4! How nice! I destroyed Snipe hunter and his alien mars. From then on, I completely took over the duel, and I haven’t lost a life point since.

Phew, that was a lot of writing. Next duel was my toughest, escpecially because the guy I faced never lost yet. In general, he killed me softly, but hard. To be honest, he didn’t had the asskicking cards I thought he would have, but his secret was that he had a perfectly balanced deck, as far as possible. It turned out he ended up first, without losing a single match, more about that later.

Last duel was against the only one without a snipe hunter (hehe). The first duel was quite boring, I won, having 3900 LP left. In the second duel, my opening hand was simply perfect. The person standing behind me, laughed and said “OK, this game’s over.” I summoned snipe hunter, layed 2 chain detonations and Mysatical Wind typhoon face down, and activated Senet switch. He summoned a monster face-down. I activated Snipe hunters effect, destroying his card, summoned a Queen’s bodyguard, and attacked with both. I activated 2 chain detonations and the Mystical wind Typhoon, destroying his only Face down, and inflicting a total of 4200 damage.he set a monster. I summoned an Abaki, used my snipe hunter to destroy his set monster, attacked with all of my monsters, and called it a game.
3 wins, 2 losses, and I ended up 6th. I got one extra CDIP booster, one without really spectacular cards.

By the way, the winner got 7 extra boosters. He told me I could buy them for 5 euro’s each. I bought two. He told me I could pick the two boosters. That was a stupid mistake. The first one gave me another Cyber Shadow Gardna, and the other one an Ultimate Rare Allure queen LV7. the only one around. HAHAHAHA! The revenge for my loss against him was sweet, very sweet! The remaining 5 boosters gave him useless cards, and not a single foil card.

Revenge is sweet, like in Super Wet Extra Eerie Trees. No, not really.

Cheezzhead, Borisversluis@hotmail.com

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