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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Sam Mattiske
Subject: SpoonMan's Freedo deck at Adelaide Regionals 25/11/06

Adelaide Regionals, Infinity Games, Adelaide, South Australia 25/11/06

Hey guys this is a little late but I wrote it and then forgot to send it off. Still I hope it’s an interesting read. I decided to use something other than my DW deck for this regionals because of some really bad hands and a lack of inspiration on improvements with the DW deck. So I decided to build something I’d wanted to try for a while: a LIGHT deck. Well, a Freed deck in any case. He pwns Monarchs and Cyber Dragons, and there’s tons of good LIGHT monsters: it had to be good. Here it is:

Freedo Deck

Monsters (22)

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

Kaiser Glider

Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch

Shining Angel x 3

Freed the Brave Wanderer x 2

Cyber Dragon x 3

Magician of Faith

Magical Merchant

Don Zaloog

Cyber Stein

Exiled Force x 2

DD Warrior Lady

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Treeborn Frog

Spirit Reaper


Magic (15)

Graceful Charity

Nobleman of Crossout

Heavy Storm

Mystical Space Typhoon


Premature Burial

Reinforcement of the Army x 2


Creature Swap

Smashing Ground x 2

Last Will

Brain Control

Swords of Revealing Light

Trap (7)

Ring of Destruction

Mirror Force

Torrential Tribute

Sakuretsu Armour

Bottomless Trap Hole

Call of the Haunted


Fusion Deck (17)

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Cyber End Dragon

Cyber Twin Dragon x 2

King Dragun

Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill

Reaper on the Nightmare

Cyber Blader

Fiend Skull Dragon x 3

Ryu Senshi x 3

Dark Balter x 3

Round 1: Freedo v Monarch

Game 1 was close: I got him early with my Monarchs and kept pushing for the win. Game 2 I got pretty badly owned I think, but Game 3 was where it got interesting. He summoned his Frog back in attack mode – obviously in preparation for Creature Swap - and then flip summoned his facedown Injection Fairy Lily. I had 1 Trap: Torrential Tribute, but I expected he would summon another monster, probably a Monarch, and I didn’t want to destroy my facedown Shining Angel and leave myself open to a Don or Reaper attack. So I let him Creature Swap, and then he tributed my Shining Angel for … Jinzo! I couldn’t believe it: I wasn’t expecting to see Jinzo to make an appearance, especially in a deck such as this. I took 5700 damage in one blow, knocking me down to 100 LP. I put up a spectacular fight, if I might say so, and I think my opponent actually feared I might somehow come back. Freedo got Jinzo, and I Smashed Lily. I used Swords, Reaper, Mirror Force and just about every defense in my deck, but in the end I was overcome and lost.

Game 1

Me 900 > 1700 > 2500 > 3500 > 4900 > Win

Him 2400 > 4800 > 5600 > 7000 > 8000

Game 2

Me 1400 > 4500 > 4700 > 5500 > 8000

Him 1000 > 1800 > 1900 > Win

Game 3

800 > 2200 > 7900 > 8000

1400 > 3400 > 4800 > Win

Round 2: BYE

Round 3: Freedo v Monarch

Game 1 I actually probably should have lost: he tried to Stein me and brought out Cyber Twin. I had a face-up defense mode Magician of Faith and a face-down Shining Angel. He had Stein, Cyber Twin and Sangan. He attacked Magician with Cyber Twin and then Angel with Cyber Twin. I took no damage, and he just paid 5000. I used Smashing Ground on his Cyber Twin and it was basically all over.

Game 2 I Steined him right back, and did it properly.

Game 1

Me 2100 > 4500 > 5500 > 7400 > Win

Him 1500 > 6500 > 7500 > 8000

Game 2

Me 1400 > 1500 > 1800 > 6800 > Win

Him 2100 > 5600 > 6400 > 8000

Round 4: Freedo v Machine

I think this Machine deck was a little unstable: I’d seen it in action in earlier rounds and it was subject to some pretty awful draws (Power Bond rarely ever works I would recommend not using it in competitive decks). The first game was over all too quickly for my opponent thanks to that pesky Stein, and I absolutely smashed him in the second game, probably due to the aforementioned poor draws (wasn’t running 3 Dekoichi’s in a Machine deck: go figure).

Game 1

Me 5000 > Win

Him 8000

Game 2

Me 100 > Win

Him 400 > 600 > 2500 > 4400 > 6300 > 8000

Round 5: Freedo v Monarch Stall

My final opponent was running a strange Monarch Stall deck, which sat behind Gravity Bind, Solemns etc until it had all the right pieces for a Monarch onslaught or a Stein win, then used Mobius/Heavy to remove the Bind and go for the win.

Game 1 went on far too long: all attempts to get past the Gravity Bind were foiled by Solemn Judgment, until finally he got rid of it himself. But with the Bind gone, I was free to use my Stein which I had been holding since turn 1. My was he angry.

Game 2 also took some time, and he thought he had me, but was foiled by a Ring of Destruction which tied the game. I got pretty badly owned in Game 3, and the 5 minute call was given just before we went into Game 4.

For Game 4 I went into time-mode: inflict the first damage to get on higher life points and then stop all or as much damage as possible against me. It was these desperate measures that forced me to Mirror Force Sangan. Card advantage matters little in such a situation, in my opinion: I just wanted to stop getting damaged. I managed to Stein him for 6300 but he came back FTW. At this point some people might declare they were lucksacked, but these things happen: I went for a reckless Stein attack hoping to knock him down below me in terms of lifepoints and remain above until time, and risked a terrible counterattack. In this case that risk didn’t pay off. In an environment where decks are so similar, it is almost always down to luck.

Game 1

Me 1000 > 1300 > 2300 > 2700 > 7700 > Win

Him 300 > 4150 > 6075 > 5075 > 8000

Game 2

Me 4800 > 6200 > 6300 > 8000

Him 2400 > 5200 > 5500 > 6750 > 8000

Game 3

Me 1600 > 4000 > 4800 > 7500 > 8000

Him 1600 > Win

Game 4

Me 1000 > 6000 > 8000

Him 6300 > win

This was the end of the Swiss rounds, and somehow I managed to come in the Top 8 even with 2 losses out of 5 rounds. I went downstairs with the rest of the Top 8 to duel for 1st place.

Top 8 Round 1: Freedo v Monarch

I think I Steined him in Game 1, but judging from the LP count I basically smashed him. Game 2 he was harassing me with Jinzo early on, but Freedo dealt with the laser-shooting machine and took control. He would have come back with Jinzo late in the game using Call of the Haunted, but Disappear removed Jinzo from play, allowing me to win. Ha! Disappear FTW!!!

Game 1

Me 1000 > 1800 > (6800?) Win

Him 300 > 8000

Game 2

Me 1000 > 1800 > Win

Him 1600 > 1900 > 4700 > 7500 > 8000

Top 8 Round 2: Freedo v Monarch

This guy was cocky: he had seen me Mirror Force Sangan earlier and made a snide remark about it. Good luck to him in a timed match. He Steined me first game and third game, but I smashed him in the second game without even using that annoying little tin can man.

Game 1

Me 2100 > 3100 > 8000

Him 1000 > 6000 > 6300 > Win

Game 2

Me 800 > 3200 > Win

Him 2400 > 3400 > 5800 > 7300 > 8000

Game 3

Me 8000

Him 1000 > 6000 > Win

I finished 4th in the Top 8 playoffs, and 8th in the Swiss rounds (I don’t know who won because I had to run to catch my train). Pretty good for a deck I built during the week and barely playtested. I guess decks don’t really need that much playtesting in this environment. Are there any trends you’ve noticed as you’ve been reading? How many times did I mention Freed? Compare that to how many times I mentioned Stein. All you need is a deck that keeps your opponent under the pump until you can bring out Cyber Stein FTW. With Sangan and Last Will to conveniently bring out the little metal man, I’d say he makes an appearance in at least 50%of games, and ends 95% of those games right then and there. One of my opponents declared that “I like Stein: it makes for an interesting format”. I think a more interesting format would be one where many different strategies and decktypes compete against each other without the fear of one card that can end games with a minimum of skill. He is less broken than Yata-Garasu and the Chaos monsters, requiring 5000 LP to summon the desired Cyber Fusion, but he nonetheless ends duels all on his own. But I cannot complain: I use him just like everyone else does, and just like everyone will until he is banned. But enough about the pesky Stein. Freed the Brave Wanderer proved very effective against Monarchs and Cyber Dragons, especially since he is supported by Reinforcements of the Army, and has some of the most powerful monsters in the game to fuel his effect.

It was a good tournament, with good competition, even if there was a lack of variety and a surplus of Stein wins.





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