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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Sam Mattiske
Subject: SpoonMan's Dark World, Adelaide Regionals, 16/12/06

Adelaide Regionals, Infinity Games, Adelaide, SA 16/12/06

Our first regionals since SJC Anaheim and thus one I was looking forward to. With the unexpected success of decks other than Monarch I was expecting more people at the regionals to be playing interesting stuff. I was also expecting people to finally recognize Dark World as a top tier deck and thus side deck in preparation. With the popularity of the random 2 Banisher 2 D-Fissure I expected most people to at least be siding these, so I prepared my own side deck in preparation. Here’s my deck:

SpoonMan’s Dark World (43 cards)

Monsters (19)

Goldd x 3

Sillva x 3

Night Assailant

Treeborn Frog

Morphing Jar

Magician of Faith

Dekoichi x 3

Cyber Dragon x 2

DD Warrior Lady




Magic (14)

Graceful Charity

Dark World Lightning x 2

Card Destruction

Brain Control


Heavy Storm

Premature Burial


Smashing Ground x 2

Book of Moon

Pot of Avarice


Trap (10)

Ring of Destruction

Torrential Tribute

Mirror Force

Sakuretsu x 2

Bottomless Trap Hole x 2

Deck Devastation Virus x 2

Dust Tornado

Side Deck

Reinforcement of the Army x 2

Exiled Force x 2

DD Survivor x 2

Don Zaloog

Last Will

Cyber Stein

Mobius x 2

Dust Tornado

Nobleman of Crossout



Fusion Deck

Cyber End Dragon

Cyber Twin Dragon

Reaper on the Nightmare

Cyber Blader

King Dragon

Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill

Dark Balter the Terrible x 3

Fiend Skull Dragon x 3

Ryu Senshi x 3

Darkfire Dragon

Charubin the Fire Knight

I was able to side out the entire Dark World strategy and replace it with a sort of Warrior Toolbox plus Stein. The side deck also packed generally useful cards so I could make small adjustments depending on my opponent and what I felt needed swapping. I was maining 1 Dust in case of a matchup with a dedicated removal deck where I needed just a little extra M/T hate, and it was also useful due to the high number of traps people run these days (8+!!! I remember the good old days of 5-6 traps max!). It was my first time running Book of Moon in a competitive environment and its awesomeness surprised me. Anyways, here’s the report (there were only about 16 people there I think):

Match 1: Dark World v Macro Cosmos

Right now people are probably thinking, well you were screwed. But think again: my brother goes to school with this guy and I know his deck and have beaten it before with my Dark World. He knows it and complains about having to play me first round lol he should have an easy win.

In Game 1 I just keep pressing and wear him down, saving my M/T hate for his Macro Cosmos and managing to keep it off the field most of the game. Thanks to DDV I see a Cosmos in hand, and when I get the material for killing the one on field I use Card Destruction to get rid of the in-hand 1 too hahaha.

Me 1600 > 1700 > WIN

Him 1500 > 1600 > 2300 > 2600 > 3300 > 5700 > 8000

In the second game I go all in with my side deck and smash him with Jinzo.

Me 1900 > 4000 > WIN

Him 2400 > 4800 > 8000

Match 2: Dark World v Monarch

Didn’t see a single piece of tech in this netdecked monstrosity: it was all Monarchs, Hydrogeddons, Apprentices etc. It’s a real shame because usually she runs interesting decks like Earth and dedicated Stein. My bro lost to it in the first round with his Machine deck and wasn’t happy: apparently she drew god hands every game.

I’d never really had trouble with Hydrogeddons before, but in the first game they did a lot of damage (both LP and advantage) and made it difficult for me to come back. Especially when she topdecked Ring of Destruction when I was on 800 LP.

Me 2400 > 3200 > 4400 > 5600 > 7200 > 8000

Her 800 > 1000 > 3400 > 4100 > WIN

Let’s just say I experienced her god hand: Breaker destroys my Mirror Force, I come back with 2 Goldds she draws Mirror Force and kills them both. She draws into Graceful Charity with a Magician of Faith set. How could I have won when she used Graceful twice in 1 turn? I Brain Controlled something and Metamorphosed into Darkfire Dragon though lol.

Me 1600 > 2400 > 4000 > 5600 > 7000 > 7800 > 8000

Her 500 > 2100 > 2700 > 3100 > WIN

A loss in the second round bleh but what can one do against such a deck with such good draws (she went on to go undefeated in the Swiss).

Match 3: Dark World v Youngster

He was running Success Probability 0% and I think that said it all for his chances. He tried to equip Gearfried with Lightning Blade on turn 1 game 1. I didn’t lose a single card (my graveyard and rfg pile were empty).


Him 300 > 1700 > 5200 > 8000

Absolutely Dark World swarmed.

Me 200 > 300 > WIN

Him 1400 > 8000

Match 4: Dark World v Fissure Removal

Gah! Another mass removal deck, and this one piloted by one of the guys who usually top 8’s at our regionals. The first game takes ages because he has 2 DD Survivors and Dimensional Fissure and I can’t get rid of them. I make a bad misplay: I could have killed both DD Survivors permanently but do things in the wrong order and they come back. I end up having to tie with Ring of Destruction.

Me 900 > 2700 > 6300 > 7100 > 8000

Him 3000 > 3300 > 3600 > 3900 > 4900 > 5200 > 5500 > 7300 > 8000

Much to his disgust, I proceed to Stein him twice in a row after going all in with my side deck. I don’t think he can believe he lost to another Dark World deck (he was 2-1 already because of my mate who was playing a very similar Dark World deck to me – DDV owned apparently).

Match 5: Dark World v Monarch

Another pretty standard Monarch deck, this one with Trap Dustshoots. I absolutely Dark World swarm him first game: he complains that I got a god hand, I reply that it’s what the deck is built to do.

Me 1000 > WIN

Him 1600 > 8000

He goes all in with his side, so I do too. The game is too short for our side decks to have much bearing, thanks to Stein.

Me 7700 > 8000

Him 5000 > 5800 > WIN

I Stein him right back

Me 5000 > WIN

Him 8000

Oh yeah 4 – 1 came third in the Swiss. My bro went 3 – 2 and came 9th : he was the only person on 3 – 2 to not top 8 so the store owner gave him the unluckiest player award of 3 extra boosters (except all prizes were CDIP lame). The netdecked garbage I played in Match 2 went undefeated and an interesting Dark World sort of deck (with Cyber Phoenixes wtf?) came second on 4 – 1.

Qualifier 1: Dark World v Monarch

The same guy from Match 5. My opening hand was Brain Control, Premature Burial, Dark World Lightning, Metamorphosis, Dust Tornado and I drew into Sakuretsu Armor. Needless to say, I got smashed. He didn’t even summon something big for me to Brain Control Meta! I had to do it on his Deko to morph into Darkfire Dragon lol.

Me 1400 > 2200 > 3600 > 4400 > 8000


I sided a few cards: he didn’t bother, knowing I’d just go all in if he did. He Steined me anyway.

Me 1600 > 3000 > 8000

Him 1600 > 1700 > 6700 > WIN

So I came 3rd/7th. I’m happy with that, especially since I beat TWO mass removal decks with a Dark World deck. My mate with the Dark World deck beat my brother’s other friend running Gravekeepers (DDV pwnage) and then went on to beat the undefeated Monarch deck. D-Fissure beat the other DW, the Monarch deck that beat me and then beat my mate’s Dark World in their rematch to win the Top 8.

The Top 8 decks were (in no particular order):

Stock Monarch

Dark World with Cyber Phoenixes

SpoonMan’s Dark World

Monarch Dustshoot

Dimensional Fissure


Dark World with Fiend Megacyber

Warrior Toolbox (I think)

How good is that only 2 Monarch decks and 1 Warrior Toolbox? Variety ruled for once, with Dimensional Fissure winning the day. Stein still reared his ugly little head, but less often than usual I think (I only sidedecked him when I went all in or against people I knew were running him). Overall it was a good day imo. I got 6 boosters and pulled a Cyberdark Horn and a Cyber Shadow Gardna and a bunch of Snipehunters (people want them) so actually pretty good for CDIP.

I’ll probably make some changes after playing the deck at regionals level, maybe add another Dark World Lightning, or try out the Apprentice thing (Magician of Faith is lethal in this deck: Graceful mwahaha).

Any comments to





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