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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 12:39 AM
To: yugiohcrew@pojo.com
Subject: Yugioh tournement report


Deck name : Mechanical roid deck

Name : J.T. Woodman

Location : FIT Games , Dennisport , Massachusetts

number of participants : 9

First place , a yugioh GX tin (series 2)

2nd place , 2 yugioh boosters (both have to be the $5 variety)

third and fourth place , 1 yugioh booster(Has to be the $5 variety)

Entrance fee , five dollars . (the store owner usually orders dominoes and those who enter get 2 slices. $1 for an extra slice)

Format : advanced


My name is J.T. Woodman and this is my first tourney report but not my first tournement. (hopefully this won't be my last) i am writing this report as we speek at 11:15pm on December 9 , 2006 which is the same day as it happened.


Here is a look at my deck. Mechanical roid deck


Main deck (48 cards)

Monster cards (23)

Cyber Dragon (2)

Steamroid (3)

Gyroid (3)

Drillroid (2)

Sangan (1)

Cyber Barrier Dragon (1)

Needle Burrower (1)

Morphing Jar #2 (1)

Spirit reaper (1)

Perfect machine king (1)

Jetroid (1)

B.E.S. Crystal Core (1)

A-Team Trap disposal unit (1)

Submarineroid (2)

Magician of faith (1)

Twin-headed behemoth (1)

Fuison monster cards (2)

Gatling Dragon (1)

Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill (1)


Spell cards (12)

Heavy Storm (1)

Overload fuison (1)

Automonous action unit (1)

Megamorph (1)

Nobleman of crossout (1)

Book of moon (1)

Vehicroid connection zone (1)

Mystical space typhoon (1)

Limiter Removal (1)

Premature Burial (1)

Swords of revealing light (1)

Graceful charity (1)


Trap cards (11)

Attack Reflection Unit (1)

Bottomless Trap hole (2)

Magic Cylinder (1)

Waboku (2)

Magic Drain (1)

Dimension wall (1)

Call of the haunted (1)

Divine Wrath (1)

Trap hole (1)


Again this is my first tournement report even though I have been playing for about well since LOB has been out.(please bare with me)



I woke up at 8:30 and said good morning to my mother , had breakfast , refilled my cat's water and food dish. At 9:30 , I made some last minute fixes to my deck. At 11:25 , I called my friend Mike and then I waited around for him until 11:45 when him and his mother came to pick me up. We arrived at his nephew's house and his nephew's mother drove us there in Dennisport. When we got in , we sighned up and Ken (an aquaintance)bought mirror force for $25. Then I found out that he had an ultimate rare Chimeratech overdragon. (you lucky dog you) I traded him an ultimate rare Trojan blast and a rare proto-cyber dragon for an ultra rare Perfect machine king. I also traded him for his super rare Machine king. I then saw my friend Micah and asked which card I should replace with my Perfect machine king. (it was either B.E.S. Tetran or Big Core) So Micah suggested I use B.E.S. Crystal Core which I didn't have. Micah was interested in my Mystic swordsman LV6 ultra rare so I traded it to him for a Super rare Divine Wrath and B.E.S. Crystal Core. The rest of the crew arrived and we kick the tourney off with


Round one : Bye Vs. JT (me)

Winner at 0:00.


Between rounds : Nothing happened really


Round 2 : Tyler (10 years old I think,) (Removal burn deck) vs. JT (me)

Duel one. Destroyed him with B.E.S. Crystal Core at 3:23 (I had 5600 LP life)

Duel 2 : Same as Duel one except I also used Perfect machine king towards the end. I won at 3:10 (I had about 3300 Lp left because of secret barrels and Mime golems)

So I won this round at 6 minutes 33 secounds 2-0.


Between rounds : Nothing happened in this break.


Round three: Mike Ryan (I think that's his last name) (banned card deck) vs. JT (me)

Winner by DQ at 7 mnutes 22 secounds as a result of opponet using banned cards JT. (see round 1 of top eight ) The banned cards were Raigeki , Dark hole , Tribe infect virus , Harpie's feather duster etc among others.


Betwwen rounds : Complained to the shop owner Richard , Micah , and Big Mike about the banned cards. Then I traded a super rare ultimate Tyranno , Demise , Ruin , and super rare machine king for a ultra rare Cosmo Queen , cyber barrier dragon , and widespread ruin.


Round Four : JT (me) vs. Craig Potter (Cookie cutter deck)

Duel 1 : destroyed by Mobius , mystic tomatoe , injection , and Jinzo at 6:41. (Craig had 2750 LP left)

Duel 2 : Same as round one except my brain controlled B.E.S. Crystal core , his Cyber dragon , and his prematured Jinzo got me. (Craig had 1700 Lp left)


Between rounds : We got pizza and I 5tried to trade for a limited edition Dark necrofear as well as a Barrel dragon and Fire monarch but before I could complete my deal........


Top eight single elimination


Match one: Chris (my friends nephew def. JT (me) at Twelve minutes and forty secounds 2-1. The kid who used banned cards got DQed after he was caught saying he used 16 banned cards. He then stormed out of the store with his friend. So the round begun again with different pairings.


Match one:(replay) Micah Def. JT (me)at Twenty-five minutes and four secounds 2-0.



Looking for some store credit to buy boosters , I sell Widespread ruin to Micah for ten dollars in store credit. I use it right away to buy 1 DB1 and one DB2 pack. My friend is like "let me open it , It's lucky " I do and he is like I lied. So I got a rare DB2 Sasukai Samurai. I open my DB1 pack and get........ a super rare Relinquished and a rare Magic drain (alright a double rare pack). I trade this kid my Kazegin for his RDS Dark magician girl and then I trade that to Robbie (he collects dark magician cards) for his Metal Zoa. After Mike (my friend wins secound place , we leave.)


and now for props and slops.


  1. For making a lot of decent trades.

  2. Cyber dragon being in my possesion.

  3. Not trading my cyber dragons. (I been trough 4 already)

  4. For doing better than I thought with my roid deck.

  5. For sunday because i pulled an ultimate rare submarineroid , an ultimate rare Elemental hero Dark Neos (it is first edition), and a super rare super vehicroid jumbo drill.

  6. For finally dueling Micah even though I lost. (you rock man.)

  7. To pojo.com for posting this.

  8. to pojo.com for having a great website.

  9. to you for reading this.

  10. and to there being more props than slops.


  1. Ken getting to mirror force before me.

  2. For trading cyber twin dragon last Saturday

  3. For not getting Chimeratch overdragon and Ken having one for being rich.

  4. To losing to a kid who used banned cards.

  5. For not having money so I could buy an ultimate rare cyber dragon , Cyberdark dragon among other cards.

  6. For my friend Mike for nagging at me about oweing him twelve dollars. (for goodness sake Mike , I am poor right now.)

If you are ever at FIT games in Dennisport , Massachusetts on Saturdays and want to say hi , I am usually the one wanting to make trades or constintly asking the card shop owner Richard to see his yugioh binder. I am usually there from 12:00-6:00.

If you have any positive comments, want to trade for cards such as an ultimate rare Elemental hero - Dark neos , want to make suggestons for my deck , or just want to say hi , Email me at jtyugioh@gmail.com.

This is JT saying keep dueling, have fun , and most importantly , if you someone cheating or stealing , be the bigger person and tell the tournement organizer.


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