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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Spellcaster Chaos
Cuting-Edge Cards
Nottingham, UK Regional Qualifier
YWCA Colville Street
110 particpants

Hi it's Benji'sDad here with a tournament report on Benjamin's (B) exploits
at his first major tournament, also known as dad living his life vicariuosly
(look it up - I did :-D) through his son.
Firstly I would like to express my awe at people who manage to do these
types of reports and play at the same time, I saw one the other week which
was easily as detailed as this one, but I was just sitting at the side
recording the game and keeping score and found it incredibly hard to keep
My thanks go to all B's opponents, none of whom objected to me doing this.

B's deck

Monsters: (20)
1x Dark Magician
2x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Magical Marionette
1x Skilled Dark Magician
1x Kycoo
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1x D.D. Warrior Lady
2x Mystic Tomato
2x Shining Angel
1x Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
1x Tsukuyomi
1x Sangan
2x Apprentice Magician
1x Spirit Reaper
2x Magician of Faith

Spells: (15)
1x Book of Moon
2x Magical Dimension
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Scapegoat
1x Premature Burial
1x Snatch Steal
1x Fissure
1x Graceful Charity
1x Heavy Storm
2x Nobleman of Crossout
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Smashing Ground
1x Swords of Revealing Light

Traps: (6)
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Dust Tornado
1x Magician's Circle
1x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Torrential Tribute

He has a side and fusion deck (side includes Morph) but as he doesn't really
have experience in how to use them, they didn't really come into play.

110 players had registered, and there were many there who had qualified for
the national already.
After registration and deck checks and making sure everyone had a seat, the
tournament finally kicked off at about 12.00
The deck checks took a while as a few delegates didn't realise the new ban
list was in play for the first time.

Round 1 - v Alexander (A)

As B's name was first out we actually got to sit a table 1 at some stage in
the day :-)
A's deck was a Bazoo Return Deck, though RfTDD never saw play.
B won the dice roll and elected to go first.
First turn 1 monster and 2 S/T face down
A responded with Heavy Storm, 1 S/T set and Exarion Universe. It lowered it
ATK by 400 and attacked B's face down Shining Angel for 600 pierce damage.
B summoned another Shining with its effect. On his turn Fissure accounted
for Exarion, 1 monster was set and Shining attacked directly for 1400, the
scores were 7400 - 6600.
A put down 1 S/T and summoned DDWL, its attack on Shining went through, and
both were removed from play for 100 damage to B.
B flipped up Mystic Tomato, and a flipped CotH by A brought back Exarion. At
that B ended.
A played Graceful and discarded a RFtDD and Bazoo. The Tomato was Smashed
and Exarion attacked for 1800. Scores 5500-6600
Skilled Dark Magician came down from B and killed the Exarion.
A played RotA and called up Goblin Attack Force. GAF attacked SDM and went
to defence. Score 5100-6500
Another Tomato came out to kill GAF
Berserk Gorilla then came out from A and pureed the Tomato, which searched
out a Reaper. 4500-6500
Reaper went to Defense Position and another monster was set.
NoC came down on B's set MoF, and he had to remove his second from play as
well. A wasn't playing one(!) he said his deck was too aggressive to fit one
Anyway after the deck searches had gone through Berserk attacked (cos he had
to) but had no effect on the Reaper.
B played Swords and the game had a breather. A set 1 S/T. B set 1 monster. A
set a monster.
B flipped Dekoichi and drew, the Gorilla was Smashed off the field, and NoC
hit a G Spy (removing another into the bargain)
B had just got right back into the game but then made a fatal mistake, with
an open field but 2 backfield cards, B sacrificed his Dekiochi and Reaper
for Dark Magician.
Torrential of course accounted for it. Who knows what a Reaper attack could
have taken from A's hand but it wasn't to be.
A prematured his GAF and sac'd it for Mobius, who destroyed the Swords and a
set Sak Armor. Mobius swung for 2400. Score 2100-5700.
B played Heavy Storm to remove a Sak Armor on the other side (so maybe the
Reaper wouldn't have gone through after all) and set 1 monster.
The next go it was all over, A brought out Bazoo. Mobius attacked the
face-down Sangan and Bazoo removed 2 cards to power it up enough to take the

I think both sided, but not to a great extent. B went first again and set 1
one of each.
A set 1 S/T played RotA for MSLv2 and Summoned it to destroy a face-down
B Prematured his Tomato but this was Dusted, snatched the MSLv2 and sac'd it
for Magical Marionette which swung for 2000. Scores 7200-6000.
A set 1 monster. B brought out Skilled DM and attacked the face-down DDWL
which removed both from play. Marionette hit again 7200-4000.
A set 1 monster. Marionette attacked but flipped up a G Spy which fetched
A set 1 S/T and sac'd one Spy for Mobius which ran into BTH.
B didn't do anything about the defensive Spy and set 1 S/T
A brought out Bazoo and removed 2 to power it over Marionette. 7000-4000.
B Booked Bazoo, brought out Kycoo and killed the Soul-Eater.
A set 1 S/T, summoned Exiled which was tributed to remove Kycoo, Gravekeeper
went to attack and hit for 1200. 5800-4000.
B played Charity and threw out Pot of Avarice and a Tomato (B could have
thrown out 2 monsters here to use PoA but missed it), instead he summoned
Tsukuyomi and turned the Spy face-down.
NoC accounted for the second Spy and Tsuku went to attack, but a Called
Bazoo thwarted that attack. B set 1S/T and Tsuku returned.
RotA called up GAF, which was then Summoned GAF and Bazoo struck for 3900
damage. 1900-4000
B set one monster. But Prematured Exiled accounted for it - an Old
Vindictive (brought in from the side-deck). Bazoo removed one and finished
the game.

I think A stayed near the top tables for the rest of the day, and so B had
acquitted himself well.
If it wasn't for a couple of mistakes, things could have been quite
difference. It was a good game, and hopefully lessons had been learned.

B 0-1

Round 2 - v Mike (M)

This was a battle of the Spellcasters. M won the roll and went first setting
one to each.
B played MST on Scapegoat which wasn't chained, and then set 1 of each
face-down as well.
M summoned Silent Magician Lv4 and flipped Reaper. The Magician attacked a
face-down Tomato which defended causing 100 reflective damage.
Reaper fell to Fissure but B didn't do anything else. Silent was now on 1500
so Tomato couldn't kill it.
Breaker accounted for B's set CotH and the Tomato, which called another,
Silent attacked the second one and Sangan came up. (I think Reaper would
have been better if possible). Scores 7900-7900.
B drew Silent got another counter (2) and B set 1 monster and turned Sangan
to Defense.
A NoC from M got rid of the face-down Reaper (either B had it in hand and
missed setting it earlier or had just drawn it and should have searched it
with the Tomato).
M then Summoned his own Sangan which attacked the defending one. B pulled
Shining Angel with Sangan's effect. Breaker and a two turn Silent Magician
attacked for 3600. Scores 4300-7900.
B drew, LV4 went to 3 counters and B snatched it, attacking the Breaker for
900 damage. B then set 1 monster. Scores 4300-7000.
M drew (LV4 now at 4), took his 1000 played 1 monster FD and activated
Swords. 4300-8000
B summoned Breaker to break the Swords, flipped Shining Angel and attacked
the still Attack Position Sangan with it. I think this was pure bait, as it
searched out the Fairy Lily.
Breaker hit the face-down MoF which retrived Scapegoat, and a 3000 Silent
attack went through. 4300-4600.
M drew, gained his 1000, removed Sangan and Mof from play to Special Summon
Chaos Sorcerer, and summoned Tsukuyomi to turn the Silent Magician
face-down, losing its counters and its Snatch equipment in the process.
Tsuku killed the 1000 DEF LV4 and the Sorcerer finished off Breaker. Score
Next came a couple of moves from B at which both M and myself stared at with
curiosity. First of all the Shining Angel self-destructed into the Sorcerer.
This I could understand as I thought B might have a Sorcerer of his own in
With the Angel's effect he pulled his second copy (this was probably a
mistake with hindsight, as DDWL would have done the job), the second Angel
then self-destructed again!!! and B decided not to use its effect (again a
Two Angel's and two Tomatoes were then removed from play to Special Summon
both of B's Sorcerer's in his Main Phase 2. This of course was the biggest
mistake as now he had totally committed his Sorcerer's to the field, with a
Lily and Tsuku in the opponent's hand.
What is more his LP was now at only 1800 compared to 5600 for M. Anyway one
Sorcerer duly removed its opposite number.
M summoned his IFL, boosted it up at a cost of 2000 and killed one Sorcerer.
B set 1 monster and removed IFL with the remaining Sorcerer's effect.
M then removed Breaker and Silent Magician to bring out his own second
Sorcerer. Skilled Dark Magician also came down, which attacked B's set MoF,
which recovered Snatch.
M's Sorcerer then removed the remaining one. B wanted to play PoA but having
removed 4 cards only had 4 in his Graveyard.
He then tried to play Snatch on M's Sorcerer but it was chained with MST (I
didn't record when this had been set).
B had no defense for the next attack and so that was game.

The second game wasn't as close unfortunately. B went first and set 1
monster and 2 S/T.
NoC accounted for the face-down Apprentice Magician. MST took out MST.
Silent Magician Lv4 came out again but this was Booked. M set 1 S/T
B summoned Kycoo but it fell into BTH. He set 1 S/T and ended.
M flipped up his Lv4 and Summoned Skilled Dark Magician, these both attacked
for 2900 damage. 5100-8000.
B couldn't do anything but pass his next turn (his hand had 2 Chaos
Sorcerers and the Dark Magician).
M summoned IRL and it was all over once she received her boost.

We don't know if the earlier errors would have made a difference to this
match, but one close game and a rank bad hand (which goes with the
territory) had accounted for a loss.

B was a 0-2 but was still fighting.

Round 3

This was meant to be against a lad called Henry. Henry and his friend Bertie
were about B's age, and had latched onto B before the tournament began. B
had beaten both in friendlies, and we had also beaten them in a tag team
match (I'd taken along my deck for a bit of fun).
I think they'd travelled up from Worcester but I'm not sure their decks were
that competitive.
Anyway it looked like they had had to leave early which was a shame, but B
got a walk over and it meant we could go and stock up on some extra food
from the shops. So B gets to 1-2. As he had already beaten Henry I think
that was fair enough anyway!

Round 4 - v Karl (K)

This kid played at a very quick tempo, and I'm not sure I managed to record
everything fully on this one.
This was quite an aggro deck.
K went first and set 1 monster and 2 S/T. B could only set 1 monster and
K played NoC on B's Dekiochi, no others were removed. He then Tributed his
set Exiled for Jinzo and attacked an open field. 5600-8000
Jinzo got Smashed, and B summoned Breaker which broke Sakuretsu. Breaker
went to attack but CotH got back Jinzo.
Jinzo destroyed Breaker and K set 1 S/T. 4800-8000.
B tried to get Jinzo with Snatch but K Booked it. B then Prem'd Breaker and
destroyed the face-down Jinzo. 4000-8000.
K set 2 ST and played Swords. B set 1 S/T. K tried to Snatch Breaker but was
this was Dusted. Prem was then Dusted
K set 1 monster. Swords was waited out, at the end of which B had 3 monsters
face-down and 1 ST and K had 2 face-down monsters and 1 set S/T
K summoned Berserk which squished a Tomato which replaced itself. Then he
set 1 S/T.
B tried to NoC a Fairy Lily, but K flipped Enemy Controlled, sacrificing the
Lily to grab the face-up Tomato for that turn. B passed.
Berserk then attacked into a face-down MoF, I think B pulled back NoC but
should have chosen Smashing Ground or Snatch.
B removed Breaker and MoF to SPecial Summon Chaos Sorcerer, and played his
recalled NoC on Nimble Momonga.
At this point Karl pointed out he only had one card in hand and a couple of
S/T face down.
Unfortunately over-excitement and inexperience told and B went for the bait,
turning all his cards into attack, he now had Chaos Sorcerer, Tomato, Reaper
and Sangan up.
I had a feeling I knew what was coming, but had to bite my tongue. Rather
than removing the Gorilla, B attacked with the Sorcerer and of course up
flipped Mirror Force.
In the general melee I think B also forgot to draw for Sangan.
K summoned a second Momonga and the combined Berserk and Nimble attack went
through. B failed to draw anything he could play and that was the end of the
first game.

B elected to go first and set 1 of each.
K Special Summoned Cyber Dragon which fell into BTH and Normal Summoned the
Gorilla. He attacked the face-down Dekoichi which drew B a card.
K finished by setting 1 S/T. Berserk was Smashed of the field but B couldn't
do anything else.
K Summoned Skilled Dark Magician which ran into Sakuretsu Armor. But again B
couldn't do anything else.
Premature Burial brought back the Gorilla and K summoned Sangan. The two hit
for 3000 into an empty field. Scores 5000-7200.
Fissure hit Sangan which pulled a Giant Rat and B set 2 S/T.
Giant Rat and Berserk Gorilla attacked for 3400. 1600-7200.
B set 1 monster, but the following turn Drillroid accounted for the Shining
Angel without Battle, and the Rat and Gorilla finished it off.
B had Magical Marionette and NoC in hand and 2 set Magical Dimensions. I
think this game all happened at too quick a pace for him.

After this B started getting quite down on himself, so I simply said he'd
have to make sure he end 4-3.
Still we go on with B 1-3.

Round 5 - v Daniel (D)
Another battle of the Spellcasters

D went first with 1 set to each zone.
B replied with 1 set monster and 2 set S/T
D summoned Gemini Elf which attacked into a Shining Angel, which pulled
itself to the field.
B played Fissure on the twins, Shining attacked into an Old Vindictive, and
B set 1 S/T.
D set 1 monster. B Prem'd his Angel and attacked the face-down - another
Vindictive (!). 7200-8000
D set 1 S/T and summoned Breaker to destroy one of B's S/T. He targets
Scapegoat, but B chooses not to chain.
Breaker goes to attack but gets hit by Sak.Armor.
B then summons Apprentice Magician, as it declares an attack, B flips
Magician's Circle.
It backfires a bit as unfortunately B has Magical Marionette in his hand and
so can only summon Skilled Dark Magician, D meanwhile summons Dark Magician
B sets 1 S/T and passes.
D played United We Stand on DMG and killed off the Skilled DM. Score
6300-8000. D sets another S/T
B removed an Angel and SDM from his Graveyard to Special Summon Chaos
Sorcerer, using its effect to remove the DMG.
B again goes for an overextension sacrificing his Apprentice for Magical
Marionette, which tries to attack. Mirror Force flips and B is on the back
D plays Lighten the Load and puts back a Dark Magician setting 1 S/T as well
B passes
D plays Monster Reincarnation getting back Breaker to his hand. Brekaer is
summoned but gets Torrentialled
B plays Mystic Tomato but this gets Cylindered for 1400 damage. 4900-8000.
D summons a Skilled DM and attacks the Tomato which gets Reaper. 4400-8000
Snatch grabs Skilled and Reaper goes to defense against an open field!
Skilled runs into Sakuretsu.
D sets 1 monster
B plays NoC on the FD Mythical Beast Cerberus, Reaper goes to attack and
causes a discard of Sage's Stone. B sets 1 monster.
D summones another Skilled which hits the Reaper for 1600. Scores 2800-7700.
B plays Swords, flips Dekiochi and sets 1 monster
D&B both pass their next turn.
D sac's Skilled for Cybernetic Magician
B books the Cybernetic. Sangan flips up. Dekoichi kills Cybernetic and
Reaper and Sangan attack. Choas Sorcerer is discarded. Scores 2800-6400.
D sets 1 monster
B removes a Tomato and an Angel to Special Summon Chaos Sorcerer. Dekoichi
attack into Royal Magical Library for 600 reflective damage.
Sorcere finishes off Dekiochi's business and Reaper and Sangan go through
again. No cards in D's hand. Score 2200-5100.
D sets 1 S/T
B destroys a set NoC with MST and all attack for an agonising 5000.
D draws Spell Absorption and its all over. B wins his first game.

D goes first and sets one to each, which is mirrored by B
D passes and B sets another monster
D sets 1 S/T (there's a bad hand going on somewhere here)
B summons Breaker and it takes out Mirror Force!! Dekoichi and Tomato flip
The Tomato hits MoF which can't pull anything and Breaker and Dekiochi
attack for 3000. Score 8000-5000.
D sets a S/T and plays Swords
B sacs the Tomato for Magical Marionette
D sets a S/T
Swords gets MST'd (Marionette gets a counter). Dekoichi attacks, CotH calls
back MoF for some slight damage limitation.
Marionette and Breaker attack for 3800. D is down to 100.
D can only set 1 monster.
It (Unhappy Maiden) gets Noblemaned and it is all over. B wins his first
match proper.

B now 2-3

Round 6 v Luke (L)

This guy was really nice, but seemed quite new to the game as he didn't
understand some fairly well known rulings during the duel and seemed to be
playing largely with Structure Deck cards.
Any way B won the die roll and went first setting 1 to each
L played Dian Keto and summoned Amazon Archer
The Archer got fissured. Dekiochi was flipped and Reaper was summoned.
Reaper and Dekioichi attacked, discarding De-Spell.
L targetted Germ Infection on Reaper and set 1 S/T.
Dekoichi attacked and went through. Scores 8000-4900
L played Ookazi. Dekoichi attacked. 7200-3500.
L could only pass. B set 1 S/T and Dekoichi plugged away again 7200-2100.
L played Charity and discarded Summoned Skull and Terrorking Salmon. Sparks
burned B for 200 and L set 1 monster.
Dekoichi attacked Big Eye, resulting in a resetting of L's top five cards.
L set 1 S/T
B summoned Breaker which broke Gift of Mystical Elf.
Breaker and Dekoichi attack for the game.

Game 2 and L goes first setting 1 monster and putting 2 S/T face-down.
B set a monster. Played NoC on Man-Eater Bug (no others discarded) and sel 1
L played GC and discarded Robbin Goblin and De-Spell. Card Destruction took
3 from each hand (for B this was Breaker/Kycoo and Chaos Sorcerer!)
L set 1 monster. B set 1 monster. L sac's a Mystic Tomato to set 1 LV5 or
higher monster and set 1 S/T.
B flipped a Tomato and attacked into Labyrinth Wall causing 1600 of
reflected damage. Fissure destroyed the Wall.
L set 1 monster
B sac'd his Tomato for a Marionette. This attacked the face-down Princess of
Tsurguri, after Enchanted Javelin had added 2000 to L's LPs.
L set 1 monster
B played Heavy Storm and flipped Apprentice Magician, adding two counters to
the Marionette, much to L's concern and set 1 S/T
Marionette attacked the face-down Forgiving Maiden, and Apprentice hit
directly. Scores 6400-9600.
L set 1 monster.
Marionette declared an attack and B flipped Magician's Circle to bring
Skilled DM to the field, L could only get a MoF.
Apprentice Magician attacked MoF causing 100 damage. Skilled attacked the
face-down but hit Spirit of the Harp, which was then despatched by
Marionette. 6300-9500
I miss a move somewhere in my notes but we somehow get to L on 9400.
L plays Premature Burial to get out Kaiser Glider which went to the
Graveyard when Card Destruction was played. It attacks into Skilled and the
scores stand 5900-8600.
B Snatches Kaiser and Kaiser, Apprentice and Marionette (with 3 tokens)
attack for 5400. 5900-3200.
L draws and gets his 1000 LP, plays Eternal Rest destroying all Equip cards
(including his Premature Burial).I think B failed to realise Marionette
should have another token.
B played BoM on Apprentice Magician and then flipped it up again, giving
another 2 tokens. Marionette at 3000 and the Apprentice attack for 3400.
L plays 1 S/T. B attacks with Apprentice only. 5900-400. L sets another S/T.
Apprentice attacks again, Just Desserts (for 1000) and Enchanted Javelin
flip up. 4900-400 and Marionette finishes it off.

B now 3-3 and it up to table 20 for the final match up.

Round 7 v Sam (S)
This was the last round after a long day. This was the top 3-3 match as the
next table up had 4-2 winners on it.
Once again it was a Spellcaster battle and would decide who would finish
with a plus score for the day.
It was another one of those that went at such a pace, I'm sure I missed
somthing along the way.
B won the die roll again and went first setting 2 S/T and 1 monster.
Heavy Storm took out the sets and 2 S/T went down from S.
B set 1 monster and S passed.
B sac'd his face-down Sangan for Marionette and pulled Dekoichi with it.
Sangan was Prem'd and Marionette got a token.
Sangan attacked but Mirror Force wiped out the attack leaving one face-down
for B. Shining Angel was pulled with Sangan.
S summoned his own Sangan an attacked in a Tomato receiving 100 damage.
Scores 7200-7900.
B set 1 monster.
Tomato was Smashed, Skilled DM was summoned and hit into the face-down
Dekoichi, and Sangan swung for 1000. 6200-7900
B sent MST into a CotH, played Swords and then Booked the Skilled DM so it
lost its counters.
Shining Angel was then Summoned, but when it went to attack Sangan it got
Booked in turn.
S then Trib. Summoned Mobius destroying the Swords by giving up Sangan.
Sangan pulled Exiled Force.
Skilled DM hit the face-down Angel which pulled DDWL. Mobius went into it an
both were removed from play. 5300-7900.
B set 1 monster. Exiled blew it away (a Reaper) and Skilled hit directly for
1900. 3400-7900.
B Smashed the Skilled and then Summoned his own to a clear field. 3400-6000.
L in turn Smashed this Skilled, Prem'd his own Skilled, summoned Breaker and
the two had enough to finish it off.

Game 2 and B chose to go first. He immediately played Charity discarding
Dark Magician and a Tomato, he set 2 S/T and 1 monster.
S also played Charity discarding Snatch steal and Old Vindictive. He then
summoned MoF, played Magical Dimension and Tributed it to bring out a Dark
Magician of Chaos.
S chose not to destroy a monster but kept the timing on DMoc to recover
Graceful, which was played again, discarding a Skilled DM and a Book of
MST was the played but just hit a Dust. DMoC attacked the face-down which
was a Reaper. Finally S set 1 S/T, my notes were half way down the page, and
we'd only had two turns.
B MST'd a Sak, Snatched DMoC and both DMoC and Reaper attacked discarding a
Mobius. 8000-4900.
S drew, got 1000 and played a Skilled DM which hit the Reaper for 1600.
DDWL accounted removed Skilled from play incurring 400 damage in the
process, but the way was left clear for DMoC and Reaper to attack again,
discarding a Sangan. 6000-2800.
S set 1 S/T and B walked straight into it next go attacking with Reaper and
hitting Mirror Force.
S could only follow it up with 1 S/T though.
B set 1 monster.
S summoned another Skilled DM which hit into Dekoichi.
B set 1 monster FD, Skilled got Booked, Dark Magician was Prem'd from the
Graveyard and attacked the face-down Skilled DM. 5200-5900.
S set 1 S/T
B summoned a Skilled, flipped Sangan and sent it to attack directly, but it
hit Goats. 3 were removed by B's monsters
S set 1 monster.
B summoned Breaker which destroyed a Magical Dimension. Skilled hit a GSpy,
which got another. DM cleared one out, but the other couldn't be touched.
S set 1 monster, which it transpired was an Apprentice which then got
Noblemaned. DM finished off the Spy and it was soon all over.
S had no answer to a DM, Skilled DM, Breaker and Sangan.

So the final match went to a decider, a first for B in the whole tournament.
S went first, summoned Breaker at 1900, played Swords and set a S/T
Breaker got Smashed, Heavy finished off the back row and B could summon a
Shining Angel to a clear field for 1400. 8000-6600.
S set 1 monster (his full frontal opening have been dismantled before his
B played NoC on DDWL, Graceful Charity which discarded an Apprentice and an
MST(!). I exclaimed that he must have a very strong hand.
B's own 1900 Breaker then swung with the Angel and took another 3300 away.
S summoned Tsuku to flip Breaker face down and finish it off, but it had to
return to hand.
DDWL came down for B, and both it an the Angel swung for 2900. Suddenly the
score was 8000-400.
Tsuku turned Shining Angel face-down. Magical Dimension tributed the Spirit
off for DMoC, this time S choosing to destroy the DDWL.
DMoC attacked the face-down Angel, which pulled another copy.
B topdecked a Snatch and it was all over.

Benji had indeed finished 4-3 getting a top 30 spot or so.

Big thanks go to Cutting-Edge Cards for organising the tournament, and head
judge Rob Hooley.
Major kudos goes to a young duelist Jessica who beat UK No.1 James Penicott
in the first round (I believe it finished when he attacked into her Big
Shield Gardna).
Also to Adam Kruzynski (reigning UK champion) who advised Benji not to watch
James in case he learnt bad habits :-P :D

And top honours go to Rufus Roberts, a regular a Cutting-Edge, who went 7-0
and won the whole thing for the local boys. Good luck at the Nationals.

Benji's first Regionals was a great experience and I reckon he did pretty
good for a kid who is only 9!

My contact details are jrmillar@msn.com

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