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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Jason Reeves [mailto:jreeves@dailyleader.com]
Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2006 5:39 PM

Subject: Local Brookhaven, MS Tourney "Hamon's Debut" by Jason "Pippin"Reeves

The weekly local Brookhaven, MS Tournament at the Computer Place was held this Saturday, April 1st, April Fools Day. Everyone there was no fool though. The new ban-list is in effect and causing chaos. Dark Hole GONE. Cyber Jar GONE. Magicians in 2's along with Nobleman's. Assailant was reduced to 1. The local heavy hitters shuttered with their two biggest deffences against a local Stein deck, Dark Hold and Cyber Jar. But no fear, Mirror Force is here to help. WHAT?! You traded your Mirror Force for your third DD. Assailant?! Uh oh.

In the air a new wind is blowing. The local dominate player is not sporting his metal deck vault. Instead he has a green plastic one. He is trying a new deck. A Hamon Burn deck. He still has his Toolbox, but it is at home. Today is the day all the others have awaited. Vulnerable and new is the player with a new deck, untried, untested. How will it fare among E-Hero's, Stein, Wind, V-Z, and even another Beast, Uria. Well here is how it all went down.

FIRST the deck.

Tribute Monsters = 5
3 x Lava Golem
2 x Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Non-Tribute Monsters = 13
3 x Stealth Birds
2 x Spirit Reapers
2 x Ebon Magician Curran
2 x Magician of Faith
2 x Des Lacooda
2 x Mystic Tomatoes

Spells = 18
3 x Messenger of Peace
2 x The Dark Door
2 x Toll
2 x Swords of Conceiling Light
2 x Wave-Motion Cannon
1 x Level Limit Area B
1 x Scapegoats
1 x Swords of Revealing Light
1 x Mystical Space Typhoon
1 x Graceful Charity
1 x Premature Burial
1 x Giant Trunade

Traps = 4
2 x Gravity Bind
2 x Royal Decree

Round 1:
I got a freebee :p Hamon would have to wait a round while everyone decided where to put me.


Round 2: Uria Fire Deck
An interesting match to say the least. My first turn I set Royal Decree and play Toll. I set a Spirit Reaper and end. His second turn he activates 2 Solumn Wishes and the trap card that does not allow for setting facedown (Ray of Light I think). I activate Royal Decree. After much jockeying with LP, we end up pretty well matched. I am able to summon Hamon and attack a Lava Golem I gave him (1 of 2 I gave him during the dual). He drops to less than 3000 attack. Next turn he Snatches my Hamon and plays his own Uria. Both were 4000. He attack a face up Curran and did 3800 damage to me, but my Reaper stops Uria. Next turn I five him a Lava Golem in exchange for his Uria and a Spirit Reaper, then I Giant Trunade, getting back my Hamon, and setting a Stealth Bird. I play Wave Motion cannon and Messenger of Peace and end. He takes 1000 LP from the Golem and drops to 1700 LP. He sets a monster and ends. I flip Stealth to do 1000 and blow up Wave Motion Cannon for game.


Round 3: E-Hero deck (has actually WON at this tourney).

1st turn I set Stealth Bird and play Toll. He throws away King of the Swamp and gets Poly. Then Premee's his King and Poly's it with Bladedge for Wildedge. Then he plays Exiled force and blows up my bird. He pays 500LP to attack and I am down to 5400 on his first attack. I draw Lvl Limit Area B and force him into defence. I set a Stealth Bird and Gravity Bind and end. He draws and summons Clayman in defense mode (by LLAB effect). He ends. I give him a Lava Golem and set another Stealth Bird after flipping my first Bird and taking him to 6500. He takes 1000 from Golem, but Warrior Returning Alive's his Exiled Force and kills the Golem. He ends. I flip both birds for 2000 damage bringing him to 3500. I end and he draws. He sets 2 traps but still can only set monsters, which he does. I draw and give him another Lava Golem after flipping both birds. He is at 1500 and I end. He takes another 1000 and cannot get anything to stop LLAB, and ends. I draw, flip a bird and that ends it.


Round 4 Finals: Stein/Power Bond Deck

This is the deck I had been afraid of. A few plays in, I have a Bird face down and Toll out with a FD Gravity Bind. He plays Swords, keeping me from attacking, but flipping my Magician of Faith face-up allowing me to get Graceful Charity back. He summons Cyber Dragon but cannot attack due to Gravity Bind. He MST's. I widdle him down by 2000 lp at first, then he finally gets rid of the Bird, but cannot play Stein because he is at 5000LP even. I play Giant Trunade and he triggers the card to Summon Cyber Shield. I was about to summon Hamon, but with Cyber Shield and nothing but 2 birds on the field, I was not getting through. So I flip the birds face down and continue to stall with LLAB. I play Curran and end. He sets a monster and 2 traps. He ends. He takes 600 damage from Curran, 2000 from the birds, and I give him a Lava Golem. I sit back and pray. I end my turn and he takes 1000 damage from Golem bringing him to 1400. If he could only find a way around the birds, he could do something, but his hand fails him as he ends. I flip the birds for game.

Props: Hamon wins on his first trial run (even beat his cousin Uria)
Mr. Freels for continuing to hold tournaments
All who participated.
My 7 year old cousin for being good and not acting up (poster child for ADHD.)

Cons: None really.

Prizes were $5 and a pack of my choice. Second got a pack. I got Dark Revelation (latest edition he had in stock at the moment) and pulled Dagger Elma and a Saku, gave the rest to my cousin for being good.

This proves that the Hamon deck does in fact work. I hoped it would.

UNTIL NEXT WEEKEND! If you can't find Brookhaven on the map, don't worry we're there, just head south and if you hit Cuba, you've gone too far.

Jason "Pippin" Reeves

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