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 Yugioh Tournament Reports


The LAMEST tourney report you’ll ever read.


Name: Brandon Scott

Deck Name: Fun with my Froggie!

Tourney Host: Garden City Games

Location: Pizza Hut, Hephzibah, GA.

Entry Fee: Dinner Buffet o_0

Date: 04-03-06

Time: 4:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Rules: 7-below age group, 8-14 age group, 15-up age group. Latter tourney, match rounds, Traditional Format.


So yea, it’s Elk_of_08 from the boards. If you know me well enough you know I have a n00b infested Meta. I though it would be some 1337 people there. I guess I was wrong.


I got there pretty early, around 3:30. I saw the fat guys that were hosting it and I got kinda scared. But they were cool. They didn’t play Yu-Gi-Oh! but that was ok. They told me everything that went on and when they said I had to by a pizza buffet I was about to leave, but I said wth. I bought a buffet. I got some pizza and sat down and look at their dollar binder. Boy did they have some deals. I bought a 1sted Treeborn Frog and a Dekoichi for $1.00 a piece. That almost completed my deck.


Later a kid showed up and registered for the kid group. I thought he was cool, boy was I wrong. He had an 80 card deck. I asked to duel and he agreed so we started. His first turn he set 4 s/t and no monster. I just popped out some weenies and thrashed him with my FFC. Then some other kids started showing up with 80 card decks. They had some Browws in them, although I didn’t trade. I should have though. Then my friend Anthony showed up. I beat him slowly. He had me on the ropes with his Spellcaster deck, but my FFC came through. Then I pwned some kid on Nightmare Troubadour. He got me with those 2 Ground Collapses at the same time though. After that I put a Star Wars band-aid on my face to look like a n00b.


Then when everybody showed up, it got fun. But when I found out it was Traditional format, I got shocked. So I had a side deck to prepare.


Btw, this is the deck I used.


Soul Control

Monsters [21]

Mobius the Frost Monarch [2]
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch [2]
Blowback Dragon [1]
Jinzo [1]

Gravekeeper's Spy [3]

Gravekeeper’s Guard [1]
Spirit Reaper [3]
Tsukuyomi [1]
Magician of Faith [1]
Mystic Swordsman Lv.2 [1]
Treeborn Frog [1]
D.D. Warrior Lady [1]
Exiled Force [1]
Breaker the Magical Warrior [1]
Sangan [1]

Spells [15]

Fissure [2]
Soul Exchange [2]
Brain Control [1]
Nobleman of Crossout [3]……oops!
Confiscation [1]
Heavy Storm [1]
Snatch Steal [1]
Mystical Space Typhoon [1]
Swords of Revealing Light [1]
Premature Burial [1]
Graceful Charity [1]

Traps [7]

Magic Drain [2]
Threatening Roar [2]
Call of the Haunted [1]
Bottomless Trap Hole [1]
Dust Tornado [1]


About the 3 Noblemen, I accidentally put it in there instead of Fissure. Since it was in Traditional, here is my side deck.


Magical Scientist……and I had no fusion monsters =X

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Cyber Jar


Dark Hole

Delinquent Duo

Monster Reborn

Change of Heart


Harpies Feather Duster

Pot of Greed

Ring of Destruction

Time Seal

Magic Cylinder…..the shininess caused me to think it was banned.

Imperial Order

Royal Surrender…….I needed 15 more cards


Let the tourney begin. I’m in the 15-up group btw.


First Match: Me some fat kid with a mental problem, I think.

His deck: Kaiba+Yugi+Jaden+Kaiba Starter Deck

Cards he played: Ancient Telescope, Man-Eater Bug, Sparkman, Spark Blaster, Blue-Eyes, Harpie Lady, crapz0rz.


Round One: TOOOOOOOOOOOO easy. This guy played Sparkman and Spark Blaster on the first turn. I was like, cool he’s got an E-Hero deck. But when I saw BEUD, Black Skull Dragon and Gaia the Dragon Champion his fusion deck (which he had face up) I was like ok cool. I fissured it and set a Spy. Then he plays Mysterious Puppeteer in face-up defense mode. I shook my head in disappointment, and then told him the rule. The I MSLV.2’ed his face down and hit him with 2 spies. Then he set Man-Eater Bug. So I Tsuku’ed my Spy to bring out a Guard. I hit him for game, without even drawing a Tribute monster.


Round Two: We drew, he said, “WOW!!! THIS IS MY LUCKYEST HAND EVER, IT ROCKS!” His dad came over to shut him up. He drew his next card and said “SWEET!” Then he set it along with two other cards and a face-down monster. On my turn I MST’ed his set card that he said “sweet” on (it was a friggin…MST). Then I Soul exchanged his face-down for Thestalos, and then I hit a BEWD in his hand. He set a monster and then I Heavy Stormed him, and then I summoned Treeborn Frog and hit him for 2500. He drew set a monster, so next turn I sacked my sexy-ass Froggie for Blowback Dragon. I triggered his effect but to no success. I killed his face-down then attacked for 2400. He set two cards face down, and then I revived my frog and sacked it for Frosty. His two face downs were Monster Reborn and Flute of Summoning Dragon. I hit him for 2400 leaving him with exactly 0.


Second Match: Some kid that graduated from my school a long time ago and who wouldn’t trade me his PoA.

His deck: Kill or get killed. Basically one of those decks you start off playing with.

Cards he played: Pot of Avarice (I want it), Penguin Soldier, Mobius, Dark Elf, Blade Knight, Mirage Dragon, A Legendary Ocean, Magic Cylinder, Scapegoat, Harpie’s Feather Duster, Creature Swap, Ameba, Gamma the Magnet Warrior.


Round One: He….beat me. He was pretty good though. I drew a pretty bad hand to begin. He overcame me with his cards. He kNoCked out my GK spies. He had a 5000 point lead for a long time. In the end he finished me with a Mobius.


Round Two: I sided in Monster Reborn. I happened to pop out 2 Mobii and a Thestalos. Tsukuyomi proved to be a great addition! (Thanks TK and ordyh!). My monarchs took control of the duel. It was a nice but hard win.


Round Three: Too easy. He got a horrible hand, I got a great one. It was easy.



Final Round: A guy named Josh.

Deck type: Spellcaster

Cards he used: Magician of Faith, Trap Dustshoot, Talisman of Spell Sealing, Chaos Command Magician, Chaos Emperor Dragon, Exodia.


Round One: Fairly easy. I couldn’t believe this guy beat my friend Greg though. (He won from Exodia first round and CED next round). I sided in all my banned cards because I saw that he had some too. I started off with Forceful Sentry, and set a Treeborn Frog. He set 4 s/t and ended. I drew Thestalos and summoned him, nuking the last card in his hand. He responded by Trap Dustshooting my Blowback Dragon. I hit him for 2400 and ended. Then he set MoF (with no spells in the GY) and ended. I drew my Blowback Dragon (what a miracle ^^, not really, I practice shuffling.) Then I revived my Frog and sacked him for my Dragon. I knocked him out easy.


Round Two: Easy tournament win. My Mobius, MoF, and NoC made me win it. I breezed through.



I won the tourney and got a pack of SoI and Chazz. I pulled a Karma Cut from the SoI pack and from the Chazz pack I got an Armed Dragon Lv.5, XYZ Dragon, Hell Polymer, Hell Blast, and some other lame card. I traded the Hell Polymer and the other commons for a Saku! Yay. After that, I ate some more pizza with my brother, and made some GREAT trades. I traded:


Ancient Gear Golem for Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys

DCR DDWL, Tinzo, and DCR Shinato for a Mirror Force, Saku, and Newdoria.


Yea, it was cool.


Pros: Getting another Mirror Force, a Phoenix, and 2 Sakus.

Got some great pizza

I got to get out of the house and DUEL!


Cons: Mirror force is bent.

I found out Phoenix is an EEN promo and I could have gotten it myself

LAME pulls from the Packs

LAME prize

LAME duelists.


Next time, I’m snatchin’ their Browws and Sillvas!




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