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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: kuta beach [mailto:uluwatu@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 5:40 PM

Subject: Chaos_Control_Richard_Hahn_OGC_Ashgrove_Bisbane_Australia

Chaos Control
Online Games Centre Weekly Tournament,Ashgrove, Australia
Advanced-Five Rounds
1st – 6 Boosters – Tp6 Pack
2nd – 4 Boosters- Tp6 Pack
3rd – 3 Boosters
4th – 14th – 1 Booster

[Monsters] [15]

02. Sangan
03. Tsukuyomi
04. Spirit reaper
05. Asura Priest
06. Blade knight
07. Morphing Jar
08. D.D. Assailant
09. D.D. Assailant
10. Sinister Serpent
11. Magician of Faith
12. Magician of Faith
13. D.D. Warrior Lady
14. Air knight Pars hath
15. Tribe - Infecting Virus
16. Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer
17. Breaker The Magical Warrior
18. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning

[Spells] [16]

19. Scapegoat
20. Scapegoat
21. Scapegoat
22. Snatch Steal
23. Heavy Storm
24. Book of Moon
25. Pot Of Greed
26. Metamorphosis
27. Metamorphosis
28. Delinquent Duo
29. Graceful Charity
30. Lightning Vortex
31. Enemy Controller
32. Premature Burial
33. Nobleman Of Crossout
34. Nobleman Of Crossout
35. Mystical Space Typhoon
36. Swords Of Revealing Light

[Traps] [7]

37. Mirror Force
38. Torrential Tribute
39. Sakuretsu Armour
40. Ring Of Destruction
41. Call Of The Haunted
42. Bottomless trap hole

[Side deck] [15]

01. Waboku
02. Ceasefire
03. Divine wrath
04. Kinetic Soldier
05. Kinetic Soldier
06. Magic cylinder
07. King tiger wanghu
08. Chain disappearance
09. Chain disappearance
10. Chain disappearance
11. Bottomless Trap hole
12. Mobius the frost Monarch
13. Mobius The frost Monarch
14. Reinforcement of the army
15. Kycoo the ghost destroyer

[Fusion Deck] [14]
01. Ryu Senshi
02. Ryu Senshi
03. Ryu Senshi
04. Flower wolf
05. King Dragun
06. Fiend Skull Dragon
07. Fiend Skull Dragon
08. Fiend Skull Dragon
08. Dark Balter The Terrible
10. Dark Balter The Terrible
11. Dark Balter The Terrible
12. Thousand-eyes Restrict
13. Thousand-eyes Restrict
14. Thousand-eyes Restrict
15. Dark Blade The Dragon Knight

Deck [42]

Hi. Its Richard here and here’s my tournament report.

Got up around 8.30 and the tournament started at 10.30. So I had a shower, ate breakfast and my dad drove me there. I got the about 10.05 and signed up. They had the new tins in but I didn’t buy one because they were $48.95. Also The tournament organisers said they’d give out double prizes on the holidays which means they give out double prizes, Which Was awesome.!. So here’s what happened.

Round One- Me vs. Shane Parry ( Weird chaos with dark rulers and some other cool stuff)
He had to lend Lance and some other people decks because they forgot them.

Game 1
I got an Early hit with d.d. Assailant. Then a Delinquent duoed him. Then he hit my Tribe with an airknight. Then I got my Airknight out and got a hit in with it and he got rid of it somehow. A couple of turns later I cleared his field and finished him off with d.d. Warrior lady and kycoo.


Game 2
He Delinquent duo’ed me. I had like no monsters. He got out Jinzo and all I had was traps. I stalled a bit with scapegoats but he killed me with Jinzo in the end.


Game 3
He got an early hit with Don zaloog and I had like no monster again. He then got out his Dark Ruler Ha des and negated my Sinister Serpent, d.d. Warrior lady. I attempted to snatch steal it but he Dust tornadoed my snatch. I lost this one



Round 2- Me vs. Ringo Katabumi ( Random deck)
This guy was like 10 and was a n00b. We all have to start somewhere.

Game 1
I got an early hit with Kycoo. Then he played Wall of revealing Light and paid 30000 Lp and I’m like wft. Anyway he stalled with wall but finally I got out Jinzo and airknight and kept attacking until penguin soldier returned them back to my hand. But I just summoned the jinzo again and it’s happy days.


Game 2
Don’t really remember much about this match but I know I got another early hit with kycoo (again) . I then got Airknight attacked with it. Then morphed it into Dark Balter. Next turn I attacked with dark balter and some other stuff and won.



Round 3 Me vs. Lance Towns (Ritual Light deck)
This guy was really good but he left his other deck at home and he borrowed Shayne's other deck. Also he was like so hangover from a big night.

Game 1
He swarmed me with shining angels and manju’s and killed me with them.


Game 2
I got an early hit with d.d. Assailant and Tribe. Then swarmed him with other monsters and won it.


Game 3
I got another early hit with Kycoo (again). A couple of turns later I got out Thousand-eyes restrict and stalled for a bit. Then I creature swapped my scapegoat token for his Blue eyes white dragon, Tributed Thousand-eyes restrict for Jinzo but luckily for him he had swords of revealing light. But after swords was gone I just killed him.

-Lance-8000 -6200-3200-0


Round 4 Me vs. Reece Lancaster-Kelly (weird deck with Kaiser glider and some other cool stuff)
He’s another really good player.

Game 1
I don’t remember much about this match but I killed him with a Kycoo.


Game 2
He hit me with Tribe a couple times. Then he killed me with sangan. I had like no monsters.


Game 3
This game was pretty quick. There was only like a couple of minutes to time so we played them but nothing really happened. This is the last couple turns. He summoned kycoo and hit me with it and he played swords of revealing light. I summoned my kycoo and ended. He played enemy controller on his kycoo to gain control of my kycoo and he attacked with it. My turn I played heavy storm but whatever I summed wouldn’t be enough to finish him off. So I summoned d.d. Assailant and attack with both but it only added up to 3500 just 100 off from drawing. Damnit. Reece was cool about it and he said he doesn’t like to win like that, which was cool.

-Me-8000-6200-4400 (Lost to Time)

Round 5 Me vs. Matt Seville

Game 1
This game was crazy. By turn 4 we were both top decking. He hit me with his Asura priest. He had no hand and I had no hand but I had a kycoo and he got rid of it. Then I hit him with d.d. Assailant. Then I hit him with tribe 3 times for the win


Game 2
I don’t remember much about this one but he got an early hit with kycoo. After a lot of hits to my life points he wins.


Game 3
Ok first turn I set a monster and 2 f/d M & T. He heavy storms then he plays nobleman of crossout, then he pot of greeds, then he graceful chirties, then he delinquent duo’s me. God I just got Trinitied. Trust me when on turn 2 you have 2 cards in your hand and no field you lose badly. I got owned.


So that’s the end. Here’s the Standings. I’ll Try to Name the decks People used.

1st Joel Forbes ( Chaos Control )
2nd Shayne Parry ( Standard Chaos )
3rd Reece Lancaster-Kelly ( Chaos Light deck )
4th Nat Stacey ( Ben Kei)
5th Aaron Assigal ( Machines)
6th Matt Seville ( Standard Chaos
7th Gundy Hahn ( Beast - Down)
8th Richard Hahn ( me ) ( Chaos Control)
9th Jai Brinnand ( Armed Dragon)
10th Naomi Reinke ( Stall Deck-out )
11th Lance Towns ( Ritual Light )
12th Harry Cowlishaw ( Zombie )
13th Ringo Katabami ( Random Deck)
14th Ty Anderson ( Random Deck)

After the Tournament I traded Aaron my Solemn Judgement (DB2), Brain control x2, Dark ruler ha des (MC1) for hist Gatling Dragon (ULT) Last warrior from another planet (SR) and reaper on the nightmare (SR)

Getting A Bubble Shuffle ULT in my prize pack.
Lots of People being there
Getting Gatling dragon, Last Warrior From Another Planet and Reaper on the Nightmare.

Losing by 100 LP in round 4
Getting Trinitied in round 5
Nothing else Really it was a great day!

My UDE Number is 300-427-732, So go to ude.com and check my Ranking.

So feel free give me an email at Richard_4122@hotmail.com or uluwatu@bigpond.net.au

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