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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Los Angeles Prerelease & Regionals
Lance Leonhardt a.k.a. Satisfaction
November 5 & 6, 2005

The first week of November had great things to come. The Prerelease and Regionals was a complete success by UDE and SCGE. I am sure everyone else had a great time. My first article will be talking about the events, the players, and the astonishing metagame. 

Prerelease-November 5, 2005 

Getting to the Prerelease was not a problem by driving, but actually getting there gave some confusing times. As my family had a vending space at the Prerelease as team Enigma, we had an over sized van. We had to park in a specific spot, which was not the greatest place. We had a lot to carry over to the Convention Center, with only my father, mother, and sister, it was hard. We had to go through a street, go up stairs, and than go up the dumbest elevator I’ve ever been in. After taking forever to find the Prerelease spot we saw everyone outside the room.  

After setting up everything we saw the doors fly open and the long exciting day of Elemental Energy just started. People rushed over to the stage, to the all the vendors, and to the tables. I said a quick hello to a lot of my friends, my fellow teammates, and to the Wu family of course. I decided to participate in one of the flights, so I got up and got my 11:00 flight slip. Things went smooth and the 11:00 flight actually started on time.  

When I got my packs I was sitting next to a friend named Al, this is important, so remember this. I pulled God packs; I had a great sense that I was going to get my 10 packs for going 4-0. So I pulled 3 Silva, 1 Pot of Advantage, 1 Blast, and 3 1850 attackers which wasn’t the best. I knew I didn’t get so lucky with the 1850s. So Chris Wong comes by the table and says if someone can beat me they get 3 packs. I didn’t believe him but he was telling the truth. First round was close, I lost the first one, and came back two straight. I won when I was at 150 life points, thanks for Dark World Lightning and Silva. Second round I played a guy and 2-0 him in 3 min., sure he got mad but you wouldn’t believe what he did. He asked for a deck check, I’m some what understand by pulling 3 Silva in 5 packs. After my deck was checked and everything was fine I had to get people that saw nothing happen to my deck. Everyone around me said I didn’t do anything and especially my friend Al. I was disgusted with this guy but I didn’t let this ruin my day. Third round was good games, winning 2-1 and a change of a nice guy. So I was 3-0 with one more win to get 10 packs and a lot of profit, so was my friend Al. Last round I lose the first one and win the next two by getting Silva out. I felt good, I got great cards out of the packs I won and started with. After I won my flight, my other teammate Sergio won his 11:30 flight. 

Food was extremely hard to find, one I’m not good at finding things, and two it was impossible to find for everyone that was looking for it. If you say something is overpriced, don’t say the Prerelease or Regionals, say the food. Other than food, venders did well I would say, getting a lot of company. Like always, Chris Wong and the other judges make these events extremely fun. He gives dares and challenges to win prizes during the Prerelease and after it.  

Also, Chris was going to cut a T-shirt, so I took it, and he took my cards I drafted. After he threw them off the side of the center of the Convention Center, everyone went down stairs and started taking them. I had some teammates and Patrick Wu come with me to get the cards back. After chasing one of the guys that had them all, I ran into a post. Patrick was laughing and so was I, he is probably laughing right now. We finally found him and gave them back. I got my self a free T-shirt and a work out. All of this sounds unprofessional but this was fun and this was simply a game if anyone else thought otherwise. If we didn’t have Chris Wong our Prereleases and Regionals would be simply boring.  

The cards from Elemental Energy are extremely strong, they provide card advantage if used right. Cards such as Silva and Goldd may be the next big tribute. Dark World Lightning may be the next greatest versatile magic card in the game, especially combined with effects of Dark World monsters.  

As players test out their decks and bring out their ideas, Sunday was one heck of a ride. 

Regionals-November 6, 2005 

As people were lined up next to their friends and team, everyone was ready to make this a great and competitive regionals. As I lined up with my family and friends the line went extremely fast, things were getting done fast. When I got inside I started filling my deck list with my friends and team. I helped my teammates finish and complete a good deck. I had some practice against Patrick Wu and than the judge announced the seatings was up. After I was seated I noticed some of my team members were having an argument outside. They got a round loss for being late. Really they started it too early, but I don’t blame them for this, my teammates should have been there early. So after the seating, Los Angeles Regionals started. 

Round 1

I played a little kid; I wish I knew his name. He had a great heart and loved Yu-gi-oh!, after I beat him he gave me a common and told me I was a great duelist. I felt bad but I had to go on to get to Top 8.

Satisfaction: 1-0 

Round 2

I played Alex Dye, later he topped 8. The games weren’t the best but it was good competition. The first game, I abuse D.D. Survivor’s effect against two D.D. Assailants and one D.D. Warrior Lady. This game was obviously won by card advantage. The second game, it wasn’t the greatest after he topped deck Mobius the Frost Monarch. He knocked out Dust Tornado and Sakuretsu, extremely useful traps I needed. I loss after that Mobius had gained the card advantage for the win. The third game was the fastest, he always had the life point advantage over me, and we had a top decking going on. He had two face down magic and trap cards face down and a face up D.D. Survivor. I had a Mobius in my hand; I topped Snatch Steal, attempted to Snatch and he Dust Tornados. If everything worked out that turn, the game would have been deeply in my favor. But he won that won far and square. Alex Dye deserves Top 8, top deck or no top deck. 

Satisfaction: 1-1 

Round 3

Every Regionals I have to play at least one of my teammates, this time it was Bobby. I got a few Spirit Reapers in both duels and got a Magician of Faith and Tsuku lock both duels too. I won both duels, I feel bad when I have to play my teammates. But I still haven’t qualified so I go on.

Satisfaction: 2-1 

Round 4

I believe I played Michael Cawit this round. One of my good friends, after he beat me 2-1 he scooped because he already qualified. That is the second time a good friend from Comic Odyssey scooped to me so I could possibly get Top 8.

Satisfaction: 3-1 

Round 5

I played a man that I was surprised made it this far; he made many mistakes and tried to play conservative. My card advantage overwhelmed both duels especially when I top deck Heavy Storm the third duel. 2-1 here, I made a minor mistake in the second duel, which actually cost me the duel.

Satisfaction: 4-1 

Round 6

I played a kid that goes to my store, his name is Sean Pudwill. He has some work to do, but he is not a bad player. 2-1 here, nothing special.

Satisfaction 5-1 

Round 7

I played Nick Hosseini, an extremely good player. I won the first one just evening out card advantage and decreasing his life points. I believe I won the second one also, very surprising though. We both were top decking and he had a Sangan, a facedown magic or trap, so I take a chance. I actually played Smashing Ground on his Sangan and attacked directly with Spirit Reaper, it was Scapegoats. I became aggressive which was my only way of winning that duel. So I attack his Don Zaloog with Kinetic Soldier and Spirit Reaper. Soon he gets the field with only my Spirit Reaper on the field and a face down Book of Moon. He plays Reinforcement of the Army to get his only Mystic Swordsman LV2. He attacks and I play Book of Moon on his attack to LV2. He was at 350 and I was at 1000, I top deck a monster and attack for game. 2-0 I think, if not than 2-1.

Satisfaction: 6-1 

Round 8

This round I felt bad, but I shouldn’t. I played Mark So from team Naruto that is very conservative. I won the first one because he played too conservative and didn’t have the right traps against my Spirit Reapers and Don Zaloog. The next two my deck did horrible, I couldn’t draw anything, but I made a mistake the third duel that could have won it. I should have summoned my Spirit Reaper and attacked with it directly when my Kinetic Soldier takes out Don Zaloog. It would have given me a better chance of winning the match and of Top 8. 2-1, Mark So is a great player, but I expected more from him. He made some mistakes that could have saved him for a while or finish me faster.

Satisfaction: 6-2 

Round 9

I played the judge Dustin. I figured I had great tiebreakers and maybe had a chance of Top 8. I had all monsters the first duel and went first; I just said go with out doing anything. Of course he summons Don Zaloog and attacks taking a monster from my hand. But next turn I hit him hard with Cyber Dragon and Spirit Reaper. The next duel I got the right cards at the right time, especially Mobius, getting a two advantage during his top deck session.

Satisfaction: 7-2 

As I found out the people I lost to both lost which decreased my tiebreaker. But Alex Dye made Top 8 still with 7-2 and Mark So made 10th place. I made 14th place, not my best but still well. If only they both won, if only, but in Regionals there are a lot of if only.  

Most people were running Warrior and Cyber Toolbox, consisting of Dons, Survivors, Assailants, and even LV2. Some people tried Clown Control but failed in the end. Solemn Judgments was not enough to keep onslaughts of monsters get through the life points, (Patrick Wu). Soul Control tried once again but under Dwayne Nunez this time, but did not Top 8. Mobius was a must to gain card advantage and to brake through defenses. Wave-Motion Cannon made previews in top decks to get a second option of winning.  

My Deck is a Rush Control 40 card:

Monsters 18:

1x Mobius The Frost Monarch
2x Cyber Dragon
1x Magician of Faith
1x Breaker The Magical Warrior
1x Sangan
1x Mystic Swordsman LV2
1x D.D. Warrior Lady
1x Legendary Jujitsu Master
1x Don Zaloog
1x D.D. Assailant
3x Spirit Reaper
1x D.D. Survivor
1x Tsukuyomi
2x Mystic Tomato

Spells 12:

1x Heavy Storm
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Book of Moon
2x Smashing Ground
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Snatch Steal
1x Nobleman of Crossout
1x Premature Burial
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Dark Hole
1x Scapegoat

Traps 10:

3x Dust Tornado
3x Sakuretsu Armor
2x Widespread Ruin
1x Torrrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted

Regionals and the Prerelease was never the same with out Chris Wong and the great judges. Not much was stolen at Regionals, so it was not like the reincarnation of Pomona Regionals, but a deck did get stolen from an undefeated judge. The decks get better and better, what will come to us at San Diego or even Gen Con So Cal. If you are planning on going to San Diego if you see me say hi and let me know your creative ideas to get into Top 8. Until next time, get out there and get creative.  

Any names that are spelled wrong please excuse that.

Satisfaction or Lance Leonhardt can be contacted through email by: knightstour@earthlink.net


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