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From: Stacey Leuci [mailto:esml2@optonline.net]
Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2005 5:04 PM

Subject: Tourny Report- Mike Magas Owns With New Creative Deck!

Subject: You don't see this everyday-Mike Magas, Out of this World, SmithTown, NY!

You don't see this everyday!
Mike magas
Out of this World

Finally a nice 30 people came to get owned- i mean duel :)

I arrived at the store around 12:00, and spoted the new fire and water decks. I looked at the clock and saw that i had about 45 minutes until the tourny started. I wanted to show the chaos h8ers that Mike Magas can make great decks besides chaos as well. I purchased the fire deck with my 1st place spoils from last week and pulled out my binders. In about 30 minutes i had made a fire deck that was pretty easy to make, and kicked butt, common card style!

Heres my deck which i made in 30 minutes:

43 cards in total ( I recemend about 40-44 in decks)

Monsters-18 in all ( Recemend about 15-20 in decks)

Lave golem ( i know, i know, its a bad card.. what ever ;p
Horus lvl 8
Horus lvl 6

Blast Magician ( destorys pests who are stuck in defense)
Cannon Soldiers x2 ( Final damage and scape goat combo)
Ultimate BaseBall Kid x3 ( gets 1000 for fire monster and 500 for tributeing them, shweet dude >.<)
Raging Flame sprite x2 (who doesnt like a card that can jump over defenses or attackers and deliver more and more atk by the turn!?!?!?)
Invasion of Flames x2 (i summon it, instant jinzo. Huh, oh yea, it doesnt negate current traps, so gravity bind doesnt get negated..shweet once more >.<)
The Thing in the Crater x2 ( it looks like my sister, and can get nice monsters out from my hand =D )
UFO Turtles x2 ( my p Turtles brother in a fire form, also gets nice monster out, but from my deck =D )

Magics or Spells-16 ( Recemend about 15-20)

Smashing Ground ( I learned my lesson when i played my hammer shot and it destroyed my Envoy!)
Wave-Motion Cannon ( How can you not love the face of your opponent when you use this??)
Magic Reflector X2 ( Put this on important magic or spells, Wave motion for example, and your opponent has to basicly destroy the same card twice!)
Level Limit-Area B X2 ( All lvl 4s and higher go to defense, but my monsters all mostly lvl 3 attack directly monsters or defense crawlers..yeay! >.<)
Pot of Greed ( staple- card that should be used in any deck)
Snatch Steal ( read above)
Mst (Read above)
Lightning Vortex ( Make your opp. very angry that he has to build up his army all over again (: )
Graceful Charity (*cough* staple)
Swords of R light (staple)
Premature Burial (staple)
Heavy storm (staple)
Nobleman (for domination)
Mask of the accursed ( for pleasure of widdling your opp.'s lp into nothingness..ness..)
ScapeGoat (never happened yet, but to insure my Lp are never touched P: )

Traps- 8 (just dont go trap happy >.<)

Gravity Bind x2 ( cant attack me, nanny-nanny-po0-po0!)
Ring (blowing up is fun >.<)
Raigeki Break ( destorys anything at the cost of me giving up 1 card in my hand, o yea! )
Call ( i bring back my-)
Magic cylinder ( even though you'll never atk me anyway, its shiny! o.0)
Mirror Force ( same...shiny o.0!)
Torrential Tribute ( i can swin, can you?)

Yeay your done reading my deck and explanations! Not that i need to explain myself **looks around in fear**....

Ok heres how this deck works.. I have many lvl 3s in this deck, mainly because they slip through gravity bind and lvl limit. Also i have horus in here because he's unaffected by lvl limit :). I love getting my common lvl 3 monster to kill an opp. in only 5 turns! 100, then 1100, then 2100, then 3100, then dead. I can kill my opp. faster depending on what else i have on the field..For instance- Wave motion, sprite, cannon soilder, lava on his field with mask of accursed and gravity on the field= 7200 life points in 2 turns! I love me :). Even if my plans to stall dont work, i have cards to protec myself, such as traps (shiny o.0) and magics(spells).

After no time at all the round began. Of course i had a bie..In my spare time i got in a free duel against my best friend and beat him in 4 turns, final Lp were 8000-3000 and i blew up my wave motion. Round 2 was ganna start! :)

Round 2: YDSTE vs. chaos

I was extremly worried about the fact that this chaos deck was well made...And that his dad, the store owner, doesnt let you trade up in front when you beat his son. I wanted to let him get in good blows so i wouldnt lose..But once again, he kept calling my fatty -.-.

Match 1: My hand was very good and i laided the following, Gravity face down,UFO face down, and mask of the accured face down. I ended. He summon a dd warrior, attacked my turtle, and let me search!! I picked out raging. He ended with a face down M/T. I fliped up accursed and gravity, summoned raging, and attacked for 100.
He laughed as he heard he would lose 500 during my standby phase, set another card and ended. I drew another ragging!!, summoned it, and attacked with both. He took it, not knowing flame got a higher attack until i told him afterwards. He lost 1800 in total so far. He played ring on my flame, during his turn??, lost another 1100, and ended. Hes ganna lose now :). He lost another 500, i played my reflector that i drew on gravity, summoned my cannon soldier just for fun, and attacked for 1100. I blew my cannon up during MP2. He was down 5000 Lp. He finaly go a monster, but it was jinzo, and attacked for 2100 and blew my monsters up with my second cannon. Yeay!
Match 2: My hand was terrible, but the only damage i took was from my ring and his.

Round 3: YDSTE vs. Zombies

I was worried about this zombie deck. I must get my walls up before his monsters overpower me. He was good as well..Very good.

Match 1: My hand was great and i laid the following, Mirror, UBBK, and Level limit face up. I ended and he drew. 2 face downs M/T and he ended. I fliped out Kid and played Invasion of Flames. He must have had traps because he let me attack for 2800! He drew, set 1 m/t and played a facedown monster. I drew and played the noble i had from before. It was a cyborjar. I summoned the other invasion i drew and attacked, he booked my Kid, but still took 2300 damage. He drew and set another monster. I drew a raging, played it, and attacked. he took 100 at first, and my 4000 attacking Kid that i flipped back up attacked his turtle, and he got a ryu kokki. I ended my turn and he drew one last time. he set another card and ended. I drew a lvl golem, played it, hit a homerun into its face and attacked with my pyros! Game set and match.
Match 2: 3 vampire came out before i could set up my walls..
Match 3: I got my walls up early, but no monster really, and ended up lava goleming him..Weird yet i won.

Round 4: YDSTE vs. Strike Ninja again!

Just like lat week..I versed Will, then Eric. Hopefully this deck i made in 30 minutes could run over the deck he made in 30 days!

Match 1: It seems i always get great opening hands when i first start rounds. I played the following, Level limit face up, UBBK face up, and a ring face down. i ended and he played strike and ended. I expected better from a kid who owns me all the time. I ringed his strike, summoned another kid, and attacked for 5000-with ring 6700. His mouth droped and he played 4 facedowns, 1 a monster. I drew heavy and played it..Hopefully this would pay off. It did...all his cards were waiting for attacks. i was worried and summoned yet another Kid. Attacked with my mighty pyro and it was.... SPIRT REAPER!!!!!! He was laughing, as were I, until i remember his second effect..... *****send a FIRE monster other then this card to the graveyard to inflict 500 points of damage to your opponents Life Points*****. I showed him the card and he surrendered..afterwards i told him that would have only been 1000, lol!
Match 2: He summoned strike with 2 cards face down. My turn, i drew, played invasion, he countered with ring. i played lever limit, he countered with mst. I set gravity and ended.he summoned another strike and i played gravity, unfortunitly he must has subed in a rageki break, and attacked for 3400. i drew a torrential and hoped for a summon. He did summon, only it was a jinzo and i got completly owned. Now that was metagamed!
Match 3: i drew the perfect lava golem hand and offered to let him surrender. He laughed and i played level limit and met a ring and mask I summoned raging and ended. He summoned and set 2 down. he ended. I drew and ended. He summoned a dd scout plane and ended. I tributed his 2 monsters for golem, played mask or the accursed on it, and summon lnvasion succesfully. I attacked with raging for 100 . He lost 1500 and ended his turn. I ringed lava golem, and we both lost 3000. I attacked with both my monsters for an extra 3400. Hey what do you know 8000 on the dot! :) We shook hands and got our prizes.

I pulled a lava golem secret, just my luck!
He pulled a Demension Fusion, lucky dog!
Will who came in 3rd with his zombie deck pulled a vampire lord!
A new comer pulled his very first pheonix! How happy he must have been!

I wish this was true about what we pulled, but it was more like this:

I pulled rares and nothing special.
Eric pulled same as me
Will pulled a Turtle that he some what needed.
4TH place didnt get squat!

- I won with a deck i made in 30 minutes
-Eric's next card was heavy in the duel he had 200 and surrendered because he thought it was game..haha!
- i got good trades in
- I had enough time to take notes
-i'm done typing this long passage.

- i pulled didily
- i didnt play with my,"chaos is now a zombie" deck
- i couldnt trade up front

More pros then cons! :)
If you would like to email cexy me on aim, my screen name is, "true playa2o05". Im a 17 years old and usually plays runescape. If you play my username is "leucian". If
you just wanna chat feel free.Online dueling by request, deck helping, Rs2 chatting, letting me know whats happening on the show, my deck feedback, your deck feedback, and having nothing else to do so your talking to me, are all availible. Remembers these 3 things though:

1. POJO is the king of games-no YUGI!!!!!!!
2. POJO is the best site online for YUGIOH! and many other games as well!
3. I can make a deck in less then 30 minutes be a tourny winner!!( just gimme your deck list, price you can spend on your deck, and what most people run at your tourny!!)

Happy Gaming ya'll P.S i dont want you to IM me just to tell me how to fix my deck(s).


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