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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: GREGORY SCERE [mailto:sce211@msn.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2005 12:47 PM

Subject: InSaNe DeCkOuT OtK White Wolf Dave&Adams Card World Tonawanda NY

Hey all! It's been a while since I've typed up one of these. Over the past few weeks, I've been working on quitting Yugioh. So far, I've grossed about $100.00 in sales, and today made things even better. I sold my Royal Decree to my friend Eric for 65.00 and two Magical Thorns, which those thorns would keep me in the tournament.

Today I was running an OtK. It's a deckout deck:
x1 Cyber Jar
x1 Morphing Jar
x3 Thunder Dragon
x1 Sangan

x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Graceful Charity
x2 Upstart Goblin
x1 Card Destruction
x3 Reload
x3 The Shallow Grave
x2 Serial Spell
x3 Spell Reproduction
x3 Book of Taiyou
x3 Book of Moon
x2 Level Limit - Area B
x2 Messenger of Peace
x1 Premature Burial
x1 Swords of Revealing Light
x2 Dragged Down Into The Grave
x1 Card of Safe Return
x1 Monster Reincarnation
x2 A Feather of the Phoenix

This deck works basically by decking out the opponent turn 1. I used a previous version in the old ADV Format, but this new format allowed an extra Upstart Goblin. The deck flows extremely well, and afterwards I added x2 Rock Bombardments to allow easy access to the Jars. I'm not going to get into the pregame shows, so here's the tournament:

Round 1: InSaNe DeCkOuT vs. Joe (90 card deck little kid)
Game 1 - Ok, I knew I wasn't going to deck him out here because I saw his deck (he didn't even know how many cards were in it, but I guessed about 90+). I just scooped the first game and sided in Magical Thorns.
Game 2 - After siding in the thorns, I won game 2 by flipping Morphing Jar multiple times with Magical Thorn.
Game 3 - My opening hand was perfect; Morphing Jar, Book of Moon, Book of Taiyou, Magical Thorn, and Pot of Greed. I drew into a second Thorn. I set both Thorns, next turn, flipped Morphing Jar 3 times for the win (1000 PER CARD!!!)

Round 2: InSaNe DeCkOuT vs. Steve (41 card deck, somewhat knew what he was doing)
Game 1 - Things went pretty bad. Opening hand had COSR, Feather, SORL, and x2 Spell Reproduction. I just scooped.
Game 2 - Went amazing, I got Cyber Jar off about 5 times, then went in for the kill with Card Destruction/Serial Spell.
Game 3 - The same as before, just got Cyber Jar going, and took the win 2-1.

Round 3: InSaNe DeCkOuT vs. Eric Schrembs (??? card deck, CCWC)
Game 1 - He had alot of confidence that he could take my deck down, but I was still wondering with what. I know of the only card in my eyes that could beat this deck, and only one person at the tournament knew about it... Anyways, I decked him out game 1.
Game 2 - I got off Cyber Jar, but then got garbage with it. Nothing to work with, I lost this one.
Game 3 - Got everything I needed. Scored an easy victory with a deckout.

Round 4: InSaNe DeCkOuT vs. Justin Maggio (??? card deck, Pheonix BLS)
Game 1 - I knew Justin for a while. He goes to the shop every week so I have a nice idea of what he's using today. He begins by saying that his sideboard is going to win it for him. I said, "have fun with that," went first, brought out Cyber Jar, fliped it, and basically ripped his deck apart.
Game 2 - He sides in. I set Morphing Jar and he activates Compulsory Evac Device on it. That did delay me a turn, but it was ok because afterwards, he had nothing to stop me from decking him out with Cyber Jar.

Round 5: InSaNe DeCkOuT vs. Eric Herdzik (40 card deck, Speed Pheonix)
Game 1 - I knew I wasn't going to win this match at all, so for some fun, I took a look at his entire deck by using Morphing Jar 6 times. And what a sweet loss that was...
Game 2 - He sides out 3 cards for 3 cards. I knew exactly what they were too, so to counter, I hoped in killing him with my Morphing Jar/Thorns win condition. Sadly, I got the morphing jar, right before BLS finished me off!

So I went 4-1, got 6th and began the Top 8:
Top 8 Round: InSaNe DeCkOuT vs. Eric Schrembs
Who knew Eric would get third!? Anyway, game 1 went to me. I went first, got a g0dly hand, and he basically scooped.
Game 2 - He wins because of awful draws.
Game 3 - I win because of yet another g0dly hand.

Top 4 Round: InSaNe DeCkOuT vs. Alex Poulos (40 card deck, CCWC)
Game 1 - He wins this one. No jars whatsoever.
He sides for game 2 which becomes the weirdest game of the day for me!
Game 2 - Alex begins to pummel me and I frivolously draw out my deck in hoping for a jar. I DO draw my stall cards, which holds him at bay and drops me to 700 LP and he at 10,000 LP. His field is Exiled Force, Sangan, TIV, Mobius the Frost Monarch, and Magician of Faith. It's my last draw, 1 card in my hand, and I draw POT OF GREED! What do I draw with that?! CYBER JAR AND BOOK OF TAIYOU!!! He has nothing to counter it, it goes off, I play Card Destruction, chained Serial Spell and win!
Game 3 - I basically scoop because I draw garbage throughout the entire game and I had to go. Nice game Alex!

So I finish 4th and pull a Rock Bombardment from my packs.

-For selling my Royal Decree. I feel $110.00 richer...

If anyone wants to reach me, get me on msn: Sce211@msn.com

 See ya!

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