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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Dennis Liu [mailto:dennis0222@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 3:20 PM

Subject: Fire_Degree_burn_Junky_Spot_DalyCity CA

Battle of the Bay

Deck Name: first degree burn

Deck Type: Burn/Stall

Player’s Name: Dennis

Store Name: Junky Spot @ Serra Bowl

City and State: Daly City, CA

Date: 06/26/05

Format: Advance

Attention: 100+

Cost: 15$

Swiss rounds

Prize: 1st 3 boxes

2nd 1 box

Everyone else 1 tp-5, tp-6, random pack, and 1 structure deck

(Pretty good deal for 15$)

OK, this is the first time I post a tourney report, so please bare with me. On the day of the tourney, me and my whole team meet up at the Bart station to take the Bart there, after we got there, we all pull out the stuff we was still missing. We all registered, and sat around trying to fix up our side decks and see what we were up against. They were running 2 tournaments today, 1 single elimination and 1 Swiss. We all signed up for the Swiss so we had time to trade, fix, and etc. The Swiss tourney finally started at 4 pm,

Note: (we been to there at 10am)

Deck- 40
Monster (13)

2x Lava Golem
2x MOG
2x Solar Flared Dragon
3x Stealth Bird
1x Sangan
1x Tribe-infecting Virus
1x Sinister Serpent
1x Spirit Reaper

Magic (17)
1x Messenger of Peace
1x Swords of Reveling Light
1x Delinquent Duo
2x Scapegoat
2x Metamorphosis
3x Wave-Motion Cannon
1x POG
1x Snatch Steal
1x Heavy Storm
2x Level Limit - Area B
1x Graceful Charity
1x MST

Trap (10)
2x Nightmare Wheel
1x Torrential Tribute
2x G-bind
2x Solemn Judgment
1x Ceasefire
1x ROD
1x Magic Cylinder

Side deck (15)
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Mystic Tomato
1x Swarm of Locusts
1x Swarm of Scarabs
2x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Divine Wrath
2x Trap of Board Eraser
1x Chain Disappearance

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Trap Hole

1x Messenger of Peace

1x Hallow Life Barrel

The Swiss round was 5 matches, and if u get 2 lose you’re basically out. I am sorry I forgot the people’s name.

Match 2

Round 1:

The person I played didn’t really knew what he was in for, I remember this duel pretty well, First turn I think he Delinquent Duo, but I lucked out and got a pot next turn. I remember playing 1 wave motion and 1 stealth bird along with a level limit. He tried a heavy storm but I Solemn Judgment it, and then he used breaker on my level limit. After that I set a G-bind and just launch the wave in 2 more turns and that was about how it went I think I had 3600 life after the duel, cant remember where I took the 400 came from, but I no I used half my life for Solemn Judgment

Round 2

This round was much harder, since he used his side deck anti burn, and I just side deck in another Solemn Judgment and Sakuretsu Armor and took out my 2 solar flares. I am pretty sure he side in Mobius the Frost Monarch and Mystic Swordsman LV2. I remember this duel was pretty much back and forth, because he Mobius my G-bind, and something else, I was short a few cards. But after I got another level limit, Wave motion, and a Solemn Judgment, it was pretty much hopeless. I set my stealth bird, and he tired Mystic Swordsman LV2 on it, but I Ceasefire it, and made him take around 1500 of damage. After that I draw a nightmare wheel, and remembered launching wave so he only had 1500 left, and then nightmare wheel his Mystic Swordsman LV2, and then 500 for his effect, and stealth for the win...

Record 1-0

Match 2

Round 1

This time it was really side. I lose the first duel because I draw 7, and then I just shuffled it back because someone told me it was a lose, and then judge said it wasn’t, and now because I shuffled it was a lose. That ticked me off.....

Round 2

Since I no longer have a 1 duel advantage, I played normal during the first round just a burn here and a burn, finish off with ceasefire for 2000 damage for the win.

Round 3

I knew since he sided almost all his side deck that I am going to be in for sum trouble. Since I no I am going to have the lower hand, I decided to play super aggressive and my deck came through. I mange to get 2 wave motion on my first turn but with no level limit b and stuff I mite be in trouble. So I played them both set a Solemn Judgment. He set a facedown card. Next turn I drew a pot, and got a Stealth and Goat. I set my goat and stealth. His used MOF and I forgot what he got. Then he summoned LV2 and attacks my face-down. And attack with MOF, I took the damage. Next turn I draw another wave motion, and played it. Next turn I dink he summons another LV2 and sinister I 4got how I think it was a premature. I used goat, and he killed them all. Next turn I draw ceasefire, and set it. Lunch 2 wave for 6000, and end my turn. During his stand by I used ceasefire, or was it his main I got but that won me the duel

Record 2-0

Match 3

Round 1

This game was just like before wave and stealth helped me win the first game.

Round 2

He side decked in some ainti burn, and this duel he just ainti everything I did. He used a mobous on my Mobius on my level limit after tributing his sinister. After that I couldn’t stall cause of his breaker, and then his LV2 owned me.

Round 3

This duel was more in my favor, I mange to draw a pretty playable hand. I think I had solemn, wave motion, stealth, G-bind, and ceasefire. I set most my traps and played wave motion. And set stealth bird. I was really scared of a heavy storm because it was going to cause me some life to negate. He summoned LV2 and attack my stealth bird and I used ceasefire, so we both take some damage. After that I draw another wave motion, and used it, and now it was all on my wave motion. I left stealth in face-up defense because of the LV2. I remember him breaking 1 of them, but I draw a nightmare wheel which I used on LV2 when he tried to attack my Stealth FD. After that I only used stealth for 1 more turn then he crossed it. After that I waited 6 more turns for the kill from my wave motion, but that was after half my life was gone from negating Heavy.

Record 3-0

Match 4

Round 1

Nothing much to say but I won with the basics

Round 2

OF course he side decks, but I mange to have him beat with a Wave at 6 counter

Lunched it for 6000, he tried to barrel, but I explain to him he couldn’t do that because it’s a continues card. After that I was at 3000 and he was at 2000. I made 1 bad move gave him the tie. If I had ringed my own card, I would have won, but I ringed his sangan for the win, but he enemy controller, offered his sangan for my stealth bird. Next turn I flipped stealth bird for face up to face down with his effect, then manually flip it face up

So he is now at 1000. I used a lava golem on him, but he ringed it so we draw…… 2 bad moves cause me this match

Round 3

He beat me pretty bad in this round I think. I wasn’t able to stop his LV2 attack on my life, and he Chain Disappearance my stealth bird, at that point I new it was over.

Round 4

This round I might have won if I didn’t make 1 very bad mistake. I snatched his Muenster in stead of ringing it, which cause him to gain 2 much life and he games me with BLS removing my face-down monster and attacking.

Record 3-1

Ok this is where I get very mad during the day, I wasn’t allowed into the 16 man elimination round. They said because I had the lowest rank out everybody. That is impossible. I only lost 1, and every person I played except for 1 person was in the 16 man elimination with a record with 4-1 just like me. They said it was because the people I played didn’t do well……how can they 3 of the people I play make the 16 elimation….. Well I since I wasn’t allowed to do be in the 16 elimination, so all I can do is hope for the best for the people that is in our team that made it. About 4 people made it, and 2 made it to top 8 and then we had to quit because it was 12, and the Bart was about to stop…..so we had to leave right always and not finish the tourney…..


Great deal

Got some good cards in boosters

Got a super in my TP

Had fun


NO one in our team won

Being the only person dropped from the 16 elimination

Lost a few rare

Being super tired when I got home




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