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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Hiroshi Masaki [mailto:fusilierdragon@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 2:15 PM

Subject: Dimension Swarm-Home Plate-Hiroshi Masaki

Tournament Report for 6-18
Home Plate Cards
Phone Number- 885-0071
Entry Fee- $5
1st Place- 60-75% of the money
2nd Place- 25-40% of the money
Participants- 3 (all members of my new team-Team Tower)

Well this tournament was really small because nobody has been coming recently. So if you live in the Martin or Union City area of West Tennessee come up and duel sometime-Saturdays at 4:00 o'clock. Well here's my deck.

Level 7 and higher monsters

1. Dark Magician of Chaos
2. Mystical Knight of Jackal
3. Fusilier Dragon the Dual Mode Beast
4. Fusilier Dragon the Dual Mode Beast

Level 5 and 6 monsters

5. Chaos Sorcerer
6. Chaos Sorcerer
7. Jinzo
8. Kaiser Glider

Level 4 and lower monsters

9. Tribe Infecting Virus
10. Sinister Serpent
11. Tsukuyomi
12. Tsukuyomi
13. Magician of Faith
14. Magician of Faith
15. Mirage Dragon
16. Mirage Dragon
17. Sangan
18. Cyber Jar
19. Winged Kuriboh
20. Spirit Reaper
21. Spirit Reaper


22. Book of Moon
23. Book of Moon
24. Enemy Controller
25. Premature Burial
26. Snatch Steal
27. Metamorphosis
28. Metamorphosis
29. Dimension Fusions
30. Dimension Fusions
31. Card Destruction
32. Pot of Greed
33. Graceful Charity
34. Tribute to the Doomed
35. Tribute to the Doomed
36. Mystical Space Typhoon


37. Ring of Destruction
38. Call of the Haunted
39. Mirror Force
40. Magic Cylinder
41. Torrential Tribute


1. Thousand Eyes Restrict
2. Thousand Eyes Restrict
3. Thousand Eyes Restrict
4. Dark Balter the Terrible
5. Dark Balter the Terrible
6. Giltia the D. Knight
7. Ojama King
8. Ojama King
9. Ryu Sensei
10. Dark Blade the Dragon Knight
11. St. Joan
12. King Dragun
13. Labyrinth Tank

Well since there was just 3 people one person automatically got the Bye to the finals. My little sister, the youngest member of Team Tower is only 7 years old, and she won the dice roll to get the Bye. So the first round was me vs. my best friend Devin with an Earth Deck.

Round 1: Record 0-0

I won the coin toss and opted to go first. I think that I opened with a Spirit Reaper and Book of Moon face down. Then he summoned a Berserk Gorilla and attacked the Spirit Reaper. Then he set one card face down and ended his turn. On my turn I used Tsukuyomi to flip the Gorilla face down and then killed it.bad call on my part. He drew and removed the Gorilla to summon Gigantes. Then he destroyed the Spirit Reaper with Snatch Steal, summoned Hayabusa Knight, equipped it with an Axe of Despair and attacked with both. I Booked the Knight and took 1900 from the Gigantes. Thinks just went downhill from there. Every time I got ahead he did something to stop me, so the first game went to him.

Record 0-1

Since I lost I went fist again. This time my hand was a bit better. I played Graceful, dropped the Mystical Knight of Jackal and the Dark Magician of Chaos. Then I set Magician of Faith face down. He set one monster face down and ended his turn. I removed the 2 monsters in my Graveyard from play to summon the Chaos Sorcerer, played Dimension Fusion to bring back Jackal and the Chaos Magician. DMoC to get back Graceful and played it, dumped Kaiser and Spirit Reaper. Then I flipped MoF and played Graceful again, dumped two other cards ( Mirage Dragon and Book of Moon, maybe). Then I played Metamophosis on the Chaos Sorcerer to bring out Ryu Sensei, Prematured the Chaos Sorcerer and Summoned Jinzo from my hand. So I had five monsters on the field to his one. I had DMoC attack the face down monster. It was a Giant Rat. Since it was a Giant Rat the effect didn't go off and the other four monsters attacked his life points.

Record 1-1

Well early on he summoned a Gemini Elf and equipped Mage Power with three S/T's on the field and tried to attack me. I used Magic Cylinder to drop him to 4600. Then, during my turn I Morphed the Snake into Thousand Eyes, took the elf and attacked. Then he Magic Cylindered. So we were tied at 4600. On his turn he use Exiled Force to Destroy the Thousand Eyes, then removed Gemini Elf to summon Gigantes and dropped me down to 2700. I did something and mass summoned to take him down. I think that it was another Graceful/ Chaos Sorcerer/ Dimension Fusion thing.

Record: Duels-2-1: Matches-1-0.

Round 2: Me vs. my little sister ( Master of Oz deck)

She won the toss and let me go first. All I really remember about this game is that I held her off for a long time. Then we started top decking for awhile, me at 1100, her at 3000. She top-decked an Enraged Battle Ox and attacked my Winged Kuriboh for the Game.

Record: Duels-2-2: Matches-1-0.

Since I lost, I went first and set Cyber Jar. Then she attacked with a Master of Oz and blew up Cyber Jar. I got 5 S/T's. She got a Master of Oz back on the field and set 2 cards face down. I drew and set a Ring of Destruction face down, and a Spirit Reaper in Defense. Next turn I was going to Dimension Swarm her. During her Draw Phase I Ringed the Master of Oz and she chained Barrel Behind the Door which killed me.

Record: Duels-2-3: Matches-1-1.

So overall, it was a Team Tower victory that went to a 7-year old girl. Ah well,, she almost outplayed me at the last regional that I went to as well.

I have come to expect it.

Well we bought one of the TLM special edition boxes and got the Invader of Darkness. She pulled a Megarock Dragon and I pulled a SPELL STOPPING

Well you can contact me for info, or give me suggestions, of send me hate mail for walking right into a 7-year old's trap. Any way e-mail me at fusilierdragon@hotmail.com


Hiroshi Masaki

Come to Home Plate and join Team Tower!


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