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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Dividendman@aol.com [mailto:Dividendman@aol.com]
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2005 8:22 PM

Subject: Controlled_Burn_Toby_Boas_Unity_Entertainment_Clermont_Florida

Controlled Burn

June 25th

Toby Boas

Unity Entertainment

Clermont, Florida

Swiss Advanced Format

Winner gets 3 packs

2nd gets 2 packs

3rd gets 1 pack

Maybe 9 people here today. Really small crowd.


This is my first tourney report so don t be to hard on me. I m 13 I ve been playing Yu-Gi-Oh for a little less then a year now and I ve really gotten to like the game. I ve been playing in tournaments for about 3 months and I ve done fairly well. I won another tournament at this same location and placed 23rd in the regional qualifiers last month. I run a burn deck and it s been doing really well lately. I want to be able to show people that burn isn t a bad decktype and that they can play other thing besides CCCC coughchaosuckscough. Also please don t copy my decklist, netdecking is wrong and people should never do it, it doesn t hurt to be original you know. Enough with the talking here s my deck!

Controlled Burn


3xNimble Momonga-Killer Squirrels!!!

3xStealth Bird-If you manage to stall with this thing out it s so painful for your opponent.

2xNight Assailant-Has potential for lots of card advantage, plus it s got a good flip effect.

2xMagician of Faith-Get back my burning magic cards.

2xLava Golem-Yes it s the big thing of molten volcano that we all know and love.

1xSinister Serpent-Sinny the deathbringer.

1xSpirit Reaper-For desperate measures

1xSangan-Fetches anything in my deck except for lava golem.


3xWave-Motion Cannon-Eight turns till Kaboom.

1xMessenger of Peace-Stall-iness

2xLevel Limit-Area B-Stall-iness.

1xSwords of Revealing Light-Stall-iness

2xScapegoats-Give the Goats.

2xPoison of the Old Man-Very versatile card

1xPot of Greed-Staple

1xGraceful Charity-See above

1xMST-Guess what

1xDuo-See previous three



1xGravity Bind-Stall-iness.

1xBottomless Trap Hole-Goodbye Phoenix.

1xCeasefire-No Nobleman for you

1xMagic Jammer-No heavy storm for you

1xDivine Wrath-Once again Goodbye Phoenix

1xNightmare Wheel-Burn and stall together? Sounds good to me.

1xMagic Cylinder- Magic Cylinders Fire!

1x Ring of Destruction-BOOM!

Side Deck

3xDes Wombat-Burns destroyer

1xCannon Soldier-BOOM!

1xDark Mimic LV 1-I don t know why this is in here I hardly ever use it

1xMask of Darkness-See Above

2xProhibition-Shuts down Horus, ALO and Des Wombat

2xMetamorphisis-Morph a goat or a magician or Sinister to bring out the one with a lot of eyes

1xPremature Burial-You though stealth bird was gone but you were wrong (add evil laughter here)

1xCreature Swap-Jinzo is mine now

1xGravity Bind-More protection just in case

1xMask of Restrict-What do you have in your hand? Jinzo, Mobius and Nepthys? Hmm I almost feel bad for you.

1xMacic Drain-Spell protection

Fusion Deck

3xThousand Eyes Restrict-Suck it up!

Anyway the basic strategy of the deck is to get out one of the heavy hitter burn cards (Wave motion cannon, Lava Golem or stealth bird) and cruise along to victory with the help of your smaller burn cards. The main thing this deck suffers from is spell and trap removal. There s nothing worse then playing two wave motions just to have them blown away by heavy storm. I tested out my deck before the tournament and it worked like a charm. I love beating people that think burn is a bad archtype. The looks on their faces when they ve just gotten hit by a 5000 damage wave motion cannon aahahahahaha .aah. Anyways due to the small amount of people today the pairings were a little weird but it all worked out. Enough of my blabberings on to the tournament!


Controlled Burn Vs Beatdown

This guy used to have a zombie burn deck but he switched to beatdown. Beatdown is know to play badly against my burn deck because of my stalling abilities.

Game 1

I don t remember too much about this game but I think that my stall cards kept his monsters at bay while my stealth birds pecked away at his life pts.

Game 2

I sidedecked in a mask of restrict cause he uses lots of tributes.

This game was insane! He sidedecked some des wombats to try and stop the burn. And when he got one of them on the field I ringed it. But then he got the second one and I had nothing to kill it so I played my messenger of peace and Level limit to stall for a while. It turns out that messenger stalled for like 17 turns of both of us doing nothing but discarding. Over that time I had accumulated like a gazillion burn cards in my hand but I couldn t use any of them because of the wombat s effect. Finally I drew into a lava golem! Yess!!! I quickly sac his wombat and something else to give him the volcanic fiend. With the wombat gone I was able to use the arsenal of burn cards that I had acquired to finally do damage to him. He drew and had nothing I drew and used stealth bird ceasefire and a bunch of other cards to deplete him to zero. Whew! that was a good duel! After the duel we looked where heavy storm was in his deck and it turns out it was three cards down from his next card, Graceful Charity!


Controlled Burn Vs Burn/Fire/Beatdown

Hmmm. This deck beat me a couple weeks ago and is pretty good even though it has too many cards in it.

Game 1

He got me down to 3500 with his burn cards but my burn cards were working well too. My stealth birds work well this game and after several flips a ceasefire finished him off.

Game 2

I side in my wombats.

This game was over in like 3 turns all thanks to my good buddy lava golem. What happened was we both made pretty passive 2 opening moves and then I sacked his monsters for lava golem and ended my turn here s where it got really painful for him. He said Ah here s where its really going to hurt

And looks all confident and stuff. Then he attacks me with lava golem and I activate cylinder and ring! LOL! Well as you can guess I won by playing some other burn card on my turn but still that was really hilarious!

SEMIFINALS already?!

Controlled Burn Vs Horus

This guy runs a very good Horus deck and is probably the best person in the store aside from me of course.

Game 1

I go first and set a stealth bird and a s/t. he summons mirage dragon and attacks my stealth bird and loses 100. the game continues on for a little while until he summons sacred phoenix of nepthys and torrentials when he summons her! At this time I had a wave motion going for 4000 so I launched it so that it wouldn t get nuked by the phoenix. I m not sure if the game went on longer but I know I ceasefired for 2500 and then ringed something else for game.

Game 2

I sidedeck my gravity bind in for my level limit and take in my prohibitions and mask of restrict to hopefully stop Horus six.

I don t remember this one too well but I know it involved him having hand and field advantage and just dominating me.

Game 3

Lets just say that I knocked his Horus s right out of the running for first!!


Controlled burn Vs Beatdown (again)

Games 1 and 2

I played the same person I beat in the first round. However, this time they were much easier duels for me to win. I just dominated both games. At one point near the end of the second game he said that he would be happy with second and we laughed about that.

I WON THE TOURNAMENT!!!! *people cheer*

I go to claim my prizes and get 3 soul of the duelist. I go over to the table where people are dueling and open my packs the kid sitting next to me says that if I get a Horus 8 he ll trade me. I open my packs and pull Mind on air, Yess!! (sarcasm) charcoal inpachi yay! (more sarcasm) and AN ULTIMATE RARE HORUS THE BLACK FLAME DRAGON LV 8!!!!!!!!!!!! I was ecstatic! The kid who said he d trade me really wanted it and the guy with the Horus deck that I beat really wanted it because it was a pretty shiny ultimate rare. But there was no way I was going to trade the big dragon I want it for my evergrowing collection of ultimate rares! Ultimates are pretty and I like them and I don t like to trade them (especially the big dragon). The Horus guy also wanted my ultimate Horus six but I said he didn t have anything I really wanted from him so it was a done deal.

I also did some pretty good trades today here s what I traded and what I got from the trade.

My spare promo ring of destruction for his horn of heaven (I m going to see how It works in my deck. It does stop jinzo after all.)

My stumbling, ancient gear beast and something else for his Ultimate Criosphinx (it s shiny and it s going in my ultimate rare card collection)

Well, that s all for this weeks tournament report I ll probably write another one next Saturday!

Toby, Boas

Any questions or comments can be sent to Dividendman@aol.com Note: I may not respond to your emails immediately so don t be worried if you don t hear back from me quickly.


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