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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Silent But Deadly Deck Comic Assylum Tournament:
Date: 6-18-05
Place: Comic Assylum, Plano
The deck and duelist: my names robby, and i wanted to make finals with my brand new silent swordsman deck, and try and win it! The Deck: Trib:4 Silent Swordsman Lv 5 x2 Jinzo BLS-EOTB L4 or lower:14 Breaker Tribe Infecting Virus Magician of Faith x2 Sangan Sinister Serpent Silent Swordsman LV 3 x2 Shining Angel x2 D.D.Warrior Lady Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer x2 Cyber Jar Magic:17 United We Stand ( i didn't get to use it all day and it's one of my fav cards ) Scapegoat x2 Enemy Controller x3 Heavy Storm Giant Trunade Mystical Space Typhoon Pot of Greed Graceful Charity D. Duo Lightning Vortex Swords of Revealing Light Premature BUrial Snatch Steal Nobleman Of Cross OUt Trap:6 Bottomless Trap HOle Mirror Force Magic Cylinders Ring of Destruction Call of The Haunted Torrential Tribute Side Deck: Nobleman Spirit Repear x2 Zarbog The THunder Monarch x2 Mobius THe Frost Monarch Airknight Parshash D.D. Assailant x2 Metamorphisis x2 Scapegoat MoF Magic Drain x2 Fusions: the works LET THE DUELS BEGIN I got there 5 min late and almost had a first round lost my friend andre was attending too and he almost suffered 1st round lost but some late shows showed up and we played them. Round 1- Silent Vs Burn ( damn this was close ) Duel 1- Starts out i played him before and it was a crappy burn deck but this time it got a whole hell of alot better. First round it's exchanging blows i get him down to about 2300 and me at 1800. I draw into heavy storm, and storm the field with SS LV 5 on the field for the win. Duel 2- It's a pretty good match but i din draw into any of my magic destruction and that means instant death. i was really wishing i bout some lost mellinium packs for that des wombat thinger. Duel 3- it get down to the wire. i draw into my heavy storm off of my cyber jar and i decide to hold on to it till just the right moment. so it's last two turns i have jinzo and SS lv 5 on the field. he snatch steals jinzo. I MST it right off the bat. He summons tsukiomi and flips SS LV 5 down then with swords of concealing light flips jinzo down, he had draw into two nightmare wheels off the cyber jar, and used em to bring my lifepoints down to 500. So i thought it was damn good time to use my heavy storm. Thus i flipp jinzo and SS LV 5 and attacked for game NO BLS INVOLVED! Results of Round 1 Me 1-0 Andre 1-0 Round 2- i had to play andre CRAP! Silent Vs Chaos Duel 1- i get pretty thrashed ahh well it was stalling for awhile so thus i wnet to my side deck. Duel 2- This time i thrash him, both of us made the final win with BLS ( so effing cheap ) Duel 3- he gets the god hand with MoF recylce DONE! Results of Round 2 Me 1-1 Andre 2-0 thank god for swiss. Round 3 i played this weird ass machine thing that sucked. Silent Vs Machine Duel 1- i dono what he had in his hand i dono, i got a pretty sucky hand but still pulled out the win with 7400 lifepoints left, i forget this duel i din really pay attention. Duel 2- repeat of duel 1 cept it was even quicker. i wont bore you with the details. Results of Round 3 Me 2-1 Andre 2-1 ( lost to an equip beatdown which i face next ) Round 4 Equip beatdown hmm let's see how it goes. Silent Vs Equip Beatdown Duel 1- he was 3-0 hadn't lost all day i thought i was in for a good match. well he pulls out matazas and gorillas but my enemy controllers are killin the poor guy. he'd have some high attacked power monsters and attack blam enemy controllered. i pulled out Jinzo and BLS at the same time and he uses tribe and emptys his whole hand taking those two out. after that i take the win Duel 2- he gets me pretty low right off the bat, and empty's his hand. I'm like ok i got a 3 card advantage not bad. but he draws into everything he needs while i draw into crap. he beats me remarkably. Duel 3- this time it's pretty close he gets me down to 200 lifepoints2nd turn while he is sitting at a nice and comfy 8000. he's braggin saying O IMA HAVE A PERFECT RECORD. guess who comes back from 200 lifepoints! i wasn't really top decking, he was, but he was top deckin good. I barely held on. I hafta give it to the Enemy Controllers that saved me again. Heres where it gets interesting though. I have SS LV 5 on the field and BLS-EOTB. he summons fiend megacyber in attack mode. then plays creature swap. I give him SS lv 5, he's like he's uneffected. I told him he is unaffected, but creature sawp doesn't affect the monster it affects the player. So he attacks my fiend with SS LV 5 and im down to 100 lifepoints, and that's where they stay, i where him down with sangan, he then uses brain control, bringhim down to 700, to take over my bls, but i use enemy controller sacking sangan to get bls back for the turn. well howdy do, with sangans ability i get my only other monsters that i have left that could kill him, Cyber Jar. I summon it and win with 100 lifepoints left, that should show you it aint over till it's over. Results of Round 4- Me 3-1 Andre 3-1 FINALS BABY! both me and andre made it. it was only top 4 and luckily me and andre didn't face off again. i played EQUIP BEATDOWN AGAIN! i was the only person who gave him a loss all day. Silent Vs Equip Beatdown Duel 1- no contest i thrash the guy with my SS LV 5's he couldn't get rid of em. I LOVE YOU SILENT! Duel 2- once again no contest, he attacks my shining angels and i just keeping getting SS LV 5 and it's over quick and painless. Resutls of finals 1 Me 4-1 Andre 4-1 ( he won in finals too ) ME and Andre did rock paper scissors to see who scooped. i lost so i scooped but we still shared the packs. i got and E Hero Thunder Giant, ultimate, sucked. So i went andtraded it for an ultimate card of sanctity. WOOHOO I got some good trades too it was fun. So me and Andre both were victorious today, and after that we went and ate pizza and the chick at the register gave me free meal, what a day! Props: me and andre winning! Slops: can't thing of any. Email: Contact me at DestinyFlame@msn.com


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