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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Skill drain deck, David Hansen, Danish Championship, Copenhagen, 12th of June

The Danish championship event turned out to be a fairly small affair. 96 people had qualified, but for unknown reasons, only a total of 34 turned up. The tournament started with 6 rounds, and then top 8 continued to a single elimination round. I came with 3 friends who had qualified at the local store, a warrior CC deck, a Warrior Control CC deck and an extremely well built exodia deck.

My deck:

18 Monsters:

1 x Vampire Lord (skill doesn't stop him from coming back)

1 x Pyramid Turtle (Work in graveyard)

1 x Hand of Nephtys (Tributes and then works in graveyard)

1 x Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys (Same as VL)

3 x Fusiler Dragon, the Dual-mode beast (2800atk monster with no need for tribute)

3 x Giant Orc (2200atk, no downside)

3 x Zombyra the Dark (2100atk, no downside)

1 x Cyber Jar (Emergency use only)

1 x Newdoria (Works in graveyard)

1 x The Fiend Megacyber (2200 atk, doesn't need skill drain)

1 x Goblin Attack Force (2300 atk, no downside)

1 x Exiled Force (Tributes, then works in graveyard)


3 x Skill drain (didn't see this one coming, did you?)

1 x Mirror Force (Field Clearance)

2 x Fake Trap (Much needed protection for Skill Drain)

1 x Zero Gravity (The swizz knife of the deck)

1 x Trap Jammer (Beatdown decks best friend)

1 x Magic Cylinder (Protection)

1 x Deck Devastation Virus (Can really wreak havoc to most decks)

1 x Bottomless Trap hole (Anti-Black Luster soldier)

1 x Torrential Tribute (Field clearance)

1 x Call of the Haunted (A feeble attempt at swarming. Bad idea in the end)

9 x Magic:

1 x Mage Power (Superior boost)

1 x Mystical Space Typhoon (Stable)

1 x Swords of Revealing Light (Protection, much needed)

1 x Big Bang shot (Anti scapegoattm)

1 x Pot of Greed (No deck without it)

1 x Graceful Charity (See Pot of Greed)

1 x Lightning Vortex (Field clearance)

1 x Snatch Steal (Snatch and attack)

1 x Back to Square One (Anti-Jinzotm and just general cool)

Side Deck:

2 x Dust Tornado (Because there was no room to maindeck)

1 x Soul Release (Anti chaos and exodia)

1x Wave Motion Cannon (Anti burn...was the plan anyway)

1 x Mystic Plasma Zone (Anti water and the likes)

2 x Arsenal bug (Goes under gravity bind, 2000atk)

1 x Null and Void (Anti exodia, bad idea in the end)

1 x Magic drain (again, no room to maindeck)

1 x Messenger of peace (Against the odd fiend decks)

1 x Scapegoat (Why not?)

1 x Barrel Behind the door (Against burn decks...I thought)

1 x Seven Tools of the Bandit (No reason to maindeck this baby...or something)

1 x Delinquent Duo (Against Ben Kai, Exodia and the likes)

1 x Heavy Storm (If I really had to get out of those control locks)

First match:

vs. Level 4 beatdown deck (no other theme detected)

The deck wasn't very well built, and I had skill drain early on in both duels. Only point of excitement was when the judge ruled that I couldn't use exiled force with skill drain on the field. Still, both duels were won within 5 rounds.

Second Match:

vs non-archfiend Fiend deck

Again, I was fairly lucky with my drawing, and had skill drain early on. The one time necrofear came into play, I had bottomless down. Second round was won in record time with a swords of revealing light, a lightning vortex, a fusiler dragon and a mage power.

Third Match:

vs friends Warrior Cookie Cutter deck

Finally some resistance! I had won over this guy in the finals of the qualifying rounds, and non of our decks were changed too much. Alas I was very unlucky with my draws in the first round not getting skill drain at all, though I held my ground quite a while before finally succumbing to Envoy of the beginning.

In the second round he had Jinzo out in the second turn, which effectively shut down my deck. My last ray of hope, the Cyber Jar that has saved me so often, died to a nobleman crossout.

This match clearly showed that the skill drain deck isn't worth much when it doesn't ”run”

Fourth Match:

vs Wave-motion burn deck.

This deck was quite a surprise. First round I start with a goblin attack force in attack and a trap jammer down. He throws a lightning vortex and attacks with a gemini elf. Then he uses two wave motion cannons and a swords of revealing light. Three turns and a stealth bird later spelled game for my deck. Auch!

Well, some decent sidedecking should easily win me the next to rounds I thought. Heavy storm, barrel and 2x dust tornados should do the trick.

I start with skill drain and giant orc. Giant trunades, mystical space typhoons and a well-placed lightning vortex made way for his stealth bird, inaba and wave motion cannon to dispatch me easily. Pwned with a big P.

Fifth match:

vs Exodia deck

First round was fairly uneventful, I had him at 1500 Lp when he uses monster reincarnation to get exodia's head, excitedly proclaims that he has won the first round and adds his hand to his deck. A judge ruling later I had won the first round.

Next round I start with hand of nephtys on the hand. Phoenix out in round 3, a torrential tribute making sure that the heavy storm effect kills his gravity bind. A deck devastation virus chained to his sakuretsu armor puts 4 parts of exodia in the graveyard, making way for a soul release. After then it's only a matter of time before he goes down.

Sixth match:

vs friends Exodia deck

Ouch! We both need to win this one to make it to the top 8 finals. I start with a skill drain and a zombyra, he responds with a gravity bind and a wave motion. My phoenix comes out, but due to skill drain it cannot save me this time :s In the second round, my decks works perfectly. Deck devastation virus takes care of some annoying fetchers, and my fusiler gets him to 200 lp when he plays a card of safe return, discards a manticore of darkness as a cost for lightning vortex, and continues to draw his entire deck with exodia. I lost and am out of the tournament.

All of my friends make it to the top 8. The warrior cookie deck gets pwned by the same wave motion deck that took me out, the exodia deck makes short work of a grumpy veterantm's warrior deck (he started the tournament by saying exodia decks sucked big time), and the warrior control deck easily dispatched a beastdown deck. In the semi finals, the exodia deck dies a quick death to the wave motion deck, and the warrior control deck looses after a long and interesting match to a very odd horus-wave motion deck.

In the finals, the wave motion gets very unlucky with his draws and the judge ignores several errors from the horus deck (playing pot of greed before discarding for graceful and the likes). In the end the Horrus deck won, which sort of makes me embarrassed on behalf of Denmark. I doubt the champion is capable of making a decent deck, seeing as des wombat will make short work of his current wave-motion strategy.

My skill drain deck, which admittedly was an experiment, became nr 13, though seeing as the decks I lost against became nr 2, 3 and 5 respectively, it did fairly well. The 1000lp cost, which makes giant trunade far too expensive to use, and the lack of a trap searchers means that this deck simply doesn't make the cut as a high-tier deck (I never had any illusions that this was a world championship deck).

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