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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2005 5:10 PM

Subject: RegnR8's Total Body Control - June 11, 2005

RegnR8's Total Body Control
Tournament Report for June 11, 2005

Sports Cards and Collectibles
Fayetteville, Ga.
$5.00 to play and you get a pack
5 rounds of Swiss
Advanced Format
3 packs for first
2 packs for second
Nothing for third cuz you suck
25 or 30 folks today

Hi all,

Welcome to today's edition of the tournament report! I hope this writing finds you well and winning!

I had an interesting week! I wasn't able to go to any tournament last week because I had a company picnic in the morning and my eldest daughter's dance recital that evening. I had forgotten about both of those events so, when I didn't show up at any of the tournaments, the rumors started flying! Everyone thought I had quit playing Yugioh! I must have been asked by half a dozen people if I had quit! Even the store owner asked me! Well, I didn't quit and here I am with a new deck! I call it "The Total Body Control" deck. Basically, it's a "damn the torpedos" type deck, nearly a suicide deck. It's based around taking all my opponents monsters and tributing them for my own. I had heard so many people complain about how bad Brain Control is, I decided to show them how broken it can be in the right deck. Now, the deck performed well, but I had never playtested it until the tournament. I discovered a few bugs, but I think I can work them out before the next tournament tomorrow. Here it is as it started the day.

Total Body Control

x3 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x3 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
x2 The End of Anubis
x1 Jinzo
x1 Dark Magician of Chaos
x2 Berserk Gorilla
x1 Big Shield Gardna
x1 Tribe Infecting Virus
x1 Sinister Serpent
x1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
x1 Blade Knight

x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Graceful Charity
x3 Scapegoat
x3 Stray Lambs
x3 Enemy Controller
x3 Brain Control
x3 Soul Exchange
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Premature Burial

x1 Call of the Haunted
x2 Light of Intervention


x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x3 King Tiger Wanghu
x2 Enraged Battle Ox
x2 Smashing Ground
x1 Torrential Tribute
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x1 Ring of Destruction
x1 Magic Cylinder
x1 Royal Oppression
x1 Ceasefire

At first glance, it looks really horrible and stupid but, it works. One card I am definately taking out of the deck, and not even bothering with, is Dark Magician of Chaos. Every time but once, it was dead weight in my hand. Two cards that surprised me with how well they worked were the Big Shield Gardna and the Light of Intervention, especially the Light of Intervention. That one card screwed people up to no end. Magician of Faith? Ha. Book of Moon? Ha! I laugh in your face. The End of Anubis came in handy, too.

The biggest single problem I had with the deck was, now get ready for this because it sounds unbelievable, it doesn't have ENOUGH tribute monsters in it! I thought it had too many but, in retrospect, it doesn't have enough. The majority of the time, I had plenty of opportunities to take my opponents monsters, but didn't have a monster to tribute for it. Oh well, I think I am going to drop one of the Berserk and the DMoC for maybe two Ancient Gear Beasts. They're only 2000Atk, but the trap and spell negating thing may be nice. We'll see how it goes.

Basically, the deck relies on Mobius, Breaker and Heavy for the S/T removal. I did side deck in the MST for the DMoC between many duels because, like I said, the DMoC was just too slow and unreliable. The side deck is built to switch up the deck to more of a beast down deck but, I never sided out of the Body Control. There is one card I am definately going to add to the side deck and it's DD Survivor. Many of my monsters got Bottomlessed and I saw DD Assailant and DD Warrior Lady everywhere.

OK, enough of the preamble. I got there right on time and playtested my Skull Servant deck and didn't lose a duel all day with it! It worked beautifully and a 3000 attack King of the Skull Servants is nothing to be laughed at! Well, I laughed at it when I attacked my opponent! Wahhhahahahahahhhaa......ahhhh....too funny.

I also did some trading for a couple of Ancient Gear Golems. I traded off my last BLS-EotB for it and an Ultimate Card of Sanctity.
Every one says Card of Sanctity sucks too, but they're wrong. A good card in the hands of a good deck builder can be abused to no end. I have two now, and that deck is just around the corner. Mid game, a DD Survivor and a Card of Sanctity could make a huge difference but, I digress.

First pairings were called and I get paired up with the 2nd place finisher at the last Georgia Regionals. What?! Oh gosh, test me out right out of the bag. I was sure I would lose.


Ok. Well, I didn't expect him to be using a burn deck that sided into Exodia. Wierd. He said he won with it last week. Let's give it a whirl.


I didn't know what he was running. I thought it was CCCC. I win the die roll and go first. My opening hand is pretty good. Sinister, Light of Intervention, Call of the Haunted, Brain Control, Jinzo and I draw another Brain Control. I set the Sinister and the Light of Intervention.

In his draw phase, I activate Light of Intervention. He sets 2 S/T and discards a Thunder Dragon to get two more to his hand. I'm thinking this is definately Chaos. He summons a Des Koala in face up defense position and now I guess he's using burn with BLS tossed in. I Brain Control his Koala and tribute it for Jinzo. A turn later, I'm beating him up pretty good with TiV and Jinzo when he special summons a Lava Golem. He activates Gravity Bind. I take 1000LP damage in my standby phase, but Call Jinzo back and attack him for 5400 and the win.


He side decks a lot and I don't.

He goes first and plays Upstart Goblin and now I'm thinking he's switched to Last Turn. He stalls with LLAB for a while and I still don't know what he's doing. When I tribute something for Thestalos and take out his head of Exodia, I know what he's using. The Light of Intervention messes him up again because he keeps having to summon defense position Night Assailant and Old Vindictive Magician and MoF. Ha. Mobius takes care of his LLAB and then I swarm with a Thestalos, Mobius and Sinister Serpent! GO SINISTER!

Well, that was interesting. A problem I had was deciding if I should leave Jinzo off the field with a Light of Intervention activated. Hmmm, had to think about that several times today.


Argh. Another Top 8 Regional finisher. He plays with "The Mat". Respect "The Mat".


I go first and draw an ok hand. DMoC, Berserk, Premature Burial, Light of Intervention, Brain Control and Stray Lambs. I set Light of Intervention and activate Stray Lambs.

He plays Graceful, discarding Jinzo and Scapegoat. He plays Pot of Greed. Lucky, lucky, lucky. I'm guessing Delinquent Duo is next. Nope? OK. He summons a Berserk and attacks a Lamb token.

I Brain Control his Gorilla, tribute it for Mobius and he chains his Scapegoat. I attack a token. I activate Light of Intervention.

He does nothing. I know he likes to draw cards when he can, and not do anything until he can string a big combo on you so, I play carefully, too. I keep attacking his tokens.

Finally, he summons a DD Assailant in defense position. Soon, his tokens are gone and I do not want to attack his Assailant because I am holding a totally worthless DMoC in my hand and I can't get it on the field. The Mobius is my only protection.

My luck runs out. Lightning Vortex wipes out my field and I have a stupid DMoC in my hand. Big Shield Gardna stalls for a bit, but I have no tribute monsters I can use my Brain Control or Soul Exchange on and he kills me. That sucked.


This time, the deck works like a charm. Soul Exchange takes all his DD Assailants and he finally runs out of options. Light of Intervention forces him to play his MoF's face up and A Called Jinzo takes care of him. It was 6300 to negative 3100. Not bad.


This is why I must add more tibutes into the deck. I draw all S/T cards for my first three turns and when I finally draw a monster its a weak Blade Knight. To add insult to injury, he used Enemy Controller on one of my Scapegoat tokens and attacked me with Kycoo. I didn't have any monsters in my graveyard though. I got beat down by a single Kycoo after he Bottomlessed the second monster I drew. I did manage to get Tribe on the field to get rid of his warriors, but he Snatched it next turn and I was at 700lp. Crap. Oh well.


Man! Is it my day to play against all the DIFFICULT people! This person finished 15th at the regionals. He killed me two weeks ago with this CCCCrap deck.


This was actually pretty fun. Light of Intervention stops his dumb Magician of Faith (he uses three) and I Snatch his own Kycoo and remove his own monsters from his graveyard to stop him from BLSing me. He stalls a little with Book of Moon when Jinzo is on the field. Here again, I had to think twice about tributing for Jinzo with my Light of Intervention active, but I do it anyway. He NoC's my Jinzo and pretty much plays defensively. He has one S/T set and I tribute my Big Shield for Mobius and destroy his Graverobber (?) What the?! Whatever. He's top decking. I have Mobius on the field plus a set Sinister. I have an Enemy Controller set and the Light of Intervention face up. Total field advantage. I have 6400 LP and he has 600. Total LP advantage. I have four cards in my hand and he has none. Total hand advantage. I tell him if he top decks BLS right now, I will smack him upside his head. He draws and REMOVES A LIGHT AND A FREAKIN' DARK for Chaos Sorceror. Oh, well, not too bad. I go ahead and activate my Enemy Controller, tributing my Sinster to take control of it for a turn and he doesn't use priority. Next turn, I Brain Control BLS's little brother and remove itself from play then attack him.


He side decks about eight or nine cards. I keep the deck the same but take out the retarded DMoC for my MST like I did between most duels.

He opens out with Pot of Greed followed by Delinquent Duo. Great. He takes out a Scapegoat and I choose Thestalos. I have Premature Burial left in my hand, so all is not lost. He sets one S/T and one monster. Magician of Faith I bet.

I draw The End of Anubis and Soul Exchange his Night Assailant for it and set Enemy Controller.

He MST's my Controller and Brain Control's my Anubis, tributing it for Airknight, drawing a card. He's getting way ahead in the number of cards he has in his hand. He has twice as many cards than I do.

I draw TiV. Man, I hate this card. I hate playing it. I play it anyway and discard for fairy and attack. I set the Premature Burial as a bluff.

He sets a face down monster.

I tribute my TiV for Jinzo, Premature Burial Anubis and attack what I thought was a Magician of Faith, but it's a Royal Magical Library. Meh. I attack him directly for 2500 with Anubis.

He draws and conceeds. Ok. Not bad.

Well, hot diggity dog, I made it to the semi finals with a totally unconventional goofy deck! Way to go! One loss to the luckiest person on the face of the earth and the other wins were fairly convincing. Hooray.

TOTAL BODY CONTROL VS CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCagain and again over and over ad nauseum. Barf.

Once again, it's the Chaos deck of choice. Man, doesn't anybody think anymore? Apparently not. This guy use to run a more control type deck with Don Zaloog, Spirit Reaper, Drop Off and that sort of thing, but he switched it to CCCC because he wasn't winning with it. He was undefeated today. Until he got Body Controlled.......Totally. That was a joke. Ha....hmmm, yeah.


I get Light of Intervention, Graceful, Soul Exchange, Brain Control, Berserk and End of Anubis. I play Graceful, get Premature Burial, another End of Anubis and Soul Exchange. I dump one End of Anubis and one Soul Exchange. I summon Berserk, set Light of Intervention and end my turn.

He Delinquent Duo's me and picks the Soul Exchange and I discard the second Anubis. He plays Heavy Storm, summons a Goblin and attacks my Gorilla.

I Soul Exchange his GAF for Mobius and destroy his set card. He summons a Reflect Bounder, falsley assuming it's going to protect him and I won't attack it. Who cares? I'll attack a Reflect Bounder any time, buddy. But I don't. I Brain Control it for another Mobius, getting rid of his set S/T. I Premature Burial Anubis and attack him for 7300LP damage and that would be GG.


I draw the ever so useless DMoC again and it sits and sits in my hand. I have the same problem I had in an earlier duel. I never draw a tribute monster I can use all my control cards for. I lose miserably. DMoC just doesn't cut it in this deck.


To make a long story short, this guy will dump his hand all the time and he certainly did it this game. He set three S/T cards, two of which were Dust Tornado and activated SoRL on his first turn. Thestalos takes out his BLS (hahahah) and Light of Intervention kills his stupid little Magician of Faiths and I simply over power him because he has no cards.

WOW! I made it to the finals! Excellent. I'm thinking the deck can work really well with a little fine tuning.


I lost to this deck in the second round. I lose to it again in the finals. I'm not even going to go into any great detail because you can guess how the duels went. This guy is the LUCKIEST duelist in the world and is a prime example of how my motto, "He who draws the broken cards first, wins!" is so TRUE!


Heavy Storm, Vortex, Delinquent Duo.


Heavy, Graceful, Delinquent, Lightning Vortex and Mirror Force. By the third turn, he has BLS out on the field. Tribe gets rid of it but he top decks Premature Burial. The duel is done in four turns. Crazy luck.

I get a little ticked off because there's no skill in that. CCC decks are so no brainer.

Oh well. It's ALL GOOD!

I made it to the finals! Cool. I had no idea the deck would do that well. Now, it's off to tweak it a little for tomorrow! I get my packs for coming in first loser position and pull nothing worth keeping. It doesn't matter.

Until next time, happy dueling!


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