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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Chaos Deck

Willy Phan

Excalibur Comics, Etobicoke/Toronto, Ontario

9 Participants

$5 admission, $10 if you want a Tournament Pack

Prizes: Store credit depending on total admissions

Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2005


My Deck: 40 cards


Monsters: 18


1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

1 Airknight Parshath

1 Jinzo

1 Chaos Sorcerer

3 Thunder Dragon

3 Zombyra The Dark

2 Magician of Faith

1 D.D. Warrior Lady

1 Tribe Infecting Virus

1 Exiled Force

1 Breaker the Magical Warrior

1 Sangan

1 Sinister Serpent


Spells: 16


1 Graceful Charity

1 Delinquent Duo

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Heavy Storm

1 Pot of Greed

2 Nobleman of Crossout

2 Smashing Ground

1 Creature Swap

1 Swords of Revealing Light

2 Scapegoat

1 Premature Burial

1 Snatch Steal

1 Dimension Fusion


Traps: 6


1 Torrential Tribute

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Mirror Force

1 Ring of Destruction

2 Dust Tornado


Side Deck: 15


3 Fusilier Dragon, The Dual Mode Beast

2 Spirit Reaper

3 Metamorphosis

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

1 Creature Swap

1 Deck Devastation Virus

1 Chaos Sorcerer

1 Tsukuyomi


Fusion Deck: 35


2 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

1 Dragoness the Wicked Knight

1 Fusionist

2 Darkfire Dragon

2 Karbonala Warrior

2 Reaper On the Nightmare

2 Flame Swordsman

2 Giltia the D. Knight

1 Dark Balter the Terrible

1 Fiend Skull Dragon

3 Ojama King

2 Punished Eagle

3 Sanwitch

1 Ryu Senshi

1 Dark Blade the Dragon Knight

2 Thousand Dragon

1 King Dragun

3 St. Joan

2 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

1 Master of Oz


All right, so I was told by my friend Danny to go to Excalibur on Saturday.  So I woke up early, dragged Jordan, Tommy, Tommy’s younger brother Johnny to Excalibur with me for two reasons: ONE: so someone could pay my bus fare, TWO: I was looking forward to showing them the tourney environment.

So when we got there, we went upstairs and I was expecting a large crowd like the last time I came, yet there were only 5 other guys there.  Then later on, I realized that it was the Nationals that weekend which explains the small crowd.  Okay, so we signed up, I made sure Tommy, Johnny and Jordan had at least 40 cards in their deck and followed the banned list.  Ding ding, tournament time!


Round 1: Me vs. Tommy (Stall/Burn deck)


Let me make a note that I was the one who modified and built all three decks of Johnny, Jordan and Tommy.  Never did I expect Tommy’s deck to do so well against me of all times.  Previously, on casual evenings, I duel Tommy and I always win the match with no struggle.  This time however, was different.


Game 1: Bad game for me.  I playing my Zombyra early and attacked his face down card to find a Des Koala and I had 6 cards in my hand, taking 2400 damage early.  Ouch. Tommy then played Gravity Bind for some stall and Chain Energy for some fun.  Then he played an Ojama Trio, clogging up my field then played Lava Golem, followed by Wave Motion Cannon and some Secret Barrels to take me out. Winner: Tommy


Game 2: I forgot to bring my Mobius with me that day so I was out of luck. I used Nobleman of Crossout to rid Tommy of his Des Koalas early, discarded my Thunder Dragons, tributed Zombyra for Airknight, removed a Thunder Dragon and Zombyra for BLS. Tommy tried his hardest to stall but I had my Dust Tornados wipe out his last S/T defenses. He wasn’t able to recover from that and I attacked several times for the win. Winner: Me


Game 3: I had a horrible hand, with more than 1 Thunder Dragon in my opening hand and no Level 4 or lower monsters to play.  Afterwards, Tommy launched 2 Wave Motion Cannons for 2000 damage a piece, which totaled for 4000.  To make it worse, I had Ojama Trios clogging up my field. What did I do? I attacked with them to make some room on my field.  I was finally able to get BLS afterwards and then… a Secret Barrel by Tommy. It was just enough to kill me. Winner: Tommy


Dumbfounded that an amateur burn deck beat me, I dueled a new guy who was watching the tournament a few times. Interesting Dragon Deck he ran, I was strongly intimidated by his Armed Dragon LV 7.


Round 2: Me vs. (I forget his name, friendly guy and runs a great stall/burn deck, similar to Tommy’s but more focused and stronger)


Game 1: The game started and ended off quickly, as he played Level Limit Area B, Ojama Trio, Des Koala with a couple of Wave Motion Cannons and took me out. Winner: Him


Game 2: Once again, a lousy opening hand at a crucial time. I think I had Magician of Faith, Thunder Dragon and a useless Dimension fusion. When I was able to get Breaker and Zombyra on the field, he defended with Scapegoats and it was like the first game, with Wave Motion Cannon and other common used burn cards to take me out.  Winner: Him


 OKAY, around this time, Danny and Andrew show up, these two always show up yet don’t play in the Tourneys, especially since Danny’s using a proxy Phoenix in his deck. When the next match-ups were announced, I was given a free match win because there was no one to face me because it was an odd number of participants. I relaxed, and dueled Andrew’s Dark Magician Deck. Finally, the 4th round match-ups were announced.


Round 4: Me vs. (I also forgot his name but I’ve seen him several times at Excalibur and runs a Warrior-Beatdown deck)


Game 1: Thinking that I was going to have some Blade Knights and Goblin Attack Forces smacking me around, I stupidly set my Zombyra and watched it get destroyed by… his Zombyra.  It all went downhill for me as he played Mataza the Zapper equipped with United We Stand, had like 2 other Warriors on the field and slaughtered my life points.  Winner: Him


Side deck time, I put took out 3 of my Zombyras and shoved in my Fusilier Dragons, removed Dimension Fusion, Chaos Sorcerer and Creature Swap for 3 Metas.


Game 2: I had NO playable monsters in my hand so I was forced to set one S/T and on he predicted it was Scapegoat and was correct.  Then I was able to use Pot of Greed to pick up Fusilier and m0rphed him into King Dragun. Nice field advantage and I was able to do some damage to his life points.  He used Smashing Ground to take out King Dragun, played Command Knight, Marauding Captain and Blade Knight and wiped me out. Winner: Him


Bad day, I wish there were more people or noobs to play. The Top 8 Finals were next, even though there were only 9 people.  Jordan ended up eliminated as his A.L.O deck lost 0-4. I was matched up against Johnny and started glowing because I had dueled Johnny’s Dark Magician deck the night before with the same cards and defeated him with no struggles whatsoever.


Game 1: Discarded Thunder Dragon early, m0rphed out King Dragun and had BLS on the field in like my first two turns.  Afterwards I brought out Airknight to trample over his Apprentice Magicians and Magician of Faiths. For some reason, he discarded his Messenger of Peace so I attacked with BLS for the win. Winner: Me


Game 2: Used Breaker to smack his lifepoints around then I brought BLS out afterwards. He used Tsukoyomi to flip down my BLS and then used Nobleman of Crossout on it.  Looks like I’ll have to win it without the big guy.  Late in the game, the both of us cleared out the whole field with Torrential Tribute and Heavy Storm.  I was able to bring out Jinzo with two Thunder Dragons in my hand and a Meta. Not really paying attention what his face-down S/T could be, yet paid attention to knowing that his face down monster was an Apprentice or Faith, I actually tributed Jinzo, for Thunder Dragon and m0rphed him into Balter, who was then killed by Johnny’s face down Ring of Destruction. The damage from Ring of Destruction sent the game into a Draw. If I had m0rphed out Ryu Senshi or Fiend Skull Dragon, maybe I wouldn’t have lost =/ Winner: None, it was a draw.


Game 3: On my opening turn, I went mad with hand advantage, discarding a Thunder Dragon, played Graceful Charity, discarded the other two, played Pot of Greed, used Premature Burial to revive one then tribute for Jinzo. All in like a 20 second span. I set Dust Tornado and another Trap even though Jinzo was on the field and ended. Gadzooks, Johnny snatched my Jinzo, played his Skilled Dark Magician and Sangan and I was defenseless as he attacked me directly several times. Winner: Johnny (!)


Sudden Death: Okay so player with first life point loss loses.  I played cautiously, putting my Zombyras back in, brought out Airknight,attacked for the trample damage, hoping to win, when Johnny plays Magic Cylinder. !@#$* I lost to someone I shouldn’t have lost to.  Winner: Johnny


So after being eliminated with a  1-4 record, I went downstairs, bought 3 TLM packs and 2 FET’s.  Pulled a nice Hieracosphinx, Elemental Mistress Doriado, a Chiron the Mage, some other crappy FET rare and…. a HERO SIGNAL? Boo, I wanted some D.D. Survivors!  I traded off the Hieracosphinx to one of the players upstairs for an Ultra Rare MST, since I was tired of using a common one.  Tommy, Johnny and Jordan went home, Johnny buying a Breaker for $20 downstairs after hassling Tommy for Money, the Breaker, BTW, had a medium bend on the left =P


I stayed behind watching Danny and Andrew duel, Beastdown vs. Dark Magician deck while I think the second guy I dueled with the burn deck came in first place and I’m unsure what he won. Then my dad picked me up and I left.






-              Doing SOMEWHAT better in this tournament than the last one with my old Beastdown deck           which went 0-3 during Spring Break

-                      Getting an Ultra Rare MST, using this Chaos deck in tourney environment

-                      Being able to get out of the house on a Saturday

-                      Getting my first start of TLM pack

-              Watching Andrew buy all the common Element Charmers for a scary yet funny collection purpose reason



-                      Hearing Danny wanting to collect 40 Hiita The Fire Charmer cards to back-sleeve them into his deck’s sleeves -_- AND YOU LAUGHED AT MY IDEA OF ELEMENT SOLDIERS!

-                      Not winning anything

-                      Still a mediocre tourney for me



To contact me for deck suggestions or comments (Please nothing rude) you cant contact me at captain_phan@hotmail.com

Have fun and thanks for reading this. – Willy Phan




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