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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

k05 deck xxxavo kryptonite comics Union City

Deck's Name: K05
Deck's Type: Chaos Deck
Player's Name: (me) XxXaVo
Store's Name: Kryptonite Comics
Store's Location: Union City, Nj
Date: June 4th, 2005
Number of people that participated: 10

Hi I'm xxxavo or if you live around the area yes I'm Pedro so this is my second tourney report hope you
enjoy it. Anyway about two weeks you may remember my earth aggro deck it was kick ass but thanks
to a visit to Neutral grounds in New York i realized that my deck wasn't competitive enough so even
though i hate BLS (too cheesy) well i finally took it out of my binder and put it in my deck. Now the
first chaos i created i was using magician of faiths and apprentices but i realized i was stalling to much
and i hate stalling so i made more changes to make it more aggressive. This is what i ended up playing
on the tourney

Number of cards in deck:40

[3] level 5 or higher monsters

1 x Black luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning
1 x Jinzo
1 x Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

[13] Level 4 or lower Monsters

[4] Light

2 x Blade Knight
1 x Asura Priest
1 x D.D. Warrior Lady

[4] Dark

1 x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1 x Breaker
1 x Sangan
1 x Spirit Reaper

[5] other Attributes

2 x D.D. Assailant
1 x Exiled Force
1 x Tribe Infecting Virus
1 x Spirit Reaper

[17] Spells

1 x Pot of greed
1 x Graceful Charity
1 x Delinquent Duo
1 x Heavy Storm
1 x Mystical Space Typhoon
1 x Snatch Steal
1 x Premature Burial
1 x Lightning Vortex
1 x Smashing Ground
1 x Nobleman of Cross out
1 x Swords of revealing light
2 x Reinforcement of the Army
2 x Scapegoat
2 x book of moon

[7] traps

1 x Call of the Haunted
1 x Ring of Destruction
1 x Mirror force
1 x Torrential Tribute
2 x Bottomless Trap Hole
1 x Dust tornado

[15] Side deck

1 x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1 x Mystic Swordsman Lv2
1 x Apprentice Magician
2 x Magician of faith
2 x Electric Snake
1 x Metamorphosis
1 x Smashing Ground
1 x Nobleman of cross out
1 x Cease fire
3 x Phoenix wing wind blast
2 x hallowed life barrier

ok let's get to the tourney report

1st. Match
Me vs A small kid
2 - 0

Oh my god i fell so bad they made me play against some kid is just not fair the poor kid seem like he
just started playing i was basically teaching how to play and explaining all the effects of the cards
it was an easy win after the duel i wanted to give him some cards but then to my surprise my tin with
all my good common cards, rares and some crappy foils disappeared thank god i still have my binder
all my shiny good stuff

2nd Match
Me vs Rock Deck
4 - 0

1st duel

alright so this guy made rock deck like everyone else he got the idea from the new lost millenium set
basically he was just stalling with 2000 defense monsters but all that came down when i got my zaborg on
the field there was no match but then he surprised me after i flipped his cyber jar he got the
megarock dragon which he summoned next turn right away with an amazing 2800 but thank god i was
prepared for it finally i had a breaker without the counter face up on the field and 5 cards on my hand
he summoned the amazones chain master which he suicide against my breaker and paid 1500 to take a
monster from my hand so i let him see my hand he was so surprised to see 4 spells and 1 trap ha ha that
was funny

2nd duel

for this duel i main decked my mystic swordsman lv2 and one more nobleman of crossout the duel started
set a cyber which i destroyed with my mystic swords lv2 then he set again i attacked and he had to play
mirror force i think to destroy it and keep the effect main phase 2 i summoned and exiled i destroyed
his face down threat and basically that was it he summoned his dragon again with 2800 but I'm always
prepared for the big threats and after that he couldn't do anything against me

3rd Match

Me vs standard deck
6 - 0

this deck had a little bit of everything so and ended kinda quick so i don't remember much about it but
only that i won sorry for no details I'm going to start taking notes next time

Now if you think about this tourney was pretty easy next time I'm going to neutral grounds for the
I'm sure I'm going to get my ass kicked but at least I'm going to try.

And that was the end of the tournament i got 18 bucks and some more reputation it was funny my friend
Carlos and i were on the car trading with some guys they give a call to some friends and since he didn't
know my name he just said "here we are trading cards with the guy that beat you " i started laughing
no one ever referred to me like that.


- seeing the power of Asura priest
- winning some cards in duels (dark necrofear, blast magician, scapegoat, Asura priest)
- winning the tourney
- getting a winged kuriboh on one of my packs


- lost my tin
- easy tourney
- only 10 people in the tourney

Now next week i can't participate on the tournament since they have a rule that the winner cannot
on the next tourney but it's ok since this week is the shonen jump tournament and the regionals

Now if you think you have any fixes for my deck or you think something is wrong with the report or you
are going to the shonen jump tournament and want to see me there or trade with me or play with me just
write me an email to xxxavo@gmail.com and I'll give you the details there

Thanks to you all for the feedback on the first tourney report i hope to see more on this one

good bye to you all

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