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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Jordan Jones [mailto:jonesy_rocks@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 11:46 AM

Subject: Zombie Deck, Jordan Jones, BC&T, Ft. Wayne, IN

Zombie Deck
Jordan Jones
BC&T-Ft. Wayne, IN
13 Participants (small)
$2.00 Admission
Prizes: 1st- 2 TP6 packs and 2 TLM packs
2nd- 2 TLM packs
3rd- 1 TLM pack

My Deck: 40 cards

Monsters: 17

2 Vampire Lord
2 Ryu Kokki
3 Pyramid Turtle
2 Spirit Reaper
2 Magician of Faith
1 D.D. Assailant
1 D.D. Warrior Lady
1 Tribe-Infecting Virus
1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
1 Sangan
1 Sinister Serpent

Spells: 17

1 Pot of Greed
1 Graceful Charity
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
1 Snatch Steal
1 Premature Burial
1 Delinquent Duo
2 Nobleman of Crossout
2 Enemy Controller
1 Lightning Vortex
1 Scapegoat
2 Book of Life
1 Creature Swap
1 Metamorphosis

Traps: 6

2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force
1 Ring of Destruction

Fusions: 28

1 The Warrior Returning Alive
1 Saint Joan
2 Skull Knight
1 Labyrinth Tank
1 Ryu Senshi
2 Dark Blade the Dragon Knight
1 Punished Eagle
3 Mokey Mokey King
3 Super Roboyarou
2 Super Robolady
2 Dark Balter the Terrible
2 Fiend Skull Dragon
1 Reaper on the Nightmare
1 Deepsea Shark
1 Flower Wolf
1 Dragoness the Wicked Knight
1 Fusionist
2 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Hey guys! This is my tournament report from last Sunday, and it is now Tuesday, therefore it may be a little rusty. I still remember some of the exact plays so here it goes...

First Round: Me vs. Juan (new person at the tournament with a beatdown deck)

Game one- I won the die roll and I was obviously going first. I started off with Delinquent Duo and got rid of a nobleman and I forget what he discarded. I set a Pyramid Turtle and a Bottomless Trap Hole. He summoned a D.D. Assailant and of course, I Bottomlessed it. He set a Spell/ Trap and ended. My turn now and I summoned D.D. Warrior Lady and he activated his Torrential Tribute. I set my Ring and ended. He summoned and attacked so I ringed it. I drew a Spirit Reaper, played it and attacked which left him with one card in his hand. His turn now and he played premature on Jinzo, the monster he discarded with Delinquent. I took control of his Jinzo with either Snatch Steal or Creature Swap. From there, I kept hand control and took control of the game for the win.

Game two- Geez!! Like second turn he got out V-Lord, Dark Magician of Chaos and D.D. Warrior Lady. I could only wish for a Lightning Vortex and.......................I didn't draw it. Darn! I couldn't stop his attacks and he had won that game.

Game three- I remember getting out Thousand-Eyes Restrict and sucking up something that was 2400 atk, either Mobius or Jinzo. From there, I got hand and field advantage and took game three for the round.

Round 2: Me vs. Kid with a random deck

Game one- Wow! This kid wasn't that good at all. First turn he set a spell/trap. My turn I played Graceful discarding my V-Lord and then Prematured it and he played Bottomless...nice play. I then normal summoned Spirit Reaper and attacked, getting rid of a card in his hand. I set a Bottomless and ended my turn. He then summoned a card that I haven't even seen before, I was about to play bottomless, but it was only like 800 atk.
It was Burglar from TP6. He attacked my Spirit Reaper and ended. My turn now and I drew Pyramid Turtle and attacked his Burglar(LoL). Then Spirit Reaper attacked and got rid of a card in his hand. Next turn he just drew and ended. Ok..... So my turn now and I summoned my other Reaper and got rid of two cards. Now he had one card in his hand and I kept doing this until I wiped his LP out.

Game two- I kinda forget this game. I do remember him summoning a Gemini Elf and kept attacking my Pyramid Turtles, which retrieved my V-Lords.
Since I got both of my V-Lords out, he basically lost right away, although he did start to come back with help of Zombyra the Darks. But once those Zombyras got to be 1500, I would wipe them out for game. After that match I gave the kid some commons: Insect Knights and Threatening Roars.

Round three: Me vs. Robbie(11th in state, always beats me)

Game one- I remember this game because it aggravated both Robbie and I. I set Sinister first turn and he set a monster too. That was the only monster I drew for like 9 turns straight, but I got rid of way over half of Robbie's spells( I think he said there were 13). He looked in his graveyard and saw that he only had a few more spells and decided he would give me the win for that game. OK! I'll take a free game win any day.

Game two- We had both played Ring this game and we had the same amount of life points. He summoned Tribe and attacked and hit me for 1600. Time was running out and I was worried that he would win because his sidedeck is filled with burn cards in case of a draw. There was like 3 minutes left so I had to work fast. I had a Call of the Haunted down for awhile and just waited to use it. I then brought back V-Lord with Book of Life and then used Call of the Haunted on my Ryu Kokki. I attackes with both and he had 1300 left, while I was down to 2200. He set a monster and ended. I then drew one of the best draws ever for this scenario. I drew D.D. Warrior Lady and summoned it. Attacked his facedown Reaper and removed, attacked with V-Lord for game. Yay! I finally beat Robbie. I then knew that this deck was one of my best that I have made since I beat him. Now, I knew who I was going to play since this was the last round of swiss and there was one more dude that was undefeated, the number one guy in state! No!!!!

Round 4: Me vs. Aaron Myers(1st in state, warrior deck, almost beat him

Game one- I went first and set a monster facedown along with Scapegoat. Of course, he summoned Marauding and special summoned Mystic Swordsman LV4.
The LV4 took out my facedown and I then played Scapegoat when he attacked with Marauding. Next turn I set a Spirit Reaper and a Mirror Force and ended my turn. He summoned an exiled force and Mystic Swordsman attacked my facedown monster and I chained with Mirror Force. He surprised me with a Solemn Judgment. Then, marauding, and Exiled Force attacked goats, and he tributed his Exiled to get rid of the last one. I drew crap, and he summoned Maura special summoning Mataza the Zapper and attacking for game.

Game two- Forget how this one went. I do remember him playing a Pot then Graceful Move, but I did end up winning this game somehow. I'm not really sure since he pulled off the Pot/ Graceful move.

Game three- This game I just remember the end of it. He had 2200 LP and I had my LP in the 5000s. We were both top decking and I drew a Magician of Faith and set it with many good spells in my graveyard. He then drew a Goblin and played it in attack mode. Instead of attacking, he just ended his turn. I flipped my Magician and brought back my Metamorphosis. I then played Metamorphosis on Magician and brought out my Thousand-Eyes to suck up his Goblin and attacked for game. Wow! That was probably the most scary match I've ever played. I actually beat the number one guy in the state of Indiana, and I went undefeated in four rounds of swiss.

I was ranked number one and my step-dad was number 8, so we had to play eachother. He built a beast deck this morning without testing it out or anything. I knew that I was going to beat him since he wasn't doing that good with it today.

Finals Round One: Me vs. Shawn(step-dad w/ beastdeck)

Game 1- He got out his flippin Enraged with a Berserk on the field and trampled the heck out of me. Then he brought out Airknight and kept drawing. He went ahead in hand advantage and took game one.

Game 2- I remember getting out a V-Lord and he kept destroying it with card effects and attacking me, but then next turn V-Lord always came back and I would kill his monster. It was crazy. Then, I got V-Lord, Pyramid Turtle and Spirit Reaper on the field and I took out his hand and life points for game.

Game 3- Ahh! I was so nervous now. He was going first and he summoned a Berserk Gorilla and ended his turn. I summoned my Pyramid Turtle and played Creature Swap to take control of his Berserk Gorilla. Berserk then attacked the Turtle and I brought out V-Lord to nail him for 2000 and remove a trap card from his deck. He summoned Tribe and discarded to cards to get rid of my monsters and attack for 1600. Then, during my standby phase, V-Lord came back and I summoned D.D. Assailant. They both attacked and I ended. He set a spell/trap and ended. I then attacked and he played Sakuretsu Armor on my Spirit Reaper. He didn't draw anything that could help him and I then attacked for game.

Semi-Finals: Me vs. Brian Lamb(very good soul control deck, usually beats

Game 1- He drew crap! He couldn't even play anything on his first turn. I smacked him with two Pyramid Turtles and ended. Then he Snatched one Turtle and tributed it for a Thestalos, getting rid of my D.D. Warrior Lady in my hand. He attacked my Turtle and I brought out my Ryu Kokki. My turn and I drew my Snatch Steal and used it on his Thestalos and attacked with both of my monsters. He then played Heavy Storm getting rid of my Snatch Steal and he Summoned Tribe. He suicided his Thestalos with my Ryu Kokki and attacked me with Tribe for 1600. I drew a Graceful and discarded V-Lord. I then played Book of Life on V-Lord and normal summoned Breaker. I used breaker's effect to get rid of his facedown MIRROR FORCE!!! PHEW!!! I attacked the Tribe with V-Lord and Breaker for game.

Game 2- He got off his darn Soul Exchanges and swarmed me until I drew Lightning Vortex. I then got out both of my V-Lords, one with Pyramid Turtle and one with Book of Life. With these on the field, I dominated and took out his life points. WOW! I finally beat Brian. It has been like 4 weeks since I've played him, and I lost to him. Woo Hoo! Finals, here I come.

FINALS: Me vs. Robbie(Chaos deck I beat before)

Game one- I got out my V-Lord and Breaker and kept attacking until I ran into a Mirror Force. Then he set a monster and ended. V- Lord came back and I played premature on Ryu Kokki. Then, I played Nobleman of Crossout on his facedown monster. I attacked with ryu Kokki and V-Lord, and instead of drawing and having a chance of drawing Pot, Graceful Charity, or BLS, he just gave me that win since he had to hurry because his parents were waiting for him.

Game two- I got both of my Spirit Reapers on the field attacking him and he couldn't, or wouldn't, stop their attacks, therefore, I got rid of his hand in a matter of a few turns. From there, it was all downhill for him. I got out a Ryu Kokki and Breaker also and kept attacking him until it was over.

Yay! I finally won a tournament. It has been forever since I have won one, plus, I won with a deck without BLS in it. Sweet!

Props: Winning and getting 2 TP6 packs and 2 TLM packs!!!
Beating the number one guy in state.
Beating Robbie twice, who is eleventh in Indiana.

Slops: No holos out of all four packs.
Having to play my step dad and knocking him out of the tournament.

Jordan Jones, contact me at jonesy_rocks@hotmail.com THANKS!!!

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