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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

This tournament report was written up on Wordpad by Aniodia, also known as Adam Best. if you wish to contact me, you can e-mail me at aniodia@yahoo.com.


It was on yet another Sunday in Clifton Park, New York, that I went to my "local" tournament at the Gamer's Guild (local in that it was within half an hour driving distance) and hung out. Normally I would play, but I'm currently waiting upon a second Anti-Spell Fragrance to arrive in the mail, as well as pestering my little brother's friend to trade his Big Shield Guardna. Since I wasn't going to play today, I allowed my little brother to run some of the cards I have singles of (Mirror Force, Lightning Vortex among them) in his deck.

Anyway, last week, a member of the local team, Team Topdeck, by the name of Mitch approached me, asking me to write up his tournament report. I agreed when he said the magic words: "I'll pay you." :D So this week, he approached me with this deck in his bid to take home some more packs:

<~:| High-Level Monsters - 3 |:~>
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
2 Airknight Parshath

<~:| Low-Level Monsters - 13 |:~>
2 D. D. Assailants
2 Magicians of Faith
1 Big Shield Guardna
1 D. D. Warrior Lady
1 Exiled Force
1 Don Zaloog
1 Zombyra the Dark
1 Blade Knight
1 Sangan
1 Sinister Serpent
1 Morphing Jar (Wish I had one... ;_;)

<~:| Magics - 16 |~:>
2 Nobleman of Crossout
2 Smashing Ground
2 Book of Moon
1 Pot of Greed
1 Graceful Charity
1 Delinquent Duo
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
1 Lightning Vortex
1 Snatch Steal
1 My Body as a Shield
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Premature Burial

<~:| Traps - 7 |:~>
2 Dust Tornados
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Mirror Wall
1 Ring of Destruction
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute

<~:| Side Deck |:~>
3 Acrobat Monkeys (His favorite card, and, as he says, "It stops Kycoo.")
2 Mefist the Infernal General
2 Tsukuyomi
2 Des Wombat
1 Apprentice Magician
1 Sakuretsu Armor
1 Needle Ceiling
1 Elephant Statue of Disaster
1 Mystic Tomato
1 Ceasefire

Surprisingly, he doesn't run Jinzo nor Royal Decree. After asking him, he explained that Jinzo is an overused tool, and he doesn't want to trade away his Morphing Jar for a Decree when he could get one from DB2 within the week. In addition, right before the first round pairings, Mitch dropped a Robbin' Goblin from his maindeck to allow for the second Airknight, a move that was a wise decision.

Any of my notes will be marked with <[ ]>

ROUND 1 - Jesus #2 Running: Bad Skill Drain
<[ The main clerk during the sunday tournaments has earned the nickname Jesus because of his beard and long hair, so when a second Jesus (pronounced hey-Zeus) started coming, he became Jesus #2. d=('_'d) ]>

After shuffling, Mitch wins the die roll and chooses to go first, drawing his Morphing Jar, Heavy Storm, a Dust Tornado, a Magician of Faith, and a Book of Moon opening hand, with Nobleman coming up. After a minute of thought, he summons the Jar, then sets three cards and passes the turn. Jesus #2 is a bit quicker to drop a face-down monster and two other cards, then lets Mitch draw. Sensing an advantage, Mitch Books his Morphing Jar face-down, then sets two more cards. After emptying his hand of chaff, he flips the Jar, discarding one Magician and drawing his second. He then flips up a Nobleman of Crossout, only to be negated with a Magic Jammer. Unfortunately, Jesus has to discard his Torrential Tribute to stop his Cyber Jar from being removed, only for Mitch to drop a second Nobleman.

Grumbling, Jesus removes his Jar as Mitch drops a Don Zaloog and swings with both of his monsters, drawing first blood and discarding a Tribute to the Doomed. Jesus apparently likes what he draws next, as he drops a Giant Orc and activates Pineapple Blast, forcing Mitch to destroy his Morphing Jar. After setting one card face-down, Jesus surprisingly passes the turn, though Mitch end-of-turn Dust Tornado's the newly set Rope of Life. Mitch then drops a D. D. Warrior Lady, and rams her head-on into the Orc, taking a 700 point hit, and removes them both to allow Don to swing in. However, Jesus' cute little fuzzball, Kuriboh, drops into the Graveyard to save Jesus from getting milled. Mitch then passes the turn, only for Jesus to topdeck a Premature Burial, bringing back a Zombyra discarded earlier from the Morphing Jar and tries to kill Donny Z, only to run into a Mirror Wall and die. Jesus then sets another card and passes, only for it to be Heavy Stormed away. Mitch then swings in again with Don, milling away a Skill Drain and Swords of Revealing Light. Mitch then contemplates setting a card, but allows Jesus to go, and he sets his topdeck, looking rather displeased. Mitch then draws, and topdecks the Pot. Drawing his two, Breaker then hits the field, breaking the face-down Dark Mirror Force. With victory in sight, Mitch swings for the dome, and would have milled away a Dark Elf and an Altar for Tribute had Jesus not died. On to Game 2!

Jesus opens game 2 with the card that won the last game, Pot of Greed. He then repeats his last opening, one set monster, two set cards, and allows Mitch his first draw. Unfortunately, Mitch has BLS, Graceful, Duo, Call of the Haunted, and Exiled Force opening hand, a bad portent for Jesus. "The Delinquent Fun-Killer", as Mitch refers to it, knocks a Summoned Skull and a Boar Warrior from his opponent's hand, eliciting a confused look from myself. Mitch then Gracefuls into a Morphing Jar, Smashing Ground, and Blade Knight, dropping the Lightning Vortex he drew this turn, as well as an Exiled Force. He then summons the Blade Knight and swings, hoping for a Magician, but getting a Sinister Serpent. He then sets a card and passes, as Jesus returns his Serpent to his hand. Setting the Serpent and another card, he then passes back to Mitch, who's Call of the Haunted gets back Exiled Force to kill the Serpent again. Not liking Jesus' face-down card, he Heavy Storms it away, then sets a monster and another card, and connects with the Blade Knight for a solid 2000 points.

Jesus topdecks a Dark Elf and summons it, forgetting to return Sinister this time, and sets a card, only for Mitch to topdeck an MST and destroy it. He then Smashes the Elf away, then flips his Morphing Jar, pulling his Big Shield, a Magician, Serpent, a Book of Moon, and Nobleman. Seeing an open field, Mitch swings in for another 2300, then sets a card and passes. Jesus proceeds to set 4 (!) cards in a row, then Gracefuls, discarding a Rope of Life and Zombyra. He then plays a Nobleman of Extermination out of nowhere and removes Mitch's Mirror Force, with more grumbling as Jesus' Force is gone as well. Not done yet, Jesus then drops Swords of Revealing Light, then passes the turn, only to Dust Tornado Mitch's MST, which is chained to destroy Jesus' Token Thanksgiving. He then Pots, getting Warrior Lady and Airknight, then sets a monster and two cards. Jesus plays Draw-Go, while Mitch sets another monster, to be met with Jesus setting a card and passing again.

Mitch draws, then Books down his (surprisingly) still face-up Morphing Jar, flips up a Magician, only for Jesus to Torrential. Mitch still pulls back a Heavy Storm, which is promptly played, and Jesus tries in vain to activate Hidden Book of Spell. A D. D. Assailant hits the field and beats Jesus for 1700. Jesus counters by setting both a monster and a card, only for Mitch to Nobleman his face-down Armor Exe. The Assailant strikes again knocking another 1700 off Jesus' LP. Mitch then sets a card, only to be staring down Jesus' Goblin Attack Force. The Goblins are quickly destroyed, though; victims of a Ring of Destruction. With but a single card down, Jesus passes, only for Mitch to Dust Tornado his Pineapple Blast. Mitch then drops a Sinister, swings with the Assailant, then savagely beats Jesus for the win with the Serpent.

With a win in his belt, Mitch heads into Round 2 in the winner's bracket, and takes on one of the regulars.

ROUND 2 - Brendan G. Running: Chaos with Buster Blader?
Again, Mitch wins the die roll, and has a nice opening hand, with Graceful Charity, Don Zaloog, Ring of Destruction, Book of Moon, Premature Burial, and Lightning Vortex off the draw. Graceful fetches him Pot, Sangan and Nobleman, as he tosses Book and Vortex to the grave. Pot then brings up a D. D. Assailant and Zombyra, who's summoned to the field. Mitch passes, only for Brendan to summon a Magician of Faith and Metamorph it right away, having his new Thousand-Eyes Restrict absorb Zombyra and swing for 2100. Mitch then sets a monster and a card and passes, though his plans are ruined when Brendan plays Nobleman on the face-down Assailant, only for Thousand-Eyes to attack into a Ring of Destruction.

Trying to rebuild his field advantage, Brendan sets a monster and a card, passing to Mitch. Mitch responds nicely by MSTing the face-down Mirror Force and Crossouts the Magician of Faith, though only Mitch is hurt by removing his own two Magicians. Don then drops in on Mitch's field and connects with Brendan's Life Points, forcing a Blade Knight to hit the grave. Exiled Force then drops in to say no to Don, as Brendan sets a card to give him field advantage again. Mitch laughs his way to the bank, though, as his Breaker destroys the Lightning Vortex set as a bluff. Mitch then sets a card of his own and declines the attack, passing back to Brendan. A face-down monster hits the field, and the turn quickly goes back to Mitch, who Crosses Out the Night Assailant, this time hurting Brendan more. Mitch then summons Sangan, Premature Burials back Don, and swings with them and Breaker for the first win.

Brendan starts game 2 with a Pot, then sets a monster and a card before passing. Mitch grips his own Pot, in addition to Premature, Storm, Graceful, and a Warrior Lady, and drops the Pot for a Snatch Steal and Tornado. Heavy Storm destroys Brendan's Bottomless Trap Hole, and Warrior Lady swings into Magician of Faith, pulling back the Pot. Mitch sets a card and passes, and Brendan smokes the Pot once again, and Storms away a set Dust Tornado. Brain Control pulls Warrior Lady to Brendan, though she doesn't stay long as Jinzo drops into play. Strangely, the Android doesn't go for the head as Mitch Gracefuls into Reinforcement, Book, and a Magician, tossing the Zombyra drawn first turn and Premature. Book flips Jinzo down, and a Blade Knight finishes him off. Unfortunately, Brendan Prematures Jinzo back, and summons a Skilled White Magician <[Why not the other way around??]> and attacks. Mitch manages to Snatch the Jinzo, then kills the Skilled White with the Android. A monster is set, and the 1000 points is gained. Brendan summons the Exiled Force, who takes Jinzo with them on their way off the field, and a card is set.

Mitch then flips his Magician, pulling back Pot. Once more with feeling, the Pot is played, dredging up a Sangan and Morphing Jar. Sangan hits, and the Critter and Magician connect for a whopping 1300 points. Brendan responds by setting another card, and summoning the Twin-Headed Behemoth, crushing the Magician on it's way to Mitch's face. However, Mitch topdecks the Envoy of Brokenness, removing Zombyra and Magician, only for Brendan to try to Ring for the win. However, in a nice move, Mitch declares priority and has Soldier remove himself to neuter the Ring. With a happy look on his face, Mitch sets a monster and passes, only to be hit with the Fun-Killer. Morphing Jar and D. D. Assailant hit the grave as Brendan sets a monster and rams the Behemoth heads-first into the big butt of Big Shield Guardna. Smacking himself for 1100 points kinda burst Brendan's bubble, so he passed to Mitch.

His Army was quite undermanned, so Mitch Reinforced it with the Exiled Force, destroying a face-down Magician. Big Shield ducked back behind his big shield, and a card hid behind him. Brendan responded in kind and Behemoth turned sideways as well. Mitch looked for an opportunity, and found it when flipped up his Ring of Destruction, killing the Behemoth and clearing Brendan's field. Summoning Sangan, he goes tor the throat, only to be met with a Mirror Force. Pulling Don into his hand, he sets a card and passes, while Brendan sets a monster and passes back. Mitch plays Draw-Go, topdecking Lightning Vortex, and Brendan sets another card. This turn, Airknight #1 rears his head, and BSG is tributed, only for Parshath to fall into a Bottomless Trap Hole. Mitch then sets a Torrential Tribute, but it's destroyed by a Typhoon. Brendan does nothing else, so Mitch sets a monster and a card, only to be hit by a topdecked Card Destruction. However, Mitch is rather happy, as one of the cards is Delinquent Duo. Brendan's Nobleman likes to hit face-down Magicians of Faith, but this time neither player removes any from their deck, as the rest of the Magicians are already dead.

Mitch plays it slowly, setting two cards before passing back to Brendan, who copies him and sets a card of his own. Mitch draws into, then plays, a Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying the Metamorphosis set as a bluff. Brendan is able to draw into a monster, as it's set on his field, but Mitch topdecks a D. D. Assailant, who attacks into the face-down Warrior Lady, and they are both removed. Brendan then sets another monster and a card, only to have Breaker ruin his fun. The counter is removed to destroy the set Nobleman, and Breaker attacks, only for the Night Assailant to drag him to the grave as well. Yet another of Brendan's monsters is set, and Mitch drops a card of his own. Another round of Draw-Go, and at the end of Brendan's turn, Mitch flips up his Call of the Haunted, reviving Morphing Jar. A Book of Moon drops it face-down, and Mitch flips it up again to pull a Dust Tornado, Smashing Ground, My Body as a Shield, a Serpent, and Nobleman. The Nobleman removes the face-down Skilled White Magician, and Serpent seals a second match.

As a general rule here at the Gamer's Guild, people within the same bracket are allowed to challenge each other, saving time and settling "grudges." At the end of the second round, another regular player by the name of Devon challenges the as-of-yet undefeated Mitch, and they sit down, Devon trash talking the whole time.

ROUND 3 - Devon Running: Earth
While Mitch and Devon shuffle up, Devon explains that he actually built the deck he was playing for a friend, and since he wasn't going to come, Devon might as well run it. He also mentions running two Big Shield Guardnas, though Mitch decided to run only one.

With the pre-game banter done, Mitch again starts the match with a nice hand, with Soldier, Mirror Wall, Graceful, Zombyra, Breaker and a Nobleman off the draw. Graceful digs into a Don, Magician, and Exiled, while Don and the Magician hit the grave. Zombyra stares at Devon's Life Points, and Mitch drops a card behind him to end his turn. Devon counters with his own Graceful, tossing s Sinister Serpent and Reinforcement of the Army away. Goblin Attack Force sees play again against Mitch, only to run into a Mirror Wall and die against the Zombyra. With nothing else, Devon sets two cards, while Breaker is summoned and swings against an open field. However, Devon expects this and flips up his Enemy Controller, and Breaker bends over as Devon's Serpent leaps back to his hand. D. D. Assailant sees play now, and Breaker is destroyed as Devon sets a card and passes. Mitch drops a Mirror Force face-down, and the Exiled Force removes the threat of the Assailant.

Devon feebly protects his Life Points by setting the Serpent, while Mitch kills his fun, as well as a Jinzo and Mystic Swordsman LV2, with a topdecked Duo. Sangan is summoned, and kills the Serpent, and Mitch bluffs a Nobleman of Crossout, only for Devon to call his bluff and Dust Tornado it away. Serpent comes back again, and Devon sets it and a card, while Mitch Noblemans the Serpent away. A monster is set, and the turn passes, only for Devon to Book + Nobleman the Sangan. Mitch replies by setting another monster, and Devon's own Sangan pops in and attacks, only to run into a Big Shield Guardna. Mitch then topdecks his Serpent, flips his Magician, Gracefuls again and gets My Body, Reinforcement, and Morphing Jar. Serpent and Jar hit the grave, while D. D. Warrior Lady Reinforces Mitch's field and removes the Sangan. Devon's D. D. Assailant Returns Alive, is accompanied on the field by a face-down card. Mitch smiles, and Typhoons the bluffed Snatch Steal while Black Luster Soldier hits the table. The Assailant goes back to the Different Dimension, and Mitch sets a card, only for Devon to do the same. Mitch Dust Tornados the face-down My Body as a Shield, and Soldier connects for the win.

Game 2 sees a Torrential Tribute, Sangan, Mirror Wall again, Smashing Ground, and Exiled Force in the opening hand, as Devon opens with the Goblins again, and sets a card to back up that threat. Mitch topdecks a Pot, which allows him to pull up Breaker and Zombyra. The Magical Warrior attempts to stop the Goblins from connecting, but Devon flips up a Ring of Destruction, burning Breaker as the counter was being put on. Not wanting to take 2300 next turn, Mitch Smashes the Goblins, then sets a card to end. Devon drops a Mystic Swordsman LV2 and connects for a whopping 900 points, then lays a pair of cards to protect the weak monster. Seeing Warrior Lady off the top, Mitch drops Zombyra, only to be Torrential Tributed. Mitch attempts to set his own Torrential, but is met with an end-of-turn Typhoon. Devon has the Mystic Swordsman Return Alive, and sets a monster, as Mitch summons the Exiled Force and destroys the set Magician of Faith. He then sets a card again, only this time Breaker comes into play and destroys the set Mirror Wall. With nothing to stop him, Breaker connects with Mitch for 1600 points.

This turn, Mitch topdecks a Blade Knight, but instead summons a D. D. Assailant and Breaker doesn't stand a chance. However, Devon draws into his own Exiled Force, and sets a card as the Force and Assailant hit the grave. With nothing but Devon's one card in play, Mitch drops a Sangan and knocks Devon's Life Points down by another 1000. Devon's luck turns, though as he Gracefuls, discarding a Jinzo and D. D. Assailant as Giant Rat swings into the Critter. Pulling Don out of the deck, Mitch then topdecks a Smashing, which clears the field for Don to swing. Devon manages to bend Don over with a chained Enemy Controller, though, allowing him to summon a Berserk Gorilla and kill the Dark Scorpion leader. However, Mitch Premature Burial's Don back, summons a D. D. Warrior Lady and swings, removing the Gorilla while taking 500 points. However, now Don can swing in, and Devon discards a Mystic Swordsman LV2.

With the end in sight, Devon sets a card as Don swings in again, a face-down monster joining him on Mitch's field. Devon sets a second card as Don attacks for a third time, milling away a Giant Rat and a Big Shield Guardna. Mitch then sets a second monster and a card, while Devon Crosses Out a Magician. However, it appears to be too little too late, as Mitch manages to guess correctly and destroy Devon's set Mirror Force, allowing Don to swing for the win, a set Warrior Returning Alive as a bluff.

<Lunch Break>
From the end of the third round, approx. 1:45 p.m., to 2:30, people are allowed to run out and grab some food from the food court right outside the door to the Gamer's Guild. A typical meal for myself is one, maybe two of Taco Bell's 1/2-pound Beef and Potato Burritos, with a cup of water to wash it down with. During this time, my little brother manages to pick up an Ultimate Rare Gearfried the Swordmaster, though I feel he got ripped off.

ROUND 4 - Melissa Running: Chaos
<[Melissa's the girlfriend of Fiction, the Tournament Organizer, as well as the one who record the results of each round.]>

As Mitch draws his opening hand, and sees a D. D. Assailant, Soldier, Dust Tornado, Smashing Ground, and My Body as a Shield, he tells me to note "Mitch loses." by this hand. Melissa starts by setting a monster, and Mitch drops his Assailant and runs into Sangan. Setting a card as Melissa fetches a Cyber Jar, Mitch can only watch as she summons a Magician of Faith and Creature Swaps, stealing the D. D. Assailant and killing her own Magician. Mitch can only set a card after drawing into Airknight, and Melissa drops both Kycoo AND Black Luster Soldier, adding to Mitch's pressure. Mitch flips up a Ring of Destruction to destroy the Soldier, but Kycoo and Assailant still swing in, leaving Mitch at 100 Life Points. At the end of her turn, Mitch flips up his Dust Tornado, only destoying Melissa's own Tornado. A topdecked Smashing Ground takes care of his own D. D. Assailant, and Mitch feebly sets a monster and a card, only for the bluffed My Body to be Typhoon'd away, and a D. D. Warrior Lady allows Melissa to take the first game quickly.

Zombyra, Book, Nobleman, Snatch Steal, and My Body as a Shield open game 2, with Mitch pulling Serpent off the draw. Zombyra is summoned to stare at Melissa, and a set card backs him up. However, the card is Typhoon'd away, which Melissa follows up with a Card Destruction. Mitch pulls Premature, a Typhoon of his own, Torrential, and Book of Moon as Melissa sets a monster for Zombyra to kill. Serpent joins Breaker in Mitch's hand, and the Magical Warrior is able to attack after Zombyra kills the set Blade Knight. Mitch sets a card, as Melissa pays 800 points to Brain Control Zombyra. Heavy Storm clears Mitch's field, Zombyra suicides with Breaker, and a monster is set as the turn is passed. Mitch responds by setting a monster and a card, while Melissa flips up her Magician of Faith to pull back and re-activate Card Destruction. This time, a second Assailant, Lightning Vortex and a Nobleman come to Mitch as Melissa sets two cards and Creature Swaps.

Mitch manages to topdeck a Typhoon, and is about to destroy one of Melissa's face-down cards when she chains and destroys her own Magician of Faith with a Ring of Destruction. Mitch quickly sets a monster just in case Melissa summons something big next turn, and he quickly finds that to be a smart choice as Kycoo and a Magician are removed for the Black Luster Soldier. Melissa doesn't like what Mitch has face-down, so the set Magician of Faith is removed as well. Mitch manags to remove the threat of the Soldier for a little while as he plays a Lightning Vortex. Setting a card and a monster, Melissa flips up her Dust Tornado, and destroys the Tornado Mitch had just set. Melissa sets a monster of her own, but Mitch's D. D. Assailant doesn't like it and swings, only to kill a Sinister Serpent. Melissa sets another card, forgetting to bring back Sinister, and Mitch attacks again, only for Scapegoats to pop up. With 3 sheep to go, Mitch sets a monster and passes, as Melissa plays Kycoo and flips up a Ceasefire, revealing the set Serpent. Kycoo swings into the Assailant, removing Zombyra and Breaker before being removed himself.

Mitch makes a comeback, though, topdecking Airknight Parshath and tributing the Serpent for the Fairy. Trampling over a Sheep, Mitch draws into a Reinforcement and passes, seeing Melissa set another monster to trample over. With the Reinforcement, Mitch pulls Exiled Force out of his deck and kills the face-down Magician of Faith, allowing Parshath to trample another Sheep. Setting a card, Mitch passes back to Melissa, victory in sight. She plays a Graceful Charity, hoping to draw into something to protect her, and discards a Parshath and Smashing Ground, apparently finding it. She sets a card, and passes to Mitch, only to see him Pot of Greed into a Heavy Storm, destroying her set Mirror Force, allowing Parshath to trample the last Sheep for the win.

Game 3 sees Assailant, Don, Pot, Soldier, and a Dust Tornado, though Melissa opens with two set cards and a face-down monster. Mitch plays the pot, topdecking into Graceful and a Nobleman, which removes the set Magician. Deciding to hold onto the Graceful, Mitch drops the Assailant and connects for 1700, and sets the Tornado, only for it to be Tornado'd away. Melissa draws, and summons a Blade Knight. Setting two cards to power the Knight, she swings, and removes the Assailant in the process. However, Mitch draws into his second Assailant and swings, running into a Mirror Force. He sets a card and passes, as Sangan is summoned and takes 1000 points away.

Topdecking a Mirror Wall, Mitch plays his Graceful Charity, hitting his own Blade Knight, Heavy Storm, and Reinforcement. Blade Knight and the Wall are tossed, and Heavy Storm destroys Melissa's field. However, she chains Ceasefire, then Ring of Destruction targetting her Sangan, dealing 1000 to herself and 1500 to Mitch and getting a Cyber Jar in the process. Don Zaloog doesn't like that, though, and knocks the Jar out of the hand after dealing another 1400. Premature Burial brings back Sangan, and Melissa sets an Enemy Controller, flipping it up as Don tries to swing in again. Mitch then Reinforces Don with a face-down D. D. Warrior Lady, only for Melissa to "Nobleman your Warrior Lady." Don is switched into attack, and destroys Sangan, and the Spirit Reaper barely has time to be pulled out of the deck before Mitch Delinquent Duo's it away. A face-down monster joins Don again, and Melissa sets a card to counter.

The Forced D. D. Assailant comes back with Premature Burial, only to be removed as well with a Bottomless Trap Hole. Don swings into a clear field, only to be Smashed away. Wanting to end the match before time was called, Black Luster Soldier finally hits play and crushes Melissa for the match. With the round over, Mitch trades for a few minutes, before being paired up with Neros, who's known for running weird decks involving Dream Clowns and Zero Gravity. Before the match, I hear that he's running a Dark Sage deck this week, only to find that, although he does have a Dark Sage deck, he's running a modified beatdown.

ROUND 5 - Neros Running: Dream Clown Beatdown?
In a rather strange run of luck, Mitch starts off the fifth round, staring at a Magician of Faith, Sangan, Blade Knight, Dust Tornado, and Heavy Storm, pulling and summoning Zombyra off the draw. A set card accompanies him, but Neros Duo's away Blade Knight and the Magician. Setting two cards, Neros ends, but Mitch flips up his Tornado, destroying a Call of the Haunted. Sangan drops in and pokes Neros for another 1000, but a Spear Dragon drills through, accompanied by a set card. After pulling out a Morphing Jar, thanks to Sangan, Mitch then topdecks Parshath and Heavy Storms, destroying a set Snatch Steal and a Bottomless Trap Hole. Zombyra is tributed off for the Airknight, and the Dragon is trampled, giving a Smashing Ground to Mitch.

Neros can only set a card and a monster, as Parshath swings in again, pulling up a Pot of Greed. However, Sangan was the one trampled over, so Neros fetches an Exiled Force. Pot gives Mitch a Mirror Force and Book of Moon, and the turn is passed. Neros drops a Graceful Charity, discarding Breaker and a Night Assailant, and follows up with a Pot, then a Heavy Storm. Mitch's Mirror Wall and Dust Tornado are destroyed, as well as a bluffed Nobleman. Premature Burial brings back the Spear Dragon, who is joined by Injection Fairy Lily. Lily swings and kills Parshath, while the Spear Dragon drills across an open field. Mitch pulls My Body as a Shield off the top, but Smashing Ground destroys Lily, and a face-up Morphing Jar takes care of the Dragon. Mitch sets three cards, and passes to Neros.

As Dream Clown hits the field, Mitch mocks fear and flips up a Book of Moon, targetting his Jar, as the Clown swings. Off the Jar, Mitch grabs a Charity, Vortex, Breaker, Torrential, and a Reinforcement. Neros apparently gets something useful as well, as he sets three cards as well. Graceful gets Mitch a Call of the Haunted, Typhoon, and Ring of Destruction, and discards the Vortex and Reinforcement. The Typhoon destroys a set Zero Gravity, Breaker comes down and destroys a set Vortex, and swings into a Magic Cylinder. Mitch sets a card, only for Neros to set a monster to protect himself. Topdecking Nobleman, Call of the Haunted pulls back Parshath, Don hits the field as well, and the Nobleman removes a set Giant Rat. With nothing to protect his Life Points, Neros dies to the onslaught, and shuffles up for game 2.

Neros begins the second game by setting a monster and a card, while Mitch sees Duo, Book of Moon, Snatch Steal, Sangan, Lightning Vortex, and Exiled Force off the draw. Duo knocks Sangan and Lightning Vortex into the grave, and Mitch's Sangan swings into a Night Assailant, allowing Mitch to pull out a Sinister Serpent. A card is set, while Neros sets a monster and plays Array of Revealing Light, calling Warrior. Mitch responds by summoning the Exiled Force, who take out the second Night Assailant, and sets a card. Neros activates Pot of Greed, and summons a Spear Dragon to swing for 1900. Mitch replies by Snatch Stealing the Spear Dragon, switching it back into attack position while doing so, and flips up a Call of the Haunted, getting Sangan back, and attacks for 2900.

Heavy Storm clears the field, destroying the Call of the Haunted, allowing Mitch to get Don into his hand, and Snatch Steal, giving the Spear Dragon back. Premature Burial gets Neros' Sangan back onto the field, and this time, Mitch stares at 2900 to the face. After setting a card, Neros passes to Mitch, only for the set Typhoon to be Heavy Stormed away. This Sangan also gets a Serpent, though Don swings in and discards the snake. Returning the Serpent, Neros sets a monster and a card, while Mitch tries and fails to summon a Warrior Lady, falling into a Bottomless Trap Hole. Don kills the face-down Serpent again, and Mitch sets a card, as Neros sets another monster. Mitch returns his Serpent and attacks, only to flip up a Giant Rat. Since Don can't kill the rat, Mith discards a Dust Tornado to Vortex the beast away.

Neros sets a second monster, and Mitch swings at it with his Serpent, only to flip up and kill the set Sinister Serpent. Don then swings in, discarding an Airknight Parshath from Neros' hand. Setting a card, Mitch passes to Neros, who only sets a monster face-down and passes back. Don attacks the face-down card, flipping up a Magician of Faith, and a face-down monster and another card join Don as Neros draws. Neros sets a card as Mitch tributes Serpent for a topdecked Parshath and swings with both Don and Airknight, drawing a Blade Knight and milling away Magic Cylinder and Delinquent Duo. Neros sets a second card, and Mitch Typhoons it away, destroying the bluffed Nobleman. Mitch then switches Don into defense, and swings with Airknight. Neros chains Zero Gravity, but realizes that Don can and does kill him anyway.

Sitting at the top of the heap right now, Mitch takes on Vegeta, another regular who ran a mill deck last week. This week, though, I don't believe he was running mill, though I couldn't be sure until the games got underway. Regardless, this match was just for semantics, as there was no way for Mitch to not place first.

ROUND 6 - Vegeta Running: Fiend/Chaos
For the last time, Mitch wins the die roll, drawing a Nobleman, Snatch Steal, Warrior Lady, Call of the Haunted, Ring of Destruction, and a D. D. Assailant off the draw. Setting a monster and a card, he passes to Vegeta, who does the same. Drawing a Smashing, Mitch Noblemans the face-down Newdoria, surprising the both of us. Flipping up his D. D. Warrior Lady, Mitch attacks, only for an Enemy Controller to bend the Warrior Lady over. Setting a second monster, Mitch allows Vegeta to draw, and Tribe-Infecting Virus forces Vegeta to drop the Serpent to destroy the Warrior Lady. However, before the Tribe can swing, Mitch flips up his Ring of Destruction and Tribe hits the grave. Topdecking Don Zaloog, Mitch summons and swings with the Dark Scorpion, only to run into a Scapegoat.

Vegeta is shaken by the threat of the Don, until he draws and summons a Giant Orc. The Orc destroys Don, and Vegeta sets a card as the Orc turns sideways. However, as Mitch summons a Sinister Serpent and kills the Orc. A card is set behind the Serpent, and Vegeta summons his own Serpent and suicides. Mitch decides to flip up his D. D. Assailant, returns and summons his Serpent, and destroys two more Sheep. Unfortunately, Vegeta topdecks a Lightning Vortex and destroys both monsters, and sets a card. Returning his Serpent yet again, Mitch topdecks a Premature Burial and brings back Don, resummons the Serpent, and kills the last Sheep as Brain Control is discarded. Vegeta responds by setting a monster and another card, and Mitch's Serpent swings into a Waboku. He sets a card and passes, only to be hit by an end-of-turn Ceasefire for 2000 points, flipping up Vegeta's Serpent and his own Magician of Faith. Blade Knight then kills the Don, only to be Smashed away. Serpent then swithes into defense, and Mitch passes back to Vegeta.

Vegeta hits a Pot, and Smashes away a face-up Magician of Faith, while a Giant Orc hits the field. Vegeta's Sinister destroys Mitch's, while Orc tries to swing. Mitch flips up Call of the Haunted, bringing back Assailant, and the Orc swings anyway, removing the Assailant but hitting into Mitch's Life Points regardless. At the end of the turn, Mitch activates a Dust Tornado, destroying a bluffed Nobleman, and sets two cards during his turn. Serpent turns to defense to protect Vegeta, and Mitch topdecks Duo to toss Black Luster Soldier to the grave. However, Vegeta gracefuls, discarding Typhoon and Snatch Steal, summons Warrior Lady and swings with both Lady and the Orc for the win.

Game 2 starts with Mitch drawing an Assailant, Warrior Lady, Soldier, Morphing Jar, Mirror Force, and Nobleman off the draw. Repeating his opening of last game, Mitch passes to Vegeta, who sets a card of his own, summons Sangan, and swings into the D. D. Assailant. Mitch then summons the D. D. Warrior Lady, and swings into Sangan, dealing 500 points and removing the Critter. Assailant then swings into Vegeta's Life Points, another 1700 being deducted. Vegeta sets a card, then Card Destructions, allowing Mitch to draw Snatch Steal, Smashing Ground, Dust Tornado, and Exile Force. Swords of Revealing Light drops, and is accompanied by a second card and a monster. Mitch then sets a card, while Vegeta flips up a Call of the Haunted and summons Kycoo, then flips up Newdoria. They attempt to swing, but hit a Mirror Force. Not wanting to be hit next turn, he sets a monster and passes back to Mitch.

Mitch draws a Premature Burial, but passes back to Vegeta, who flips up a Sinister Serpent, Creature Swaps, and attacks the Serpent with his new D. D. Assailant. Mitch can only Smash away the Assailant, then passes back to Vegeta as Swords is destroyed. Another Kycoo is summoned, and swings into Mitch, removing Don and an Assailant. Mitch responds by Dusting away Ceasefire, then Delinquent Duos, forcing Vegeta to toss Serpent and Heavy Storm. Snatch Steal hits Kycoo, and Kycoo smacks Vegeta, removing Serpent and a Magician of Faith. Setting a monster, Mitch passes to Vegeta, who gains 1000 Life Points and Snatch Steals Kycoo back. Kycoo then swings, removing Exiled Force.

Mitch manages to draw into another Smashing, which finally kills the Kycoo, and summons Blade Knight. Setting a card, the Knight swings, and Vegeta stares at his own low Life Points. However, Vegeta Gracefuls, and discards a Silent Swordsman LV5 and Magician. He then Brain Controls the Blade Knight, and tributes it for Jinzo. Premature Burial brings Kycoo back, and Newdoria and Magician of Faith hit the Removed from Game pile as Black Luster Soldier hits play. With nothing to stop the attacks, Vegeta swings in and wins the match.

Even though he lost the last round, Mitch still manages to eke out a first place finish, pulling 8 packs of Flaming Eternity (since we don't have Dark Beginings 2 yet here in New York). However, they were a lackluster set of packs, as Mitch only pulls a Granmarg the Rock Monarch.


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