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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Speedy Last Turn Deck-Diego Ortiz-Academy Games-Ayer, MA

Diego Ortiz
Ayer, Massachusetts
Acamady Games
Last Turn Deck
Saturday 16, July
19 people or so

The man has returned!!!!! I haven't posted a tourny report in a long time becuase i have lost miserably every tourny since. Yes, that may shock some of you but i did in fact lose very badly for 6 tournys in a row. But know i'm back and gonna kick some ass while i'm at it. Well my normal routin is no longer my normal routin. Damn it!!!! Well today i woke up at like 9:44, watched some t.v until like 10:10 where i had to do some stuff for my dad before we headed out. We left, got there at around 11:20ish, got meself a small coffee and a Cinnamon muffin and entered the store. The tourny started a little after 12 and here is my deck list.

Last Turn Deck
Monsters: 10
3 Jowgen the Spiritualist
2 Mask of Darkness
2 Magician of Faith
2 Mystic Tomato
1 Cyber Jar

Magics: 21
3 Book of Moon
2 Book of Taiyou
3 The Shallow Grave
1 Pot of Greed
1 Graceful Charity
2 Upstart Goblin
1 Card Destruction
3 Reload
1 Premature Burial
3 Dragged Down Into The Grave

Traps: 11
2 Solemn Judgment
2 Last Turn
3 Wall of Revealing Light
1 Call Of The Haunted
1 desert sunlight or something like that
1 magic drain

Well that is my deck, yes, it is very fast, and yes, it increases my chances of getting out the combo in my first turn a billion times, and yes, that is not reasonable but i said it anyway, and yes, i do realize that this sentence is not grammitically correct, and yes, i do also realize that i spelt grammitically wrong, at least i think. Now on to the report part of this tourny report. Yes, i do realize that i am being annoying.

1st round. Speedy Last Turn (hereby known as speedy LT) vs. some kid (i forget your name, but he ran a water deck Duel 1: This one i did not get the combo off. He beat be before i had the chance.
Duel 2: This time i did get the combo off and won.
Duel 3: I did it again and won this match.
Record: 1:0

Intermission: I basically hung out with some friends. Oh, there was this hot chick there that i am almost sure that was checkin' me out almost the entire tourny. So i checked her out too. OOOO RAAAA!!!!

2nd round: Speedy last turn vs. some newbie (don't remember his deck type) Duel 1: I got the combo quickly.
Duel 2: I also got the combo out quickly and won effortlessly.
record: 2:0

Intermission: Same as last one i guess.

3rd round: Speedy LT vs. some kid in a ref. shirt who ran beatdown type of deck.
Duel 1: I lost this one when i could't get what i needed.
Duel 2: I also lost this one. I will also never forget how i lost too. He played cost down, sacked a mt in hand and his mon and summoned mystical knight of jackel, he got some attacks in and played ring when i was at 2600.
WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!
record: 2:1

Intermission: Traded some stuff and checked out the girl...

4th round: Speedy LT vs. ari who ran a fire princess deck (and a freakin'
good one at that) Duel 1: He beat me when i couldn't get the combo.
Duel 2: I got the combo out on the first turn.
Duel 3: I got the combo out again and won.
record: 3:1

Intermission: same as the last one, except i played air hockey with ari and beat him at that. So it was a double loss for him.

5th round: Speedy LT vs. Pat who ran a pretty good warrior deck Duel 1: This game was tied when he booked of mooned my jowgen when i activated last turn.
Duel 2: He won this one becuase he used prohibition to ban my last turn. I could have one if he didn't use that, i could have won...I decked out, he didn't actually attack to win, damn me deck for decking out....
Duel 3: This one was also a tie becuase he booked my jowgen again.
record: 3:2

Intermission: Same as the last except i signed up to play some D&D with some peeps. I would soon find out that they started without me...

6th round: Speedy LT vs. some kid who ran a gravekeeper deck.
Duel 1: This one was a tie when he booked my jowgen. DAMN BOOK OF MOON!!!!!!!
Duel 2: He won becuase i could not use my magicians, shallow graves, and anything that invloved my graveyard becuase of his stupid necrovalley.
Duel 3: I won this one on my first turn. I set cyber, used book of taiyu on it, got pot and some other drawing cards, used them, and set wall, last turn, and summoned jowgen, game over in turn one.
Duel 4: This duel i was able to stall with my walls for a freakin' long time, i mean really long. He had like 4 gravekeepers who couldn't attack becuase of my wall. When i finally got the stuff ready, i was at 100 life points, he mistakingly booked my jowgen on my turn!!! So i used book of taiyu and won the next turn. I also had solunm judgement down so he couldn't have stopped it if he wanted to.
record: 4:2

Not bad, not bad. Its much better than my previous tournys. I got 2 packs of dark relevations and pulled crap ( i got 5th place, which is a major improvement over me past tournys. Now for the traditional props and slops.
Props to:
The hot girl who checked me out
Me doing much better this time around
Getting one of the hardest cards to find in this deck (3rd solumn!!) Beating ari in the tourny and then in air hockey um...thats about it

Slops to:
Me getting crap in me tourny packs (I never get anything good in those) Me not talking to the girl (DAMN ME!!!!!!) um...thats about it

For a long time i did not have internet so i apologize if you tried to email me and got nothing back or couldn't send anything. My new email address is Griffolyon3000@verizon.net and i am always up to duel and help people with deck fixes and such. Don't hesitate to comment on me, the pros and cons and what not, i can take it. If i cannot duel you becuase of time constraints or my busy scehdule if you ask me, just come back online at the same time and i should be able to duel you then. Well cya later until next week. Oh yeah, i am leaving to my moms house in which i will have no computer access like a day or two after my next tourny report so don't be bummed out if i don't get back to you soon. I will try and see if i can get into the internet during that time. I cannot garuantee anything. Outy guys..and girls...


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