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 Yugioh Tournament Reports


Mr. X at Excalibur Comics!!

Date: July 23rd, 05

Location: Excalibur Comics - 3030 Bloor St. West (1/2 Block West of Royal
York Subway) Toronto, Ontario M8X 1C4 - Canada
Phone: 416-236-3553

Website: http://www.excalibur-comics.com

Price To Enter: $5 (Additional $5 per TP pack)

Prizes: Store Credits depending on people entering

Format: Swiss

Participants: 18

It has been a while since I entered a tournament so I thought I'll enter and
since some of my friends were entering for the first time, I just had to be
there. I had to stay up all night since I have trouble waking up early these
days. I also wanted to write a tourney report for Pojo as well for some
reason. We also had something new going on this time: Blaine (One of the
guys who is in charge of this tourney event) gave all of us some challenge
manual. It had stuff like "Play in a duel", "Attack Directly", "Tribute
Summon a Monster with Level 5 or 6", "Summon a Toon Monster" and you check
off what you have done. I also remember what Blaine had to saying this to 18
people, 18 times: "You get this badge and this Challenge Manual. We will not
give you another one of this so DON'T LOSE THEM. Also, do not litter. If you
are planning to throw this out, there is a garbage can over there and if you
get enough challenges, you will get a RARE CARD. No, you don't have to wear
that badge? Anyway if you get at least three of those challenges done, you
get a special card".. which turned out to be Acid Rain (Destroy all Machine
Monsters on the Field... Hey, I can kill a jinzo!! ^_^). Anyway, let's go
with the deck list here.

Monsters: 18

Sacred Phoenix Of Nephthys


Mobius The Frost Monarch

Berserk Gorillas (3)

Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer

Enraged Bottle Ox (2)

Tribe Infecting Virus

Exile Force


Hand Of Nephthys

Apprentice Magicians (2)

Magician Of Faith (2)

Sinister Serpent

Spells: 15

Pot Of Greed

Graceful Charity

Delinquent Duo

Mystical Space Typhoon

Premature Burial

Scapegoats (2)

Book Of Moon (2)

Smashing Ground

Heavy Storm

Snatch Steal

Nobleman Of Cross Out (2)

Swords Of Revealing Light

Traps: 7

Mirror Force

Bottomless Trap Hole


Ring Of Destruction

Dust Tornado

Torrential Tribute

Call Of The Haunted

Side Deck: 15

Swarm Of Locusts

Swarm Of Scarabs

Toon Cannon Soldier

Cannon Soldier

Barrel Behind The Door (3)

Des Wombat (2)

Magic Jammer

Rush Recklessly

The Spell Absorbing Light

Mystic Swordsman LV2

Mystical Knight Of Jackal

Giant Truanade

Match #1

Mr. X vs. Johnny. T

Johnny was a friend of a friend of mine name Willy Phan, here. Anyway,
Johnny here ran a Dark Magician deck. Fortunate me, my friend name Andrew
ran a Dark Magician deck in the past so I pretty knew what I was up against.
He brought out he's Dark Magician pretty quick, which had 100 more ATK point
than my Phoenix. However, I had enough supports such as smashing ground, etc
to win both of the duels with the least problems. The problem with him was
that, Skilled Dark Magician was weaker than my Gorillas. Although, I think
he'll be more of a challenge next time since he knows what im running.

So my score is 1-0. A good start

Match #2

Mr. X vs Chris. C

Remember when I said some of my friends were entering for the first time?
Well, I didn't see this one coming. He runs Grave keepers deck. I'vee always
had problems beating him. So like always, I was not able to pull a miracle.
My goats were useless against he's spear soldiers and I couldnt handle he's
swarming. So I lost those 2 duels in a row?well, I'll be damned.

My score is now 1-1...

Match #3

Mr. X vs Gregory

Well, isn't this new? One of Rob's (The guy who owns the store) sons. Well,
I was assuming that he runs Cookie Cutter Chaos. I think I was right. My
opening hand in the first duel was a GOD HAND (pot, grace, duo). So I had
enough of an advantage to win the first duel. The second duel however, I was
not so fortunate. It seems as though he had a better start in that one. Ok,
the tiebreaker. Should I side deck?.? Nah. Well, I put up a good fight, but
it wasn't enough to win. He's airknight was just so damn unbeatable. A good
match, though. I think I'll duel him again if I get a chance. I actually
enjoyed this match because I did not know exactly what to expect.

My score now is 1-2 T_T

Match #4 (The top 8 after this match will go into single elimination)

Mr. X vs Magical Milkshake ??(He did not want to give me his name so he told
me to call himself that. A friendly dude, though)

A warrior beat-down deck with Command Knight and equips and A forces. During
the first duel, he had monsters with bunch of equips on them with 2 Command
Knights on the field. I lost the first one on a count of he just had the
field. Second duel, here I come. I took out all of his monsters ASAP so that
I could gain some control on the Field. It worked (yay ^_^) the second duel
was mine. The third was same with second, only faster. I snatched he's ninja
grandmaster and suicide it with he's dark blade while my kycoo attacked
directly and removed both from the play right afterwards. He would have had
me, though. That A. forces is not that much of a bad card as he played it to
power up he's 1800's to somewhere around 2200's. He looked a bit sad,
though. Maybe I should have just lost to him. He did have the same record as

Now my score is 2-2.. Wait a minute! This is the same score as the last time
I entered. Talk about deja vu.

Well, I didn't make it to the Top 8 again. This wasn't that bad considering
that this was my second time entering. I guess I should call it a day

Wait, what's this!? A challenge?

Well, I've been challenged by this guy name Andrew. B. He just wanted to be
mentioned in this report for some reason and so he wanted to face me in the
tourney. However he did not. But I faced him anyway. Oh yea, he runs some
control deck I believe.

Duel #1

Damn! Don goes under Bottomless! Well, it's ok. I somehow got back up and
won. Yay, go gorillas.

Duel #2

Damn! I'm at 100LP and he is at somewhere around 5300LP. I try to destroy
the premature, which is equipped to his airknight, but he books it face
down. ~_~

So we are tied and that airknight got me again. As soon as we try to settle
the scores, he has to go because he is in the top 8. Well, Andrew, you
better appreciate this part of the report.

So that's the end of this episode.


-Chris got into top 8. He made me proud.

-Moe (my other friend who entered for the first time) tried his best.

-I got more experience!

-We got free slices of pizza

-Blaine remembers us for once

-Chris got Acid Rain magic card (yea, he finished 3 challenges)

-We made Moe a better deck before the tournament started, with Chris's and
my spare cards.

-We didn't have to wear this weird looking badge that we received. ^_^


-No pot duel this time T_T

-Forgetting that Sotir was going to come to Excalibur, but we left right
before he came.

-I did not get any Hiita The Fire Charmer cards for my back sleeves (Refer

-Excalibur was still out of Pixie Sticks!! God, I miss those 10 cents Pixie

-Blaine remembers us for being Jack*****

-Moe took off with my cards ~_~

For any comments, send E-mail to Jackie_choneon@hotmail.com

-Mr. X (My name is not Jackie, it is Danny)


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