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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Stacey Leuci [mailto:esml2@optonline.net]
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:29 PM

Subject: New tourny spot, new deck-- Mike Magas owns them again-in Corum NY this time!

Subject: Mike Magas owns them again
Where: Corum, New york
Tourny spot: Monkey Head Games
Deck: Monarch BeatStick Deck

1st lands a nice 100 dollars store credit
2nd lands a nice 50 dollars store credit
3rd lands a nice 30 dollars store credit
4th lands a nice smack in the face and, "thanks for your 5 bucks"

Enter fee: 5 bucks
Tuesdays at 3:00 sharp

So lets talk about this deck for a minute. I ran a normal, straight foward beatdown deck, with weird tributes in them, (see my other June report for details) and although it won in the smaller crowd, i ended up with my Monarch being a threat to other people's decks. I decided to run them instead of my old tribs, but i just had to keep my Parshath in. I love the fact that its such a screwed up card. *cough* "air"knight. Why is it light? Also look at its sheild, whats that you say? A wind symbol, why yes it is! ;P. Also i wanted to prove Envoy and pals arent the only good decks to run.

About 30-40 people to get owned by my new deck.

BTW: Advanced format and Swiss.

I got there at about 2 o'clock and did some trades. I saw this one guy jipping a little kid off though.

His: harpie's feather duster
Little kid's: Mirror force, magic cylinders and Envoy the Beginning.

My: Manticore
His: 3 d.d survivers and sangan

My: 2nd Injection
His: Injection 2nd edition and zaborg (why da heck did he want to do this??...collectors..pssh)


My deck in all its glory!

Airknight Parshath
Mobius The Frost Monarch x2
Zaborg The Thunder Monarch

Berserk Gorilla x3
Breaker The Magical Warrior
D.D Assailant
Exiled Force
Goblin Attack Force
Injection Fairy Lily
Slate Warrior x2
Spear Dragon x3
Tribe Infecting Virus

Book of Moon
Brain Control x2
Card Destruction
Delinquent Duo
Gracefull Charity
Heavy Storm
Lightning Vortex
Magic space Typhoon
Pot of Greed
Premature Burial
Smashing Ground
Snatch Steal

Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Call of the Haunted
Drop Off
Magic Cylinder
Mirror Force
Ring of Destruction
Torrential Tribute

Thank god its over right? You can now start reading about what happened.

Round 1: MWB vs. Noob
I h8 to call people noobs, but i really had to call this one, one. He just bought a Yu-gi-oh 2003 structure deck (yu-gi) and didnt have the slightest clue how to play. I let him get me down to 3000 in both duels just to make him stay into the game rather then go home fusterated and not wanna go to any more tournys ever again.

Match 1: I set a mirror force and book of moon f/d. He tried to summon a dark magician but i had to tell him about tributes. He summoned a noob card and i let him attack me for 1200. I set a beserk and ended. He tributed his monster for summoned skull and attacked me. Next turn i summoned trib and ended. He used soal exchange and got his magician out, i let him attack me.. I set a magic cylinders and ended. He attacked directly and ended. I felt i had gave him a good chance and at least be able to play. I used my brain control on magician, summoned a GAF and prem'ed a beserk, attacked with all and ended. He attacked my cylinders next turn.

HIM: 8000-1200-0

Match 2: I Decided to go a wee bit harder on him. I summoned a spear dragon and set a controller. He summoned a monster in defense. I told him it had to be f/d and he did. I tributed my monster for a zaborg and attacked directly. I booked my monster f/d and said i did it on purpose. He attacked with with noob monster with 500 attack :\ and took damage. I summoned slate and switched Zaborg into attack mode. Attacked with both and he surrendered.

He told all his friends he almost beat me..lol
ME: 8000


Round 2: MWB VS. CCC
I get to verse my first chaos of the day. I have a winning chaos deck myself, and as we were playing, i knew what to expect, and when to expect it.

Match 1: I played Pot and drew. I played a card destruction and he lost his Envoy and delinquent. I set 2 f/ds and played a early injection. He laughed, drew, and i drop off'ed his jinzo. He set a monster and set 1 s/t. I drew and played mst, pumped up my injection and stuck her needle in his--he lost 3400. He drew and ended, need another HIV shot, sure! I summoned a berserk and GG.

Him: 8000-4600-0

Match 2: His early BLS fell into my hole of no end =). His pheonix joined the soilder as well. He almost had me when he swarmed with his shinning angels and tomates until a mirror force, zaborg, and Mobius owned him.

Me: 8000-6600-5200
him: 8000-5600-800-0


Round 3: MWB vs. First creative deck of the day
Don't you just love versing decks that you never see, kill them fast, and tell the guy that's why you never see them? I couldnt say that, because it gave me a run for my money.

Match 1: I drew the usual, 2 monsters, 1 trib, 2 traps, 1 magic/spell. He set 4 s/t and ended. I played heavy and he chained his magic jammer, discarding jinzo. I set 1 and summoned beserk. I ended. He drew, activated his dust tornado, didnt use its 2nd effect, and chained his call to bring back jinzo. He then summoned a marauding captain with a mystic lvl 4 and attacked his all. I had a mirror force so i let it go. I draw crp and attack his jinzo with injection without pumping =)

Me: 8000-2500-500

Match 2: I forgot about my sidedeck and suddenly remembered it in my pocket =0. I side in 2 royal decrees. I go first and set the royal and bottomless. I summoned tribe ( i know never summon him first turn) He sets 3 m/t and sets and monster. I draw and trib trib for zaborg, he chains bottomless, i chain royal. I destroy his nimble and attack directly for 2400. He draws and summoned exile, tributes it and ends. I draw a premature burial ( lol ), use it on zaborg, summon breaker and attack with both, i then use its counter and destroy his mirroforce. He draws and suceeds.

Me: 8000-7200
Him: 8000-5600-1300

Match 3: Now that i realize its a traphappy deck, I'm going to try my best not to trigger anything. He goes first and sets his whole hand. I really dont know what to do. I summon a beserk with 2 sets, and he torentials. He gets a petan. He tributes it for spell cancelor (excuse my spelling) and i activate bottomless, he chains 7 tools. He rings my beserk only to get a 1800 attack on me. My turn, i use brain control on it ( a-dur o.0), it gets negated and i set injection. He summoned a nimble and attacked me spell, then nimble, me taking 1000. I top deck a jinzo, play call, bring back injection, tribute it for jinzo, attack his spell while i negate all his traps. He sets and attacks with nimble, son of a gun!!! My move, i brain control a nimble( thank god for 2 =P) tribute for Zaborg, destroy his other nimble, and attack with all.



Round 4: MWB vs. another noob?? lol
Sorry once again for the noob calling, but i had to say it, every card he played he said had a different effect then what it really did. Like he thought asura preist's "special ability" was it destroys all monsters..

Match 1 and 2: He pulls out a gun and makes me surrender.. i lose for both matches =(....Lol jk, i beat him with ease


ME: 8000-7200


Round 5: MWB vs Net decker!!!!!!
This guy, before the tourny even began, told me he got his deck from "RegnR8"s total body control. I was pissed considering the fact net deckers are little copying fools

Match 1: I had the best hand =). I played delinquent duo, set drop off, and then card destruction. I then played premature burial on my mobius, and summoned beserk. =).He drew and i droped off his zaborg. He set 1 monster and ended. I tributed my beserk for airknight, attacked his sangan, drew an extra card, and attacked with mobius. i set the mst i drew. He drew and set 1 s/t. Talk about metagame..i mst'ed him, summoned slate, attacked him with all, drew a ring, set it, and ringed Mobius on his draw =) b/c he said he would have atleast 100 left..pssh.


Match 2: He had the hand regnR8 would love, the deck worked perfectly, until mirrorforce. He was like, *bleep, bleep, bleep!!!!!!* I then attacked him with injection twice and since he Had lost 1800 before from his own cards- GG.



ROUND 6 (Final and most important round, well not for me) MWB vs. Master of Fusions (lol i know how lame is this guy??)
It was the last round for most of the people, all people with 10+ advance, the rest burn. I already qualify, but it will make my life a lot easier if i get 12-1.

Match 1: All he does is use his scapegoats to get out with thousand eyes, which i abuse him with more then her does me. He takes my Mobius, runs into a cylinder wall. He lets me attack him with another 2400 from my brain control, and then i ring it...He takes my monster and i mirror him, and attack with tribe for game..

ME: 8000-5600-4800
HIM:8000- 5600-3200-800-0

Match 2: He side decks his theme into a dragun deck lol. He took about 5000 damage before he got it out..only for it to be killed my a mobius....sad times..sad times..



"Pair ups, all ya'll come here!!!!!", a judge was yelling.. Heres how we all did

Me: ranking 1st 12-1
Net decker: Tied for 2nd 11-4
CCC: Tied for 3rd 12-6
CCWC: Tied for 5th 11-6
Trap happer: Tied for 5th 10-3
BEWD: 6TH 10-4
MOF: 7TH 10-5
Random: 8th 10-6

I had to quick play this net decker for 1st place now, i dont know how the hell how, but i did.

Last Round: Me vs. Net decker
I couldt take great notes so i'll give u the basics

Match 1: I owned him sicne he got every tribute in his hand for a hand 1st turn
Match 2: He got his Tributes on the feild only to feel a torrential and my tributes.

I won!!!!

Final score: 14-1

What do you think?? Great trades and winning!! I pulled great stuff

Cons: None.

Thanks for reading, i'm not putting my e-mail cause my mom gets mad ;p, happy dueling!!


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