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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

From: Stacey Leuci [mailto:esml2@optonline.net]
Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:05 PM

Subject: Mike's 3rd tourny of the week-Monarchs with beatstick once again!

Subject: Mike's 3rd tourny of the week
Deck: Monarchs with Beatsticks
Date: Wedsndays at 3:00
Store: Monkey Head Games
People: 40-50
Fee: 5 bucks

After i went there yesterday, came in first, and won the 100 bucks store credit, i decided to go again and try my luck, only today it was a much bigger crowd, and much bigger rules. Heres how the format goes on tuesdays, After every 3 rounds, the worst 10 are out, and so on and so forth, until there's only 10 left. After this, the 2 with the worst score out of the 10 are out. Then the pair ups are 1st and 8th, 2nd and 7th, and so on. It's single elemination until the last 2 play for first. It was really fun, but long so i wont be posting my deck list, you can read my other post "New tourny, new deck" for it.

First 100 store credit
Second 50 store credit
Third 25 store credit
Forth- Last, "haha u suck!!"

Round 1: MWB vs. Master of fusions
I remember this kid from last week, and i po0ned him easy. I remember he ran a straight up fusion deck, so decided to make this fun.

Match 1: I get a drop off, mirror force, bottomless, mobius, call and berserk. I set call and drop off, and played berserk. He drew and summoned a fusion searcher, got Dragun, and set 2 s/t. I totally forgot to use drop off, oh well. I tributed for mobius, destroied mirror force and cylinder, YES!! and attacked for 800. He looked worried and a knew he had nothing. He drew-droped of a Thousand eyes idial (lmao). He set a monster and ended. I drew a airknight, called berserk, tributed for air, and set a mirror force. I airknight'ed him for 1900, another idial, and attacked for 2400. He seceeded


Match 2: He didnt even play because he knew he could never beat my deck =).


Round 2: MWB vs. Noob
First noob of the day, as you know, i hate calling people noobs, but i'll tell you why i called him 1.

Match 1 and 2: I played duo, and he said i have to set magics before i played them..Lol thats traps buddy. I discarded a tribute, and so did he. He started to draw because he said at this tourny you can only play 1 card per turn, lmao. I set 2 s/t and played a slate. He summoned a blue eyes and i told him about tributes. He used a bottomless on me and said it destroyed my slate, i said it was way to late considering i had the first move, lmao. He called over a judge and lost the debate...He lost both matches needless to say.

Rankings: Me 4-0
Noob 0-4

Round 3: MWB vs. Yugi wannabe
Just read.

Match 1: I went first, played the usual ( 1 monster, 2 sets). He yelled out,"Trust in the heart of the cards!!" and everyone burst out laughing. He played a japenese card and said when i take my next damage i lose, lmao. I told him he cant play japanese(it was a heavy storm) and his whole deck was full of them. He only had 37 non-jap cards but i let him still play considering he couldn't not be out..

Match 2: I hate playing noobs, its not fun.

Rankings: Me 6-0
1st noob: 0-6, buh bye
2nd noob: 1-6, buh bye

Round 4: MWB vs. CCC
Yeay not to many chaos decks today. He was pretty good, but my chaos deck can own his.

Match 1: All he has to summon are mystic tomatoes and shinning angles, when i have 3 spear dragons and 1 zaborg, lol.

Me: 8000-6900

Match 2: Pretty fun, i droped off his chaos, i bottomless'ed with pheonix, and I snatched his tinzo (tinzo = jinzo from the tins). I pretty much owned his tributes, which are really the only threat in a chaos deck agaisnt beatsticks.

Rankings: Me 8-0
CCC 6-2

Round 5: starts to get interesting: MWB vs Mike Magas's "Chaos is now a zombie deck"
I was like omfg, he net decked my deck?? This was the net decker who net decked RegnR8's deck. I wanted to see which deck i made is better, but not like this!!

Match 1: He told me he's going to own me with my creation, and i just let him take in the glory what is my deck. He got a v-lord and p turtle out first turn, oh help me. I set 2 bottomless, and a call, and attacked his turtle, he got our RYU which i bottomless'ed. He drew and set. I knew it was another turtle, since i dont run many sets. I attacked his v-lord, used call on berserk, and attacked his- Magician of faith..He had no magics, lol. He drew, summoned a turtle, and attacked my berserk, got his Ryu, only to have it fall into my bottomless hole. With only his call of the mummy on the feild, i knew he must have had all books of life.. I summoned another berserk, and owned him


Match 2: He almost had me but my monarchs overpowered his v lords and his RYUs never made it onto the feild.

Rankings: Me 10-0
ND 7-3

Round 6: Me vs. Beastdown
I'm going to tell you what happened, and let's see if you start to realize a pattern before it happens.

Match 1: He played Card of Safe return and summoned a berserk. He chuckled and set 2. I was clueless of what was going on, but i summoned a berserk, played enemy on his, and attacked him. He drew, played call on his berserk, tributed for manticore, attacked me, and i played mirrorforce, he yelled in excitement. At the end phase He used Manticore of Darkness's effect and got his other Manticore from his hand, and drew another card from safe return, he kept repeating this, Manticore and Manticore, drawing 1 by 1, and he lays his hand down, all five peices of the forbindin 1. I was like wha??????

Me: 8000

Match 2: I side board in 2 royal oppresions and spell stoping statue, a card i keep in just for cases like this. It works and it seems his deck is destroyed, yipee!!

Me:8000- 7200-6400-5600-4800-4000

Match 3: He side boards and i decide to take out the cards i just put in and go for a fast kill. He draws and ends. I must have looked puzzled because he was laughing. I summoned a berserk, set a ring and a call, i attacked, he used karibo ( or how ever you spell it, lol ). His turn card of safe return and snatched my berserk, i ringed it and we both took the 2000. He ended. I called berserk back, summoned a GAF and attacked, He discarded 2 more kar. His turn he set 1 card and ended. My turn i attacked with berserk and he mirrored. I tributed my Gaf for Zaborg dueing mp2. He set and ended. I drew and played slate, attacked him directly and he took it. He drew and set another. I drew a heavy, and he chains gravity bind to my draw. GG though =P.


Rankings: Me 12-1
Him 11-2


Ok now there was still around 23-27 people so we did a random elimination round

Me and the person i just versed made it automaticly, but any1 who didnt win at least 8 would be in the round. He called out 4 names i think, maybe 5. I remember the following decks becoming elim.:
Jason with a CCC deck
Mark with a burn deck
Eric with a strike ninja deck
Regivela with a Beastdown deck

Ok now it gets even harder!

Rankings are

9-4----------BURN W CHAOS

The other people arent worth mentioning because they couldnt make win duels ;p. The next 3 round will decide who makes it to the top 8. Me and the CCC deck only have to win i think 2 more times for an automatic 4+ placing, Yeay.

Round 7: MWB vs. some bad person who made it from the elimination round.
Not much to say about him

Match 1: He played ALO and summoned bugroth. I brained it, Summoned mobius, destroyed umi, and attacked directly. He set a s/t and ended, he fliped up a tornado wall. 6 turns later i got my other mobius out and squeezed in a win.

ME: 8000-9000-10000-5600-4500-3400

Match 2: I owned him with Mobius again, lol owned noob!!! He has such a low score hes automaticly out.

People in the top spot's results.

Round 8: MWB vs. 1ST placed CCC
This will throw either of us down in the running, so its going to be tough, we both need to win at least 1-2 to still be in top 4 out of 8.

Match 1: He draws. sets 2, and summons breaker. I draw, set 2 and summon slate, i go for suicide, he uses sakarestu. His turn, he goes for a tribute but i respond with a ring on his breaker. 6100-6100. He sets and ends. I draw a spear dragon and attack, he uses draining sheild. 6100-8000. He plays POG, flips magician, and plays it again. He plays gracful and discards a dark and a light. He plays heavy storm, i chain with wabaku. He plays duo and gets my tribe and i pick zaborg. He summons BLS and removes my spear. 6100-7000. I premature burial tribe, get rid 1 of the last cards in my hand for warrior, and attack the magician. 6100-5700. His turn, He plays a kykoo, attacks and sets 2. I take 200 and he removes 1 monsters. 5900-5700. I top deck pot, play it and draw brain control and my mobius, thank god. I use them both and destroy his cylinders and draining sheild. He takes 2400. 5100-3300. He draws and relizes that he lost, yeay!!!

Match 2: He can't stop anything i attack him with this time and i end up winning without him even touching me!!!!!

People in the top spot's results.

This is it, the last round for 12 unlucky people: MWB vs. BYE

I'm in first so they gave me a Bye. I get the 2-0 though. 2 people from the top 8 are new. Here's the list.

18-1-------Me with MWB
17-1-------Good o'l BWE
16-3-------CCC whom i owned
14-8------Lil bit of everything
14-8------I have no idea

Every1 was getting tired of playing so many duels and the judges decided to make this a little more interesting. A double dueling round

Pair ups are

Me and CCC

To make it easy for you it went like this

Me and CCC ___________ VS. ______________ Burn and Burn

It ended up Me and CCC v.s LBOE and IHNO then we killed them easy

LAST ROUND!!!!! Me vs. CCC!!!!

Match 1: I summoned a berserk i got from POG and set a torrential. He summoned breaker and i used it. He set 2 s/t and ended. I prematured it and offered it for airknight, he ringed it and i set down my ring. He summoned a shinning and ended. I drew a book of moon and set it. I attacked and chained ring, it was destroyed and he chained saku, i saw he had a saku, since i used an out of play move =). i ended. He drew and set. I drew a scapegoat, and set it. I summoned spear and he saku'ed my airknight when i attacked. He lost after getting hit with 3 hits with spear

Match 2: I coulnt take notes because i was 2 focused on the duel. He attacked a magic cylinder with Bls and i ringed it, he took 6000 and lost.

I won another 100 bucks and had the rank of 24-1!!!!
Pros are obvios and no cons once again!

Keep dueling!


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