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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Domination of the Ninja


Games Chain

Westfield, Chatswood, Sydney, Australia, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy

About 15 people

$5 to enter

4 Boosters for 1st

3 Boosters for 2nd

1 Booster for 3rd

Hiya, itsa me, Fridginators! I am finally doing a tourney report. Ok yes I know it is late by a week or more, so I will probably be posting July 2nd’s tourney as well. But, for now, here is my deck on the 25th of June, Domination of the Ninja! Oh by the way, our tournament is always just a Round Robin, usually about four rounds. If you lose in the first two rounds, generally you can’t come even 2nd or 3rd.

Domination of the Ninja: 41

Monsters: 17

(1) Dark Magician of Chaos

(1) Dark Ruler Ha Des

(1) Jinzo

(1) Dark Ruler Ha Des

(3) Strike Ninja

(3) D.D.Scout Plane

(1) Breaker the Magical Warrior

(1) Tribe Infecting Virus

(1) Sangan

(1) Sinister Serpent

(1) Zombyra the Dark

(1) Don Zaloog

(1) Mystic Tomato

Spells: 17

(1) Pot of Greed

(1) Graceful Charity

(1) Delinquent Duo

(1) Heavy Storm

(1) Mystical Space Typhoon

(1) Snatch Steal

(1) Premature Burial

(1) Swords of Revealing Light

(2) Nobleman of Crossout

(1) Lightning Vortex

(1) Reinforcements of the Army

(2) Scapegoat

(1) Creature Swap

(1) Enemy Controller

(1) Smashing Ground

Traps: 7

(1) Ring of Destruction

(1) Call of the Haunted

(1) Mirror Force

(1) Torrential Tribute

(1) Ceasefire

(1) Bottomless Trap Hole

(1) Return from the Different Dimension

Sidedeck: 15

(1) Mobius the Frost Monarch

(1) Airknight Parshath

(2) D.D.Assailant

(1) D.D.Warrior Lady

(1) Mystic Swordsman Lv2

(1) Exiled Force

(1) Cyber Jar

(1) Morphing Jar
(2) Book of Moon

(1) Reinforcements of the Army

(1) Royal Decree

(1) Windstorm of Etaqua

Yes it is like Jaelove’s deck and I also know that I didn’t have enough sub 1500’s for Sangan. I was thinking of running Newdorias, but the guy who I ordered them off at school didn’t come so he still owes me two Newdorias and one Tomato. Also, nobody was playing burn so my sidedeck was put at ease.

Anyway I got there at about 11:50, so I found Alex and then I wanted him to duel me. Throughout the duel, I kept on asking him what he thought I was running. Eventually, when he destroyed my D.D.Scout Plane, it was obvious I was running Strike Ninja. Anyway I won the duel after a while. The announcing was very late since Danny, the usual guy who does the tourney, was sick the past week and still was so Ian and Stuart had to do it. However, Danny knew most of the rulings, so the rulings and stuff were discussed heavily throughout the duels with me and Alex being the main guys.

After a long wait, Ian announces the pairings.

Round One

Azza/Fridginators vs. Alex

So damn typical! This even happened last week with another guy. God is playing with my feelings.

Game One

This game was fairly close, but after a few turns when I had Zombyra, Strike attacked Turtle who brought out Reaper. Next turn, Alex Vortex’s (lol, I told him to use that card) and brings out the Vampire Lord. I died shortly after that.

Game Two

I DREW THE CRAPPEST HAND EVER! Luckily I drew Serpent and Scapegoat. Unluckily, he has a bloody Enraged Battle Ox! (Alex runs beasts and zombies, sometimes together). After a few turns, I am on 300 life points. I draw Graceful! Discard Serpent and Delinquent! Eventually I get more control back in the game. I get to summon Dark Magician of Chaos, getting back Graceful. After a few tense turns where it was just a ticking time bomb until Alex drew Ring, I finally Heavy Storm and kill Alex with Strike and DMoC.

Game Three

The two previous games went on for ages so Alex and I really hurried up. We just kept on doing reckless attacks to lower life points. Eventually, Time is called. However, what Ian does is that he just makes it Alex and I get a tie, rather than him winning since he had higher life points. Alex and I agreed it was fair so we shook hands and waited for the second round.

Round Two

Azza/Fridginators vs. Andrew

Andrew is good, he works in the Toys’R’Us upstairs. He won a regionals before and he has a brilliant folder, I always get stuff from it. He said he was playing his Chaos deck today, not his Wind one.

Game One

I cant remember this too well. Late in the game, he Snatched my DMOC and attacked into Scapegoat. After recovering my life point loss, I Vortexed, Prematured Blowback and summoned Strike Ninja for game.

Game Two

The Ninja really did his stuff in this game, I mean he did in the other games but I can’t remember all of it happening. In the late game, I had a good lead. I Tributed for DMOC and he Torrentialed, leaving him wide open for my Return from the Different Dimension :D. I didn’t think I could beat Andrew so easily.

Round Three

Azza/Fridginators vs. Dominique

Oh what a wonderful day I was having! I play Alex, then Andrew and then Dominique! Dominique is good except he’s a bit conceited. He does use many original decks although he sticks with chaos and sometimes burn. But most of the time I can beat him. However, he is one of the best there.

Game One

I can’t remember this game too well. All I remember is that my Ninja totally kicked @$$. I beat him pretty well.

Game Two

I side deck and in my first hand I set Morphing Jar and like 3 m/t. Dominique knew it was Morphing Jar though. But anyway, after we have massive hands and fields, I set Cyber Jar. Lol, I shouted to my friend Alex (not the other Alex, there is Chubby Alex and Other Alex, Chubby Alex is my friend and Other Alex is the good duelist) “My hand is a bit big.” After a while, I bring out Strike Ninja with the D.D.Scout Planes. I have total control while he is top decking. He sets one card and ends. My turn, I summon Tribe and he Bottomless’s it. He then summons D.D.Warrior Lady and attacks into my Scapegoat. My turn, I think for a while. Then Dominique says “Can you hurry up already?”. I then play Return from the Different Dimension, get back Tribe and Cyber Jar. I discard and call Warrior then Tribute Cyber for Jinzo and attack for game. “You like it when I play fast?” I asked him. He was very annoyed :P.

So I was 2.5-0 and very happy with myself. Eventually the fourth round is called.

Round Four

Azza/Fridginators vs. Eric

Now something very weird was happening. There was Me (2.5) playing Eric (3) and then Tyson (2) against Alex (2.5). So, Eric and I were playing for first place, but if either of us lost we would be 3rd unless if Tyson won against Alex and Eric lost, who would then be third. If Alex and I both won, that means I would win since I played better people. If Eric and Tyson won, Tyson would be 2nd. So it was really really really really really really really complicated. But down to the match.

Game One

I have got to hand it to Strike Ninja, he sure can kick @$$. I won this game pretty easily since the Ninja just stuck around really annoyingly. He didn’t have any way of removing it.

Game Two

This was very back and forth until I got my Jinzo out and he didn’t have much. Except of course, Premature Burial on a Mobius, Snatch Steal on my Jinzo, Me with no defence and only 4700 life points.

Game Three

BAH AT YOU KONAMI! WHY DID YOU UNBAN GRACEFUL AND DELINQUENT? I felt so sorry for Eric, he got so far but then was beaten easily by a god hand. I felt so bad. I drew Pot and Graceful while discarding Dark Magician of Chaos and Serpent. Next turn, I draw Delinquent, and Premature Dark Magician of Chaos and utterly own him. Oh well.

So I win the tourney and get four packs. I pull:

Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch

Triangle Ecstasy (DRUGS!) Spark

Legendary Black Belt

Forced Ceasefire

None are ultimate rare.

Now its time for everyone’s favourite game show…………………………. PROPS AND SLOPS!


Winning of course.

Ian and Stuart for still running the tourney even though Danny was sick.

Ian for making mine and Alex’s match a draw instead of just adjudication on life points.

Chinese Food for being my lunch.

Strike Ninja being underrated.

Strike Ninja kicking ass while being underrated.


Being home late (stupid bus).

Pulling crap.

Winning thanks to a god hand.

Well I’ll post the July 2nd tourney soon, I used my Draw Engine deck! shiny_golden_boy@hotmail.com for those who wish to email me. Cya later and don't forget to visit http://www.freewebs.com/dbcenteral/yugioh.htm for my Card of the Week.


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