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 Yugioh Tournament Reports


From: Dividendman@aol.com [mailto:Dividendman@aol.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2005 6:09 PM

Subject: Controlled Burn Toby Boas - Dividendman

Controlled Burn

June 25th

Toby Boas

5$ to enter

Unity Entertainment

Clermont, Florida

Swiss Advanced Format

Winner gets 3 packs

2nd gets 2 packs

3rd gets 1 pack

Maybe 9 people here today. Small crowd again.

Hi, to all you tourney report readers!

That s right Toby Boas is back with another edition of Controlled Burn, sponsored in part by stealth bird and made possible by wave motion cannon. This week I made a few changes to my deck. I took out the Wabokus and the Poison s of the old men and put in some Metamorphisis and well I ll just let you take a look at the deck and see for yourself.

Controlled Burn


3xNimble Momonga

3xStealth Bird

2xNight Assailant

2xMagician of Faith

2xLava Golem

1xSinister Serpent

1xDark Mimic LV1-New!



15 Magic

3xWave-Motion Cannon

1xMessenger of Peace

2xLevel Limit-Area B

1xSwords of Revealing Light



1xPot of Greed

1xGraceful Charity



1x Creature Swap-New!

9 Traps

1xGravity Bind

1xBottomless Trap Hole


1xMagic Jammer

1xNightmare Wheel

1xMagic Cylinder

1xRing of Destruction

1xPhoenix Wing Wind Blast-New!

1xHorn of Heaven-New!

Side Deck

3xDes Wombat

1xSpirit Reaper


2xPoison of the Old Man


1xGravity Bind

1xDivine Wrath

1xMacic Drain

1xMagic Jammer

1xSecret Barrel


Fusion Deck

3xThousand Eyes Restrict

As you can see I changed the deck around quite a bit and (gasp!) took the MST out of maindeck in favor of creature swap because of it s synergy with Tsukiyomi. Speaking of Tsukiyomi it worked great in my deck and I plan on keeping it there for a while. One card I m most likely going to take out is Dark Mimic Lv1 in favor of spirit reaper but on the other hand I might not. (Sigh) it s just so hard to decide sometimes.

Anyways the tournament was a little messed up today because of the small amount of people there and the absence of the guy who usually does the tourneys. But once again everything worked out fine and the tournament proceeded as normal.

On to the tournament!


Controlled Burn Vs Zombie mess of stupid

All the normal Noob zombie stuff e.g. Vampire Genesis.

Games 1 and 2

I beat him really easily. No need to elaborate.

After the duel the guy was like you were lucky that I didn t get any of my good cards I was like yeah whatever.


Controlled Burn Vs Horus

Great I have to play Lucas and his awesome Horus Deck in the second round. This should be interesting.

Game 1

I just had card advantage going through the whole thing and eventually beat him.

Game 2

I side in my prohibitions

This one was really distressing. My prohibitions tie him up and I have total card and life pt advantage and I ring a lava golem on his side of the field to bring him down to 1500 life pts But to my EXTREME inconvenience he chains barrel behind the door Nooooooo!!!!! There s nothing I can do and I take 6000 points of damage. In my draw he rings my sangan for game.

Game 3

This game takes forever and everybody else is anxious to start playing. Midgame he keeps call of the haunted and prematuring his sacred phoenix and destroying everything in his standby phase and that gets a little annoying. At one point he forgets to attack me directly with night assailant when I had 100 life pts left and that saves me for another turn. At the very end of the game he has 1900 life pts left and I have a wave motion going for 1000 if I can just last until the end of his turn then I win the match. On his field he has a sinister serpent a night assailant and a Horus 6. On my field I have a face-down night assailant and an facedown nimble I figure that I can gain some life then hold off his attacks with night assailant to win. However he book of moons his night assailant summons des wombat and flips his night assailant targeting my own night assailant! NOOO! If he had just targeted the nimble instead I would have wiped out one of his strong monsters with the assailant and won the game. He attacks me and that s game.


Controlled Burn Vs ALO

This guy usually runs fiends but I guess he forgot his deck and borrowed someone else s.

Game 1

I can t remember anything about this game but I know I won.

Game 2

God Tsukiyomi is so broken. He gets really ticked off when I pull duo on the first hand because I seem to be doing that a lot lately J. Anyway I flip magician of faith and play duo again and that ticks him off even more then I begin the cycle of doom with tsukiyomi and magician of faith to draw infinite cards with pot of greed. Meanwhile I keep discarding night assailant to get back my flip effect monsters and give me even more hand advantage. I finally morph my magician into TER then proceed to do the TER tsukiyomi lock, which keeps sucking up his monsters. Needless to say I won.


Controlled burn Vs Horus

We play 2 games and then he forfeits because he has to go. Allright I advance to the finals!!!!


Controlled Burn Vs Strike Ninja

I remember beating this guy when he uses his other decks but not ever when he uses strike ninja.

Game 1

I think I got a good hand and beat him.

Game 2

He sidedecks a bunch of cards. I remember winning this game but unfortunately for me he pulls jinzo at just the right time when I have nothing but traps. Darn.

Game 3

In between games I find a wave motion cannon lying on the other table, which means that I was playing with a 39 card deck. Now he could have disqualified me and won the match but he decided not to and try to win the third game. Anyways In this game I tie him up for a long time with level limit. And all this time he has an antique gear golem just sitting there waiting to trample me scapegoats. Breaker breaks my level limit and just when his gear golem is ready to deliver lots of damage to me I ring it and drop him down to 800 and me down to 2800. I play another level limit thinking it will tie him up but sadly he tributes something for mobius wiping out my spell and trap zone attacks and it s my turn. I topdeck something useless and conceed cause his breaker and mobius will finish me off next turn.

Well, I come in second place and go to collect my two packs. I pull nothing of note except for a behemoth the king of all animals but it s super rare and I want ultimates.

After the tournament I to a team duel but unfortunately I get paired up with to obnoxious zombie kid and I really don t have much fun.

All and all I think my deck is working out well but there are still a few minor adjustments I want to make with it.

Some cards that worked especially well for me today were

Horn of Heaven-I managed to negate a few good summons today including mobius and sacred phoenix. I think I m going to try and trade somebody for another one and replace the BTH with it.

Tsukiyomi-She worked really well in this deck and I managed to use her with creature swap, magician of faith and TER several times today. Once again I think I m going to try and trade somebody for another one.

Delinquent duo-I think I drew this card on like 80% of my opening hands and each time it really demolished their hand.

Well, that s all for this week. Until next time

Toby, Boas

Any questions or comments can be sent to Dividendman@aol.com Note: if you want to contact me I would prefer if you e-mailed me instead of IM-ing me. Thanks.

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