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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Mataza Tech
Patriot Games Monthly Tournament
Victoria Hall, Sheffield
28th August, 2005
85 Competitors

Deck (40):

Monsters (17)-

Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning


D. D. Warrior Lady

Sinister Serpent

Tribe-Infecting Virus

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Exiled Force

Mataza the Zapper X3

Zombyra the Dark X2

Mystic Swordsman LV2

D. D. Assailant

Blade Knight

Airknight Parshath

Magician of Faith


Spells (18)-

Mystical Space Typhoon

Lightning Vortex

Graceful Charity

Heavy Storm

Premature Burial

Snatch Steal

Swords of Revealing Light

Pot of Greed

Delinquent Duo

Reinforcement of the Army X2

Scapegoat X2

Book of Moon

Smashing Ground

Nobleman of Crossout

My Body as a Shield

Big Bang Shot

Traps (5)-

Torrential Tribute

Ring of Destruction

Mirror Force

Call of the Haunted

Sakuretsu Armor


Side Deck:

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Kinetic Soldier

Mystic Swordsman LV2

Des Wombat

Des Wombat

Dark Ruler Ha Des

Nobleman of Crossout

Book of Moon

Book of Moon

Dust Tornado

Dust Tornado

Bottomless Trap Hole

Bottomless Trap Hole

Sakuretsu Armor

Solemn Judgement


            Hello everybody! It seems I might have finally gotten the hang of playing this game, just in time for the metagame to shift entirely with the next banned list. The list on the message boards looks alright, but I want to keep my three Book of Moons and Fiber Jar! I love Fiber Jar! I want it I want it I want it!!! Enough with the childishness and on with my contractually obligated tournament report.

The deck has moved on from its control days, badly scarred, and far from swarming. Marauding Captain and GAF are gone, replaced with more stable beatsticks. BLS is in (despite complaints that my soul is now owned by it) and Blade Knight is in to support it. The moment BLS is banned, bye bye Blade Knight! If you hadn’t guessed, I don’t like it that much. Kycoo does a much better job. If only we had Kycooina, a Light version of Kycoo. The point is pretty much to hold the fort and let the Zapper get a direct attack or two. You’d be surprised how quickly the damage adds up.

This tourney was also another step in my study of Delinquent Duo. To my memory, and this tournament is no exception, every game in which my opponent activates Duo, I lose. This does not hold for me using it. In fact, I have only ever gotten one god hand, and I lost with it, as my immense card advantage comprised crud. Hence, Duo can’t be banned fast enough. 

Now, the games (I drop the last to 0’s on Life Points):

Round 1: A. Booth’s Mystic and Silent Swordsman Deck-

            I’ve seen this guy a few times at these tourneys, and he normally does quite well. I swear Mantis learns how good people are, as the people that go top 16 normally were all playing each other in round 1.

Game 1 was rather fun, as I got to do about five rulings. The guy hadn’t quite gotten the hang of Mystic LV2. Eventually, he got the Mystic LV6 Lock going, and I lost. The next game took longer, but once I Exiled Forced his Silent LV5, he went downhill, with Dark Ruler Hades helping. The last game, his hand was very boring and he never got started.

Game 1 -             Me:            70 – 57 – 49 - 0

                        Him:            70 – 66 – 25 – 10 – 2

Game 2 -            Me:            72

                        Him:            45.5 – 24.5 – 0

Game 3 -             Me:            79

                        Him:            38 – 6 - 0 

Round 2: C. Cooper’s Goat Control Deck-

            I’ve played this guy a few times, and lost. Why break with a good habit like that? The kid can be a tad annoying, but he was rather friendly this time. The first game I was close, but methinks I was BLSed. The second game I should have won. When playing Goat Control, I should play quickly. I should have Call-ed Exiled to kill his Spirit Reaper, but no, I decided against it as my only other monster was Sinister and that would be a waste of an open field now wouldn’t it? Just wait until I could do some damage. Next turn, he Breaker-ed the Call, attacked with Spirit Reaper, and finished my hand off. He also managed to Duo my BLS at the start.

Game 1 -            Me:            64 – 56 – 55 – 39 – 2 - 0

                        Him:             70 – 44 – 36

Game 2 -            Me:            64 – 48 – 45 – 29 – 0

                        Him:            64 – 54 – 64 – 74 

Round 3: M. Duggan’s First Tournament-

            Eh, sorry mate, you got trounced. I didn’t really see much of his Deck. It was around 45 cards and had all the staples, but he really hadn’t planned anything out. The second game actually rather scuppered my writing of this article as I didn’t do Life Points for it. I won my second turn: Heavy Storm, Nobleman of Crossout, flip Mataza, Normal Summon Mataza, Special Summon BLS, attack something. Ouch.

Game 1:            Me:            77 – 67 – 64 – 29

                        Him:            48 – 32 – 3 – 0

Game 2:            Me:             80


Round 4: B. Hamel’s Last Turn/Chaos Deck-

            I hate Last Turn with a vengeance. When I started playing, it really screwed me over far too often. As such, I run three Book of Moon and Solemn to deal with that ******* card. The first game, I didn’t see anything great from the guy. The second game, he did a rather nice move (slam a goat into an Blade Knight to put his LP low enough and free up space to summon Jowgen). I had a Book of Moon waiting to finish him off. Interestingly, he paid 4000 Life Points for Solemn in both game.

Game 1:            Me:            62 – 57

                        Him:            40 – 37 – 29 – 14.5 - 0

Game 2:            Me:             80

                        Him:            40 – 20 – 4 – 0 

Top 16: S. Patterson’s Chaos Deck-

            Well, my tie breaks were good enough to get me through for the third month in a row, and my brother managed to get through for the first time in a while (not his year). Pity he lost in this round. Anyway, this guy hadn’t gotten to the knockouts before. He was running a rather old fashioned Chaos deck (no Morph, Airknight, Goats). I liked playing him. He was rather friendly. Sadly for him, he hadn’t learned the good ol’ lesson about resource management. He tried for the big push in both games, but didn’t finish me. I made up for this, pulling back off Lightning Vortex in both games. Bring on Dark Hole! I’ll use both!

Game 1:            Me:            61 – 42 – 33 – 2 – 12

                        Him:            79 – 89 – 68 – 55 – 42 – 32 – 10 – 0

Game 2:            Me:            61 – 53 – 45 – 43 – 39

                        Him:             72 – 26 – 10 – 9 – 0 

Quarterfinals: C. Leeson’s Proper Chaos Deck-

            By proper I mean he ran Chaos Sorcerer. The first game was uneventful. I believe he played Duo and Pot, cleared my defences with a few attacks, then Summoned BLS. Second game, I summoned BLS for the first time in the tourney, which allowed Assailant and the Zapper to finish it. Third game was standard play. To be perfectly honest, I only really remember the last two rounds clearly. Ah, that reminds me, Life Point accuracy cannot be guaranteed in this report.

Game 1:            Me:            44 – 2 - 0

                        Him:            72

Game 2:            Me:             80

                        Him:            63 – 37 – 0

Game 3:            Me:            70 – 67 – 42 – 21.5

                        Him:            50 – 20 – 0 

Semifinals: Jabaar’s Chaos Deck-

            Previously, Jabaar ran Last Turn. Sadly, Jabaar being Jabaar, he decided reading the rulings for Last Turn was below himself. As such, every month a very loud argument would ensue between the judges and Jabaar. Finally, though, he changed to a pretty standard British Chaos Beatdown, with added Tsuki.

Now, Jabaar is a rather disagreeable person, though I’ve never actually gotten into an argument with him. He plays a lot like people in the anime with lots of intimidation, shouting, and hyperbole. He also knows sod all rulings. I didn’t give a ****. Now, he did have rather crud hands and I got Pot/Graceful in both games, but most people agree he deserved this loss. However, he does know his way around a Chaos Deck surprisingly well for a first time use.

Game 1:            Me:            75 – 69 – 32

                        Him:            79 – 74 – 72 – 65 – 75 – 19 – 0

Game 2:            Me:            65 – 52

                        Him:            65 – 52 – 26 – 13 – 0 

Finals: Paul Taylor’s Warrior Chaos Deck-

            I don’t think this guy had been to a final before, which is surprising because he gave me one of the best duels I have ever had. Life is boring when you trounce someone. Life is good when Scapegoat is activated seven times in the same duel. All three of these games were up and down. The last two fell to top decking wars by about turn 10. The first game, Paul shone. He knew his cards and used them well. He held his cards back, expended my numerous defenses, and finished me off. The second game, he didn’t get a great footing, but he held me back for ages. Had his luck been better, he might have been able to draw something to stop me. As it was, My Body as a Shield kept a Mataza the Zapper, that went on to replaced itself three times, alive. It then finished the 8 Goats and the duel.

The final game was truly worthy of a final, with Goats flying everywhere. At the end, Paul’s deck contained three cards. He used everything he had. So did I. Almost every single attack was negated. Eventually, a top decking war ensued. We both did very well, but I managed two Mataza’s in a row (the first was Sakuretsued). The last Mataza tried for the Life Points, but Scapegoats jumped up. Next turn I pulled some other beatstick and finished the goats. He drew and set. I drew and attacked. He activated Mirror Force, I chained My Body as a Shield. After that, his luck turned. He set monster after monster, but nothing remained. In the end, I won. It was a fantastic game.

Within five minutes I had sold my Nintendo DS (the prize) for £65 and went away a happy, richer man. It really is a shame really I’m moving south for university in October. It’s taken me a year to win this tourney, and I’d like to try again. Well, there are always holidays!

However, this was a tainted victory in some ways. Jabaar was very loud and disruptive during the duel, which probably put Paul off his stride, especially in the final duel. He might have taken fewer chances had Jabaar not been shouting nearby. Also, he shouted “Sinister” at the start of one of my turns, reminding me to go and fetch it. This gave me an advantage I might not of had otherwise. If you are reading this, SHUT UP DURING A FINAL! Not everyone can be calm in a situation like that, and I only managed it because I had a spot of luck (Mataza can always put my spirits up).

Final Result: 7 – 1


-         Getting £65. It ain’t the cost of a new one (about £100), but it was cash in hand.

-         My Body as a Shield finally proved its worth. I haven’t seen another played in Britain. Hopefully, Sheffield will begin to use it.

-         Six or so people that suddenly decided to run Mataza. I continue to believe, though not as good as Fiber Jar, it is a great card. It provides an alternate win condition to a Warrior Deck and greatly alters an opponent’s play style. They want it dead, now. Control players often overextend themselves to kill it, which helps. Also, TER can’t absorb Mataza. Not many people know that (look under Blindly Loyal Goblin on the card rulings). Why tech Enraged Battle Ox against goats, when Mataza stops them Morphing him (please note, this only works if Mataza is the only monster you control). But beware, it’s taken me a year to manage him properly.

-         Beating Jabaar. My brother has a vendetta against him.

-         My brother getting through for once.


-         Not killing that flipping Spirit Reaper.

-         My worst mistake of the day was during the first round of the final. I Prematured Airknight and attacked into a Book of Moon. I had BLS in my hand, but Airknight had been my Light. On Paul’s turn, he attacked Airknight. I wondered by he did this as BLS has 2500 DEF, and unlike Warrior Lady, Assailant can’t remove a DEF BLS, so I didn’t activate Mirror Force. Then I saw an Airknight on the table, not BLS. Bugger.

-         All rumours point to Fiber Jar staying banned. NOOOO! Ban Cyber, not Fiber! Ban Cyber, not Fiber! Do you hear about a Fiber Jar draw engine?

-         Jabaar. 

Oh yes, Kino is great! He actually reads my articles and he scribbled on my LP sheet. Hardly anyone actually reads my articles over here (and admits to it)! Nice scribbles, considering they took five seconds. 

All hail the Zapper, and his friend, Reinforcement of the Army. May Zombies continue to fall to their might.

Share and enjoy,



P.S. If anyone wants a copy of my goats tokens, e-mail and I might be able to send you the master.


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