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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

 From: Dividendman@aol.com [mailto:Dividendman@aol.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2005 8:35 PM

Subject: Toby Boas_The Regionals_Return of the Burn

Controlled Burn

Regional Qualifiers

August 27th

15$ to enter

Jenkins Auditorium

Clermont, Florida

7 Round Swiss Advanced Format with a cut to the top 8

Less than 100 but I don t know for sure.

Hello, and welcome to the Controlled Burn Regionals Extravaganza!!

First off sorry for the long absence I DID go to my local tournaments the last couple of weeks but I couldn t remember anything about my games so there was no tournament report material. In these last few weeks I ve been changing the deck around quite a bit and I felt that it was ready for the regionals. A few noticeable changes are the additional messengers as well as the des koalas and the cyber jar. One thing this deck really needs is a morphing jar but those little suckers are just so hard to find even if they re db2 nobody wants to trade them. Looking back at my deck I just realized there were only 5 cards I sidedecked the entire day. This was of course due to the sad cookie cutter chaos dominated state of the metagame. You ll see what I mean during my tournament report. But anyway here s my new and improved decklist!

Controlled Burn


3xNimble Momonga

3xStealth Bird

2xNight Assailant

2xMagician of Faith

2xLava Golem

1xSinister Serpent

2xDes Koala



1xCyber Jar


3xWave-Motion Cannon

3xMessenger of Peace

2xLevel Limit-Area B



1xPot of Greed

1xGraceful Charity




1xMagic Jammer

1xMagic Cylinder

1xRing of Destruction

2xSecret Barrel

Side Deck

3xDes Wombat

2xGravity Bind

1xDivine Wrath


1xBarrel Behind the Door

1xHorn of Heaven

1xTribe Infecting Virus

1xBook of Moon

1xSwords of Revealing Light

2xChain Disappearance

Fusion Deck

3xThousand Eyes Restrict

I get to the tournament fill out my decklist and pretty soon the tournament s underway!

Round 1

Controlled Burn Vs CCC

I get paired against a girl with a weird playing mat (pyramids or something).

Game 1

The messengers do a good job of holding her down while I slowly burn her. BLS comes out but lava golem takes care of him. I win.

Game 2

Note: for all cookie cutter decks I side in bottomless, divine wrath and horn of heaven.

This one she got me down to 600 by attacking me mainly with a night assailant and a sinister LOL. I had level limit and messenger on the field with her heavy in grave. Anyway I somehow manage to get her to 1600 but she breaks through my defense and wins.

Game 3

We play a couple of turns and I burn her a little. Suddenly, time is called and I have the higher life pts. So I just stall for the next three turns when I have the highest life pts. Winning for me. I hate winning on time but hey I won so it works for me.

Round 2

Controlled Burn Vs CCC (yawn)

Not much to see here, Chaos Again.

Game 1

My burn cards just demolish him. Stealth bird did 3000 and the rest was from lava and wave and maybe a secret barrel or two. The only damage I took was from duo and 200 from messenger of peace. Oh yeah I gained 3000 life points with nimbles LOL.

Game 2

He sidedecks 11 (!) cards. I still can t believe I won this one. He used cursed seal early on wave motion so that sucked. Then the rest of the game is punctuated with mobius dust tornados and swarm of locusts destroying my spell and traps. Anyway in the middle of the game we both have very few cards in our hands and fields and he s just recently blown away a lot of my spells and traps with a swarm of locusts and he attacked my magician, I take back messenger, and then I sac his locust and something else for lava golem, play messenger and after that he just can t recover.

Alright I m doing pretty well with a 2-0 record. But will I fall to the cookie cutterness hole-or will it bow before me?

Round 3


I didn t like this guy he was way too cocky.

Game 1

I burn him down to 1200 and play secret barrel when he has 6 cards on the field and hand. He chains ceasefire and says secret barrel counts one less now. I disagree because the cards don t go to the graveyard until the chain resolves. We call a judge over and he sides with him and that sucks. I still say he s wrong, but hey can t argue with a judge. Anyway I m forced to end my turn and he summons Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Broken and kills me. Grrrr stupid BLS.

Game 2

Ha! This one goes in my favor and in the end it s the wave motions that finish him off!

Game 3

Yes!! The Messengers stall him and I slowly burn him up! You could tell he was not happy.

Round 4

Controlled Burn Vs Guess who.

Game 1

It s hard to remember details about this and the next duel but I lost this one.

Game 2

Sorry no details. I won.

Game 3

This game I am not proud of. Anyways he sets a monster and a magic trap and ends his turn. My turn I get Trinity! After playing it I set ring and summon sangan. His turn he gracefuls, dumps a light and a dark, Drops BLS, removes sangan and here s where I make my big mistake. I immediately ring his BLS before he enters the battle phase. Sadly he prematures BLS, flips up blade knight, attacks, and that s game. Note to self: ring monsters during battle step.

In between rounds: I buy two packs of db2 and pull command knight (good) and cyber stein (I would rather have had a morphing jar but still ok). Little did I know that that cyber stein would be quite useful trade material later on.

Round 5

Controlled Burn Vs CcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcCcC

Nothing really different here.

Games 1 2 and 3

Ugh I cant remember anything about these three games except that I lost the first one one the second and lost the third.

Round 6

Controlled Burn Vs Gravekeepers

Finally somebody with a Non-Chaos Deck!!! I liked this kid, he was nice and dueled politely.

Game 1

My wave motions totally demolish him. 2 of them hit him for 5000 total and that was game.

Game 2

He sidedecks 8 cards and starts off with an obviously sidedecked wave motion. I play my own wave motions and the game continues a while until he attacks and sends wave to leave me at 100 life pts left. I draw and can t do anything to stop his attack next turn. He wins.

Game 3

We each play quietly for a while until he suddenly gravekeeper swarms for the win. Even though I lost I still enjoyed that match.

Even though there s no way to win I decide to play on for fun.

Round 7

Controlled Burn Vs All-Trap-DeckHa Ha! Just kidding. I played against the usual CCCCCCCCCCC.

Same old, same old.

Game 1

Once again my memory fails me. I lose this one.

Game 2

While we re siding he keeps going on about how I m siding out my burn cards to put in beatdown stuff and I m like yeah whatever. Anyway since he didn t side in anti-burn I win.

Game 3

This time he really does sidedeck his anti-burn and kills me.

Well, I finish well a not-so-respectable 3-4 record. Since I left pretty soon after the last round I didn t get to see what ranking I was at the end. It probably wasn t so good anyway.

I did manage to do some nice trades while I was there. I traded my spare TER that was in bad condition for two BoMs which will soon replace the secret barrels. My best trade though was the cyber stein for and ultimate rare ultimate insect LV1, (now I have the set in ultimate!) another Horn of Heaven, and 2 flaming eternity packs. I opened up the flaming eternity packs and see a lightning vortex! Expect that to replace magic jammer as my discard card.

All in all it was an ok tournament despite being dominated by CCC.

That concludes my tournament report for this week.

Until next week

Toby Boas


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