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 Yugioh Tournament Reports




A Newfoundland Tournement!.

Place: Downtown Comics, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Time: 1:00 pm, Newfoundland Time

Participants: 14, give or take on or two

Entry fee: $5.00

Prizes: 1st = 3 packs
2nd = 2 packs

3rd = 1 pack

Random door prize pack for half the players, usually a TP pack or it can be a pack

of your choice.

Format: Advance.

Date: August 21, 2005

Well, hello and good day everyone! This is Shugotenshi Kintaro, and this is my first ever tourney report I’ve ever written, and to be honest, the only reason I’m writing this is cause I’m bored. :P But that’s no important right now. What is important is that I want to tell everyone about this tourney.

Even though we live in the capital of Newfoundland, this little shop usually gets 12-16 people, which isn’t that bad if you think about it. The place is very casual, but we do follow the rules and we have a judge who will answer any question that’ll come up. What’s weird (and good at the same time) is that CC decks are not that common around here. You do see BLS every so often, but if my mind isn’t incorrect, I think only 2-3 decks run him, and that isn’t that bad.

Anyway, this tourney was kinda special for two reasons:

- Cybernetic Revolution had finally arrived at the store.

- And more importantly, a very good friend of mine and an expert player had just retired due to problems with work, which is kinda sad, cause as good as he was, I still never really defeated him yet! :P Actually it’s cause you don’t like seeing a good player retire, but at least he did it at the top of his game and I wish him luck with his new job and the new game that has caught his attention (Pirates).

For the past couple months, I have been trying desperately to get a Silent Swordsman deck up and running, but have had little to no luck with it. So, until I get the Silent Magicians, I’ve decided to just put the SS away in my binder and build a deck that would either kick a lot of ass, or die trying.

And what’s really surprising… this deck actually works REALLY well… :P

Here it is, my Zorc deck:

Monsters: 17

2x Dark Master Zork

3x Manju

1x DmoC

1x Jinzo

3x DDA


1x TIV

1x Breaker

1x Sangan

1x Sserpent

1x Cyber Jar

1x Morphing Jar

Magic: 17

2x Dark Master Ritual

1x Pot of Greed

1x Graceful Charity

1x Premature Burial

1x Snatch Steal

1x MST

1x Heavy Storm

2x Nobleman of Crossout

2x Book of Moon

2x Enemy Controller

2x Scapegoat

1x Lightning Vortex

Trap: 6

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Mirror Force

1x Ring of D

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Ceasefire

1x Royal Decree

Total: 40 cards

The deck’s pretty cut and dry; mass monster destruction, mass drawing power, and to just keep pressure on my opponent with attacks and removal. It’s weird, I’ve tried control decks of all types, and it’s gotten me nothing but headache. But for some reason, going in head on wins me duels. Go figure. :P

Now, this tourney usually goes by the following:

- Three rounds of round robin

- Then, the players who have the best records usually go into the finals.

- Just to note, the finals are determined by how many people are playing. Less than 16 means the top four, over 16 mean the top eight.

I try to make it a habit to go there whenever I can, just cause I enjoy my time at the store. I don’t really care if I win or lose, just as long as I have fun, which I usually do. It isn’t uncommon to have everyone talk about whatever’s on the go in between, or even during the duels.

With the new set out, I decided to buy a couple packs, and got a D.D. Trap Hole and an Ultimate Rare Crystal Core, which I was happy with, but I was hoping to get a Cybernetic Magician. Bah.

Afterwards, I talked with my friend who was retiring, and as promised, was given a DMG (MFC) and two Enemy Controllers for a sum of cash I’d rather keep disclosed (My poor wallet!!!)

With a quick change, I put the EC’s into my deck and saw my friend M (we’re going to call him M, ok?), who was the local Machine duelist. I had told him I had pulled a Cyberstein that he could have if he wanted it, which he did, as he had gotten his hands on a Cyber Twin Dragon, and the usually trio of Gatling Dragons. We didn’t have time to trade, so I just lent it to him and we would work something out later. The first matches were called out and the tourney began!

Round One: Kintaro vs. random deck I can’t really remember…

Ok, I know this is bad, I can’t honestly remember much of this deck, or even the guy’s name! If you’re reading this man, I’m sorry, but my memory really IS THIS BAD! I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast, so don’t feel too bad. :P

I do remember that both rounds went to me pretty quickly, the first with good ol Zork and some good rolls, and the other a combo of Jinzo and DDAs hitting my opponent hard. If I remember correctly, the only damage I ever got was from Ring of D in both duels.

Record: 1/0

With some time to spare (all duels are given a 30 minute time limit, I went around to see any other duels. My friend D was running his just finished Deck Out deck, which he worked on for a LONG time, going against someone else and winning (I think), and some good duels here and there, including a budget Fiend deck (more on this guy later).

Suddenly… I got a gut feeling. Now, whenever I get a gut feeling, it’s usually a good thing, cause it means something good’s going to happen to me. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a 5 and some change and bought one last pack of CRV. I asked to pick my pack from the box and decided on one, and with one quick tear, I opened it up. And I couldn’t believe my eyes… I pulled a friggen Cybernetic Magician! :D And it was an Ultimate one too! :D With a small smile on my face, I watched the rest of the duels and waited for the next round to begin.

Round Two: Kintaro vs. M

First thing I ever do when I go against someone I know is say something weird or funny, just for a reaction. Usually it’s a copy of Homer Simpson, and sometimes it isn’t. But it’s always for a laugh. J

Me and M always have good duels, and with my new deck and his new Cyber Stein, it was going to be a hell of a match as usual.

Match one:
Me: 8000-4600-0

M: 8000-5600-600

You can probably guess what happened, just from the live points. :P It was fairly even throughout the match, but I was slowly gaining the advantage with a Jinzo and my Manjus. The stage was set with my Jinzo out and a scapegoat facedown, with M holding only a couple cards in his hand and two face down M/T. With some serious thought, he summoned his Cyber-stein and paid 5000 for his new Cyber Twin Dragon. I knew I was going to take some damage, but I wasn’t completely worried. He played a Limiter and attacked, nuking Jinzo and doing heavy damage to me. I chained the attack to scapegoat, putting up some protection, but it was all for naught. With Jinzo gone, M played a card I didn’t expect. Windstorm of Etagua! Attack position goats = death for me. :P

Match two:

LP… I can’t remember… I really should write these things down. :P

I did win though.

Another close match, but when Zork came out, M couldn’t keep up with the mass destruction and I slowly chipped his LP to nothing. I do remember it was close, though.

Match three:

Me: 8000-5650-3250-2050-550-100
M: 8000-6450-5650-4250-1550-0

Good God, was this close! It was literally an exchange of hits during each turn! Limitered Mech Chasers and Dekoichi’ against DDAs and Zork…I swear, it was one of the closest duels in my life! But in the end, I managed to get Zork out and luck was on my side with my dice.

Record: 2/0

After the match, M told me he really appreciated the Cyber stein, as it was really running well in his deck. Whenever he used it, it got him a win. Now, before anyone thinks the vets at our little store play everything at once, guess again. If M used Cyber, it was for the kill, and it was the right time to use it. I guess that’s why my Zork does well too. I only bring him out to press advantage/get rid of my opponent’s disadvantage. Well timed cards win duels here, and every vet at our store knows this.

Round three: Kintaro vs. The budget Fiend deck

If there’s one thing I truly believe in, it’s that any deck can do well if it’s well built. And this deck was a good example. To me, he was a new guy, but apparently, this guy was dueling for a long time, but had quit due to the ban-list and the lack of money to redesign his deck. Thankfully, with the new structures out, and the mass of cards available, he and his friend returned. His friend was there to watch, but this guy was doing really well! Like me, he was 2/0 and this duel was more than likely going to put one person out of the game for the finals.

Match one:

Me: 8000-7500-6000

BF Man: 8000-7000-5600-4200-0

Pretty quick round, actually. Ceasefire came out first round, then with a few quick Manjus, out came Zork and I charged in head first. Got a quick win.

Match two:

Me: 8000-6500-6400-2600 (WINNER DUE TO TIME OUT)

BF Man: 8000-9000-10000-10600-7900-1700

Thanks to my dumbass mind, I took a goat with Snatch Steal that had UWS on it, and due to a ruling, it had 0 atk for the whole time I had it. :P It’s a long story, but with it and ANOTHER 4 of my own goats on my field, I kinda locked myself down monster-wise, and by the time they were all gone, I had a taken some heavy damage thanks to a big Twin-Headed Wolf with an Axe of Despair and another monster than escapes my mind. Thankfully, a quick Cyber Jar I topped deck got me the fodder I need for Zork, and with him, a Breaker, a TIV and DDWL, I managed to due some heavy damage to him just as time ran out. With one win already, I was ruled the winner. But it was a hell of a match. J But in all honesty, I would of lost without Cyber.

Record: 3/0

Final Time!

With a record of 3/0, it was obvious I was going to get into the finals, as anyone who did have a perfect record usually got in, To be honest, I was surprised to get such a record with Zorc, even more so since all I did if toss the deck together within a couple minutes (with the exception of the Ecs). Since thre was under 16 people, only 4 people made it, and here’s the matches:

Me (Zorc) vs. K (CC-like deck)

J (Gravekeepers) vs. C (Old School CC)

It also surprised me to see K here, as he didn’t usually make the finals when it was down to four, but then again, neither do I, so I can’t say anything. :P

Round one:

Me: 8000-6400

K: 8000-6600-5200-3500-0

This match was pretty one-sided, as I was able to keep pressure on his monsters with constant attacks. A few play of Sword of Revealing Light did stall me out, but it didn’t stop Zorc. DDA and a Manju from swarming.

Round two:

Me: 8000-6400-4000-2400

K: 8000-6400-4700-3000-1600-0

Now this was a much better match. K ringed my TIV, setting us both at 6400, early in the match. It was a long time before either one of us landed another hit, due to reused Swords on his field and multiple Controllers and Books on my field. A great deal of this match was nothing but failed attacks, until a late Mobius and a used Breaker took out my defenses and did some heavy damaged to me. After stalling with Scapegoat, I managed to get a Lightning Vortex and with DDA, mounted a small offense. I knew K used up a lot of his hand, so I pressed on til I limped into a victory with DDA and a Manju.

Record: 4/0

Compared to the other final match, ours was finished pretty quickly, so I shook my opponent’s hand (always do this. It’s a sign of respect), and went back to talk to my friends. Nothing major happened, but meh. Had a good chat, which is just as good in my mind. After 10-15 minutes, the other match had finished and we had the last set ready:

Me (Zorc) vs. J (Gravekeepers) Winner = 1st place, Loser = 2nd place

K (Random CC) vs. C (Old School CC) Winner = 3rd

Dude, its J! He’s older than most players, but he’s a laugh to be around, and he brings his family to the tourneys as well, which shows how a family can truly find together. We’ve always had good duels in the past, and I doubt this would have been different.

Match one:

Me: 8000---tons of trampling and small hits later--- 0

Him: 8000-7000-6500

That’s what the match was, literally. :P J had everything planned for me, he trampled through my Goats, saved his removal for my bigger monsters, and kept hitting me for 500-600 a turn til I couldn’t keep up and took too much damage in one turn to continue. Had nothing to due with luck, he just played his cards WAY better than I did, and congrats to him for doing such a thing. J

Match two:

Me: 8000-6500-3500

J: 8000-6500-5300-0

Necrovalley was out within the second turn, which caused some problems, certainly after a quick ring on a Gravekeeper Assailant, then another Assailant and a Spear Soldier. The match then continued with nothing but monster removal and defense on both sides, until a quick Cyber Jar + Heavy Storm set me up with a Zork, a Snatched Breaker, a Tribe and a Manju against a lone face up attack Spy. I barely got him, and had even considered tossing the die, but after a quick check of points, decided against it. Good thing too, cause after the match, I tossed it for a laugh and got a 6. :P

Match three:

Me: 8000-6000-4000-400-0

J: 8000---- 8000…

Yeah… I didn’t do so well. Bad draws and a Necrovalley kept me from getting back my DmoC I had ditched with Graceful Charity, which lead to my quick demise. It isn’t surprising, really. I had been getting great hands all day, it had to happen at some point. :P And the few things I could do during this match, J was ready to counter.

So… I got 2nd, which I was very happy with. I don’t really care if I place or not most of the time, cause I play for fun, but since there was a new set, a couple packs of it wouldn’t of hurt, would it? :P


- Getting my Cybernetic Magician, in Ultimate Form!

- Getting 2nd place

- M finally getting his Cyberstein and getting started on his Cyber Dragon series started

- Seeing new players and having some old vets show up too!


- Seeing my good friend retire.

- Spending more money then I planned… :P

- Forgetting to remember the scores for this report…

- Not much else, really.

Well, until next week readers! I hope you enjoyed this, and I plan on writing more in the near future!

E-mail me with h/l mail or whatever if you wish.

Shugotenshi Kintaro

E-mail: ShugotenchiKintaro@hotmail.com


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