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 Yugioh Tournament Reports

Death By Gravekeeper
August 13, 2005
$3 dollar fee
Atomic Comics
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Single elimination
Winner-5 packs
2nd-3 packs
1st-1 or two

This is my first tourney report I have posted. The tournament started at 11 o’clock, and my friends came over to pick me up at my house so that we could go to the tourney. I waited around a bit, and did a trade that consisted of, yata garasu, spear dragon, amazoness chain master, and amazoness swords woman, for King Dragun, and lightning vortex. I almost got his silent lv 5, but he was young, and he wanted it back. I signed up for the tourney, and I was paired up against this little kid.

Death by gravekeeper: 40 cards
Monsters: 18
3 GK spy
3 GK spear soldier
3 GK assailant
1 GK guard
Breaker the magical warrior
Tribe-infecting virus
Cyber jar
Sinister serpent
D.D. warrior lady
Magics: 14
3 necrovalley
2 book of moon
Pot of greed
Graceful charity
Heavy storm
Mystical space typhoon
Delinquent duo
2 Nobleman of crossout
Lightning vortex
Snatch steal
Traps: 8
3 Rite of spirit
Mirror force
Ring of destruction
Torrential tribute
Threatening roar
Bottomless trap hole
Side deck: 15
Kinetic soldier
Mobius the frost monarch
Swarm of locusts
Mystic tomato
2 giant trunade
My body as a shield
2 dust tornado
Chain disappearance
Divine wrath
Solemn judgment
Deck devastation virus

1st round Moonshoes vs. maxie

He had a dragon deck, but I didn’t expect him to be very good. He went first, and he almost set his entire hand. I laughed because it was pretty n00bish. He’s young, so I know that he probably just doesn’t understand. Then he activated graceful charity! WHAT? You just almost all of your cards, and then you activate it? OK whatever. Anyways, I didn’t really see much of his deck, but spear soldiers and assailants ripped through him both duels.
Win 2-0

2nd round Moonshoes vs. Anthony

He was running a beastdown type of deck. He didn’t know what kind of deck I had, but he saw my assailant when he was shuffling and he knew what deck I had. He had just beat a GK deck, but this time he wouldn’t. First duel I won very easily. He didn’t even touch my life points. The second duel was a little bit tricky, until his enraged attacked my cyber jar. I lost life points, but my field swarmed. He had nothing because I chained rite of spirit in the battle phase which gave me an extra 2000 attack monster. I swarmed him and he looked pretty upset when he lost. I found out he had a bunch of m/t removal in his deck, but the only thing he drew was dust tornado. Without necro, I would have been toast.
Win 2-0 altogether 4-0

3rd round Bye
Win 6-0

4th Round Moonshoes vs. joe
This round would prove to be very tricky. I played the store champion. He had been store champion for the last 8 weeks. I was a little scared. He ran a beatdown deck. First game was an even trade off between lifepoints. Finally he played heavy storm, I chained threatening roar, and summoned d.d. assailant. What happened was, we forgot about threatening roar, and he attacked as normal, It brought me down to 1300. Then I topdecked delinquent duo, and I had no use for it, He attacked directly. When we were shuffling, we realized what had happened, and we had to redo the game. I came out on top. Bottomless trap hole really came in handy against tribe and breaker. The second game; however, was difficult. He got me down to 3400, and he was at about 6600. He activated goats in my end phase which made me smile. I knew he had nothing f/d to protect him, and I played spear soldier, and used rite of spirit on assailant, and attacked 2 goats for 4000. He tried to flip magician of faith, but forgot about necrovalley. I don’t remember what happened to the other two goats, but he had an attack position magician of faith. I summoned and he tried to use call of the haunted, forgetting about necro, again, so he said that he used torrential when I summoned. Questionable, but I allowed. In the end he had a field with tribe some goats, and another attack position magician of faith. He had 2800 left, and then I played ring on 1 of his monsters, and then sacrificed for jinzo. I had a spear soldier, and a jinzo. I attacked a goat without necrovalley on the field, and then I had jinzo attack his magician of faith for game.
Win 2-0 Altogether 8-0

Finals Moonshoes vs. Luchee
Luchee is Joe’s brother. He was running a zombie phoenix. His deck gave me the most trouble that day. He had actually MAINDECKED 2 necrovalleys so he could combat chaos. He already knew my deck from a casual duel, and he would not play them for obvious reasons. He had no sidedeck. That was probably the reason he lost. The first duel I had a commanding lead, and I didn’t let it get to my head. I won the first game without much problem. My first game loss came from a BRAINCONTROL which sucks. I can’t believe he topdecked that. I had a face up GK assailant with 2000 defense. He had a D.D. assailant. He used brain control and attacked directly with both assailants for game. Phoenix was also a problem because he got out the hand of nephthys, and tributed it for phoenix by also sacrificing a scapegoat. That caused many problems for me. The third game was a little scary too. I never had the thought of losing on my mind. I told myself that I could win. He had vampire lord out and attacked, but then he tributed it for dark balter. Not a smart move. I also did not play very smartly, I played graceful, forgetting that it could be negated. Then I used ring, which should have been played first, on the balter, and attacked directly. All of a sudden, at the end of the game, My hand was loaded, and he was topdecking. From what I heard afterwards, he had topdecked necrovalleys a few times. I was able to nobleman of crossout, use lightning vortex to destroy his 1 face-up monster (I know it was a 2 for 1, but I didn’t care I would win) He didn’t have anything f/d because I had attacked previously a few turns before, so I summoned gravkeeper’s spy and attacked for 1200, taking him to -200. I was so happy that I won. I had never done well in tournaments, and it just shows that GK decks can be pretty good.
I got 5 packs for winning, and I pulled nothing! I got an ultimate A-Team the trap disposal unit, WHOOPIE! The only thing good I got was fusilier dragon.

Winning the tournament
NOT playing a deck with BLS
Having VERY worthy opponents
Getting a second vortex
Showing everyone how good GK’s are
Getting a second mirror force

Pulling crap out of my packs
Getting my mirror force bent during the tourney
Having a headache

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