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Deck Name: Warrior's Rampage - Alex Davis

Tournament Location: The Fine Art of Baseball (Entry Fee: $10 even, with Duelist benefits, like trading with the store owner and his single cards in the store, and discounts on packs/boxes/tins, etc.)

City and State: Columbia, SC

Date: April 2, 2005

# Of Duelists: 11/12 (A guy Entered last minute, I can't remember if it was 11 or 12, but it doesn't really matter)

First, I'd like to apologize to my readers for not posting last week, a few of you (Marcus) know why. That week sucked. Nuff said... anyway, I finally used my BLS that week, but after a series of extremely unfortunate and cheap events, I lost in the first round to Andrew. He's great, one of the best in the league, but the circumstances sucked... 3 skilled Darks in the first 3 turns... ANYWAY >_<. I decided to try something different this week, an all-out (somewhat) Warrior beatdown. It consists of many powerups and such, so it's a bit different than the average CC Warrior deck. I can't quite remember what cards were in it, but it DID consist of 3 Blade Knights, 3 Command Knights, 3 A Forces, a Fusion Sword, and United we stand. You get it right? Basically just beatdown, except it was all warrior supported beatdown. Here is the account of the tourney:

MATCH #1: Alex's Warriors vs. Marcus's Meta-Control Deck

Both myself and Devon have faced him many times before, and it's pretty much down the middle as far as W/L's goes, but he's definitely better... against this deck at least. Not to say that he's not good against any other of mine or Devon's, he beat Devon last week with Devon's best deck, and I think mine as well. Anyway...

Duel #1: This was all him. I got in a hit with blade knight and I think Sasuke Samurai, and I nobleman'd his Magician of Faith's, but he used Berserk Gorilla and just masses me to finish it. The A. Forces was my top-deck... LOSE.

Me: 8000-5600-0
Marcus: 8000-6000-5500-4100

Duel #2: It took a while, but I got this one. He got me down to 200 frickin LP's before a pair of impossibly lucky draws won me the duel. Mirror Force and a Top-decked BK saved my butt. WIN.

Me: 8000-6400-400-2400-200
Marcus: 8000-5600-4800-3200-1200-0

Duel #3: I hate Injection Fairy Lily >_<. She got a direct hit on me early on. SS gave me 1000 more a few turns later (Command Knight). Two Berserk Gorilla hits took me down to 1600. Then I got hit by something to take m down to 800. Another bad draw killed me. All I got was a Powered up and powered down BK hit on him. LOSE.

Me: 8000-4600-5600-3600-1600-800-0
Marcus: 8000-6400-4400

Well, I'm out again in the first round. But I battled for that Toon Gemini Elf that the store owner does every once and a while. I played first against Tristram, who is in first place in the league. I shut him down in two duels. He used a Gearfried TSM deck, but he uses a lot of common warriors instead, like Blindly Loyal Goblin and Dark Blade. I beat him the first time because he had two Freed TMG's in his hand XD. 2nd time was just beatdown. No chance.

Next, I faced Glen, the guy who is probably the most popular guy at the tourney, because he is a judge and duelist, and because of his... somewhat crazy personality. Anyway, He is a guy that I've wanted to face for a long time, I've CRAVED wanting to face him. I whooped him. He admitted to having a bad deck, which he modified the night before, but I wonder about that >_> (Sore loser maybe?). Anyway, he used a beatdown deck with prevalent warrior elements in it like GAF and Command Knights. I just whooped him anyway with my powerups.

Then I faced... I think it was Marcus again, I can't remember, but I still won again. In total I got 6 wins and 2 losses. OH! That’s right; I faced Devon's Zombie Chaos hybrid deck (I let him borrow BLS this week). He won 1, but I beat him in the other two. He did well, but his lack of Zombie support, which was because he had to make room for the CHAOS support, hurt his zombie’s presence, and didn't meld to well overall. Anyway, I won the TGE, and that was great, and I traded for a Mystic Swordsman LV4 for a Chaos Command Magician and another crappy SR. I'm optimistic about next week. The deck of mine I'll use next week is warrior and Chaos, but I basically just built the warrior deck, and added in chaos. I also made sure to put in a few more defensive traps to help me. That is one thing I realized, in a blinding moment of truth! Ever since I took out my two Sakuretsu Armors, IE. My defensive cards, I've lost a lot. So I added in those two again, and Magic Cylinder and I think another trap, to have 9. I never liked having so little traps.

+ Got a Mystic Swordsman.
+ Winning the TGE!
+ Talking and joking around with the guys there.

- Losing again in the first round. Though I feel a bit better knowing that Andrew, Glen, and Tristram all lost in the first round this morning (they are all in the top 5 BTW).
- Losing AGAIN in the fir... I already said that didn't I >_<.

If anyone is going to the Shonen Jump Tournament in June, on the 25/26, you can email me and tell me who you are, that way we can meet up and trade or whatever. Me and Marcus and a few other guys are making a team for the big Tourney, and we'll split the prizes, so it may be good for you to join us. Anyway, next week WILL be different. I guarantee it.

Name: Alex Davis
Email: JediKnights@sc.rr.com

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