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About 18 People

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Hi everyone! I have not written a tourney report in a very long time! I hope you will be pleased to find out that I will atleast 1 every week now, I have to be able to hand with Regn8, he does 2 every week! This week’s tourney was great; when I arrived there I was wondering if I should judge or play. Then at the last minute, I got in, so the first round started!


Rj – Cary


He looked as though he was experienced enough, but when we started, he asked “What kind of deck you running”, I was like “You will find out”, and he said “Bls deck?” That right there made me kind of like wtf? Then he starts out by playing A Legendary Ocean xDDD. So I said, I have played the best water deck I have ever seen and STILL 2-0’d it, just not enough support to make it tier one. I got out Phoenix with Apprentice and eventually he had that ghetto tornado wall on me, I was so desperate to kill it to win (He had 480 life left, while I was at like 5600) and I actually tributed Jinzo for Airknight and torrential so phoenix got destroyed -_-. I won….


Me: 8000>5600

Him: 8000>7200>4800>0


Game 2 was just as boring, he got out Suijin (Spelling?) and I rang it for 2500, the only damage I took pretty much all game was from myself as you will see in the life point section, I sided in Dust Tornados for his stall…


Me: 8000>6300>3800>4800>4000

Him: 8000>5500>0


So in between rounds I helped judge and teased Hoang about him not being able to pronounce “Nepthys”, he said something to the nature of “Naptuz”, LOL! Matt and I joked about us always playing me the second round, sure enough, we had to!


Rj – Cary


We sat down shuffled up and got started quickly, I started out with an s/t and apprentice facedown, he played delinquent and heavy’d xDDDD Damn! I got MoF with apprentice and drew and played something, got it back, played it…But he somehow got out his own delinquent again and played it, that was gg…


Me: 8000>7200>6300>2600>600>0

Him: 8000>7000>6000>4100


Duel 2 went more my way, I got off a early pot and I had a counter for everything, Only damage I took was from my own ring…


Me: 8000>6100

Him: 8000>6100>2900>0


Third duel was going my way until he topdecked BLS, that sucked. He got me fo once, I told him congrats and the whole day he was all “That was some g0dly luck that I beat you ricky” I was like dude its cool, a win is a win. He is a cool kid, but I told him to stop hanging around his stupid cousin Adam, Adam trys to fix his deck and stuff when he doesn’t know how to work his OWN deck, he is a strait up bum, he owes ME money, he borrowed money from my MOM, lol he is a bum for real…


Round 3 started hella quick when they paired me against Dantoine, he is slightly a noob, but its cool, he runs a burn…


Rj – Dantoine


First duel is when I discovered he ran a burn, but I got Pot, Heavy, and Mst in the opening hand, then Breaker with pot xDDD gg…


Me: 8000>6400>5900>5400>4900…>2600

Him: 8000>560>2200>1300>0


Second duel is when that gay g0dluck kicked in, Glenn just called me and said “Hey Ricky, I just got word that Evan Vargas got top 8 because George Diaz or somebody like that had to leave the tournament! I wanted to tell you because your such a Sand-Trap fan, lol” at that point I was like Hell yeah go Sand-Trap! Then something happened, I had a field full of shit, he had 200 left with my Breaker (No counter), Tribe, and Airknight on the field, he had NOTHING, and topdecked…Secret Barrel, I was only at 1000, he only ran 1!!!! Funny thing was, Sand-Trap lost to a topdecked Secret Barrel at Sjc Anaheim or w/e…


Me: 8000>6800>6100>5100>4400>4300…>1000>0

Him: 8000>7000>2900>200


That was STUPID, I side decked like crazy now, I was MAD. I sided in a total of 7 cards, thanks brent for the lent side deck!


I poaned him. Poison Mummys were gay, but w/e…


Me: 8000>7000>5400>4200>3200

Him: 8000>5600>2200>1200>0


Whew! I lost the second round and keep on rocking into the late rounds of the tourney, I cant lose a round, its double Elim, so I had to go un defeated…


Rj – Jerome


Things started out slow when we couldn’t get a monster for quit a while, but eventually we were down in LP, me at 3000, him at 800, we were topdecking, I drew into a monster and hit him for what would be game, he dropped his hand to the field and announced gg…


Me: 8000>6300>7500>5900>5800>6800>6000>6000>5800>3000

Him: 8000>6400>6200>7200>4800>2400>800>0


Duel 2 started out slow, and instead of like duel one getting faster as it went on, this thing went SOOO slow even through mid game, I eventually won with him having nothing, I topped graceful, picked up three, tossed them on the field, showed him reflect, it was gg. Meanwhile while we were picking up our cards shawn came over and was all wtf how did ricky get through that defense, I was down like 7-3 in cards and he had mirror force down and everything, I said that’s because Im New Orleans Number One Original White Boi ;D


Me: 8000>6000>3700>4700>4400>4100>3100>4100>3300

Him: 8000>5700>4700>1300>0


Everytime I beat Jerome, he pulls something g0dly in the packs, this time it was magical thorn, all the while, from the SAME BOX, Hunter pulls a damned Luminous! I was like wtf!


I was one match away from the Semi Finals, and I had to play Hoang.


Rj – Hoang


This was a long match, I wont bore you with the details, I won 2-1, I wont provide life, it was a slightly boring match.


Now I was in the semis! I had to play Grant, he used to come a lot, but stopped, he is nice, but he was not a regular, and now he is here and the only one here to stop him froom walking in and winning the tournament was me. He was un-defeated, so he needed 2 losses, I was here to give them to him…


Rj – Grant


Duel 1 was filled with bad draws, on BOTH partys, I drew NO monsters where he drew NO monsters as well xDD. It was a long and hard game until he final made this one mistake, he hit my MoF, I got back premature with BLS in the grave!!!! He didn’t play delinquent!! That was his only mistake though…But it cost him dearly.


Me: 8000>6600>5800>5100>3700>2900

Him: 8000>7200>4800>3200>2300>1300>0


Second duel was filled with mistakes, on his part, he played delinquent at the wrong time, it cost him the match to my rang Airknight…


Me: 8000>7000>5700>2100

Him: 8000>7100>5600>4800>3200>4200>3300>2900>1900>0


So now I had to play matt, it was a MIRROR MATCH from our first match today and it went in MY favour this time, no details…




Rj – Grant


So I didn’t feel like playing, neither did he, he wanted my extra Hl1 Levia Dragon, I said take it and he gave me the win, saved us a lot of time, especially when my mom was wanting me to paint my room…


I hoped you enjoyed this report; it was kind of a quicky, partly because of the room that is only half painted ;)…




Grant, good sport

Matt, your getting better

Brent, thanks for the side

Lizzy, You’re a pwnage cousin

6 dollar pizza is t3h sex




Shawn, Lizzy is a cooler cousin L

Ronnie has official quit.






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