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LV_Deck_Garden_Ridge_Plano - Robby Stewart
Subject:Second big tournie with LV deck
Location: Garden Ridge
Fee: 15$ Prize:
1st 150$ store credit
2nd- Box of Dark Revelations
3rd,4th,5th- 4 packs of w/e you wanted
6th,7th,8th- 2 packs of w/e you wanted
Duelist and Deck: My names Robby and i wanted to just make the finals again,and these guys were talking trash and i wanted to beat them.....
Rules: No Elimination but if you lost two, chances are you wont make finals
Date: April 9 2005
Deck: Tribs:6 Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV8 X1 Silent SwordsMan LV 7X1 Jinzo X1 Silent SwordsMan LV 5 x1 Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV6 x2 Lv4 Monsters or lower: Magician of Faith X2 Horus THe Black Flame Dragon Lv4 x2 Silent SwordsMan LV3 x2 Breaker the magical warrior x1 Twin Headed BehemothX1 Spear Dragonx2 Cyber Jarx1 D.D. Warrior LadyX1 Spirit Reaper X2 Tribe Infecting Virus X1 SanganX1 Sinister SerpentX1 Maraudin Captain X2 Magic- Giant TrunadeX1 Delinquit DuoX1 Heavy Storm X1 Graceful Charity X1 Pot of GreedX1 Mystical Space TyphoonX1 Premature Burial X1 Lighting Vortex X1 Snatch StealX1 Swords of Revealing LightX1 ScapeGoat x1 LV up! x2 Traps- Nightmare WheelX2 Mirror ForceX1 Ring of DestructionX1 Magic Cylenderx1` Call of the Hauted X1 Sakurestu ArmorX1 Torrential TributeX1

well i was excited more than nervous this time, i made finals the week before, and was pretty confident i would do the same this week. My friend Andre was in this tournie, i'll keep you updated on his results. well the rules pretty much were u win 4/5 games and your in the finals. They have some kinda point system that i don really know about but some how it works.

LET THE DUELS BEGIN! Round ONE! LV vs Some kinda weird deck, a kid was playing, i think it was kina a lv/war thing

Game 1- he actually wins, i dono what happened. i learned not to underestimate my opponent. he had so much random stuff i din know what to expect, and i was a little brazen too. i figured he was a kid so it was an easy win. He pulled out the win though with some horn of the unicorn, and things like that, i wasn't feeling to confident after that.

Game 2- First turn he lays down 4 cards face down, i was praying for heavy storm. No good though, I got Jinzo though, so i thought that was good. i was able to get some monsters out, he used his traps of course, nothing huge. Things like Compulsory Evactuation Device, and one Raigeki Break. I got out Silent Swords man LV 7, then he used penguin soldier to send him back to my hand. he set a card next turn. I side decked BLS, and summoned him out. I removed his cyber jar. I brought out jinzo next turn, then it was over.

Game 3- He tells me to go first?? i havent seen that much. Well i Delinquent Duo his hand. Then i Bring horus lv 4 out and set Nightmare wheel. He summons a monster face down and 3 s/t. I decide to activate nightmare wheel so he can lose 500 lp cuz i got heavy storm to take care of his s/t. he loses 500,heavy storm, then i sack lv 4 for LV6, and destroy his nimble he brings out two more i bring out lv 8. so i don really care. Je draws summons nothing and sets nothing. I figure he's got tons of tribs in his hand, so i draw Silent LV3 summon it, play swords then bust out lightin vortex so he doesn't get nimbles effect. So i deal him 4000 damage, next turn he sets monster. I go and draw NoC hahaha good top deck. Well LV 3 lved up, so i NoC then attack him for game. Intermission- well that din make me feel to confident, but i decide to go to the next round with my head up... record 1-0 andre 1-0

Round TWO! LV vs CCC (cookie cutter chaos) Game 1- Godly hand. I have PoG, D. Duo, Graceful, NoC, Reaper, Heavy. I then got Breaker, and Horus LV6, with Pot, then with graceful i get, Mirror Force, Nightmare Wheel, and Premature Burial. he sets two s/t i heavy the Noc, His night assailants. Premire LV 6, summon reaper, duo his hand so he's down to one card, nuff said. Game 2- I dono how i pulled it off but i had Silent LV7 and Horus LV 8 on the field, i somehow got jinzo out, so i suicided with his BLS with horus lv 8 tthen murded his life points. record 2- andre 1-1( lost to a strike ninja deck ) Round THREE! LV vs Strike Ninja ( the same one my friend lost too )

Game 1- I remember not getting a great hand, but it wasn't bad either. He thrashed me, i coudln't really do anything, i wanted to get rid of his friggin strike ninja but coulnd't, dang...

Game 2- one again he takes me apart, he got 5 monsters out like 3rd turn and i just couldn't fight back, he had two strike ninjas on the field, and i never drew any of my traps. i was kinda dissapointed record 2-1 ( dang! ) andre 2-1 ( go Andre! ) Intermission- well were still in the game but it's getting close

Round FOUR! man i knew iw as going to lose, this guy was a judge and had won plenty of tournaments with his deck, people there have even copied it, and done really well. He had 3 wins, but i was playing above my record, i dono why. LV vs Machine/Chaos Game 1- not so good, he got Jinzo out while i had no monsters and he double LImiter Removal AHH!!

Game 2- I thought i was doin ok, got his life points down to 2100 he had me at 4800, well he snatches my Jinzo, LImits it and i take 4800 exactly he totally top decked snatch and i was mad.. record 2-2 ( not so good ) andre 2-2 ( lost to a last turn deck ) Intermission- well chances were me and andre wern't in the finals, but we were ok with that. SO we decide to play the rest of the tournie to see who does get into the finals for fun, and do some trading.

Round FIVE! LV vs Dark Magician man i thought i was going to lose, he had also won tournaments with his Dark Magician deck, so i was pretty bummed out, but i dueled anyway. Game 1- Starts off he does some fancy smanchy Dark Magician Tricks, and he teaches me a couple good techniques about just standard dueling, like turn you sinister serpent side ways in your graveyard so you don't forget about it, or set a stack of quarters on your deck so you don't draw when you don't have too, always like learning new things. Well i get out my fav monster Silent Swordsman lv 7 out and he had 4 magic cards in his hand. I got pretty lucky on that one and i won. GO SILENT!

Game 2- I do really well, i bring his life points down to 500, and i though i had the win cuz i had a nightmare whell face down, He brings out darkmagician and uses Dark Magic Attack. he NoC my face down monster he attacks me directly then uses Dedication Through Light and Darkness to bring DMOC and hits me for game. DANG!

Game 3- Well i thought i was going to lose this one, so i went in pretty reluctant. I was doin well, and so was he, our duels had been really long so time was running short. I had gone through one DM already by the time things were getting drastic. He Dark magic attacked and i had a cyber jar face down. he had a breaker,DM,a Apprentice magician, and he summoned a kycoo. he attacked and cyber jar went off. he was taken by suprise, and was kinda mad. He dindn't get anything, i got two monsters. well i had gone through 2 DM's and dark magic attack, so i thought i was doin pretty good. well i bring out Horus LV 8 and all i have is ring and sinister serpent, he's got one face down monster, and 3050 life points, so i pray and pray that's it's not something that can save him, so i summon Sinister in attack mode, i attack with Hourus and it's an apprentice magician, and he doens't have nemore lv 2 or lower spellcasters HAHAHA i attack deirectly with sinister and then i ring horus lv8 for the win. YA! GO LV DECK!

Record 3-2 ANdre 3-2 Well by a friggin stroke of luck 2/5 people who were 3-2 were able to get into the finals, guess who they were? ME AND ANDRE! FINALS! LV vs Machine/Chaos again

Game 1- I get out Horus LV 8 and he has three magic cards in his hand, i win!

Game 2- he get's me with two friggin limiter removals with a roulette barrel directly for a win.

Game 3- i stalled for a while. with spirit reapers and a messenger of peace, but he wins and i lose, i was kinda mad cuz he was a guy who talked alot of trash and i wanted to beat him. well Andre loses too the guy who got 2nd in the tournie, but we both made finals so it was pretty nice.

Slops: losing to a guy who talks alot of smack not getting anything from my two packs! my deck needs a big revision

Props: Getting in finals again two times in a row me and andre both making finals Contact DestinyFlame@msn.com (please send helpful things, i like hearing my deck is great and all, but i would like to win, so please send advice)

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