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From: Emilyescomputrno@aol.com [mailto:Emilyescomputrno@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 6:34 PM

Frank's Jam Deck Frank Omni Comics & Cards Bristol - Frank

Frank Omni Comics & Cards $5.00 entry fee
Connecticut Bristol
# Of people 14 (I think)

Hello again, it is Frank. This is my sixth tourney report. As I said in my last tourney report, (located in March 2004 3.3.04’s tourney reports on Pojo.com) I mentioned how I might not do tournaments anymore, and because of that, no more tourney reports. I was very happy when my mom decided we would take a trip to Omni Comics & Cards and I would have a chance to enter another tournament and submit another tourney report to the best Yu-Gi-Oh website out there, Pojo.com. Well, I have a lot to say in this tourney report, but while I try to remember and write it down I will post my deck.

Frank’s Jam Deck

A Legendary Ocean (Jam power up card)
Bad Reaction to Simochi (combo with Snatch Steal)
Card of Safe Return (combo with Revival Jam and Infinite Cards)
Dian Keto the Cure Master x 3 (life point recovery card)
Exchange (drawing card)
Fatal Abacus (thought it would be good, has yet to help me out)
Giant Trunade (to stop Jam Breeding Machine)
Gift of the Mystical Elf x 2 (life point recovery card)
Graceful Charity (drawing card)
Graceful Dice (Jam power up card)
Graverobber (used for finding helpful cards my opponent used)
Gryphon Wing (no point in tournaments, used for when I duel my friend)
Heart of Clear Water (keeps my tokens alive)
Heavy Storm (to stop Jam Breeding Machine)
Horn of the Unicorn x 2 (Jam power up card)
Infinite Cards (combo with Revival Jam and Cards of Safe Return)
Jam Breeding Machine x 3 (Jam's friends)
Jam defender x 3 (Jam helping card)
Jar of Greed (drawing card)
Jar Robber (a card I just stuck in my deck because of the new Banned And Restricted List)
Life Absorbing Machine (life point recovery card)
Mask of Brutality (Jam power up card)
Mask of Dispel (to damage my opponent)
Megamorph (Jam power up card)
Monster Recovery x 3 (stalling card)
Morale Boost (life point recovery card)
Needle Ceiling (a card I just stuck in my deck because of the new Banned And Restricted List)
Pot of Greed (drawing card)
Power of Kaishin (Jam power up card)
Raregold Armor (keeps my tokens alive)
Revival Jam x 3 (heart of my deck)
Snatch Steal (combo with Bad Reaction to Simochi)
Swords of Revealing Light (stalling card)
Tornado Wall (stalling card)
Torrential Tribute (card any deck can use)
Tribute to the Doomed (card any deck can use)
Umi (Jam power up card)
Umiiruka (Jam power up card)

Well, that is my deck. A lot of people say something about the amount of monsters I have in my deck. I know it only has three monsters, but I still win duels. Besides, my deck is called Frank’s Jam Deck, to me, it wouldn’t be right to have other monsters in it besides the Jams. Someone did suggest to me that I should put in a Gravity Bind to combo with my Revival Jam and A Legendary Ocean. Maybe I’ll take those cards I can afford to remove from my deck and try it out. Well, onto the tournament.

Round One-First off, let me just say that everyone who was in the tournament was out of it. It was either hard for them to focus or they were tired. This didn’t give me an advantage at all. I was one of the people who couldn’t focus. If not focusing on the duel wasn’t enough, I also haven’t played Yu-Gi-Oh in awhile. So the odds were not in my favor at all. The first part of the first round was looking good for me towards the beginning of that duel. I had my Revival Jam powered up with two Horn of the Unicorn, making its attack 2900. I believe I also had an Umi on the field, making my Jam’s attack 3100. My opponent then used Creature Swap on my Revival Jam and switched it with one of his Scapegoat. He now had 3 Scapegoat, my Jam, and his Insect Knight. I believe I might have had a token on my side of the field besides his Scapegoat. I then used Snatch Steal to take my Jam back. I also had Tornado Wall and Umi together to save me from getting damage. Then, my opponent used Heavy Storm and destroyed my Snatch Steal, Tornado Wall and Umi along with other cards. That cost me the duel because he then attacked and destroyed my life points because I had nothing to stop him. The second duel went by much faster, I didn’t even get one of my Jams out.

Between the first and second round I tried to find people to duel just for fun. No one wanted to duel against me so I was about to leave. I then heard my name called for the second round and thought it was a mistake. I told my next opponent about how I lost in the first round and he said something about how you keep dueling and then they have the top 8 duelist battle it out to be the winner. Well, now onto the second duel.

Round Two-I was much worse in this round all together. It was like the second duel in the first round for the whole duel. The sad part is that my opponent wasn’t even trying. So, as you could probably guess, I lost the tournament.

Well, even though the tournament wasn’t as fun as usual, the whole event was fun. On the way to the tournament and back, my family and I got lost. Because I got to the tournament late, they let me still compete and I started my first round in the second round. Later when we were heading home, we stopped for some food and I got a burger. All this may not seem fun and/or part of the tourney report, but to me, this was fun and should be mentioned in my tourney report. Please feel free to contact me through e-mail (my e-mail is Emilyescomputrno@aol.com) and/or IM (my IM is Emilyescomputrno). I would really appreciate feedback and or just talking about Yu-Gi-Oh with other duelists because I don’t go to many tournaments anymore or play Yu-Gi-Oh much anymore and would like to talk with someone about Yu-Gi-Oh.

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