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From: "DENNIS, KEVIN D" <kddennis@uscupstate.edu>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:33:05 -0400

Tangled Web Tourney Report - Kevin D

Another day, another tournament, another report. This is your friendly neighborhood Super Ra with this edition of the Tangled Web Tournament report. Today we had about 25 players, and a few newbies. I didn't know half the people at the tournament this week, and I found out several people who I've played against a long time have been banned for several weeks. Oh well, easier prizes for me. Ok I lied there I prefer good competition to prizes. Anyway here's my new model of the Flight of the Monarchs deck. Compliments of Reg8n and Evan Vargus's designs.


Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (x2)

Mobius the Frost Monarch (x2)

Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch


Exiled Force

Nimble Momonga (x3)

Berserk Gorilla (x3)

Tribe Infecting Virus

D.D. Warrior Lady (Nicknamed Sarah)

Morphing Jar

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Cyber Jar

Sinister Serpent

Spirit Reaper


Snatch Steal

Mystical Space Typhoon


Swords of Revealing Light

Scapegoat (x2)

Metamorphosis (x2)

Soul Exchange (x2)

Monster Reincarnation

Graceful Charity

Lightning Vortex

Delinquent Duo

Premature Burial

Heavy Storm

Pot of Greed


Mirror Force

Call of the Haunted

Ring of Destruction

Torrential Tribute

Side deck:


King Tiger Wanghu (x3)

Kinetic Soldier

Nobleman of Crossout (x2)

Wave Motion Cannon (x3)

Royal Oppression (x3)

Dust Tornado (x2)


Thousand Eyes Restrict (x3)

Flame Ghost

Darkfire dragon

Reaper on the Nightmare

Dark Balter the Terrible

Fiend Skull Dragon

Ryu Senshi

Dark Blade the Dragon Knight (x3)

Dark Flare Knight (x3)

King Dragun

Gaia the Dragon Champion

Gatling Dragon

I woke up and watched Pokemon and Batman on Kids WB and went on to Tangled Web. I arrived just in time to sign up and then I got to play a fun duel against Daniel who was using Bruce's Bind deck. I beat Bruce's bind deck a few weeks ago, but we ran out of time as the first round was called.

Kevin D. vs . . .Don't remember his name. (Sorry Dude)

Round 1:

First round I got a bad opening hand, but I managed to combo Soul exchange and Metamorphosis to get out Dark Balter. I then was able to take control of round 1.

Round 2:

Second round was a better hand. Early on I go tout Zaborg, and then followed it up with Thestalos, and took Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning out of his hand. He then conceded.

OK well that was rather anti-climatic. I looked around, and found a DVD I wanted, but it was $30.00. Wow expensive, then again most Anime DVD's are. Daniel had lost Round 1, and Bruce had won. Jack and Jeff both won their rounds too, as did Mrs. Burgess, who when I looked at her playing realized that she was playing Jack's Beastdown deck that had wore me out the last time I had been there. Isn't life grand.

Round 2:

Kevin D. vs Ben Dunlap

I've watched Ben play before, and he gets so nervous while he's playing its almost ridiculous. He was running a really strong fire deck. Round 1 was hard fought. I managed to get past his bind stuff with Mobius, and narrowly pull out a victory.

Second Duel I side deck, King Tiger Wanghu (x3), and Jinzo.

Well I didn't manage resources too good, and he eventually pulled out the win.

Third Duel:

Left the deck the same. This was hard fought. I Zaborg, Soul Exchange, and Jinzo on the first hand. He had two creatures on the field, when I drew and summoned King Tiger Wanghu. I killed his UFO Turtle and he searched out Ultimate Baseball Kid, and it was destroyed automatically. Other people laughed, I just stayed calm knowing I was still in trouble. I ended, and he set another creature face down. I tributed King Tiger for Zaborg, and destroyed a face down Solar Flare Dragon. I attacked his face down Sangan, and he searched out Ultimate Baseball kid. ? ? ? I ended, and he drew. He set a monster in def, and a s/t face down. I Played Soul Exchange and tributed his face down for Jinzo. I ended, and he gave up.

Two surrenders in one day, am I on that much of a roll. Gosh I hope not because I don't like it when people surrender. I restored my deck to its original state, and waited on the next round.

Round 3:

Kevin D. vs Ian Hastings

Alright I've beaten Ian before it wasn't going to be big deal.

Duel 1:

Kevin got cocky, Ian won.

Duel 2:

I side deck King Tiger (x3), and Royal Oppression (x3).

But it didn't matter, he Creature Swapped My Spirit Reaper for his Pyramid Turtle, summoned another Pyramid turtle, Suicided them into each other and searched Out two V-Lords. That was game.

Ok the lesson, Don't get cocky! ! ! A lesson hard learned. Well Round 4, and if Ian wins maybe I'll still make the finals and hopefully get my DVD. ::crosses fingers and prays::

Round 4: OMG

Kevin D. vs Chi Yang

When I first started coming to Tangled Web Chi used to intimidate the heck out of me. He's still a good player and I have to be on my guard against him, but I've improved a lot in my 2 years going there. Well we sat down and drew opening hands. I found out quickly it was another Zombie deck.

Duel 1:

He managed to get Ryu Kokki out fast and I couldn't make a comeback.

Duel 2:

Alright well I almost side decked, but for some reason I didn't. It worked out ok. I played hard, and we forced each other down to about 5 cards each in the decks. Chi had run out of creatures, when I got my last Monarch on the field. Zaborg Bless you.

Duel 3:

This one was all Thestalos. I got him out early, and hit Ryu Kokki in his hand. Thestalos was then Snatched, and I got hit for 3600 from him and a Pyramid Turtle. I drew Soul Exchange, sacked his Pyramid Turtle for Mobius and Destroyed Snatch Steal getting back Thestalos. Next turn he played Lightning Vortex discarding his Sinister, which was the only card he had in his. Next turn I drew and set Cyber Jar. Then he used Nobleman, and Book of Life to get back Ryu Kokki, and discarded Sinister for Cost down to summon another Kokki. I responded with Scape Goat. And prayed. He attacked, and I responded. He attacked and I responded with Scape Goat. Then I drew and played Metamorphosis, and summoned TER (Thousand Eyes Restrict). I sucked up a Ryu Kokki and ended. Next turn Snatch Stole my TER and attacked my last Scape Goat. I drew, Sinister and used Metamophosis on my Sinister, and sucked back up my own TER. I ended. We both set their and just drew for a few turns. Then set a card. That's when I realized what he had done. Nobleman of Crossout removes all flip effects in the deck. Doesn't affect the ones in he hand. He had been hoping to draw his Tribe, but instead he had been holding his Cyber Jar. I drew, and set Torrential Tribute face down. Sure enough I was right, Cyber jar. I got Breaker, Sarah(My D. D. warrior Lady), and Morphing Jar, with Delinquent Duo, Monster Reincarnation. He got nothing. I drew nothing important, so I dropped Sinister for Monster Reincarnation got back Thestalos, and sacked Morphing Jar for him, and took his Vampire Lord out. I attacked and he responded with Waboku. Dang it. Next turn he set one card. I attacked and he responded with Waboku. He drew and ended. I attacked for game.

Yeah I made the finals.

Finals Round 1:

Kevin D. vs. Ian Hasting

Not taking him lightly this time. I'm going in Guns Blazing.

And I did duel 1. I won that one fast.

Alright well like almost every other Yugioh player I know I'm a level 1 Judge. In my free time I read tournament reports and forums learning all I can about rulings and such. Well this time I got in an argument about a card rulings with a guy who wasn't even involved in our duel. Wouldn't you know it. The guy (Tracy) was trying to argue that I had to have a monster on my side of the field to use Soul Exchange. I knew I didn't, and then my opponent, saw it as an escape from loosing his face downs when I summoned Mobius. I called Dennis (The Judge) over and ruled in my favor. Ian responded with Ring, Scapegoats. OK. Well I set a card and ended. He flipped his Spirit Reaper, and Summoned Pyramid Turtle. I responded with Mirror force. He ended, I drew and looked at my hand. Thestalos, Mobius, Zaborg, Metamorphosis, and Morphing Jar. Ouch. I set Morphing Jar, and Metamorphosis. He Summoned Regenerating Mummy and attacked my Jar. I lost a lot in my hand, and he lost his. I drew 5 cards, and well let's just say: Delinquent Duo, Ring, Berserk, Tribe, and Breaker. I drew Sinister. I Delinquent, and kills his Pyramid Turtle, and he drops a Book of Life, OK? I summon Berserk, and Kill his regenerating. He sets. I draw Pot and play it, and get Soul exchange and Monster Reincarnation. I Play Reincarnation, discard sinister, and Call Thestalos back. I Summon Breaker and break his face down Mirror Force, and Attack. He sets again and ends. I draw, and Sack Breaker for Thestalos. He looses Ryu Kokki, what a shot. I attack a face down Spirit Reaper. Dang it. I set Call of the Haunted. He draws and ends. I draw Zaborg. I trigger Call and Revive Mobius, Sack Berserk for Zaborg, blow up Spirit Reaper and attack for game.


Kevin D. vs Tracy (Mr. Argue rulings.)

Round 1:
Stupid Black Luster soldier envoy, he timed it so perfectly and I couldn't make a come back.

Round 2:

I can do more damage than that. He snatchs my Berserk Gorilla, and Summons Breaker hitting me for 3900. Ouch. I play Snatch on his Breaker, remove Breakers counter to get my gorilla back, summon another Gorilla, and attack for 5600 HA! He didn't recover.

Round 3:

Hard fought till the last round. He plays Mind control (Huh?!?) on my Tribe, and discard Sacred Phoenix Nephytis kill both my Berserks. I get Tribe back, and attack with everything I've got trying to kill him. Nephytis returns next turn, and he finishes me with that.

Second place wasn't bad. I was able to trade in my Packs for store credit and get Gundam Seed Volume 3. Woo Hoo


Dennis and the Tangled Web Staff.

All my opponents.

Thestalos, Oh my gosh you are awesome

Soul Exchange for being so awesome


Arguing a stupid ruling.

Nephytis. (Oh well. )


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