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From: Bradley Hess <tidus_2006@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 08:54:39 -0700 (PDT)

I can't believe it's not cookie cutter - Bradley_Hess
Page3/Pubic Library Pikeville,Ky

There were around 14 people i think because i recall the judge commenting about how for more than 3 rounds of normal play we would have needed 16 and we only had 14.

Monsters x16

Jinzo x1
Mobius the frost monarch x1
slate warrior x1
spear dragon x2
goblin attack force x1
exiled force x1
d.d. warrior lady x1
penguin soldier x1
injection fairy lily x1
maruading captain x1
mataza the zapper x1
cyber jar x1
sangan x1
breaker the magical warrior x1
magician of faith x1

Magic x16

Delinquent duo x1
Graceful charity x1
Pot of greed x1
Lightning vortex x1
Premature burial x1
United we stand x1
Axe of despair x1
Creature swap x1
Giant truande x1
Nobleman of Crossout x1
Mystical space typhoon x1
Heavy storm x1
Book of moon x1
Snatch steal x1
Swords of revealing light x1
Scapegoat x1

Traps x8

Ring of destruction x1
Bottomless trap hole x1
Call of the haunted x1
Waboku x1
Magic cylinder x1
Magic jammer x1
Mirror force x1
Torrential tribute x1

So now that the deck listing is over on to the good stuff. I left kinda late since i live like an hour away from the store so i should have left before 10:30 lol. I tried to get my friend John who runs horus to go but he fell asleep and didn't clean his room so he couldn't go sucks for him :P. Well i get to the tournament and i am like 5 mins late so i think no biggy but the guy tells me registration ended 30 minutes ago so i was like wtf the guy told me yesterday on the phone it ended at 11:30 he says no it ended at 11 and i was like what. Naturally i was pissed so i browsed the store for a few mins and told my step dad what was going on and he was like well that sucks now the irony the ones running the tourney at the library called down there and asked if anyone was still signing up and he said yeah so we got to play after all which is awesome cause who wants to play a tourney without the star of the show :P. Well i sign up and get over there and get the deck checked and everything before we play. The tourney is advanced swiss style. We start making fun of the organizer and it's hilarious eventually i made a he-man reference after he said he had the power and things got quiet.
Gotta love the Awkward silence :P. anyways the pairings are called and i have to face someone i think i played before his name is:

Round 1 Me/you(i think his name was matthew phillips not sure about the first name lost score sheet while i was buying packs before the finals i pulled mostly crap lol) Beatdown? with giant orcs and archfiend soldiers :P( that is what i put on all my scoresheets i patented it :P not really but i will hunt your ass down if i hear you use it without giving me props lol.
I'm not joking.

Game 1

Anyways i pretty much destroyed this guy i remember the first game he set some axe of despairs as bluff's and he got owned.

Game 2 see first round with less axe of despair's.
Also he had out gravekeepers servant on the first turn which let me know he had no monsters. I killed off 1 mon and he couldn't get anything so on my last turn i had out 5 mons 4 atks killed him but i discarded the top 4 from my deck and it was game. 2-0 me

Round 2 Me/Phillip Collins (not the phil collins but i made a feel it in the air tonight joke anyways which we responded with you got anything original.) He was running pretty much the same as the first guy so beatdown pretty much i guess it was kind of prevelant throughout the whole day sadly but none of the decks were good except for 1 but i owned him later and he was kewl about it.

Game 1
My memory is pretty hazy and since i lost my score sheet( possibly thieved) i can't remember too much about this round. He used archfiends as well and he payed for it just like his friend i want to say i ringed an archfiend in this game but i am not sure since i saw them all day i think it was the 3rd match but anyways. This guy wasn't really good i think i played delinquent duo of the draw on him hitting a monster not sure what he discarded but most of the time my opponent discarded traps today someone even discarded ring.

Game 2 If i had that sheet this would really work out better but i don't i won again making me 4-0. I think he was running gravekeepers servant too but it didn't last long. I think i ran into a stone statue of the aztecs once but it died by a mobius i think. He tried to concede at 1 point but i persuaded him to keep playing mostly cause i knew i was gonna win.

Round 3 me/Barry Collins( yes phil's brother) now he was a bit more of a challenge he was running beatdown like the others but with like 2 or 3 matazas which was funny since i had 1 and i won the match.

Game 1 now this 1 i remember a whole lot better hmm memory is still blank i think i dueled in this one :P.
I got out mobius early and killed 2 of his 3 m/t's i believe and i atked for 2400 the next turn i could have got out maruading or i may have used lightning vortex to discard mobius and premature him yeah that is what i need my bad so i could have summoned marauding and if i had i would have won because after and archfiend soldier got ringed he had 1000 lp left well so much for that one. He killed me with a mataza that atked twice directly when i had 2300 lp yeah it sucked.

Game 2 This time i did a lot better i remember playing delinquent duo in the match not sure which game but i hit his premature burial and he discarded ring? not sure why it would cost him though. I remember him stalling with swords and i ginat trunaded to atk but i knew it was coming back but i didn't care i had to wait for 3 turns it was funny since his bottomless trap hole was so useless most of the games.
Eventually swords faded and i started killing him with mobius and some other mons.

Game 3 One of these 3 games i rammed a d.d. warrior lady into his lily to get it off the field he of course like an idiot paid for it he took 2000 and i took 1900 and removed them both. With that threat out of the way it was pretty easy. I remember the least about this game. I think this was the game when i atked directly twice with sangan and his brother phillip laughed at him for it. If this is that game then i had a slate warrior out with sangan but i think that is a diff game. This game was the one with slate and sangan i had a jammer face down and i mistakenly used it on his axe when he summoned archfiend soldier and equipped it with axe. The reason this was a mistake is because he played 2 cards at once a mistake on his part i think smashing ground or fissure so by jammering the axe he was guranteed to kill 2 mons.
Whereas if i had jammer the fissure he would have been able to kill only 1 of them. On second thought it was spear i had out not slate warrior. Well somehow i won because i got rid of his soldier and he couldn't draw a monster right before i atked for game i said let me guess you didn't draw any monsters he said yeah i got monsters none playable and i atked for game. His brother said if you just draw spirit reaper on the last turn but he didn't and that was that. 6-1

Round 4 Me/Matt Blackburn he was a pretty kewl guy he was the one i told you about earlier having a good beatdown deck if he just focused on more defensive cards or used noblemans he could do better. He was running fissure x3 and hammer shot x3 which was funny.
We wanted to trade after round 3 but no time and then when we got paired up we said ok after the round then.

Game 1 me and him met at the last tourney i was at which i won but was too lazy to post it :P Then he was running an old school deck which was insanely hilarious his friend Zach was running a dark zebra i was like wtf lol. I got out some monsters and whailed on him he used some kill spells like fissure and hammer shot but it didn't matter i got on the offensive and he couldn't come back.

Game 2 pretty much the same but he had less kill spells this time and i only had a spear die i think this game went to me as well after the round we traded. I got his z piece while he got my terrorking archfiend i didn't care about his being rare and mine being super i had no use for him and am hoping to make a fun deck using zyx also i got a damn z piece in the dark relvelation packs i bought which sucked. Still no tribe. 8-1

Round 5/ the semi finals

me/Tyler Bentley he was playing some weird ass deck which i wasn't sure what it was since he had 28,000 lp in a duel i watched so i was kinda worried because if he has time to srt up using his jam defender and all then he wil win on life points which would suck so i rushed him.

Game 1 1st turn i play a spear face down and a bottomless face down since i know he will take the bait not sure what he summons but i bottomless it summon out my other spear and atk directly for 3800 i think i set ring or mirrr force because next turn he does something and wants to concede sound familiar.
My turn i summon something or play an axe or a united on spear but whatever it was i atked for game with both spears i think.

Game 2 The exact same thing pretty much i got out both spears again and he was like god and he knew he was screwed he had gravekeepers servant out first game and i think this game as well but it didn't matter i ended it quickly. 10-1

Round 6/quarter finals I had to play some kid who i don't even remember his name never seen him before.
He was running a bewd deck so i thought it was interesting. My step dad had came in and i asked him to get me some food during the last round well he came back right when this round started so i was in a hurry to win and eat me wendy's. Boy was it good.

Game 1 what can i say it's a bewd deck. I trounced this kid easily this game he played the white dragon ritual and got out the paladin i knew he had a bewd in hand but i didn't care i let him atk and chained mirror force funny huh. Next turn i don't know what i atked him with but i killed him in like 2 turns.

Game 2 Pretty much the same as the last one but he played kaibaman first turn and he got out bewd oh yeah a cyber jar went off after he atked with bewd it was funny next i saw his hand and guess what the paladin was right next to the white dragon ritual and i think i saw a flute a lord of d and a bewd and i was like wtf clumper i talked to the judge and i think he knew what i meant but i was like idc it doesn't matter cause i was gonna win( not to sound cocky) i just had control and experience on this kid. i win within a few turns and i tell him to come back and that i really liked his deck he said he would be back next month. At the start of the round i was worried cause i hadn't seen his deck but the cyber jar made me relax cause when i saw it was a bewd deck i was like oh kewl. The hidden threat was gone so it was fun. Also i got to eat my wendy's :P. 12-1

Round 7/finals

me/Zach not the zach i mentioned before there are 3 at the tourney this 1 was running exodia which was funny.
He never got to use it and atked with it once and just to be mean i mirror forced it lmao. A real fun game.

Game 1 He had like 2 pieces this game but it didn't matter and he knew it. He beat me at the first tourney here using the butterfly dagger elma combo which i coudln't counter he used it twice which sucked i also lost in like the quarter finals because of a time call when some guy used draining shield and ring and barrel which was shitty. But in this game he summoned an exodia piece can't remember what he atked i think it was me and i mirror forced it which was real funny. I just started beating him down and his pieces were useless except for fodder i think i noblemaned a pieced 1 game not sure.

Game 2 Yeah the ownage continued not sure what i atked him with but it was game easy. He just couldn't get out exodia fast enough seems like rushing him works quite well.

So yeah i won my first advanced tourney which was sweet just proves how much it dominate regardless of formats. Time for Props/Slops


Owning almost everyone
Getting $30 in store credit
Pulling a tribe which was the only card i needed from dark revelation Zach neither of the 2 i mentioned before he also runs exodia trading in a dark magician of chaos which i bought with store credit it was $30 trading in a gate guardian set and getting $40 in trade which i used to buy dark revelation and some ast packs Pulling needle burrower from Ancient Sanctuary Wendy's for kicking major ass

Pulling Needle burrower in Ancient Sanctuary Not getting any holos in my packs


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