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Beatdown/Control Deck - Giancarlo Bazan

Place: Arenales Shopping Center
Lince, Lima

1st tourney: April 9th
#people: 16

2nd tourney: April 16th
#people: 16

Prize: Any card in the shop owner's folder (or money).

Hi, my name is Giancarlo (friends call me Sano) this is the first time
I write a tournament report, and this will be a two in one. I'll be
reporting my performance in last week's tourney and this week's so bear
with me!
I'm from Peru, and here japanese cards are allowed in most tourneys,
don't worry because if there's a jap card you don't know I'll explain
its effect.

My Beatdown/Control Deck:

Monsters (17):

x1 Jinzo
x1 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x1 Airknight Parshath
x1 Goblin Attack Force
x1 Berserk Gorilla
x1 Slate Warrior
x1 Enraged Battle Ox
x1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
x1 Injection Fairy Lily
x1 Exiled Force
x1 Cyber Jar
x1 Magician of Faith
x1 Spirit Reaper
x1 Tribe Infecting Virus
x1 Breaker - The Magical Warrior
x1 Sangan
x1 Sinister Serpent

Magic/Spell Cards (18)

x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Delinquent Duo
x1 Card Destruction
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Premature Burial
x1 Metamorphosis
x2 Nobleman of Crossout
x2 Book of Moon
x2 Scapegoat
x1 Enemy Controller
x1 Swords of Revealing Light
x1 Smashing Ground

Trap Cards (5)

x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Torrential Tribute
x1 Ring of Destruction
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Solemn Judgement

Side Deck (15)

x1 Kinetic Soldier
x2 Mystic Swordsman Lv. 2
x1 Penguin Soldier
x2 Stealth Bird
x1 Magician of Faith
x2 Wave-Motion Cannon
x1 Royal Decree
x2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
x1 Dust Tornado
x2 Waboku

Onto the 1st tourney!!
This time there was more people than usual, last Saturday's there had only
8 people for the tourney, this time we were 16!!!
I'm glad more people are starting to test their skills in an event like
The tourney was organized like in a sporting event, 4 groups of 4 people
the best two of each group qualify for finals.

Group 1: Ursula, Guy with glasses, Kaiwa, Me (Giancarlo/Sano)

Round 1:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Ursula (Spellcaster)

The only girl in the tourney, she had quite a powerful spellcaster deck with
cards not yet released in english such as Dimension Magic (Quickplay Spell
- If there's a face up spellcaster on your side of the field, offer one
as a tribute to special summon any spellcaster type monster from your hand,
then you can destroy one monster on the field) which I really hate!!!
In the first game I was hit by Kycoo twice, she removed my Reaper and Slate
Warrior, I thought I'd lose but when I summoned Airknight I began to rise
In the end I Snatched her Magical Marionnette (used two counters to kill her
face down Apprentice yay!), summoned Berserk and attacked for victory!!
In the second game I was scared when she said : "I remove one light and one
dark monster", but fortunately it wasn't BLS but Sorcerer... she removed
again :S In the end I once again turned the tides to my favor and hit for
Sano (1-0)

Round 2:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Guy with glasses (Wind Beatdown Deck)

I understimated this guy whose name I never asked... I won the match but
I almost got a heart attack when he used Trunade and Vortex to clean up
the field then activated Rising Air Current and attacked me with a 2300
Harpie's Brother!!! He almost got me, I guess I understimated him because
most of his monsters were effectless powerhouses (Harpie's bro, luster
Sano (2-0)

I had already qualified for finals by winning these two matches, still I had
one more rival in my group!!

Round 3:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Kaiwa (Relinquished/Chaos Deck)

A nice duel indeed, since I had already qualified I took it easy; Ursula was
expecting me to win though because I had to beat Kaiwa so she could make it
In the first game I was trampling a few goats with Battle ox, then he
Manju and used Black illusion ritual, absorved Enraged and hit me, next turn
summoned Sinister and metamorphosis for TER, it was funny to see a TER
with a Relinquished :P I kept Stalling a bit and in the end I won with
I never saw his BLS.
Second game was almost the same, I ended up winning.
Sano (3-0)


Finals 1:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Guy with Fiend Deck (Fiend Deck)

I had never seen this guy before, where did he come from?? Anyways this was
quite a duel for us. In the first game i remember I managed to have Mobius,
Kycoo and Breaker, he was topdecking, he set a card, my turn I attacked with
Mobius, he used return from different dimension, to summon all fiends
for necrofear i stopped my attack, his turn, topdecking again, set a card,
my turn i attacked again... Waboku... his turn, set a monster, I Noc'ed it
next turn and attacked for game!!
In the second game I was about to lose because he used Barrel Behind the
when I ringed his Giant Orc (4400 :S) and even used Ceasefire leaving me
almost with 0 life points!! I morphed a goat and took his Ha Des, I attacked
he got it, next turn I NoC'ed a Cyber Jar and attacked, I set a Solemn
Judgement, next turn he set a M/T and a monster , in my draw phase he
Ring on TER, but I paid half my life points with Solemn... (that was close)
and negated it, he was at 600 LP i was at 450 LP :S I tributed TER for
and trampled his face down Newdoria for game!!! :D
Sano (4-0)

Finals 2:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Another guy I'd never seen (Dimension Fusion

This guy had a deck with BLS, Bazoo's and the usual stuff for a Dimension
I got Pot and Duo first hand and I won the coin flip so I decided to start,
used pot which gave me sinister and Graceful (:P) I used graceful, don't
remember what I discarded apart from sinister, used duo and got his burial
DMoC, I set a Magician of Faith and activated swords.
His turn he set a M/T and a monster, my turn, i flipped MoF and used Duo
then NoC'd his Face down Reaper, I had no other monsters so I attacked with
He was topdecking and soon I eventually won (There was a great difference in
hand size).
Something funny happened in the next match, before it began I shuffled my
side decked both Compulsories and I swear I really shuffled it well. I
him my deck so he could cut it but he said: "No that's ok"
I drew and got MoF and Duo again!! (no Pot this time), he started, he set a
and summoned DD Warrior Lady, my turn I used Duo got his Ring and a monster
don't remember then I set MoF and Book of Moon. His turn he attacked I
his DD, my turn I flipped MoF and used Duo again (he was really pissed off,
friend beside him was laughing) I NoC'd DD, used Heavy and destroyed his
down Torrential, then I summoned Reaper and attacked with it and MoF, he
discarded the only card he had in hand (Bazoo).
Later he topdecked a BLS and summoned it but I had a Solemn Judgement and
3000 LP to negate it!! I eventually won again thanks to Duo!!
Sano (5-0)

The Final Game:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Alex -AKA: Chico Mago- (Spellcaster)

An old friend, I've dueled him since I was a noob with my LOB Celtic
In the first game he used Duo in his first turn and Graceful too, I thought
lose but a Graceful of mine allowed me to keep surviving, until I got ahead
the game and won with Goblin and Jinzo!!
Something curious happened when side decking, he said he had been playing
38 cards!! His Skilled Dark and his Dark Magician were combined with his
deck, the organizer told me that he could disqualify Alex if I wanted, but I
refused, after all we're friends and well I thought "if he beats me what the
heck, he's a great player" so we continued the duel.
The second game came to its climax when I had both Jinzo and Parshath on my
side of the field and a set book of moon, he had a goat.
His turn he drew Pot and used it, then he removed one light and one dark mon
and summoned Chaos Sorcerer, I was waiting for him to use the Sorcerer's
priority to remove a monster but he didn't and instead summoned Breaker to
which I quickly responded by booking his Chaos Sorcerer, that way he
remove anything!! He got a frowning look realising his mistake, then he used
Burial and revived Chaos Command Magician, he suicided it with Jinzo and
Breaker with Parshath and ended his turn, I drew a Kycoo summoned it, Noc'd
Sorcerer and attacked the remaining goat, I set a Card Destruction and
His turn, he had two cards in hand, he set a monster and ended, my turn I
Metamorphosis and I had a Heavy Storm. I used my face down Card Destruction
got Exiled Force and MST, I exiled his face down Apprentice (:D), set MST
attacked directly with Kycoo, his turn he drew Snatch and used it, I MST'ed
then he conceded the game to me!! :D The other card in his hand was another
Chaos Command Magician!

So I won the tourney and as a prize I chose a super rare Lightning Vortex
a rare Compulsory Evacuation Device, Alex got a Ceasefire from PSV.

- I won the tourney!!
- I didn't lose a single game!!
- Lightning Vortex!!
- Alex disqualified the Zombie Deck that beat me the last tourney!!
- Duo, MoF, NoC, Solemn Judgement!!!! They rocked!!! And still rock!!
- I didn't mention this earlier but my girlriend was with me all the time
supporting me and saw me win, thanks Martha I love U!!! :D

- Alex used 38 cards in the first game of the Final, perhaps things would've
been different had he not made such mistake... :S
- I did't eat anything in the whole afternoon I ended up with a stomach

Onto the 2nd tourney!!

The deck I used is the same except I changed Smashing Ground for Vortex,
Smashing Ground ended in my Side Deck (I replaced it for one Wave-Motion

Again 16 people, tourneys are getting better each time!!

Group 2: Daniel, Guy with Fiend Deck, Kaiwa, Me (Giancarlo/Sano)

Round 1:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Daniel (Spellcaster)

This one was kinda boring, all I remember was trampling goats with Enraged,
used Vortex on a Skilled Dark and a Kycoo and well I won in the end.
The second game was almost the same, anyways on to the next game!
Sano (1-0)

Round 2:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Guy with Fiend Deck (Fiend Deck)

I faced him last tourney and again I didn't ask for his name!! :S
Well we were once again even at life points, he used ring on my Mobius and
Barrel Behind the Door and I was... Ouch... anyways I managed to win the
game thanks to Kycoo and a Ha Des I Snatched :D
In the second game he got me... I mean I didn't expect that move, I wouldn't
have been able to stop it anyways... It was my turn, I had a Sinister in
up defense position, in my standby phase he activated Return from different
Dimension, summmoning his Cyber Jar and Sinister that I had Noc'ed I was
confused by that move, well I set Scapegoats and ended. In my end phase he
activated Ceasefire (I had 1500 Lp left!!) and lost...
The third game went on rather quickly, i remember he summoned Possesed Dark
Soul and offered it to take control of my Sangan and 2 goats... anyways in
end I prevailed!!!
Sano (2-0)

Round 3:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Kaiwa (Relinquished/Chaos Deck)
Again I was facing this guy Kaiwa, the funniest move in the duel was his.
I had a TER with a Manju equipped, then he used Black Illusion Ritual,
summoned Relinquisehd and absorbed TER!!! hahaha really funny!! :P
In the final game he was topdecking, I had 2 cards in hand, he set a M/T.
My turn I had a Kycoo and tributed for Parshath, I attacked and won because
set card was Goats!! :D
Sano (3-0)

Again I qualified for the finals, this time my girlfriend couldn't come to
me but anyway I did my best but lost in the next match...

Finals 1:
Sano (Beatdown/Control) Vs. Victor (Dimension Fusion Deck)

This was not the same guy I beat in the other tourney, Victor is a very good
duelist, i hadn't played him in a long time, and now we faced each other in
tourney, last week i beat his girlfriend Ursula (guess he got a grudge
me for that :P).
In the first game I was blocked by his Reapers and his Marshmellon (a
card restricted to one per deck: LIGHT Fairy/Effect Lv-3 300/500 This
is not destroyed as a result of battle anytime, although damage calculation
is applied normally. When this card is attacked while in face down defense
position, inflict 1000 points of direct damage to your opponnents life
I don't know where the two NoC I run were... and my battle ox and parshath
well... Still I managed to NoC a face down Reaper (that was in mid game) and
attack a goat with Lily and direct with a prematured Berserk, I had to pay
life points though to negate a Waboku, that's why I didn't attack directly
Lily -_- Anyways later on he summoned BLS and beat me after he had Trunaded
clear the field.
In the second game he beat me with quite a surpising move, I was at 6500 and
was at 5000 I flipped MoF and brought Pot he chained Waboku (I had a Jinzo
hand :S) I tributed for Mobius and destroyed his other 2 M/T on the field...
(another Waboku and a Goats which he didn't activate) he had a MoF in attack
position but i couldn't do anything for that damned Waboku, apart from MoF I
had 2 goats, I set Mirror, Card Destruction and another card and ended.
in my end phase he activated Call for Dark Magician of Chaos and brought
Giant Trunade, in his turn he used Giant Trunade, DMoC was removed from
then he used metamorphosis on MoF and summoned TER, he abserbed a Goat then
set a few cards and ended. In my turn I set Mirror, Ring and I set a
I ended. I ringed his TER in his draw phase, he uses another Giant Trunade
and summons BLS in defense, he removes my face down sinister, then he
BLS for Parshath and attacks a goat, he draws a card... After that he asked
how many cards I had in hand I answered "7 cards", he counted my graveyard,
removed from game pile, everything, after setting a M/T he used Card
Destruction, I drew 7 cards and was about to lose by depletion, then he
activated his set card... Dimension Fusion, he dropped to 3000 and summoned
DMoC returning Card Destruction which he activated again and I lost by
:( I couldn't defend my champ's title, well I'll do my best next tourney,
keep you informed!!

- I qualified for finals witohut losing a single game!
- My friend Manuel won the tourney beating Victor in the finals (thus
me!!! :D )
- Manuel's deck was a LV Armed Dragon Deck, it was so cool to see such a
winning the tourney!! :D
- I got to use Vortex!!

- I lost by deck-out! :(
- My girlfriend couldn't come this time!!! -_-
- Giant Trunade and Waboku really screwed me... my Mirror Force just kept
bouncing back!!

The name is Giancarlo (call me Sano), you can contact me at:
You're free to send me your comments and/or criticize me, or perhaps to
talk about Yu-Gi-Oh!! You can find me at YVD too, my nick is Sano9999,

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