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Kieran __ [mailto:catstevenshasnobass@hotmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 6:37 PM

Warrior Deck Kezza Meha Armageddon, Wellington, New Zealand

Woohoo! My first armageddon (sp?) tournament!!! ...Sadly my first armageddon altogether...

But never mind. The morning started with me only sleeping 3 hours after a bender the night before and my mate, Matt, turning up late to pick me up.

Lateness continued the rest of the morning as we pull into wellington at 10!!! Short notice for a tournament that started at 10.30.

After sprinting down Queens wharf I made it by 10 past.

I sat down, took a breather, took a drink off the drink girls, and waited.

1st Round, Kieran (warriors) vs Luke (zombies)

Zombies first round? grrrreeeaaat. Luke was a heck of a nice guy though with the majority of our match time spent talking about anime and other things yu-gi-oh.

I was releaved though when I found his deck was a slightly modified Zombie structure deck.

It was a nice match easing me into tournament mode.

1st round went to me with a good ole fashioned warrior swarm, and 5000 life points to spare. Bottomless trap holes ruled his despairs.

2nd round went to me again. I chose this round to try out the currently untested chaos build of my deck. BLS blitzed him 6300 left to me.

2nd Round, Kieran (warriors) vs Steven (beatdown/chaos)

O.k now this is the type of deck I'm used to versing.

I went into this match feeling very over confident. I got a serious wake up though when i got smoked with him sitting pretty on about 7000. Kycoo ruled Gigantes which were piling up in my hand.

Next game you blinked and you missed. His second turn he had a Maha Vailo on the field equipped with axe (3050 atk). I snatched his Maha (3550 atk) summoned Mataza, called back Command Knight. 1700 x2 (3400 for those to lazy to think lol) + 3550 + 1600 = game.

Now this game was close. He had a field of trap cards (4) and 7700 life points. I was on 1400 lp after he creatured swapped his Sasuke 1 for my zombyra.

I snatched back my zombyra and tributed for jinzo, atk directly. He sets a monster. I draw Exiled force! Tribute and atk directly.

He sets another monster and ends. Now my hand had built up 3 warrior returning alive's because his kycoo and previously removed all my monster.

and if you want to know how I came back for a win- reread the last two lines 3 times.

3rd Round, Kieran (warriors) vs Jacob (Monster effect damage)

Now his deck was cool. Spear dragons, Amazoness swordswomans and reflect bounder...nasty.

The first round I don't really remember and my notes are kinda crappy.

2nd round I couldn't muster a decent defence and I got pummeled by Spear Dragons.

3rd round though was a great match. Double Mataza's and Command Knight. He was top decking and drew Amazoness Swordswoman, which he atked a Mataza, forgetting that command knight boosted him. I asked him if he'd like to take it back but he didn't.

4th Round, Kieran (warriors) vs Saiva (Chaos/Relinquished)

If I won this I would of been happy if I lossed the rest of my matches because I would of walked away with winning over half of my preliminary matches.

Not too much to say here apart from big up's to Gearfried the Iron Knight and blast with chain! He summons BLS and I ask if he'd like to remove a Gearfried he said no so I equipped my Geafried with blast destroying BLS.

Relinquished had me caught of guard though because most tend to run Thousands Eyes over this guy.

Second match I was drawing NO monster except sangan and what ever I got out with him. I did premature back Sangan with a face down Blast.

He stormed, I chained with blast on sangan destroying his monster and leaving him open. Mataza (from sangan) did the rest next turn.

5th round, Kieran (warriors) vs Tzar (Zombies)

Now here was an interesting match, but not because of more ****ing zombies. (If you can't tell Zombies and Gravekeepers are my two hated decks).

This guy was actually related to me. Apprantly his mom's last name and my last name are the same so after about five minutes of back tracking turns out our great grandfathers are the same and our grandfathers are brothers. RANDOM.

After a win to him first round and win to me second round ( which was lengthy thanks to us both stalling, Him with Patrician, spirit reaper, pyramid turtle and soul absorbing bone tower and me with two captains) this was gonna be good. AND quick.

His turn, plays call of the mummy, specials a despair and summons regenerating mummy. After both of us over extending to try and gain an early lead by second turn we're both down to 2 cards in hand and him with Despair still and Regenerating still. I had BLS in the opening hand but only a blade knight in the graveyard.

Lp was low with options running out for me. What do I draw but Mataza! Mataza took one for the team by suiciding into Regenerating. MP 2 I summon BLS and remove

Despair set call and end. He used call of the mummy to bring out Ryu Kokki atking my BLS with both dying. He set pyramid turtle and ended. I called back BLS removed Pyramid turtle and managed to beat him down from there.

I didn't know how much time was left so I sent Mike down stairs to fetch pizza because I was hungers. I managed to munch down half a pizza before my next match started.

6th round, Kieran (warriors) vs Joseph (beatdown?)

I really wasn't too sure about this guys deck because I only really saw 4 monsters I think. Beserk, spirit reaper, Airknight and Night Assailant.

1 st round involved him trying to atk me with Berserks only to run into Gearfried's and blasts.

2nd round was the shizzle. Opening moves, he sets 1 monster and a trap and ends.

I draw and play nobleman of crossout, which he magic jammered. I play the second nobleman of crossout in my hand, wiping out his night assailants.

After this should of been easy for me but he came back with berserks and stalling with spirit reapers.

Towards the end I had 1 mataza in my hand and no field. He had 2 cards and he played premature burial and sacked for Airknight. I was pretty fucked with both of us on less than 2000. Now for those of you that don't belive in the heart of the cards skip to the next match but for those of you that do...

I put my hand on my deck ready to draw thinking Goblin Attack Force would be nice here, then as I lifted the card a thought flashed in my mind "You side decked those out...". Shit was all the came into my mind as a turned my card to look at it to reveal... SNATCH STEAL! Thiefing his Airknight I attacked for game. Joseph could hardly believe it with the comment of "That was bullshit" coming from him. I was to releaved to make any comment.

7th round, Kieran (warriors) vs Michael (Phoenix/Chaos)

Now me and this guy were going into this match with 6-0 scores. Me and this guy had been talking earlier and the only time I had seen him play was glancing over at his match while I was playing Joseph.

From now on I have lp scores for most of my games.

The first match was a complete warrior swarm for me with the scores going

Me 8000 - 9000 from a snatch.

And Michael 8000 - 4500 - 0

Next match was weird though. His opening he sets a monster and 2 traps. I opened with heavy storm destroying Mirror force and...POT OF GREED???

I summon Exiled force and atked... Morphing Jar.

Hand's both replenished, I set Bottomless Trap Hole and end.

From there on Blade Knights ripped through his defences. But from his bad hand he still managed to take me down a fair way.

Me 8000 - 6400 - 2800 - 2600

Michael 8000 - 6400 - 5900 - 5100 - 4900 - 4600 - 3600 - 2200 - 400 - 0

Now because of his bad hands I offered a third round with interesting results...

Me 8000 - 6600 - 6500 - 5500 - 1200 - 400 - 0

Michael 8000 - 7000 - 6000

Now I knew this was gonna come back and bite me...and it did.

This was where my notes got crappy as I focused more on being in the finals! The only one from Palmerston North, REPRESENT!

Quarter Finals, Kieran (warriors) vs ??? (Sorry dude) (Chaos?)

Now this match was hazy, apart from I remember him wondering why Mystic Swordsman Level 2 negated Apprentice Magicians effect.

Semi Finals, Kieran (warriors) vs Jung of Team Game Player (Zombies)

Now this guy had been hounding me for my spare Breaker all day and I had no idea how he'd been going till the names of the finalist had been read out.

Now this had to be my favourite match of the day. It was so close with us both countering everything the other did in the first round untill I gained a bit of advantage and took the first round.

Me 8000 - 6200 - 5200 - 3700 - 3100 - 2300

Jung 8000 - 7000 - 5200 - 3400 - 3000 - 2600 - 2200

In the first round though I made the mistake of playing graceful charity straight into the grave yard. Which I apologise for.

Between games we both hit the side deck. Which was funny because I went to chaos warriors and he went to to counter my other warriors.

it came down to the wire and I still don't think I should of won this match but we both forgot about his Vampire Lord getting mirror forced.

Which left the field open for my Mataza's and Command Knight doing the damage needed to finish him.

Me 8000 - 7900 - 7200 - 6500 - 5700

Jung 8000 - 7900 - 7800 - 7000 - 6300 - 4300 - 3000 - 1400 - 0

After the match to make up for my mistake earlier I gave him my spare Breaker, the only card that he came to Armageddon for.

Whoop to me! The finals!

First tournament, Warriors, Extremely lucky in some games... Sounds rather Joey'ish to me.

Finals, Kieran (warriors) vs MICHAEL (PHOENIX/CHAOS)

Now here is where I was worried. I bet him in the preliminarys because he had crappy hands, the third round proved this.

1st game, whats to say? I got screwed.

Me 8000 - 6000 - Something - 0

Michael 8000 - 7000'ish

2nd game was close, so very close. Both of us were low on life. Me on 1400, him on 1800 and me with a face down ceasefire, but only sangan and mataza on the field.

He played lightning vortex which i chained with ceasefire. Him on 800. From there he managed to get Jinzo. I snatched his Jinzo and atked for game only to run into scapegoats. He was gaining life quickly and I was hacking my way through sheep. He managed to get Phoenix on the field suiciding into Jinzo. Next turn he brought it back and start laying into my monsters. Now i managed to smashing ground the bird. Now this is were I stuffed up. I had Torrential and BTH facedown. No monsters. He had 1 f/d Apprentice, 3 Sheep and a space for the bird to occupy. He specialled back Phoenix and I play BTH. It wasn't till afterwards that I found out that I could of played both TT and BTH wiping out his monsters and removing Phoenix. He procceeded to waste me from there on.

Me 8000 - 5600 - 3200 - 1400 - 0

Michael 8000 - 7000 - 1800 - 800 - 1800 - 2800 - 2000 - 3000 - 2200

All in all I was extremely pleased with how well the Warriors managed to pull me through this tournament.

Now time for Prop's 'n' Slop's.


- The high level of competition in all players I faced.

- How cool everyone was. Everyone was pleasent and friendly.

- Gearfried and Mataza the work horses of the day.

- Ude and Game Player team's for their hard work in organising such an event. Many thanks to you guys.

- Me for coming coming second!


- Not thinking/querying possible moves.

- Not too many great cards in my box and a half.

Feel free to contact me at catstevenshasnobass@hotmail.com

Hope to see you all again and Wellington regionals!


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