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LV_Deck_Garden_Ridge_Plano.html Subject:First big tournie with LV deck Location: Garden Ridge Fee: 5$ Prize: A box of Dark Revalations Duelist and Deck: My names Robby and i wanted to just make the finals, i din really wanna win i just wanted to make finals..... Rules: No Elimination but if you lost two, chances are you wont make finals Date: April 9 2005 Deck: Tribs:6 Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV8 X1 Silent SwordsMan LV 7X1 Jinzo X1 Silent SwordsMan LV 5 x1 Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV6 x2 Lv4 Monsters or lower: Magician of Faith X2 Horus THe Black Flame Dragon Lv4 x2 Silent SwordsMan LV3 x2 Breaker the magical warrior x1 Twin Headed BehemothX1 Spear Dragonx2 Cyber Jarx1 D.D. Warrior LadyX1 Spirit Reaper X2 Tribe Infecting Virus X1 SanganX1 Sinister SerpentX1 Maraudin Captain X2 Magic- Giant TrunadeX1 Delinquit DuoX1 Heavy Storm X1 Graceful Charity X1 Pot of GreedX1 Mystical Space TyphoonX1 Premature Burial X1 Lighting Vortex X1 Snatch StealX1 Swords of Revealing LightX1 ScapeGoat x1 LV up! x2 Traps- Nightmare WheelX2 Mirror ForceX1 Ring of DestructionX1 Magic Cylenderx1` Call of the Hauted X1 Sakurestu ArmorX1 Torrential TributeX1 well i was kind of nervous, but my friend andre was with me so i calmed a bit, and the guy i beat with the burn deck, had became my friend(his name is john), and my friend jerry was there too. We like to call ourselves DoD the Duelists of Destiny. well the rules pretty much were u win 4/5 games and your in the finals. They have some kinda point system that i don really know about but some how it works. LET THE DUELS BEGIN! Round ONE! LV vs Some kinda weird deck, a kid was playing Game 1- ownage on my part Game 2- ditto after the match i felt sick to my stomach cuz the kids eyes lit up everytime i played like silent swordsman lv 7 or lv 5, so i gave him a Beast of Gilfer and went on my way. My friend Andre lost, John won (with his new chaos deck, he stoped playing burn after i whooped him), and so did jerry. record 1-0 andre 0-1 john 1-0 Jerry 1-0 Round TWO! LV vs Fiend(jerry) AHH I HAD TO FACE MY FRIEND! Game 1- O such a terrible hand, Horus LV8 Jinzo Two Horus LV6's and Spear Dragon, i drew Silent Swordsman LV5 i played the first two hands then i conceeded. Game 2- i tore him up this time, i took out his Ha-Des and his necrofear, i won the second round pretty easily. Game 3- He won fair and square, i put up a good fight but lost. record 1-1 andre 1-1 jerry 2-0 john 2-0 (not so good for me and andre) Round THREE!(if i lost again i am out of the finals most likely) LV vs Beat Down/Anti Chaos & Zombie that could take apart Chaos and Zombie i about crapped a brick, this guy had gotten an invite to nationals, and was ranked third in our state My hands were shaking, i had never played this guy in my life, and i had no idea what i was about to encounter. All i new is that he was good, because the store owners wife(whom im friends with said he had finished well in regionals and nationals) Game 1- He opened up with nimbles, and such but my spear dragons took care of him. Through out this whole game i was so friggin annoyed because he would never keep maybe more than one face down card on the field. I had heavy storm in my hand and i din't want to waste it on one face down. I got my Favorite card, Silent Swordsman LV7 out for about a turn till he raigeki broke it. i was flustered but not out. I was able to get Horus LV8 out on him and forced him to use D.D assailant making him lose some life points and leaving him right open for jinzo + call of the haunted, making me take the duel. phew.... Game 2- THis was a brilliant game, he played it dang good and i am not ashamed to admit defeat. I thought i was doin pretty good, i had 4 cards in my hand to his two, and i had a spear, and side decked in soldier and i had a light and dark, so i was pretty satisfied. he Duo's my hand, missin soldier, so i was happy. He then sacks two monsters for DMOC then taking the other two. DANG! i was out of a hand, he had played it brilliantly and that gave him the win, i couldn't recover, about two turns later i conceded. Game 3- I came into this game thinking i was goin to lose. He took control early game and he had 11,000 life points thanks to nimbles. I was like CRAP how am i supposed to take out 11,000 life points while i had like 4300. Well he was doin the exact same thing with his magic and traps he did the last duel, puttin like 1 face down and that it, well he finally messed up, he put three down and i heavy stormed like no tommorow. I was happy he had a face down which i nobled and then summoned silent swordsman lv 5 and attacked directly bring him down to this 11000- 2300 = 8700 still pretty high. Well he goes, sets a monster and ends his turn. At this time we had gone about 35 min into the duel and people were watching us. I draw my last spear dragon summon it and since my swordsman LVed up at Standby phase i have my fav monster out again. I kill his face down kycoo with spear, making him lose some life points, then another direct attacked with my swordsman, i thought i had it in the bag, but he draws lays a card face down and ends his turn, i draw magic cylender, i direct attack with spear, then i attack with swordsman but he sakuretsu's. i was like CRAP! best monster i got right now is dead. he draws, lays a card face down and ends, i attack with something and spear but it brings his life points down to 1800, i had taken the lead FINALLy! TO get rid of my spear he summons kycoo, he attacks i activate cylender he activates raigeki break, but the says "If i destroy kycoo, you'll just attack me for the win with spear, i lose" he shakes my hand says " DAMN fine game" gives me a enemy controller for being a nice guy that he is and walkes off. record 2-1 WOHOO my spirits are high! andre 2-1(got a friggin by) jerry 2-1 (he lost to a strike ninja deck) john 2-1 (he lost to another chaos deck) Game 4- LV vs Warrior (run by a kid dono how he got 2-1) Game 1- ownage on my part Game 2- ownage on my part record 3-1 yay one more win! andre 3-1 john 3-1 jerry 3-1 ( o crap! ) Intermission- my friends and i were all 3-1 which meant, chances were, we were going to hafta face eachother, Me, John,Jerry,and Andre all had 3-1, we found two other people with three and ones, so we were prepared to hafta face eachother to get into the finals. Round 5- Well by golly i hafta face a guy with a level deck! LV vs LV battle of silent vs horus(almost literaly) This by far was my favorite duel of all time. Game 1- Started with my standard one card face down one in defense something to make em use a nobleman.he summons something(kycoo i think) and kills my twin. i revive twin, play mst on his face down and sack twin for silent lv 5, he plays cost down, discards sinister for horus lv 6 (crazy!) he lays two cards face down. score stands 8000-7500 my favor but still neones duel. I had swapped in some level ups and drew one, i decided it was not time to bring lv 7 out, so i layed lv up down as a bluff. i then summoned spear dragon and ended my turn. He summons another kycoo, he attacks spear, and i cylender, i still lead, 8000-4200 big gap but still combackable. he sets a third card and ends his turn WOHOO TOP DECK JINZO! i sac spear and bring out jinzo, i then use lv up leveling my swords man to LV 7 then attack horus lv 6 then kycoo with jinzo score stands 8000-3400. Now im just tearing him apart, well until he summons tribe, bye lv 7 and jinzo. he calls horus lv 6 lv's him up to lv 8 and attack me for 4600 now the scores even up 3400-3400. Thing is he has no hand while i have i think two cards left, with one on the field, call of the haunted. I draw sinister, good card cuz i also have tribe. i summon tribe kill horus call jinzo, 2600 right outta his life points.i then giant trunade to get my call back and reset it without jinzo dying. he goes and conceeds. PHEW Game 2- He pwns me pretty badly i had LV 7 out and he brought out horus lv 8 and killed my fav monster. AHH the mean cruel person! Game 3- Complete Opposite I Bring out Silent LV 7 and smack him for a good 2600 thanks for his face up night assailant, i set one card, and He attacked with horus LV8 hahahaha i used mirror wall, cuttin horus lv8 down to 1500 to my swordsmans LV 7's 2800, there goes 1300 lifepoints and the game WOOHOO GO SILENT (strangly enough i din get horus all three duels, i would draw like lv 4 and 6 but normally would discard them for an effect) Record 4-1 I WON THE BATTLE OF SILENT VS HORUS GO SILENT SWORDSMAN!! ( of all lv's ) ANdre 4-1 (he played jerry) Jerry 3-2 (he played andre) John 4-1 well three outta four of us made finals until john got his deck stolen, so he wasn't allowed to play. FINALS! LV vs Monarch/Nephtys Game 1- pretty bad draw takes me apart really. Game 2- i own this guy, he brings out nephtys and i creature swap him for already flipped MoF where i got back heavy storm used it played out soldier and took him out. Game 3- din get a single lv monster, i stalled for a while with my beloved spirit reapers but he top decked tribe, ahh well. i lost fair and square. well andre lost to the guy who won the tournie, but we both made final so i was pretty pleased with how our decks went. Slops: Johns deck getting stolen, and me for having to face jerry. i dont getting any packs unfortuantly Props: Beat a guy 3rd in the state My fav monster whooped on another tough lv monster three outta four of us made it to the finals for yall please giving me recomendations on my deck Contact DestinyFlame@msn.com (please send helpful things, i like hearing my deck is great and all, but i would like to win, so please send advice)

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