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Fire Princess v2.2 - By Creon316

Space Coast Games, Palm Bay Florida

About 15-20 participants

April 16th, 2005

Format: Err…post-ban list, not sure if that’s called traditional or advanced. $2 to compete, pairings based on win-loss ratio.

Hot on the heels of the IRS gang-beating our nation’s wallets, I took my beloved Fire Princess deck into the third straight weekend of tournament play. I only did some minor tinkering with a couple cards. I did practically tinkle myself earlier in the week when I bought 2 boosters on my lunch break at work and found a card called Wave-Motion Cannon. I’d forgotten about that one. I had my deck with me in my desk, and I immediately found a place for it. The most sweeping changes were to my side deck, as the one I had going was horribly outdated. You know, when you run an unpopular deck type like this, it seems hard to build a side deck that will prove lifesaving. I stacked it with a few counters for cards that tripped me up the week before and just went with that.

Main Deck Total: 44 / 5 Fusions / 15 Side Deck

Normal Monsters: (1)

Aqua Madoor

Effect Monsters:

Cyber Jar


Sinister Serpent

Cure Mermaid

2x Magician of Faith

Cannon Soldier

Lava Golem (BWAHAHAHA)

Balloon Lizard

Mother Grizzly

Marie the Fallen One

Mask of Darkness

Spirit Reaper

2x Fire Princess

Exiled Force

Bowganian (this guy worked so well last week, I kept his spot…why does this game have so many DARK Machines? Why would something mechanical be aligned with the evil ones? Well, read “The Mangler“ by Stephen King and you‘ll understand. Please don‘t see the movie, Robert Englund thanks you.)

Night Assailant (Man Eater Bug for the new millenium)

Mystic Tomato

Penguin Soldier (I think this will be gone by next game)

Ma--er, Spell Cards:

Pot of Greed

Magic Reflector (this was a new one. I envisioned evil with Wave Motion Cannon, but ended up using it for Messenger each time. This works with or without a faceup magic card--if you‘re just drawing MST/Storm hate, you can leave it facedown by itself and they WILL try to destroy it, wasting a card. Then you can say PSYCHE!)

Premature Burial

2x Heart of Clear Water

Fissure (for once I wasn’t the only one playing this today)

Graceful Charity

Wave-Motion Cannon (this replaced my ever-useless The Shallow Grave)

2x Messenger of Peace


Mystical Space Typhoon

My Body As A Shield

Trap Cards:

Solemn Judgment

Ring of Destruction

Mirror Force

2x Gravity Bind

Call of the Haunted

Judgment of Anubis

2x Magic Jammer (these were also seeing some play by others)

Solemn Wishes

Fusion Deck:

3x Thousand-Eyes Restrict (The hills have eyes…and so do the shoulders, arms, and that weird pedestal thing below the mouth. I wish they’d make a Toon Thousand Eyes..I once drew a picture of that when I was bored at work…all the eyes were bloodshot, it had on boxing gloves, dorky thin legs, and a tongue hanging out of the mouth/opening/vacuum/thing/deal. Hey, I’m rambling.)

Reaper On The Nightmare

Dark Balter The Terrible (Debated this one…still like the idea of being able to negate spell cards. Never have summoned it. Not like it takes up deck space anyway.)

Side Deck: (15) new and improved


Nobleman of Crossout


Torrential Tribute

Ekibyo Drakmord

Robbin’ Goblin

Eternal Rest

Dark Core

Obnoxious Celtic Guard


Reverse Trap

Collected Power

Monster Reincarnation

..that was only 13, so to keep it legal I just threw in 2 more that were handy: Crush Card

The Seal of Oricalcos

..no, seriously, I just borrowed from my novice dragon deck and popped in Magician of Faith and Soul Exchange.

And off we go. There were fewer people than normal at the top of the tournament. Not near as many little kids. Dang, no free rides today. Hopefully I won’t get as long-winded here as I tend to…comes from being an adult and having nobody to discuss this with. Greg wanted to discuss trades with me, and said we’d do it after the 1st round.

Match #1: I got put against a guy I just missed beating last week. I don’t remember much about his deck…normal Warrior stuff, Kycoo, tricky counter cards, that 2400 ATK Rock guy, etc.

First Duel: None of my monster cards lasted for very long, so it was hard to get a good burn going. Most of my M/T’s were gone after staying just long enough to make their presence felt. He got in a few jabs with Spear Dragons while I jabbed him back with Cannon Soldier and Fire Princess/Cure Mermaid. We were both in the realm of 3000-4000 points when he whips out Jinzo, threatening me. I just happened to draw Lava Golem and gave it to him right away, getting rid of the Android Psycho Shocker. A turn or two later he was able to torrential it. At one point his field was totally empty and, in one of my few attacks for the day, I hit him directly with Mystic Tomato and Spirit Reaper, discarding his Mirror Force. Bad planning…? When he was down to 600 LP and I was sitting pretty at 2600, I drew Ring of Destruction, and hungrily eyed his Spear Dragon. On his turn I flipped ring and declared game…he checks his M/T field and chains with Call of the Haunted on Jinzo. Nice! I was holding a Cyber Jar, and as he was fresh out of Noblemans, Jinzo didn’t last long. He’d already used his Heavy Storm and MST’s, so my defenses were safe. I wasn‘t doing any burn damage, and my thoughts turned toward simply holding the fort and hoping he’d deck out. He lasted quite a while longer, as all of my burn monsters were downed and my Call was at the very bottom of the deck, as I found out after. He couldn’t attack me directly because, in a semi-desperate move, I’d gotten Exiled Force into faceup DEF mode with a Heart of Clear Water keeping them safe for the rest of the duel. On the 5th card from the bottom, I drew Wave-Motion Cannon. I activated it right away. He goes, looks whipped, I destroy it on my turn for 1000 and the game. Ok, Cannon can stay, I like it.

Second Duel: He got off to a good start by ignoring my defenses and tribute summoning his Sangan for that Rock guy that destroys a facedown card, can’t remember its name. He got a few direct attacks in before I could save my field. Messenger and Bind were out before long. His Heavy Storm sacked 4 of my cards and left my field open. He eventually won through those darn Spear Dragons and efficient removal. No mistakes on my part, I was just out-gunned.

However, our time for this Match had expired, and the judge put us in SUDDEN DEATH!! With the record 1-1, we had to start our 3rd duel, with the golden rule of the scores following the first change in life points will decide the winner. I wasn’t worried one bit, as my deck is structured to gain points.

Third Duel: As my opponent counted on me drawing Cannon Soldier and winning on the first turn, he didn’t bother looking at his hand. He asked me how many I had in the deck as we shuffled, and I said I can’t tell him that while we’re playing. (It’s only 1, actually.) I drew the first hand, with nothing to gain or burn points showing up. Well, I did get My Body as a Shield. Won’t be using that. Of course thanks to my slow deck, we were the last ones dueling and everybody was looking on. I thought about getting nervous, but just ignored it and focused on the game. He got some nice attackers but I had the usual safeguards and there was no life point damage. I did get Sangan into DEF mode, hoping for an excuse to kill it and get Cannon Soldier in hand, but I’d already made sure he couldn’t attack. On my 5th turn I drew Solemn Wishes, everyone behind me said OOOH! And I set it. As he began his main phase, I activated it. He said that my deck is structured to gain points and that this is gay. He ended his turn, I held up my next drawn card and declared game with the score at 8500-8000. SUDDEN DEATH!!

Somebody remarked, “You need a side deck. Here’s example #1.” Since I’d held up the whole round, Greg said we could trade after round 2.

Match #2: Fire Princess 2.2 vs. Harpie Lady Deck

Ok, here’s something new for a change! I’ve never seen a Harpie deck in play that wasn’t on my TV screen turned to Kids WB. Elegant Egotist, Hunting Ground, and lots of Man-Eater Bugs. What, no Electro Whip? The guy playing was another adult, to boot.

First Duel: I’d never seen this guy before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I began with my usual Red Shirt Strategy. [ © 2005 Creon316 ] By that I mean putting out cards that I don’t mind losing with no effects on the very next turn, to stuff like MST, Nobleman, Sasuke, etc. so that I can retain my more useful cards. Remember on the old Star Trek? Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Guy In Red Shirt would beam down to an unknown planet. Guess which one wasn’t coming back? In this case I put facedown my Balloon Lizard and Heart of Clear Water. No fear, he puts out one of those newer Harpie Ladies and hits the Lizard, causing some rebound damage and beginning its effect. Since he didn’t try any removal, I put out Messenger of Peace, amped it up with Magic Reflector which I had to explain to him, and Fire Princess into ATK mode with Solemn Wishes. By this time he’d summoned that other Harpie Lady that boosts all WIND monsters, so that made his harpie’s too strong to attack with Messenger. He got around that quickly, tributing her for Spell Canceller (???) putting the other back to 1300 ATK. He was also indeed using Sasuke Samurai, so I had to be careful of my flip effects. Fortunately they’re not hard to kill, even with my sissy monsters. No Gravity Bind yet, so he summoned another HL and kamikazed one into my Fire Princess. OK, not expecting that. He also destroyed my Lizard with something and took some minor damage from its effect. It looked good for him as he also got Jinzo out, giving him some killer field control with no Spells or Traps to worry about. That would also be his undoing. I got my trusty Lava Golem to take out his Jinzo, while his Spell Canceller remained on the field for the rest of the duel. I got my Gravity Bind going, so all of his monsters were now useless while all of our Spell cards took up space. I had all my M/T zones full by now, but with My Body As A Shield, that negated Messenger, and facedown Heart from my first turn, I couldn’t do anything else. Many turns went by with us simply passing and discarding since we had hands full of useless crap. Seriously, I was discarding Pot of Greed and Ring of Destruction, because my zones were full and I couldn’t activate what I had. He eventually summoned a Blue Eyes just for effect. I had Sinister Serpent facedown, and finally noticed the Cannon soldier sitting in my hand. He had 3 or 4 facedown M/T’s, making it risky, but I summoned Cannon and he didn’t respond. I wiped out the rest of his points with the Cannon Soldier/Sinister Serpent lame-o-rama. I had like 10,000 points for most of the game.

What was I saying about not being long-winded? Anyway…

Second Duel: He did better here. Wisely keeping Spell Canceller off the field, he got lucky with his Heavy Storm and lone MST. He got me down to 4500 LP and I was on the run. Right about the time he drew Harpie’s Hunting Ground and I had no stall cards handy, the judge declared time was up and I was the winner of the match by decision, as it was 1 win to nil. Harpie guy was a bit frustrated but stayed cool and all smiles. I could hear the first guy complaining about my stunt with Solemn Wishes.

It’s nice to win, but I always seem to win because time is up, and not because I whooped someone twice. I don’t intentionally waste time, it’s just kind of how my deck works.

Match #3: Fire Princess Burn vs. br0/<3/\/, whacked-out burn deck

Good Lord! I’ve never seen a deck like this in my life. I dueled this guy a couple of weeks ago when he was using a Pyro/Solar Flare/Burn deck, and he smoked me. He was using underplayed stuff like Relinquished, Metamorphosis, Night Assailant, Thousand-Eyes Restrict (never seen anyone else use that in a duel), Scapegoats, and worst of all, Stealth Bird! I’ve never heard of this card, and it SO needs to be in my deck! I don’t own any and nobody offered to trade. This had a lot of stuff from my deck, but only better. A Kotodama might have helped me here. He had a couple Wave-Motion Cannons, too. Lots of people using them today. He had Swarm of Scarabs too.

First Duel: Well, this guy was more interested in his iPod than in the duel. I’d never heard of Stealth Bird, but quickly learned about them. He got one out, and with 1700 DEF the only way I could destroy it was with Solemn Judgment, which of course doubled the overall damage to my life points. I did so anyway. He summoned another one, and my feeble attempts at using my own flip effects were met with his summoning Relinquished, sucking them up, then using Metamorphosis on it to get out a 1000 Eyes, taking my other faceup monster, Ringing it, resuming Stealth Bird flip, using another Metamorphosis on his 1000 Eyes to get out ANOTHER one, sucking up, etc. Two Stealth Birds are flapping at me, my head spun and it was over quickly.

Second Duel: I didn’t bother side decking, I wasn’t even sure I understood what had happened and was just grateful it wasn‘t single-elimination. With the iPod still blaring, I could make out System of a Down while I activated Wave-Motion Cannon early on, figuring it’d get destroyed soon but better than nothing. He activates Scapegoats right away, throwing out another Thousand-Eyes Restrict. (Hey, Scapegoats can’t be used for a tribute summon! However, Metamorphosis is a Special summon, the same reason you can use goats for Toon monsters.) Then he whips out a Wave-Motion Cannon. And I thought *I* was creative. However, once his Monster Zones were full, he suddenly panicked and complained about locking himself out. I didn’t get to burn him, but continued to tick up the counters on my Wave Motion Cannon. He continued to complain about only drawing monster cards. About the time I reached for another die to continue my turn count on the Cannon, he conceded. My cannon would have blasted all 8000 of his points in another turn, and he must have had no recourse for that.

Third Duel: He announced he was side decking. I did so as well, subbing in my Ceasefire, Nobleman of Crossout, Prohibition, and Torrential Tribute. Again with the Stealth Birds. I once again used Solemn Judgment on one of their flips bringing me down to 3500, knowing I was doing more immediate damage but stuck for a better idea. Out pops his Wave Motion Cannon. When it was on its 3rd turn, I began doing a search for my downed Tomato, but then just dropped it on the table and slap-jacked it, declaring I give up.

He went on to the final match of the day, but was beaten by Greg with his dragon deck, and said he felt like quitting the game altogether. Ehh, I’ve been there. If you read my first ever report on Pojo, I described this in detail.

This time I finally got to trade with Greg. In exchange for 4 of my holos and the $4.50 I had handy in my pocket, I obtained Stone Statue of the Aztecs, Guardian Sphinx, Kaibaman, Mind Control, and Dark Magic Attack. I gave up Reinforcement of the Army, Scapegoats, Last Turn, and my spare Exiled Force. I later bought a Dark Room of Nightmare from the store for $2. That should go in my deck, but I’m not sure. Everybody wants to trade for my Delinquent Duo, Windstorm of Etaqua, Blade Knight, and Winged Dragon of Ra, but I don’t want to part with those.

Match #4: Me vs. Greg with his Dragon deck

First Duel: So now that we’ve traded, I get put against him. A couple weeks ago, he was the judge. I’ve also seen him almost get ejected from a tournament for swearing. Today he’s just competing and has a high powered Dragon deck with nasty surprises like Newdoria and Wave-Motion Cannon.

This one actually went back and forth. His deck had only faint traces of the Dragon’s Roar structure deck, loaded with many ultra rares that I can’t remember the names or effects of. However, my stall/burn put up quite a fight. My Red-Shirting worked like a charm, opening with Penguin Soldier and Magic Reflector face-down. He later pulled out a Heavy Storm, but my Judgment of Anubis fixed that while killing the strongest monster in his deck for some hefty damage. When I had 3900 points and he had 5300, I slapped him with the Lava Golem while Gravity Bind was in play. It burned him for 2 turns, and he announced he wasn’t dealing with it anymore and Ringed it, putting me at 900 and him at 300. It stayed this way for a while. This is the second time today I could have won a duel with an Ookazi. I’m thinking about trying one next time. I finally drew my Ring and looked for a way to end this. My Spirit Reaper was still facedown, after being summoned 2 turns ago. Noting its 300 ATK, I set my Ring and planned to flip summon my Reaper on the next turn and then do Ring. Stop me if you see my mistake. He draws, says “Yes, I‘ll take it!” and summons a Spear Dragon, following up with Stamping Destruction on the Gravity Bind. Then he declares an attack, but I chained with Ring on the Spear Dragon, causing a draw. The judge was standing behind me watching and told me about flip summoning my Reaper before ending my turn, then chaining his Draw phase with Ring. Well, live and learn, it wouldn’t be a full day if I didn’t make a stupid mistake that cost me a duel.

One thing about Dragon Decks--you know, I am so glad they restricted Mystical Space Typhoon, because there was no way to have any fun with a stall deck when everybody had 3 of those and Heavy Storm. But Dragons get their own form of MST in the Stamping Destruction, with 500 damage to boot. Rejoice in this, lovers of dragons.

Second Duel: This is hazy. He opens with Delinquent Duo, but I’d already set my Magic Jammer and was holding Marie the Fallen one. He’s out 1000 points and I’m up 200 every turn. Here come the nasty, flappy dragons with their big names, Stamping Destructions to mess me up, high ATKS, and broken effects. Not even an Anubis to a Stamping could help. He was stronger, I lost. Nothing fancy here.

I asked if he would play me vs. my Dragon deck-in-training just for fun, and he agreed, but reminded me it was 1 tie-1 win and the Match wasn’t over yet.

Third Duel: Just more power than I could deal with. This was over even faster. Don’t look, it’s not pretty. I do remember having an open field with a full host of stall M/T’s, with an extra Magic Reflector on my Messenger. He whips out Heavy Storm…the Messenger stays but is no help against his Masked Dragon, Newdoria, and Reaper. Ouch. I did a solemn judgment on something minor even while his Wave-Motion Cannon was out, speeding up the damage. The Cannon finished me off. So I didn’t feel so bad about losing the 1st duel to a stupid mistake, since it just would have been 1-2 anyway. This put me out of the tournament. Greg went on to win the tournament for the day, beating the previous guy with the Stealth Bird deck who announced he was selling all his cards to the store and wanted to give up. My final ranking was 9. Well, I lasted long enough to face the winner, I guess that’s, er, something.

After this, we had time for another full match with my 55-card dragon deck. He whooped me 2-0. I had fun stuff in hand like Flute of Summoning and Axe of Despair, but wasn’t drawing the level 4 monsters I needed to get things in motion. Well, that’s what you get when you rely on Tribute Doll or Lord of D to do the work. He also foiled my Reasoning by calling the correct number of stars. My Tribe never showed, and Garuda The Wind Spirit only gets you so far.

Since the girl I thought I was going out with tonight still hadn’t called, I stayed to watch the semifinal and final matches. She called a while after I got home, we’re going out tomorrow instead. When you’re my age, seems wrong somehow if Yugioh and a date occur on the same day…or same year…Anyway, I didn’t understand a lot of what was happening in the final duels. Still haven’t even heard of some of these cards. Guess that’s why I’m not a champion yet.

Props and Slops.


--To getting what I thought was a good trade deal. I’ve been wrong about this before. I tend to trade based on what decks I have or would like to build, not on how shiny the cards are.

--Yay Lava Golem, killer of Jinzo.

--To my Solemn Wishes stunt in the first match, and my not panicking while the whole store looked on. One more time: SUDDEN DEATH!!

--To Wave-Motion Cannon. Much more useful than Shallow Grave ever was.


--Penguin Soldier: This just doesn’t seem to be that useful…Graceful Charity bait or one of my opening-move Red Shirts. Not once in my reports have you ever seen me type: “Next turn, YES! I drew Penguin Soldier!“ I originally planned this to help me reuse flip effects while stalling attacks, but that only seems to happen in my Dawn of Destiny video game. (Great with Needle Worm to make people deck out. In that game is probably the only chance I‘ll ever get to own a Needle.) Sometimes you gotta give up a card for the greater good, but when you consistently use the same card as a discard or victim, it probably doesn’t belong in your deck. You know, like when you get Graceful on the first turn, use it, and before discarding you have 8 awesome cards in your hand that you don’t want to give up any of…that’s when your deck is tight. I think this will be moved out for Stone Statue of the Aztecs or Obnoxious Celtic Guard next time.

--My slip-up in the last match with the Spirit Reaper/Ring deal. At least it wasn’t a Match-deciding move like last week, twice.

--I bought 4 boosters of different sets and got absolute crap, all with normal rares. Ooh, Dark Blade! Ahh, Arsenal Robber, now I can go to the regionals in Orlando! YES!! I needed a Different Dimension Gate! I should have just paid the guy my $15 for the Charmin in the bathroom, I’d have gotten a better deal.

Most hated opponents’ cards:

--Book of Moon. I didn’t mention this in the reports b/c I can’t remember who or when, I just remember these messing me up a few times, like being used against my Exiled so they could be attacked F/D next turn, or against a Lava Golem so it was harmless and tribute-ready, or by my opponent on their Magician of Faith so they got double the recycling.

--Stealth Bird!! I’d never heard of this card, I need to find some, and it totally clobbered me in Match 2.

--Wave-Motion Cannon. My newest addition was also used against me by 2 other players, coincidentally the 2 I lost to.

That’s all for today. Hmph, I’m getting kind of bored with this deck, but it’s the only strategy that I seem to have something other than a humiliating defeat with. I don’t know how you kids get all these Ultra Rare decks with your allowances or jobs bagging my groceries. Maybe the card I need to think about is MasterCard, then I can do some real damage.

I could probably retool this deck into a neat Clown Control/Weenie Rush deck by trading out the LP gain and burn cards. If the next tournament is interesting enough to keep writing the reports for the same deck, you’ll hear about it, otherwise I’ll see you in the Shadow Realm.


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