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From: Dagreenbeast62@aol.com [mailto:Dagreenbeast62@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, April 18, 2005 5:31 PM

Subject: Dagreenbeast62's_ March_ of_ the_ Mini_ Monarchs_Josh_ Farrow_GameMasters_TX

Dagreenbeast62's March of the Mini-Monarchs
Report for 4-8-2005
Sorry for the late report..something came up :p

Game Masters
Rowlett, TX
$8 to play, tourney pack for playing
Swiss style
Advanced Format
$16 store credit for first place
$8 store for second place
$0 a pat on a back, and a never come back for third place and below

This was my first tournament win in a long time. I didn't expect it at
all. I was talking with my friend Brett about coming to this store
next week with a Gravekeeper's deck and was deciding what to use as a
bridge for this week.
After narrowing it down to Zombies and Chaos by Wednesday, I asked my
brother to borrow a few cards on Thursday. After he said yes, I threw
a curveball and decided on a basic beatdown with a splash of monarch.

At this point, I'd like to inform you that most of the conceited
nature of this deck report was because of my editor who can type
infinitely faster than me. (Editor's Note: It's 'I', jack@$$)

March of the Mini-Monarchs

Monsters: (18)
3x Berserk Gorilla
3x Luster Dragon
3x Nimble Momonga
2x Insect Knight
2x Gemini Elf
2x Archfiend Soldier
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
1x Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
1x Jinzo

Spells: (14)
2x Nobleman of Crossout
2x Smashing Ground
1x Delinquent Duo
1x Snatch Steal
1x Pot of Greed
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Meteor of Destruction
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Heavy Storm
1x Graceful Charity
1x Premature Burial

Traps: (8)
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Ring of Destruction
1x Waboku
1x Call of the Haunted

Side Deck: (15)
2x Royal Oppression
2x Magic Drain
2x Gyaku-Gire Panda
2x Nobleman of Extermination
2x Creature Swap
2x Scapegoat
1x Kinetic Soldier
1x Magic Cylinder
1x King Tiger Wanghu

Round 1 vs Dragon Deck
This was almost a copy of the Dragon's Roar structure deck.

Game 1: I drew Smashing Ground, BTH, Waboku, Berserk, and Dust
Tornado. Not the best hand in the world. He went first and played
Masked Dragon in face down attack mode. Not on accident, on purpose. I
corrected him and he put it in attack mode. I drew Snatch Steal and
used Smashing Ground on Masked Dragon. I ran through his Element
Dragons, Masked Dragons, and even an Armed Dragon LV5 made an
appearance, but I Zaborg'd it and dominated the rest of the game.

Game 2: Read above. Almost the exact same duel, except I felt sorry
for him at the end because he kept drawing magic cards.

Round 2 vs Beast Deck
This guy is a very good player and maybe had the best deck at the
tourney. He won last week and you'll hear more about him later.

Game 1: I don't remember the starting turns, but he got out Manticore
while I had Jinzo out, which was annoying because I had a BTH on the
field. He destroyed my Jinzo later and I couldn't recover. He won the
first duel.

Game 2: I side decked Royal Oppression and 2 Creature Swaps before the match.

I still don't remember the start due to concentrating on the duel. I
do remember that he got out Manticore but I BTH'd that sucka. Since he
had no hand, I managed to take control of the field and win.

Game 3: This was long, tedious, and I had to concentrate (My excuse
for not remembering), but it was similar to the second and ended the
same way.

Round 3 vs Crazy Beatdown Deck
Before this, let me just give you some info on this guy. He was silly,
to say the least. He was a pretty much normal guy but got high and
mighty when all he had was a Penguin Soldier in attack mode to my
empty field. On to the duels.

Game 1: I had NoC, BTH, Smashing Ground, Berserk, and Insect Knight in
my opening hand. He went first and set a card and a monster and ended.
I drew MST and played it on his face down card which was nothing
special (which means my memory is a little fuzzy) and NoC'd his face
down Sinister Serpent (giggity giggity giggity) and I completely
dominated after that.

Game 2: A couple of turns in, after a Cyber Jar flip, he returned my
only monster with Penguin Soldier and had Archfiend Soldier and Insect
Knight out and laughed about it. He apparently forgot that I drew
Lightning Vortex with the flip and stopped laughing soon afterwords.
Not long after that, I Snatch'd another Archfiend and tributed for
Mobius, taking out his face down cards. Then I played Premature on
Berserk and attacked, then got Jinzo out on the next turn for the win.

Quarterfinals vs Equip Beatdown Monstrosity
Before this game, I watched the Beast guy (second round opp.) and this
guy duel. It took them forever to finish. I saw his Zaborg and broke a
commandment and one of the seven deadly sins, then said to myself
"It's on now."

Game 1: I drew both Smashing Grounds, NoC, Insect Knight and Berserk.
He went first and played a card face down and played Cat's Ear Tribe
with Axe of Despair. Before I finish this, let me say I made a mistake
when I thought that Cat's Ear Tribe said that your opponent only takes
200 points of damage, but I was wrong. I didn't Smashing Ground, and
played Insect Knight and attacked. He told me its effect and I
realized my mistake, but he wouldn't let me take it back. I thought
"It's definitely on now." After I Snatch'd it next turn, I brought out
Berserk and eventually depleted his hand and field.

Game 2: Before this game, I had no problem with this guy and still
don't, but after the incident with Cat's Ear Tribe I almost corrected
him every time he took back something or looked at his hand before
deciding whether to go first or second. But I decided that since I
won, I wouldn't add salt to the wound.

Due to "concentration" :) I couldn't remember this game well. All I
remember is that after about turn 10, he had a depleted hand and field

Semifinals vs Chaos/Mystic Swordsman/Morph
This gentleman was extremely nice, and surprisingly, he was one of
only two people to play a Chaos deck out of 15-20 people.

Game 1: "Concentration" and such, but I remember NoC'ing a monster
early on, and then repeating this next turn. He suffered the same fate
as my opponent in the quarterfinals (depletion) and lost to Jinzo.

Game 2: He said it was side deck time. This game was close but BLS
made his first appearance of the night, and after he chained Dust
Tornado to my Snatch Steal, I got handed a prompt smack in the face.

Game 3: It was side deck time for me. I added a Creature Swap, Royal
Oppression, and Kinetic Soldier.

I actually remembered this hand. I drew Royal Oppression, Kinetic
Soldier, BTH, Insect and Gemini Elf. I hate drawing Royal Oppression
and Kinetic Soldier in my opening hand (right RegnR8? :)) However, I
don't remember what happened right after that. After a tug-of-war of
LP, I Snatch'd his Fusilier and tributed for Jinzo, and killed him
with Jinzo and Kinetic Soldier. Afterwords, we talked about the game
and he said that his Cyber flip (which I now remember) was a
double-edged sword. He drew all monsters, but 2 or 3 were tributes and
the others were too weak.

Finals vs Beast Deck (Again)
This guy was very cool in our first match and in this one too.

Game 1: I drew BTH, both Smashing Grounds, Waboku, and Insect Knight.
He went first and set a monster and a face down card. I drew Berserk
and played it and BTH. I attacked his monster which was King Tiger
Wanghu and ended my turn. After Zaborg destroyed his lone monster and
attacked, he got a Cyber flip, but got nothing good in it. He
eventually ran out options and lost.

Game 2: I side decked 2 Creature Swap and Royal Oppression. Mobius
helped out this time, and the same thing happened as in the first
duel. Right before he played Manticore, he said he thought that I had
a BTH ready for his Manticore, and he was right. I won right after

Afterwords, we talked while waiting for our store credit. He told me
that he was surprised that the only thing that could beat him was a
normal beatdown deck. After pulling absolute crap out of packs, we
waited at Burger King for a ride.

Props and Slops time.

Props to:
-RegnR8, for the concept of the deck
-Me, for winning
-And trading 2 Parasite Paracides for Guardian Sphinx, Exiled Force,
and a player to be named later
-BLS, for only showing its ugly mug once
-Brett's mom for waiting 30 minutes in line to get us William's
Chicken (best ghetto chicken in DFW) and for rides
-All my opponents for being at least pretty cool
-Game Masters for being there to blow money on trading card games

Slops to:
-Brett's luck
-Those who laughed at my deck
-Me, for not finding another Zaborg (but it's really everyone else's
fault! everyone said "I had one, but...")
-and not mentioning how much Deliquent Duo helped out
-$8 for a friggin' tournament pack that was complete bullocks
(And now for something completely different...)
-Steven Spielberg, for having no plans to release Freakazoid on DVD

Send any questions, comments, hate mail, or Mystical Shine Balls to


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