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FFTARoxorz05@aol.com [mailto:FFTARoxorz05@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2005 8:17 PM

Zombie Chaos_Paul Reinhardt_TBS Comics - Paul Reinhardt

Zombie Chaos
"by" Paul Reinhardt
TBS Comics, Pensacola, FL
11 people
$3 entree fee, tourney goes Swiss for a few rounds then Top 2 if under 12 people

Sorry for no reports recently, but there hasn't been anything to report. I've missed the last 2 tournaments and everything before that was just me facing n00bs and going against a friend. Either that or I forgot :-P

The tourney's at 11 and my bro woke me up at 10:30, so I had to hurry and get ready and drive down there. It was just me, my bro, my friend Nick, and some scrubs before 6 guys from Alabama, 5 being new entrees, came in (thanks to me telling them). Still only 11 people and no top 4, which is stupid since in the third round the top 2 people face each other and the loser will just go to the finals against the winner.

Here's the deck:

Monsters (17):
x1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
x1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
x2 Blade Knight
x1 D. D. Warrior Lady
x1 Jinzo
x1 Magician of Faith
x3 Pyramid Turtle
x1 Sangan
x1 Sinister Serpent
x2 Spirit Reaper
x1 Tribe-Infecting Virus
x2 Vampire Lord

Traps (6):
x1 Bottomless Trap Hole
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Dust Tornado
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Ring of Destruction
x1 Torrential Tribute

Spells (17):
x1 Book of Life
x2 Creature Swap
x1 Delinquent Duo
x1 Enemy Controller
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x2 Nobleman of Crossout
x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Scapegoat
x1 Smashing Ground
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Swords of Revealing Light

Fusions (22):
x3 Dark Balter the Terrible
x3 Dark Blade the Dragon Knight
x1 Fiend Skull Dragon
x2 Fusionist
x3 Ojama King
x3 Reaper on the Nightmare
x1 Ryu Senshi
x3 Super Roboyarou
x3 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

x1 Exiled Force
x2 King Tiger Wanghu
x1 Magician of Faith
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x1 Divine Wrath
x1 Dust Tornado
x2 Magic Drain
x2 Book of Moon
x1 Metamorphosis
x1 Smashing Ground
x1 The Warrior Returning Alive (goes in with Exiled)

Built it this past Wednesday after I got my friend's crapped up BLS, and its awesome! Even beats my friend's Horus if he doesn't get out LV8 (which Warrior Chaos can't even do). Anyway on to the matches.

**Round 1 vs. Will with some n00b deck**
First match lasted 43 minutes. He Card Destructioned and I had to throw away BLS, Book, and 2 other good spells, which wasn't a good beginning. I ended up being stalled by Golem Sentry until I Snatched it and flipped it down to keep it. This round came down to me Swapping some goats for free damage.

Second match took 7 minutes or so, he Card Destructioned to less effect (I discarded some random spells like Enemy Controller) early on. Premature/Call owned him turn 4. He got Golem Sentry out afterwards but I ended up killing it with V-lord and going for the win with Reaper keeping his hand to 0 and Blade Knight dealing the damage.

**Round 2 vs. Shannon with Fiend**
First match is a bit fuzzy, but I started on the road to victory when I Swapped an attack-position token for his Slate Warrior, Noblemaned Night Assailant, and was lucky when he didn't draw Necrofear.

In between I sidedecked in Exiled, Book of Moon, and The Warrior Returning Alive to deal with Dark Ruler.

Second match was the "usual," both set on our first turns, he tributed his face-down Newdoria for Dark Ruler and attacked my Pyramid Turtle. My turn I summoned Reaper and Swapped, though he tried to IMT his Dark Ruler and get my Reaper, which I said made Swap's effect go away, so we had to wait for my bro to find the ruling. His turn he attacked and set some S/T. From then on I held him at bay and got in two attacks with Blade Knight before it cane down to me Bottomlessing a Necrofear and getting out BLS for the win.

I got the usual "you got your deck online" thing from both the above guys after this match, not really knowing why. The first guy calls cheap cards "cheating" so he said I cheated a lot, and the second guy thought I should run a fun deck instead of a proven winner. As if I pay $3 to not win anything :-P

**Round 3 vs. Cody (my brother) with Monarch**
Why this deck isn't the CC deck, I dunno. It whoops up on anything me and my friends can make.

All the matches are fuzzy, though he used Soul Exchange for Metamorphosis, something we weren't sure about but they don't have rulings for Soul Exchange past obvious ones so w/e. That won him game 3 and thus he was the only undefeated person.

Got more crap for my deck being "from online" between rounds, not that anyone outside of California probably plays this sort of deck. We also had more complaints about the tourney system, since me and my bro were going to the finals unless this random kid won who had less "rating" than either me or my friend Nick, who also went 2-1 losing to Cody. It ended up being me though, which is dumb but I'll save that for later...

**Finals vs. Cody with Monarch**
Again fuzzy, we play so much I forget which matches are which. I will say that he didn't sidedeck in his Royal Oppressions that he usually does, probably because he figured out me negating his Scapegoats is bad when he's holding onto a Morph, or when he Morphs a monster and I just negate it, so he's wasted a card in hand and a monster.

Got 4 boosters, pulled Ultimate Feather of the Phoenix, King Dragun, Cross Counter, and Chiron. Traded Feather for $5 and a Tsukuyomi, put King Dragun in my Fusion deck, put Chiron in my folder, and put Cross Counter in my mass rares pile.

-Everyone for showing up form Alabama, which is sad because over half of the people today were from there.
-Getting my money's worth, which rarely happens since I usually only pull mass rares (and no I don't care about getting 2+ boosters for $3, I don't value boosters at anything because I don't buy them).
-Getting better stuff than my brother's 6 crap rares and a crap super.
-Friend got an idiotic, anti-ban kid kicked from another store with a tourney. He's one of the kids that are like "I can't play a deck without CED," plus he marks his cards.

-Once again, the tournament's system fails when theres a top 2 since it'll always be the top 2 paired people in the last round. Theres another tourney thats free around here that we might start going to again, though as my friends quote me for saying, I don't really like kids half my age cussing at me worse than we do.
-Getting crap for running the deck I do, though like I said, as if I'd not play to win if I pay for the tourney.

Paul Reinhardt, Jeklor on the boards, email me with anything but rants about originality, since I'll just delete those and you'll've wasted your time

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