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wilson yu [mailto:aznbadass52188@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2005 10:56 PM

NiGhT WinG WiTh TeAm PuNiShMenT At A WoRlD Of BoOkS - NiGht WiNG

Name: NiGht WiNG
Date: April 10, 2005
Loacation: A World Of Books in San Leandro, Calinfornia Tournament start time: around 1
Price: ^ bucks
Number of people: I forgot I think about 16
Formatt: Advanced what do you think ? I'm not a n00b.
Deck Master: Dick Greyson - Night Wing defender of blu haven
Deck: Zombie/Phoenix

Crew: Team Punishment
Wilson Yu AKA NiGhTW1NG
Mac Chu AKA DaI Lo MaC
Matt Chu AKA Phatz
Sasa Bibic AKA Hot Sauce
Keanson Ye AKA Kenni4life
Raymond Ye AKA Smiley
Tomas Mijares AKA THeONe
Tony Yee AKA DarkeDragon
Joseph AKA 7-11

Monsters: 39
3 Dark Magician Of Chaos
3 Vampire Lord
3 Pyramid Turtle
3 Spirit Reaper
3 Hand of Nephthys
3 Breaker, the Magical Warrior
3 Sinister Serpent
3 Cyber Jar
3 D. D. Warrior Lady
3 Magician of Faith
3 Tribe-Infecting Virus
3 Sangan
3 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

Spells: 102
60 release Restraint (yea I know what you're thinking, it's godly)
3 Pot of Greed
3 Graceful Charity
3 Enemy Controller
3 Book of Life
3 Book Of Moon
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Scapegoat
3 Heavy Storm
3 Lightning Vortex
3 Nobleman of Crossout
3 Snatch Steal
3 Creature Swap
3 Delinquent Duo
3 Premature Burial

Traps: 15
3 Call of the Haunted
3 Ring of Destruction
3 Royal Decree
3 Torrential Tribute
3 Mirror Force

Side Deck: 15
1 Black Luster Soldier (ritual version)
1 Black Luster Ritual
1 Airknight Parshath
1 Insect Knight
1 Mobius The Frost Monarch
2 Swarms Of Locusts
1 Swords Of Revealing Light
1 Metamorphosis
2 Wave-motion cannon
3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1 Dust Tornado

Fusion Deck: 25
2 Gatling Dragon
3 Thousand-Eyes Restrict
3 Dark Balter the Terrible
3 Ryu Senshi
3 Dark Blade the Dragon Knight
1 Dark Flare Knight
1 Reaper on the Nightmare
1 Ojama King
1 Dragoness the Wicked Knight
1 Charubin the fire knight
1 Flame Ghost
1 Fusionist
1 Darkfire Dragon
1 Karbonala Warrior
1 King Dragun
1 Twin-headed Thunder dragon
1 The Last Warrior From Another Planet

Today I just couldn't get up in the morning, so i got to WOB later then normal but most of the crew still didn't arrive yet so i wasn't that late.
So i just went to go chill with the part of the crew that was already there (sasa, & Tomas). I wanted to make a new deck today so i had to wait cuz Mac wasn't there yet, but once he got there with matt and ray all of us were making or moding our decks and Keanson got there a little later. Too bad tony and jospeh couldn't go (tony is qutting and joseph is broke (-_-) ). Ok

time for the good stuff.

Round 1
NiGhT WiNG (Zombie/Phoenix) Vs. Smiley (Zombie/Chaos) Game 1 Iw on the dice roll so i went first. My opening hand was Pot, Graceful, Delinquent, crossout, book of moon, and something else forgot. It took a while to bring him down but it wasn't too hard Because I forgot what mostly happend but by the end i had 2 reapers, Phoenix, and a decree on the field, So he couldn't come back from that.

Game 2
Man I don't know what happend I almost killed my whole hand by the fourth turn. I was down to 2 crards in my hand (DMOC, & Phoenix (-_-) ) and i had 3

goats on the field. after 2 turns i Drew a Hand of Nephthys and was able to sac my last goat for a phoenix and regain some field control. But he had a sinister and meta in his hand so it was gg.

Game 3
This was like the first game I was able to kill him but it took a very long time. I was able to kill to kill off his bls and v lord but he couldn't kill

mines so yea zombie swarm won me the game. Yea i know what you're thinkng and yes I do have shitty memory

Round 2
NiGhT WiNG (Zombie/Phoenix) Vs. Phatz (Zombie/Chaos) Game 1 I won the dice roll so i went first. Like normaly matt was down to 2 cards set in his m/t zone and one card in his hand. He must have been bluffing with those cuz I hit him with one v lord like 3 times before he killed it with vortex and used book of life to remove my v lord and to bring back his v lord (i dropped it with delinquent), so he hits one of my face down monsters and it was a turtle so i used it to get another turtle (he looked confused). My turn i flip up my face down reaper and swap the turtle to him,

got his v lord and he was owned from there.

Game 2
Don't remeber much about this game except he hit something good with delinquent first turn and i got owned (-_-) so sad.

Game 3
Again I don't remeber much lol. This game was actually pretty even (good job

matt), but I still won at the end of the game i had a reaper and a v lord and he couldn't top deck, so he scooped.

Round 3
NiGhT WiNG (Zombie/Phoenix) Vs. Francisco (GK control)

Game 1
He won the dice roll so he went first. He terraforming first turna nd got necrovalley played it set a m/t and summon a spear soldier. My turn I snatch

the soldier summon hand and trubted for a phoenix in my deck, But he had a bottomless waiting for it (damn) So i set a scapegoat and ended my turn. He summons a GK Assailent and attacked me so i just took it. At the end phase of his turn i activate goats. My turn i switch the position of a goat to attack and swap it for the assialent and saced it for a v lord and for the next 4 or 5 turns he couldn't kill it so i just drop his lp to 0 with one c lord.

Game 2
I don't know what happend but i ended up getting attacked by 2 spear soldiers, 1 tribe and breaker(no counter) and died from it. (-_-) so sad.

Game 3
I don't remeber how i got to it but, I killed him with a phoenix a vlord and

a reaper. The duel was totaly one sided in my favor.

Right now the crew is trying to buy most of the cards from this one guy's deck (mario) there were 2 decrees , a morphing jar, ultimate vortex etc. The

dude was being tough about it but we got him to do most of the deck like 2/3

of it including the decrees and jar for 300, all i gotta say is pretty good deal. Also right now TheOne was playing kenni so after they heard I won they

just stop playing because we were the only ones left in the tourney, So it was an early lunch for us.

Getting decrees and morphing for most of the crew Winning so much with a deck i made in 10 minuted at midnight To seeing most of the crew showing up

Not pulling anything from our entry packs Only getting 8 packs (3 fet, & 5 DR1) for winning (why couldn't more people
Only pulling lava golem, and vortex from the packs Taco bell for being so damn so with the food (idiots)

If you wanna come by to A World Of Books we won't mind a challenge

Email: nightwin6@gmail.com
Pojo Sn: NiGhT WiNG


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