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DENNIS, KEVIN D [mailto:kddennis@uscupstate.edu]
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 3:29 PM

Kevin D.'s Tangled Web Flight of the Monarchs

This is the story of a duelist who almost ended his Career. My name is Kevin D. and I'm from Pickens Sc. I play at Tangled Web Comics on Saturdays. About 20 people in todays Tournament.

To start off I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm went off. I was seriously considering making today my last tournament. Retirement was calling. So I decided this would be my last tournament. I packed my back pack, and I figured time for some last minute adjustments to my deck. I took out one Creature Swap and Twin-Headed Behemoth for Spirit Reaper and Magician of Faith. That being done I packed my Trade stuff and went on to the Tournament.

Now for the Unveiling of my FLIGHT OF THE MONARCHS:


Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (x2)

Mobius the Frost Monarch (x2)


Magician of Faith

Nimble Momonga (x3)

Berserk Gorilla (x3)

Tribe Infecting Virus

D.D. Warrior Lady (Nicknamed Sarah)

Morphing Jar

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Cyber Jar

Sinister Serpent

Spirit Reaper


Snatch Steal

Mystical Space Typhoon

Creature Swap

Swords of Revealing Light

Scapegoat (x2)

Metamorphosis (x2)

Smashing Ground (x2)

Monster Reincarnation

Graceful Charity

Lightning Vortex

Delinquent Duo

Premature Burial

Heavy Storm

Pot of Greed


Bottomless Trap Hole (x3)

Call of the Haunted

Ring of Destruction

Side deck:


King Tiger Wanghu (x3)

Exiled Force

Kinetic Soldier

Nobleman of Crossout (x2)

Torrential Tribute

Mirror Force

Royal Oppression (x3)

Dust Tornado (x2)


Thousand Eyes Restrict (x3)

Flame Ghost

Darkfire dragon

Reaper on the Nightmare

Dark Balter the Terrible

Fiend Skull Dragon

Ryu Senshi

Dark Blade the Dragon Knight (x3)

Dark Flare Knight (x3)

Gaia the Dragon Champion

I arrived about 1 minute before the door opened, and sat in my car till Dennis came out and opened the front door. I talked to some people, and talked to some players. I play tested against Dennis, and since people had read my Xanga people knew I had a new deck. The Flight of the Monarch's began and tested itself against Jack Bugress (Whom i consider one my greatest rivals.) I won the play test.

Round 1 pairings were called, and I was in seat three against Seth Wicks. Seth is one of our stronger players at the Web and we play on a regular basis.

Kevin D. vs. Seth Wicks

Round 1: I drew crap but after a long duel I pulled it out with my Zaborg The Thunder Monarch. Next turn I ran into a face down Cyber Jar, and off of that Seth was able to summon 5 creatures. I hadn't normal summoned so I used Creature Swap, and gave him my nimble and he gave me his Spirit Reaper. I sacked Spirit Reaper for Zaborg and destroyed his face down Big Shield Gaurdna., then attacked Marauding Captain. He set a face down s/t. I drew, and used Mystical Space Typhoon on Magic Cylinder. (Whew). I Summoned Berserk Gorilla, attacked my Nimble to search out the last two, and attacked his face down Creator Incarnate with Zaborg. He draws and sets a monster. I figured it was another Spirit Reaper. I drew Monster Reincarntion, played it discarding Sinister Serpent to revive Zaborg, and Tributed my Nimble for Zaborg, destroyed his Spirit Reaper, and flipped my other Nimble and attacked for game.

Round 2: I side decked in my Kinetic Soldier, and thanks to him I was able to get out Zaborg again and Zaborg allowed me to control the game until I tributed him for Mobius the Frost Monarch and destroyed a Mirror Force. I attacked for game

Kevin D. vs Eric Sloan:

Eric is one of those players who you never can tell what he's going to do. If he takes the tournament seriously and builds a serious deck he'll make the finals.

Round 1: Didn't draw anything really good. I knew it was a Toon deck with a Clown Control aspect to it. He was able to use the Dream Clowns to keep me from getting anything out long enough to Tribute, and I Zaborg and Mobius in my hand.

Round 2: I side deck a lot. Mirror Force, King Tiger Wanghu (x3), Dust Tornado (x2), and Nobleman of Crossout (x2). Well what I side decked equaled total ownage.

Round 3: We bounced back and forth off of each other pretty hard. He ended up with Toon Mermaid and Toon Summoned Skull on the field. I had two sheep tokens. I drew Snatch steal, so I snatched his Toon Summoned Skull, and sacked it for Mobius, and blew up Toon World and his face down Threatening Roar, which he chained. I ended. He drew and set a card. I drew, triggered my face down Call of the Haunted To recall Zaborg, and then used Metamorphosis on my Sheep token in Thousand Eyes Restrict, and sacked it for Zaborg, and blew up his Spirit Reaper. Attack for game as the Judge calls time. (Whew)

No time to breath, I return my deck to normal as the Judge is calling the pairings.

Kevin D. vs. Bruce Lawrence

Bruce is good and he's running a really strong Bind deck. I figured to loose round 1.

Round 1: Well I was right. His burn and bind cards weakened me down too quickly. The only hope I had was when I Metamorphed my Zaborg into Dark Balter the Terrible, but he was able to Torrential. The next turn he finished me.

Round 2: I side decked in King Tiger Wanghu (x3), Nobleman of Crossout (x2), Royal Oppression (x1), Jinzo, and Dust Tornado (x2). I got Jinzo out on turn two and Zaborg out on turn 3, there was nothing he could do.

Round 3: I sacked Early on for Mobius, and a well timed Delinquent Duo took care of this hand. He didn't recover.

I had a little time so I went to get a soda. I asked around and figured out that Jack Burgess and I were the only two Undefeated players still left.

Kevin D. vs. Jack Burgess:

Honestly I was so focused on playing that I don't remember anything. Not even who won.

Finals: The finals were called and It was me vs. Bruce again.

Kevin D. vs Bruce (finals):

Round 1: Bruce pulls out the win, a well timed Lava Golem, and Wave Motion Cannon.

Round 2: I side deck the same cards as last time. This allowed me to own him.

Round 3: This was hard fought, I had 2200 life points left and Bruce had 4000. I had two Sheep Tokens and a face down card on my side of the field. Bruce had two face down monsters, and a face down s/t. I draw Metamorphosis. In my hand I'm holding Lightning Vortex, 2 Metamorphosis, and Mobius the Frost Monarch. I look through my graveyard and see Breaker the Magical Warrior. Alright, I play Metamorphosis on my Sheep token to summon Thousand Eyes. I sucked up his face down Des Koala, then I metamorphosised my Thousand Eyes to summon another Thousand Eyes, and sucked up his face down Cyber Jar. I then Sacked my Thousand Eyes for Mobius and Destroyed his face down just desserts which he chained, and I triggered Call of the haunted to summon Breaker and attacked for game.

Now once again (third time today) Kevin D. vs. Jack Burgess

We decided no matter who won, Split the packs. This allowed me to sit back and not worry about the championship.

Round 1: Jacks Beast down deck was sickeningly powerful. I was able to get Thousand Eyes out at a Critical Moment, Sack it to summon Zaborg and destroy a Token, and swing. Jack was able to counter with Tribe Infecting Virus, which I bottomlessed, but thanks to Priority I lost my Zaborg. Next turn I set my D.D. Warrior Lady face down and ended. He then used Premature Burial to revive Berserk Gorilla, and tributed it for Jinzo. And attacked my face down D.D. Warrior Lady (Nicknamed Sarah). I used her effect to Remove Jinzo. I drew Berserk Gorilla and attacked for Game. What a match.

Round 2: Another one of mine and Jacks hard fought duels. It ended when i got out Two Zaborgs, and rushed him for game.

We split the packs as promised, and from mine I pulled Gatling Dragon (Ultimate), King Dragun, and Deck Devastation Virus. Not a bad haul.


To Seth, Jack, Eric, and Bruce for being great opponents and great players who are able to match wits with me every week.

To Dennis for hosting the best unsactioned Yugioh tournament ever.

The Tangled Web staff for always hosting us, and putting up with us.

To Reg8n for coming up with the concept of this deck.


Creature Swap (I'm taking that out this afternoon.)

This has taught me something. Just because you feel down I shouldn't give up. I'm not going to quit playing Yugioh. The Flight of the Monarchs has now proven its power. Thanks guys for helping me through that. To other readers out there, don't give up on playing. The friendships and the fun is worth all the time you give

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